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03/28/18  ASSANGE CUT OFF FROM INTERNET…   more related stories below Snowden photo, scroll down.

Nazis’ FBI pension in jeopardy  …  Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired – CNNPolitics –  Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe late Friday, less than two days shy of his retirement, …  Friday’s termination could place a portion of his anticipated pension, earned after more than two decades of service, in significant jeopardy. BOTCHED!  … FBI failed to act on tip last month that Cruz might carry out school  shooting  …   Seven thousand shoes pay tribute to US child gun violence victims

Bureaucratic Nazi  DOJ official hid FUSION GPS payments…STARK REALITY CHECK   Mayor and other leaders, appalled by Baltimore police corruption case ..    Mayor and other leaders, appalled by Baltimore police corruption case, see verdict as a springboard for reform.  Local leaders, activists and organizations react to the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force case verdict.  Gandalf notes: This should come as no  surprise.

02/08/19  update: Bill Passed      Shutdown set to begin after Paul delays budget vote
  DALLAS NEWS   Details on how Dallas PD took out the July 7, 2016 shooter. 
    You can read Gandalf’s tweets as the story developed,  go to July 7, 2016 below. Gandalf’s sources during the shooting were the Dallas police chief, WFAA channel 8, and KTVT channel 11. 
There are discrepancies between early reports of the shooting and the above Dallas News report.
NAZIS Gandalf was correct from the beginning:  Trump attacks integrity of FBI and Justice Dept…
02/01/18   Officials: No charges for officers who killed Dallas sniper – ABC News

Breaking now: Andrew McCabe steps down as deputy FBI director …

1984 Big Brother is listening NSA voice-recognition raises questions for AMAZON GOOGLE…
During the financial crisis, the federal government bailed out banks it declared “too big to fail.” Fearing their bankruptcy might trigger economic Armageddon, the feds propped them up with taxpayer cash.  Something similar is happening now at the FBI, with the Washington wagons circling the agency to protect it from charges of corruption. This time, the appropriate tag line is “too big to believe.” Flashback: 02/25/11  Gandalf Skeptical Lubbock FBI Terrorist Arrest
 GOP officials have seized on the messages as evidence of FBI bias against Trump in the probes into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server while secretary of State.  
THE FBI AMERICA’S Gestapo:    More texts turned over from FBI agent taken off Mueller team; Others go missing… Gandalf notes …texts involve discussion of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. They reference Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI’s conclusion in that case and a draft statement that former FBI Director James Comey had prepared in anticipation of closing out the Clinton investigation without criminal charges.  WHISTLEBLOWER: ‘SECRET SOCIETY’ HELD OFF-SITE MEETINGS…
NSA deleted data on Bush-era snooping…
SPEECH POLICE  GOOGLE’s Secret Speech Police…   TWITTER FEEDS PRIVATE MESSAGES TO DOJ …   Quote from secretive tape: “We will change how people speak” Straight out of 1984 uncovered at Twitter,  UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking  …    …   …
President Donald Trump expressed frustration behind closed doors with people coming to the US from “shithole countries,” The Washington Post reported Thursday. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to the Post, which cited two people briefed on the Thursday Oval Office meeting with lawmakers. Read more …   Gandalf says, “I will tell you why Mr. President, our enemies are trying to take us down from within.  The Nazis bastards are traitors. You do not cook the goose that laid the golden egg, which is what they are trying to do.”
FBI  NAZIS  Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to government
NAZI Attorney General Jeff Sessions WAGES WAR ON WE THE PEOPLE.  In a seismic shift, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce Thursday that he is rescinding a trio of memos from the Obama administration that adopted a policy of non-interference with marijuana-friendly state laws, according to a source with knowledge of the decision.  While many states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana use, the drug is still illegal under federal law, creating a conflict between federal and state law.  Read more …  Gandalf thinks the AG is a fascist jerk.
IN THE NEWS:  Developments on immigration, oil drilling, marijuana, the Russia investigation and more. Here’s what you might have missed.
Photo courtesy Edward Snowden    Across the world this man is considered a great American hero and today we see that Edward Snowden made an app to protect your laptop
Related:  Snowden’s New App Turns Your Spare Android Phone into a Pocket …    Drudge:  Snowden unveils phone app, Haven, to spy on spies…
 BREAKING:  Assange loses bid to drop arrest warrant…        02/06/18 Judge to rule if Assange can walk free from embassy | Euronews  01/26/18 ASSANGE FREE? JUDGE TO DECIDE FATE…   01/25/18   Assange health in ‘dangerous’ condition, say doctors…    01/20/18    Nigel Farage gave Julian Assange data on USB stick, US … – France 24   Nigel Farage may have handed over a USB stick of data to Julian Assange. in a series of secret meetings with the WikiLeaks founder, it has been claimed. The eyebrow-raising allegations about the pair’s liaison at London’s Ecuadorean Embassy have emerged in evidence to a US congressional inquiry.   …    …   FREEDOM? ASSANGE NOW CITIZEN OF ECUADOR  …   IMMUNITY for International Travel…   …      …   Julian Assange ‘granted Ecuadorian ID’ required for passport … –   …   …   Julian Assange: Why the U.S. Navy Just Sent a Cryptic Tweet About …  First the WikiLeaks founder’s Twitter account mysteriously vanished without warning or explanation (it has since reappeared), and then the U.S. Navy sent a cryptic tweet containing only his name. WikiLeaks addresses ‘oddities’ regarding Julian Assange’s Twitter …
                    12/18/17         COCAINE FLOODS U.S.
The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook – Politico   Project Cassandra   In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.   News about #ProjectCassandra on Twitter
US prosecutors move to cash in on $8.5M in seized bitcoin | Daily Mail ...
BREAKING:  Nazi Pigs (fascists Brailsford and Sgt Langley) Murder Scared S***less Young Man. Gandalf notes: You only would see this in Red China, North Korea or Nazi Germany. Mesa, Arizona psychopath with badge and gun found not guilty and video tape released. Graphic video shows Daniel Shaver sobbing and begging officer for his life …
Who Is Daniel Shaver? Graphic Video Shows Arizona Cop Philip …  Who is Daniel Shaver? Video shows Arizona cop killing Texas dad. Gandalf’S family settled in Mesa when Arizona was a frontier territory. The home addition in Mesa known as Beall Park is where the family farm was once located. Know that this pioneering Arizona family demands justice for the Texas dad Daniel Shaver and his family. Any failure to do so only brings great shame to this all American city,
United We Stand
Bob Beall
From Lubbock, Texas; another city of shame, where it is inscribed on Tim Cole’s statue “Injustice For All”  Man wrongly imprisoned for rape gets statue in Texas – USA Today

