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 The Dark Shadow of the CIA
“We don’t torture people in America and people who say we do simply know nothing about our country.” : George W. Bush – Interview with Australian TV – October 18, 2003
Shamefully we now learn that Saddam’s torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management: Edward Kennedy
“[torture] presupposes, it requires, it craves the abrogation of our capacity to imagine others’ suffering, dehumanizing them so much that their pain is not our pain. It demands this of the torturer, placing the victim outside and beyond any form of compassion or empathy, but also demands of everyone else the same distancing, the same numbness.” Ariel Dorfman [from his book “Torture: A Collection”] “The civilized have created the wretched, quite coldly and deliberately, and do not intend to change the status quo; are responsible for their slaughter and enslavement; rain down bombs on defenseless children whenever and wherever they decide that their ‘vital interests’ are menaced, and think nothing of torturing a man to death: these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the ‘sanctity’ of human life, or the ‘conscience’ of the civilized world.” – James Baldwin [From chapter one of “The Devil Finds Work” (orig. pub. 1976), page 489 of Collected Essays (1998)]
Secret CIA ‘Torture’ Prison Discovered
ABC News Finds the Location of a “Black Site” for Alleged Terrorists in Lithuania By BRIAN ROSS and MATTHEW COLE The CIA built one of its secret European prisons inside an exclusive riding academy outside Vilnius, Lithuania, a current Lithuanian government official and a former U.S. intelligence official told ABC News this week.
International Law And Israeli Propaganda
This is a must watch: Norman Finkelstein Interviewed on Danish TV “Hamas is not obliged under international law to accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel.”
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KCBD, NewsChannel 11 Lubbock |Former Hockley County sheriff’s deputy pleads guilty

Tulia, Texas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia looking at crooked Narcs…Gandalf – Nancy A. Youssef
WASHINGTON — Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced Thursday that he’s appointed two former heads of the Army and the Navy to review the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, amid questions about whether political correctness and a …
Unemployment Rose in 29 States Last Month; Michigan Rate Highest at 15.1%…  Thank God for drugs, murder, organized crime, crooked narcs, CIA drug running and black ops, along with bribed public officials and more prisons; for without them unemployment would be a lot higher…Gandalf 😦   It’s all so sick.
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