San Antonio a History of Corrupt Law Enforcement

 San Antonio history of corrupt law enforcement.  See story filed below by Gandalf’s Staff.
04/17/18   BCSO: Deputy indicted in 2016 sexual assault case – San Antonio …
04/05/18   3 SAPD officers suspended for abandoning intoxicated woman killed by train…

Records: San Antonio police officer fired for sending ‘personal and inappropriate photos

Sheriff provides new details about hole discovered in jail wall

    …  01/19/18   SAPD: Officer caught shoplifting at Ingram Park Mall
 01/11/18…  San Antonio police chief being investigated under Texas’ sanctuary … … San Antonio Police Chief Under Fire After Releasing a Dozen … – KTLA …  Officer’s Association president calls for SAPD chief to be placed on …  …  San Antonio top cop under fire after releasing immigrants to charity … …   …  …   …   … 
 … Former Bexar County Deputy Arrested For Choking Police Officer … …  Deputy accused of organizing fights at Bexar County Jail |  …   Bexar County deputy arrested for allegedly assaulting inmate – San … …   24-year-old Bexar County deputy arrested on drunken driving charge …   …   Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested for assault overnight …   …  Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy suspended after erroneously releasing …    … Uresti co-defendant Bates pleads guilty to money laundering, other …   …   
 Texas boy, 6, killed in deputy-involved shooting days before Christmas …
SAPD LIED ABOUT  Surveillance planes ‘regularly’ circling above San Antonio…
10/26/17   … Police: San Antonio Mishandled Sex Crime Investigations
   … Former immigration official decries girl’s detention after surgery 
  …  San Antonio officer arrested following 2-car wreck, sources state
10/20/17   New Battle of the Alamo brewing over Texas shrine revamp…
To the Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg. 
Dear Sir,
Keep your hands off of the Alamo. It belongs to Texas and is not yours to play with. Our friends and family died there and you will not take this away. Alamo Cenotaph   also known as the Spirit of Sacrifice, is a monument in San Antonio.
 Your job is to clean up the corruption in your city.
 Remember the Alamo!
          Bob Beall

 Bexar County deputy is 9th jail employee to be disciplined this month after assault accusation Bexar County deputy is 9th jail employee to be disciplined this month …

Bexar sheriff: Detention officer collected drug debts for inmate – San …
7 Bexar County deputies placed on leave after alleged hazing incident …

               San Antonio history of corrupt law enforcement.

 Bexar County deputy is 9th jail employee to be disciplined this month after assault accusation… Bexar County deputy is 9th jail employee to be disciplined this month …

   Question:  Did San Antonio Sheriff Ortiz have a hand in ‘Lightning’ editor Richard Griffing’s death? Gandalf thinks so.  Griffing, colorful online newspaperman, dead at 61 – San Antonio ..  Griffing told Gandalf he thought Ortiz might try to kill him because of the stories he was about to publish in the San Antonio Lightning during the sheriff’s re-election campaign.  San Antonio Lightning Publisher passes away, July 24th – Walker Report  Griffing was assaulted prior to his death. The assault rendered him unconscious  and his death occurred shortly there after. Gandalf had assured the editor if anything should happen to him, he would not let it go. Griffing also called and informed another mutual friend and he too said he would do what he could should something happen to the editor.  A Video from the late RG Griffing – YouTube.  … more to come ... ‘Lightning’ targets Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz for supposed DWI | The Daily

San Antonio officer kills man during domestic violence call

Bexar County Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Montez Caught on Rape Video …

BCSO sex scandal could cost four deputies their jobs |

10 officers arrested in drug scandal | Deseret News

3 SAPD officers allegedly duped women into sex with contract for fake …

San Antonio bribery scandal widens: Bexar County Sheriff indicted!

‘Lightning’ targets Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz for supposed DWI | The Daily

State of Texas Bexar County Jail | Justia Blawg Search

TX: Rangers to probe use of deputies for sheriff’s campaign …

Sheriff Ortiz pulled over on DWI charge – Discussion on Topix

Charges against deputy urged – San Antonio Express-News

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