Court: ‘Making a Murderer’ defendant’s confession stands – Chicago …


       North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant …
11/29/17   North Korea claims to have successfully tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile, topped with a “super-large heavy warhead,” which is capable of striking the US mainland. The country’s state media made the announcement Wednesday, hours after leader Kim Jong Un ordered the 3 a.m. launch of the Hwasong-15 missile, which reached the highest altitude ever recorded by a North Korean missile. State news agency KCNA called the missile “the most powerful ICBM” and said it “meets the goal of the completion of the rocket weaponry system development set by the DPRK,” or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Read more …

  11/28/17  North Korea fired a ballistic missile early Wednesday local time, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. CNN confirmed the launch with the South Korean military leaders who said it was still flying. “North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile early this morning from Pyongsong, South Pyongan, to the east direction. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff is analyzing more details of the missile with the US side,” said an official at South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.  US defense and intelligence officials had been growing increasingly puzzled as to why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had not tested a ballistic missile in nearly two months.  Read more   …    Follow the latest updates here    
 VEGAS UPDATE    02/10/18   Vegas shooter had anti-anxiety drugs in his system, autopsy shows …     02/09/18   Report: Stephen Paddock Was Paranoid He Was a Victim of Government Mind Control… – Infowars   02/02/18   APNewsBreak: Man who sold ammo to Las Vegas shooter charged …  …     01/30/18   Cops ID’d 2nd ‘person of interest’ days after Vegas shooting…    01/14/18   … Vegas Gunman Took Elaborate Steps to Hide His Tracks …  FBI knew had big gun stashes; Motive still mystery  …  Girlfriend deleted FACEBOOK hour BEFORE killer’s name released…  …   … 01/16/18  MANDALAY BAY staff interacted with Vegas shooter 10 times before rampage…
WHY? FBI says Vegas shooter motive may take year to release…
Many Unanswered Questions…


WHY? Authorities silent on Vegas massacre; Refuse to answer lingering questions…
I would hate to think not why but what if  VEGAS had happened at one of the concerts I sponsored with Vince Hopkins and Street Theater.  I would have been in such deep sh**. In fact something akin to this did happen to us at Bull Lake when all the law in the wild west rode down on us. But that’s another story for another time.  So this article gives you a few logical reasons as to the WHY they ain’t talkin’ ’bout Vegas My thinking is use the preponderance of evidence approach on this story when deciding if we are being lied to or hood winked. … Although we the people allegedly run this country, why are we seemingly the last to know the truth about any one set of circumstances or any given current state of events; if ever?  Who da thunk it? It is what you don’t know and don’t see that can and will change the larger picture, if the truth ever be known. With the JFK case they made us wait 50+ years , over half a century. for files that when released reveal absolutely nothing as to why they were being withheld in the first place. So why all the pressure to keep a lid on those files, concealing them from we the people since 1963? It makes no sense until you realize that we have been duped and what we think doesn’t really make for a hill of beans.  VEGAS UPDATE  … 12/14/17  WHY? Authorities silent on Vegas massacre; Refuse to answer lingering questions…   …   Man who survived Las Vegas shooting killed in hit-and-run, wife says   … Las Vegas shooting: Paddock’s girlfriend may be hiding something … …  Vegas Security Guard Sequestered in MGM Hotel… …   Authorities put brakes on Vegas shooting information flow…   … MORE BELOW


