San Antonio a History of Corrupt Law Enforcement

San Antonio has a history of corrupt law enforcement. Question:  Did San Antonio Sheriff Ortiz have a hand in ‘Lightning’ editor Richard Griffing’s death? Gandalf thinks so.  Griffing, colorful online newspaperman, dead at 61 – San Antonio ..  Griffing told Gandalf he thought Ortiz might try to kill him because of the stories he was about to publish in the San Antonio Lightning during the sheriff’s re-election campaign.  San Antonio Lightning Publisher passes away, July 24th – Walker Report  Griffing was assaulted prior to his death. The assault rendered him unconscious  and his death occurred shortly there after. Gandalf had assured the editor if anything should happen to him, he would not let it go. Griffing also called and informed another mutual friend and he too said he would do what he could should something happen to the editor.  A Video from the late RG Griffing – YouTube.  … more to come ... ‘Lightning’ targets Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz for supposed DWI | The Daily

San Antonio officer kills man during domestic violence call

Bexar County Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Montez Caught on Rape Video …

BCSO sex scandal could cost four deputies their jobs |

10 officers arrested in drug scandal | Deseret News

3 SAPD officers allegedly duped women into sex with contract for fake …

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