Snitches an Endangered Species

GS lbk.tx May 24, 2013
 Your freedom is in jeopardy.
Here is a close look at government tactics used against the innocent.
Lubbock law used a convicted pimp and heroin dealer as their man, a set-up designed to destroy my family. A Mafia connected informant from New Jersey one Raymond Freda. Who planted drugs on me at the direction of our district attorney Travis Ware and with the aid of LPD officer Glenn Osborne, assigned to DEA and  the DA’s department..
One has to ask themselves, is justice served when criminals are used in order to get around  American constitutional rights in order to frame them? This brilliant woman and law professor  Alexandra Natapoff  has put it all together in a book.  Hear her interview, from “Coast to Coast,” as she explains the danger we are in.  Do so by down loading the following link; burn it  and share it with all you know.
The government uses criminals who lie on the stand, to get warrants and convictions; 45% of those on death row are there now because of such criminal informants. Our prisons are full of innocent people, and you could find yourself in jail too, just like I did, with every God given right tossed to the wind.
Check this out, your freedom is in jeopardy ,,,
SnitchingDate: 11-21-09
Host: Ian Punnett
Guests: Alison McDermott, Alexandra NatapoffIan Punnett was joined by nationally-recognized expert on snitching, Alexandra Natapoff, for a discussion on the perils of using informants in our criminal justice system. She clarified that snitches are not the same as whistle blowers or even people reporting a crime, but are people who have committed a crime and using information to “get out from under their own criminal liability.” Additionally, unlike those who take a plea bargain to escape jail time, deals with informants are never revealed to the public and the snitch is never charged with a crime. This scenario creates a myriad of problems, she explained, as the informants are not only allowed to get away with crimes they have already committed but also future crimes they may commit since they are seen as valuable to police investigators.One particularly troubling aspect of this practice, she said, is that often informants use the system to their advantage at the expense of innocent people. She shared a number of instances where incorrect tips provided to police by informants results in terrible consequences. One such story involved an informant claiming to know of a home where drugs were being sold. When police burst into the home, they shot and killed a 92-year-old woman, only to later realize that they’d been misled. In an attempt to cover-up their mistake, they actually offered to pay a second informant if he would claim to have bought drugs at the house. Fortunately, this informant refused to cooperate and the tragic story became public knowledge. If not for that, Natapoff said, “nobody would ever learn what actually happened.”

On how pervasive the power of snitches can be, Natapoff cited a Northwestern University study of exonerated death row inmates which found that 45% of them were convicted via the testimony of informants. Making matters even more troublesome, she also noted that a study of jurors determined that they will believe the testimony of an informant even after being told that they are being paid for their testimony. Strangely, these jurors stated that they thought the informants were unreliable and had an incentive to lie, but still believed their testimony. Thankfully, Natapoff said, awareness of the problems with the informant system has begun to grow and states are beginning to regulate the practice, such as Rachel’s Law in Florida. “I think that the law will look very different in a decade,” she said, as this scrutiny of the system grows.

A Trial That Will Convict Us All  By Paul Craig Roberts

Republicans and American conservatives regard civil liberties as coddling devices for criminals and terrorists. They assume that police and prosecutors are morally pure and, in addition, never make mistakes.

2009 Looking Back @ Lubbock, Texas & Law Crimes
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 92 16:21:52 PDT
From: one of our correspondents
Subject: Pathologist’s Work Questioned
To: yucks-request
Even prosecutors sometimes wondered about Dr. Ralph Erdmann’s
bizarre work habits after all he once lost a head. But they still
used the pathologist’s testimony to send people to prison, some to
death row.
Erdmann’s recent indictment on charges of falsifying an autopsy
and accusations that he performs “made-to-order” autopsies for police
have defense attorneys scrambling to see whether his work led to
false convictions.
“You are going to hear Dr. Erdmann’s name a lot in the future,”
said Steven Losch, attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund-Capital
Punishment Project in New York. “I know I will be looking into as
many capital murder cases involving Dr. Erdmann as possible.”
Losch said he will review at least 23 of Erdmann’s cases in 41
On Friday, Losch won the right to exhume the body of 72-year-old
murder victim Hilton Merriman, claiming Erdmann botched the autopsy.
In the hearing on their request, Erdmann invoked his Fifth
Amendment right against self-incrimination 200 times in response to
questions about the autopsy.
In the motion to exhume Merriman’s body, former Dallas County
assistant medical examiner Linda Norton was quoted as saying Erdmann
routinely performs “made-to-order autopsies that support a police
version of a story.”
Erdmann, 65, was indicted in February by a Hockley County grand
jury on charges of falsifying an autopsy on a 41-year-old man. A few
weeks later, he resigned his $140,000-a-year job performing autopsies
for Lubbock County, saying he was overworked.
Erdmann said he performed an autopsy on the 41-year-old man in
which he weighed the man’s spleen. But family members noted the
spleen had been removed several years before.
The state then indicted Erdmann on charges he billed the county
$650 for the autopsy, which it said he never performed. An
investigation showed the body was never cut open.
Erdmann, who faces 20 years in prison if convicted, said he simply
erred by not sending the county the correct documents.
“I tried to apologize, but they wouldn’t let me. I made a
mistake,” he said.
For years, defense attorneys and prosecutors have had reservations
about the doctor, who showed up in Childress, Texas, in 1981 and
began a service performing autopsies two years later.
“Some of his work habits are strange,” said Randall County
District Attorney Randy Sherrod, who has used Erdmann as a witness in
several murder cases. “He doesn’t know his left from his right. He’ll
take his 13-year-old child to an autopsy. He has a fascination with
carrying around body parts and storing some in his refrigerator.”
But Sherrod added, “I have never seen a case where Dr. Erdmann did
anything illegal to deceive a judge or jury. There is no evidence to
show Dr. Erdmann sent innocent people to the penitentiary.”
Lubbock County District Attorney Travis Ware also stands by
Erdmann, saying he is being attacked by vengeful defense attorneys.[I hope Erdmann can tell his lunch from his work! –spaf]
Ripples of a Pathologist’s Misconduct In Graves and Courts of West …
After they attemped to frame Gandalf they set their sites on Tulia, Texas.
Tulia, Texas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The movie in the works.  Gandalf
Innocent Lubbock man Left to Die in Prison Fire the bastards involved Lubbock!  Gandalf
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