11/24/17  Ecuador warns Assange over Catalonia comments
   Baltimore cop killed day before testimony in police corruption case…
 UPDATE: Quake Swarm Beneath San Andreas Making Scientists Nervous… 
NAZI TAKEOVER: Gandalf was the first to call then Vice President  George H. W. Bush a CIA NAZI when he discovered Bush was selling Cocaine in Lubbock, Texas. The discovery came after a CIA IRAN-CONTRA operative was busted by local DEA. Now today this story is breaking: 11/16/17    Former President George H.W. Bush is facing new allegations from a Michigan woman who said he touched her inappropriately while he was in office at an event in April 1992. The woman, now 55, spoke exclusively with CNN and said she was attending a fundraiser for Bush’s re-election campaign in Dearborn, Michigan, with her father when the president grabbed her rear end during a photo-op. “We got closer together for a family photo and it was like ‘Holy crap!'” she said, describing the moment Bush touched her buttocks. “It was like a gentle squeeze.” Her story — remarkably similar to the accounts shared by at least six other women who said the former president groped them during photo-ops between 2003 and 2016 — is significant, because it is the first time a woman has come forward to accuse Bush of unwanted touching while he was in office. Read more…

 The federal corruption trial of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez ended in a mistrial … Read more …

 Nation In Ruins  Be extra careful of the male lawmakers who sleep in their offices — they can be trouble. Avoid finding yourself alone with a congressman or senator in elevators, late-night meetings or events where alcohol is flowing. And think twice before speaking out about sexual harassment from a boss — it could cost you your career.  These are a few of the unwritten rules that some female lawmakers, staff and interns say they follow on Capitol Hill, where they say harassment and coercion is pervasive on both sides of the rotunda.  There is also the “creep list” — an informal roster passed along by word-of-mouth, consisting of the male members most notorious for inappropriate behavior, ranging from making sexually suggestive comments or gestures to seeking physical relations with younger employees and interns.  CNN spoke with more than 50 lawmakers, current and former Hill aides and political veterans who have worked in Congress, the majority of whom spoke anonymously to be candid and avoid potential repercussions. With few exceptions, every person said they have personally experienced sexual harassment on the Hill or know of others who have.  Read more …  
 TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTING  At least 26 people have been killed in a shooting Sunday at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt says.  The shooter was killed after a brief chase north into neighboring Guadalupe County, according to Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Robert Murphy. It is unclear if the shooter was killed by police or took his own life, Murphy said.The FBI is responding to the scene of the shooting, according to a spokeswoman for the FBI’s San Antonio field office.  Read more …
    Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home: police | TheHill


The US government has released over 2,800 documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. SPOOKS SUPPRESS LAST FILES…   On Thursday, President Donald Trump agreed not to release the full tranche of records, relenting to last-minute requests from national security agencies. Roughly 300 files will remain classified….  Hoover: Public Must Believe Oswald Acted Alone…  Follow along as we make sense of the files here.
JFK  It’s About Time  Mystery call to paper minutes before JFK killed…  President Trump said he intends to allow the release of classified government documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy “subject to the receipt of further information.”  Trump’s tweet comes as he is staring down an October 26 deadline set in law by Congress mandating the public release of the still-secret documents —  (Botulism pills, the CIA, the Mob and the JFK assassination…  including FBI and CIA files CIA Plotted To Kill Castro, Stage Miami Bombings…  ) —  barring any action by the President to block the release of certain documents. Intercepted Call From Oswald To KGB…  During the 2016 campaign, Trump made the unfounded claim that the father of GOP rival Sen. Ted Cruz was associated with Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, a claim he has never reneged nor apologized for.  Read more …
  Exclusive: N. Korea targeted US power companies | Euronews     While the world is focused on the nuclear threat from North Korea, Pyongyang is already striking at the US in a different way: targeting its power grid …   CALIFORNIA TORCHED  North Korea threatens to reduce the U.S. to ‘ashes and darkness …   Scores unaccounted for as California wildfires rage on – YouTube   … 31 DEAD, 460+ MISSING…   … NKOREA WARNS UNIMAGINABLE STRIKE ON USA…  …      …   Liberty and Justice Lost and the Peoples’ Road to Hell  Liberate North Korea the Real Battle    …  North Korea Says Nuclear Weapons Are a ‘Matter of Life and Death …   …  Kim Jong Un Controls North Korea Through Brutal Prison Network … …   …   …
    DIVIDED WE FALL      A Russian-linked campaign posing as part of the Black Lives Matter movement used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Pokémon Go and even contacted some reporters in an effort to exploit racial tensions and sow discord among Americans. … Read more
Witness at Malaysia Trial Says 4 More Suspects in Kim Murder   SHAH ALAM, Malaysia — A Malaysian police officer testified Thursday that the two women on trial for the murder of the estranged half brother of North Korea’s leader were seen on airport security videos with two men believed to have provided the VX nerve agent used to kill him.
Trump Summons Generals to War Room Over NKorea…  10/10/17  North Korea hacked allied war plans, Seoul lawmaker says …  In the attack in September last year, later code-named “Desert Wolf” by anti-hacking security officials, North Korean hackers infected 3,200 computers, including 700 connected to the South Korean military’s internal network, which is normally cut off from the internet. North Korean Hackers Stole U.S.-South Korean Military Plans …  The attack even affected a computer used by the defense minister.
…   UPDATE: 4 DEAD …    Soldiers in Niger ambush chasing escaped ISIS recruiter…  … …   US forces ambushed in West Africa; 3 dead…  Three United States Army Special Forces were killed and two were wounded on Wednesday in an ambush in Niger. 
President Donald Trump huddled with local and federal officials Tuesday in Puerto Rico, Read more…
   10/25/17   Vegas shooter’s laptop missing hard drive…    …   Mystery  In a recording of his appearance on “Ellen,” WATCH Campos tell his story.   …  VEGAS SURVIVOR WHO DIED SUDDENLY PLANNED GROUP TO EXPOSE COVER-UP…    … Security guard vanishes — and surfaces on set of ‘ELLEN’…    …. In The Beginning  UPDATE: Las Vegas security guard VANISHES…
President Donald Trump used a solemn address from the White House on Monday to call for unity in the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, calling the Las Vegas massacre “an act of pure evil.”   Brain exam on Vegas shooter shows no signs of abnormalities…   Read the full story and follow the latest updates …
 $64,000.00 Questions ANOTHER Vegas Timeline Shift Caps Days of Confusion…    VEGAS: WHY DID HE DO IT?    Machine gun fire opens up on concert goers, multiple guns used. At least 546 people shot and injured. Worker Warned Hotel BEFORE Vegas Shooter Opened Fire…  No Longer an active shooter situation. PAPER: Why did it take so long to stop Vegas shooter?  …  Las Vegas hotel owners dispute police timeline, say there was no gap … Sheriff Emotional, Combative…   … Guard disappears moments before TV interviews…  58 dead, Several Police Shot Two Dead,  Killer’s home broken into…  Only One Shooter? Questions linger, confusion grows…   Shoots Himself?  Wired $100,000 to Philippines Last Week...  To Girlfriend?  WHAT DOES SHE KNOW?   Breaking: Paddock wired his girlfriend Danley money. She said he said it was for her to buy a house for her and her family.   Danley said she was grateful but “worried” that the unexpected trip home and the money “was a way of breaking up with me.”   Read more …   Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock fired special incendiary bullets at a 43,000-barrel airport fuel tank in what investigators believe was an attempt to cause an explosion, two law enforcement sources told CNN. Those types of rounds, meant to ignite what they hit, were found inside Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and near the fuel tank a short distance away on the grounds of McCarran International Airport, the sources said. Read more …


Hundreds injured as Spanish riot police try to stop referendum voters …  Live  Watch France 24 Live –  Catalan president: ‘We have earned the right to an independent state …


The Enemy Within Divide and Conquer  CNN tells Gandalf’s Staff 

Exclusive: Russia’s election meddling
A social media campaign calling itself “Blacktivist” and linked to the Russian government used both Facebook and Twitter in an apparent attempt to amplify racial tensions during the US presidential election, two sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN. The accounts are part of a cache being handed over to Congress in the coming days. 
Both “Blacktivist” accounts regularly shared content intended to stoke outrage. “Black people should wake up as soon as possible,” one post on the Twitter account read. “Black families are divided and destroyed by mass incarceration and death of black men,” another read. The accounts also posted videos of police violence against African Americans.
The “Blacktivist” accounts provide further evidence that Russian-backed social media accounts saw racial tensions as something to be exploited to achieve the broader Russian goal of dividing Americans and creating chaos in US politics during a campaign in which race repeatedly became an issue.  Read more ...


Hurricane Maria Follow live updates …

09/18/17   DC NAZIS … US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election, sources tell CNN, an extraordinary step involving a high-ranking campaign official now at the center of the Russia meddling probe.  The government snooping continued into early this year, including a period when Manafort was known to talk to President Donald Trump.  Some of the intelligence collected includes communications that sparked concerns among investigators that Manafort had encouraged the Russians to help with the campaign, according to three sources familiar with the investigation. Two of these sources, however, cautioned that the evidence is not conclusive. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, which is leading the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election, has been provided details of these communications.

ST. LOUIS  Despite police calls (protesters starting fires and 1000 bikers blocking streets), during protests in St. Louis, not much seems to be going on… Listen to all that is or is not going on here… Go To >  Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop C    PROTESTS  Cop Acquittal Triggers More Protests…

Source tells Gandalf’s Staff that the army had been recruiting Central American immigrants. They planned for them to learn standard Mandarin, and to use them in a war against Red China.  Today, it looks like there has been a change of plans.  US Army kills contracts for hundreds of immigrant recruits… 

09/14/17 MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO    North Korea fired a missile from near Pyongyang that flew over Japan and toward the Pacific Ocean. South Korea said Friday it fired one in response. 
  Let’s face it, barbarians come in all colors, religions and nationalities; and as Jesus taught us, God’s creation sucks.  So, I have come up with an idea. Let us have WW3 and just kill everybody. That will put an end to all of our problems. Give ’em hell and all is well. They asked for it. They deserve it. So lets drop the big one just to see what happens.  Do it for political science. >>>

Democratic leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi said following a meeting with President Donald Trump that they have “agreed” to a fix on DACA.

I’m Your Backdoor Man  Former national security adviser Susan Rice privately told House investigators that she unmasked the identities of senior Trump officials to understand why the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York late last year, multiple sources told CNN.

Big Brother Nazi and your tax dollars used against you and ready to be hacked by a Chinese quantum super computer. … NSA Quietly Spends $2.4 Billion on New Tech…    WARNING  SNOWDEN SPEAKS…

NAZIS YOUR CROTCH AND THE POLICE STATES OF AMERICA  New ‘enhanced’ pat-down: TSA agent touches passenger’s crotch 8 TIMES The Plot Thickened   Ex-Border Patrol agent in Texas gets 2 years in drug case

AFTERMATH WATCH LIVE REPORTING:  CBSN – Live Streaming Video From CBS News «       Hurricane 6.2 million customers in Florida without power Irma downgrade from a hurricane to a tropical storm   wreaked widespread devastation across islands in the Caribbean Wednesday …  intensity above 180 mph longer than any storm in Atlantic basin history. … latest developments: Follow the path of  storm JOSE here.


SWEET HOME ALABAMA  Amid outcry over Confederate markers, new ones are going up

Dallas removes Robert E. Lee’s statue from city park – Reuters

Dallas removes Confederate statue from city park | Euronews

DALLAS ONE DEAD  Crane on way to remove Robert E. Lee statue in deadly crash…ORDER LIFTED  Restraining Order On Robert E. Lee Statue Dismissed, City Can …

  DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) –  A temporary restraining order was granted late Wednesday afternoon preventing the Robert. E. Lee statue at Lee Park in Dallas from coming down. 

Gandalf notes: It is not wise to take down Dixie when the federal government is being run by Nazis and  three letter bureaucracies. Feds give top-secret clearances to murderers, rapists…  The Civil War was about “States’ Rights” of which we have fewer today than then. Today we are all slaves.
DALLAS LEE PARK THE STATUE AND ME  Gandalf was there and saw it all,  and Stoney Burns reported it all.
Preserve History: From 40 Years Ago, The Other Dallas News | Dallas Observer
Gandalf remembers the Lee Park Massacre and the Dallas Notes 

Hurricane Irma has strengthened into an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 storm, heading west with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. Track the storm here.  This is Queer  North Korea apparently conducts another nuclear test, South Korea says  Texas is hammered by a hurricane and Guam is hit by an earthquake just as North Korea is threatening both. AP: Nature 'has just gone nuts'... 

 Gandalf notes: This is extremely queer indeed.  Korea Crisis Exposes Orwellian WestGuam hit by strong earthquake amid North Korea missile threat …Hurricane Harvey: What Happened and What’s Next – The New York …North Korea fires missile over Japan, sharply escalating tensions

Resistance Not Allowed   Hacker who harassed leaders from CIA and FBI is sentenced to 5 …

THE GAME IS RIGGED   …  FBI says lack of public interest in Hillary Clinton emails justifies witholding docs …   …  Gandalf notes: She must have more dirt on the FBI than they do on her.

 08/27/17   BIG BROTHER StingRay tech ends privacy in CA…

Duh!   Ex anti-drug chief accused of trafficking  

FIRE THE NAZIS  Congress Quietly Passed Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes…

NAZI RECOGNITION  Police hold 20m facial recognition images

Russian jets ‘destroy ISIL column’ in Syria | Euronews 

NEW DOCTRINE OF WAR  … President Trump laid out his goals for the war in Afghanistan   House Speaker Paul Ryan said he supported the President’s war plan.

Victory! Malala, was shot in the head by Taliban …  Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Taliban target Malala Yousafzai wins place at Oxford University …
—————– REPEAT
Preserve History: From 40 Years Ago, The Other Dallas News | Dallas Observer
Gandalf remembers the Lee Park Massacre and the Dallas Notes TODAY  Sides Clash In Dallas…
FOOLS: It’s not free and neither are you! Is Alexa spying on us? We’re too busy to care..

Even with legalized weed, California’s black market will thrive – San …
AG SESSIONS TOTALITARIAN    Watch [KR1104] Keiser Report: Distant American Dream
NORTH KOREA  The United Nations Security Council today unanimously passed a resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea … called the sanctions “a gut punch” to North Korea and warned of possible military action should the regime continue its aggression … the possibility that North Korea could possess nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States would be “intolerable” and could lead to a US military response. … considering ousting the country from the East Asian Nations group.     
Martin Shkreli, who gained national notoriety two years ago for jacking up the price of an AIDS drug, was convicted of securities fraud Friday for mismanaging two investment funds
8/01/17   Cops Plant Pot  Baltimore police allegedly switch body cameras off during drug bust in …   The White House worked with Fox News and a wealthy Republican donor to push a story about the murder of D N C staffer Seth Rich, according to an explosive lawsuit filed Tuesday.

A self-described “email prankster” posed as Jared Kushner online and invited Trump’s Homeland Security adviser to dinner

07/30/17   Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday confirmed that US diplomatic missions in Russia will be cut by 755 people, following a sanctions bill the US Congress passed last week …  Putin said, “I thought it was time for us to show that we will not leave this without an answer.”

07/29/17  Authorities in Australia foiled a terror plot to bring down an airplane and arrested four men Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced at a news conference in Sydney.

Sen. John McCain, recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, will return to the Senate on Tuesday to cast a critical vote on health care legislation.

Dying to Come to  America  Officials correct San Antonio death toll in ‘horrific’ human trafficking …

OPEN WAR DOWN SOUTH    The Latest: Mexico jobseekers tricked into cartel boot camps CIA chief signals desire for regime change in NKorea…

07/19/17   Another Nazi   Video Appears to Show Baltimore Police Officer Planting Drugs

U.S. court upholds nondisclosure rules for surveillance orders…    Big Brother FBI corruption and a loss of liberty and privacy ….A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday upheld nondisclosure rules that allow the FBI to secretly issue surveillance orders for customer data to communications firms, a ruling that dealt a blow to privacy advocates.   In June of last year the U.S. Senate narrowly rejected a Republican-backed proposal to expand the kinds of telephone and internet records the FBI could request under an NSL to include senders and recipients of emails, some information about websites a person visits and social media log-in data. … National security letters, or NSLs, are a type of government subpoena for communications data sent to service providers. They are usually issued with a gag order, meaning the target is often unaware that records are being accessed, and they do not require a warrant.Law enforcement defends ‘fishing expeditions’…
Prosecutor power to seize phone, web records alarms critics…

07/11/17      Mexican illegal who was removed from USA 7 TIMES crashes van, kills father-of-three…   See Max Keiser on the current state of Mexico during  …  Keiser Report: Trump’s Wall & Avocado Prices (E1095) – YouTube

07/09/17  Iraq’s prime minister tweeted Sunday that he has arrived in the “liberated city of Mosul” and “congratulates the heroic fighters and the Iraqi people in achieving this great victory.”

Heroes  80 person human chain saves drowning family…MH17 suspects will stand trial in the Netherlands | Euronews

01/04/17  Armed 11-year-old saves party from charging bear…

 Widow goes after money Canada will give ex-Gitmo prisoner – ABC …    Canada decision to pay former Gitmo prisoner $10m criticized – ABC News

07/01/17    Sarin used as weapon in Syria chemical attack, watchdog says – CNN …  


06/26/17   Pharmacy executive tied to 2012 U.S. meningitis outbreak gets nine years in prison
This is difficult to watch … tragic … senseless … and without justification … a roadside execution by cop.  Philando Castile’s family reaches $3M settlement in death – ABC News

Watch heroes spontaneous rescue in action Panic on board a sinking ferry in Colombia – YouTube

Extreme Poverty Violent Deaths ….  Pakistan oil tanker truck explosion kills at least 120   Villagers had gathered around the tanker which had fallen off the road, to collect its oil in containers when the vehicle exploded, Akhtar said. Many were covered in oil and burned and an emergency had been declared in the city. … UPDATE 157 dead 130 injured … Pakistan oil tanker blast: Death toll hits 157 | Fox News 

Facebook CEO is acknowledging that connecting people online isn’t enough.

Trump did not record his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey,

SANITIZED CRIME SCENE  Independent group releases report on Seth Rich murder investigation…

Otto Warmbier, the American college student who returned home last week in a coma after 17 months of detention in North Korea, died Monday afternoon, his family said in a statement. “It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home. Unfortunately, the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today.”  Warmbier went to North Korea in the spring of 2016 

US shoots down Syrian fighter jet over Raqqah
PressTV-Iran avenges Daesh terror by missile attack + video

Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop last year, was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter Friday.    Castile’s death garnered widespread attention after his fiancee broadcast the shooting’s aftermath on Facebook Live.

Sky News – Live   London fire: A tale of two tower blocks

Russia’s military says may have killed IS leader Baghdadi: agencies …

SHOOTING- HATE CRIME – CONGRESSMEN  Rep. Steve Scalise is in critical condition after surgery, according to the hospital. The shooter is dead. James T. Hodgkinson was known for his hatred of conservatives and President Trump. Hodgkinson a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders’, spinning the attack into a political football.“I am sickened by this despicable act,” Sanders said in a statement.“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,” Ryan said.



Report: Slain Kim Jong Nam was carrying $120000 cash

The Martha Stewart Lie Rule – You Don’t They Do
FORMER FBI DIRECTOR  COMEY’S CREDIBILITY TORCHED…   “There’s nothing about Jim Comey that I trust,” said state Sen. Ron Rabin. “There’s nothing consistent about what he says.”
President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn will provide documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee and will submit the first batch by June 6, a person close to Flynn said Tuesday. The source said that Flynn’s lawyers alerted the intelligence committee Tuesday that he would respond to the two subpoenas sent to his businesses and would also provide personal documents sought via a separate subpoena after Senate investigators narrowed the scope of the request.

A Texas Republican called ICE on protesters. Then lawmakers started to scuffle. 

05/26/17  Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of US citizens…

FBI’S TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR  Secret memos: FBI leaked spy intercepts on Americans to outside parties…
 US Airstrike Killed Over 100 Civilians in Mosul, Pentagon Says
Report: Kim Jong Un’s brother met with US agent before he was killed could have been a coup…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at least two times last year, didn’t note those interactions when he applied for his security clearance, the DOJ told CNN.  The security clearance form requires him to list “any contact” he or his family had with a “foreign government” or its “representatives” over the past seven years, officials said.  The new information from the Justice Department is the latest example of Sessions failing to disclose contacts he had with Russian officials. He has come under withering criticism from Democrats following revelations that he did not disclose the same contacts with Kislyak during his Senate confirmation hearings earlier this year.  Justice Department spokeswoman Sara Isgur Flores says Sessions and his staff were told by an FBI employee who assisted in filling out the form, known as the SF-86, that he didn’t need to list dozens of meetings with foreign ambassadors that happened in his capacity as a senator.  The FBI declined to comment for this story.
President Donald Trump’s Full Speech to Muslim World Leaders
    Video and Transcript  Trump lashes out at Iran, says that ISIS, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah and Hamas are responsible for generations of vanished dreams.  

     Information Clearing House  fundraiser … you can help, send a check or money order to Information Clearing House, PO Box 365 Imperial Beach, CA 91933. USA.          Peace and Joy – Tom Feeley

China crippled CIA by killing US sources, says New York Time  A few years later in 2015, the CIA pulled staff out of the US embassy in Beijing, after a hack blamed on the Chinese state exposed information about millions of US federal employees. If the events of 2010-2012 were helped by a similar hack, it was not one that was made public.  

 ‘THE WAR’S JUST BEGUN’… THE HERO ASSANGE Pamela Anderson, Lady Gaga rally to cause…  EXIT  Ecuador govt asks UK to give safe passage…SWEDEN DROPS ASSANGE RAPE INVESTIGATION…

WIKIFREE: Chelsea Manning Walks…   Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst behind one of the largest classified information leaks in US history, was released from military prison early Wednesday morning, an Army spokeswoman said. Convicted in 2013 of stealing 750,000 pages of documents and videos before leaking them to WikiLeaks. Manning — known then as Bradley Manning — was sentenced to 35 years in prison on 20 counts, including violations of the Espionage Act. After sentencing, the ex-intelligence agent changed her name to Chelsea Manning and said she identified as a woman. During one of his final acts in office, President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence in January, thereby giving her an early release date.
Gandalf wonders if they were putting something in Manning’s food.
Breaking: ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement05/16/17  Black Ops Dead DNC staffer ‘had contact’ with WikiLeaks –  … family denies that he ‘Sent 44,053 Internal Emails’…
REPORT: Scalia Believed Supreme Court Was Being Surveilled by Obama…  Flashback:  02/20/16 Scalia and Obama given jet fighter escort to Texas 02/21/16  US Supreme Court Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With ObaamaAccording to this report, SVR “assests” reported that on 11 February both met. Justice Scalia’s unexamined death points to a problem  02/21/16 President Obama Spends Less Than 2 Minutes At Scalia’s Wake .. 

NAZI Jeff Sessions, America’s Drug Warrior, Has Issued New Marching Orders to Prosecutors. Uh-Oh. Sessions’ Nazi Injustice  Breaking ranks with the Trump administration, Sen. Rand Paul writes in a CNN Opinion piece that he’s strongly opposed to new Justice Department sentencing guidelines, which call for prosecutors to charge suspects with the most serious provable offenses. Paul, the most high-profile Republican to criticize the new policy, urges Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reconsider. The Kentucky senator says mandatory minimum sentences have unfairly and disproportionately incarcerated a generation of minorities.    The new guidelines will exacerbate the injustice in the criminal justice system, Paul says. “This isn’t about legalizing drugs. It’s about making the punishment more fitting and not ruining more lives,” he writes. Sessions, however, has called the policy change “simply the right and moral thing to do.” In an apparent reference to Obama administration’s policies, he said on Friday: “It is important to note that unlike previous charging memoranda, I have given our prosecutors discretion to avoid sentences that would result in an injustice.”    Gandalf notes: This Nazi is clueless.

 Former rebel group registers as political party in Colombia | Euronews
NSA NAZI HACKS   EXPERTS: Another large-scale stealthy cyberattack underway…   As a second wave of the WannaCry Ransomware attack is infecting more systems in more countries, the White House has ordered emergency meetings to deal with a threat that is, in part, the NSA’s fault.   US Government Fears a Monday Explosion of the Ransomware Plague It Helped Create
WAR: CHICAGO POLICE ISSUE BULLETIN ON GANGS, HIGH-POWERED WEAPONS…  The proliferation of high-powered weapons, which police say are being used by specific Hispanic gangs in those neighborhoods, are complicating Chicago’s efforts to fight violent crime in the city. Rifles pierce body armor… THOUSANDS FLEE FOR SAFER AREAS… It is strictly business when it comes to Mexican drugs and the gangs that distribute them. CHICAGOLAND: 200TH HOMICIDE OF YEAR… From El Paso to Chicago it’s war, fast and furious. Gandalf asks, “How’s that drug war working out over the last 100 years?” MEXICO 2ND DEADLIEST COUNTRY; TOPS AFGHAN, IRAQ…

BIG BROTHER Apps Secretly Track By Listening to Inaudible Sounds…SPY TURNED ON  TV  ads order smartphones to spy…

Fight Brews Over Push to Shield Americans in Warrantless Surveillance.. NSA: WHAT BILL OF RIGHTS?  WIKI Downloads MORE on CIA… 
WikiLeaks Doubts Macron Camp’s Claim About Faked Emails After …   CNN – French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has been the victim of a “massive and coordinated hacking operation,” after files purporting to be from the campaign were posted online via social media, his campaign said Friday. Watch France 24 Live 
FIRED FBI HEAD   At Senate HEARING  … Things got heated … Comey ‘pressed for anti-Trump dossier’…  The White House said Tuesday FBI director James Comey has been fired.
      Federal prosecutors have issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of former national security adviser Michael Flynn seeking business records, as part of the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in last year’s election, according to sources familiar with the matter. CNN learned of the subpoenas hours before President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The subpoenas represent the first sign of a significant escalation of activity in the FBI’s broader investigation begun last July into possible ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia.
FBI, NOW YOU SEE HER NOW YOU DON’T  An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate, CNN has learned. The rogue employee, Daniela Greene, lied to the FBI about where she was going and warned her new husband he was under investigation, according to federal court records. Greene’s saga, which has never been publicized, exposes an embarrassing breach of national security at the FBI — an agency that has made it its mission to root out ISIS sympathizers across the country. 

 04/28/17  NAZI CAT  CIA implanted microphones into CATS to spy…

NSA Halts Collection of Americans’ Emails About Foreign Targets…
RON PAUL INTERVIEWS ASSANGE…LONG GONE CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top-secret documents to WIKILEAKS…A federal judge blocked the Trump administration from enforcing a threat to deny funds to sanctuary cities — the latest blow from the federal judiciary to the President’s immigration agenda.  In a ruling delivered Tuesday, Judge William H. Orrick sided with Santa Clara, the city of San Francisco and other cities, who argued that a threat to withhold federal funds from cities that do not cooperate with some federal immigration enforcement could be unconstitutional.NSA NAZIS SPIED ON US  NSA BLIMP SPIED IN UNITED STATES…  

04/23/17 Why the Wikileaks CIA dump was the most damaging one yet WikiLeaks publishes more secret CIA tools after the US threatens criminal charges | SOFREPUPDATE: USA wants to arrest Assange but Sweden might have first claim…
WikiLeaks releases more CIA docs…
   Circumventing the First Amendment  US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, US officials familiar with the matter tell CNN.    The Justice Department investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks dates to at least 2010, when the site first gained wide attention for posting thousands of files stolen by the former US Army intelligence analyst now known as Chelsea Manning. Prosecutors have struggled with whether the First Amendment precluded the prosecution of Assange, but now believe they have found a way to move forward. Gandalf notes: View Ron Paul’s interview and Assange’s response in the article above.


04/1917  BIKER LIVES MATTER  Waco Biker Shootout  Motions seek dismissal of Twin Peaks indictment, help in finding needle in a haystack…A Dallas attorney representing a biker arrested in the Twin Peaks shootout fired off a series of motions Tuesday, including one to quash the indictment that includes an illustration of a ham sandwich. More on this below …

FOX OUTS  Bill O’Reilly is done at Fox News, its parent company 21st Century Fox said Wednesday. His firing follows allegations of sexual harassment and the loss of dozens of advertisers.FBI NAZIS   FBI used dossier of allegations of Russian ties to Trump campaign in part to secure approval to secretly monitor Carter Page, US officials say

PAYBACK  The man who was wrongfully convicted in a 1957 cold case murder has sued police and prosecutors 2 days after clearing his name.
SAY WHAT?    Sean Spicer apologized Tuesday after saying Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons” during World War II.The White House press secretary had made the comment earlier Tuesday in an effort to shame Russia’s alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his use of chemical weapons. “I was obviously trying to make a point about the heinous acts that Assad had made against his own people last week, using chemical weapons and gas. Frankly, I mistakenly made an inappropriate and insensitive reference to the Holocaust, for which there is no comparison,” Spicer said. “And for that I apologize. It was a mistake to do that.” Spicer, who said he was “aware” that gas chambers were used during the Holocaust, later said he should have “stayed focused” on Assad and asked people to forgive him.  Sean Spicer says Hitler ‘didn’t use chemical weapons’ – NY Daily News

——————————————————————–04/09/17  GANDALF’S WARNING TO TRUMP AND ALL NATIONAL LEADERS South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To N Korea Border …  Northern Bulb of China’s Tohoku District Defense Command issued full-scale pre-emptive orders to all submarine units, UNUSUAL NAVY PATROL SPARKS FEAR OF FOREIGN SUB OFF CALIFORNIA COAST…   while the 16th, 23, 39, and 40th group troops moved to the North Korean border area. … the Dongfeng-31A missile at Rocket County’s 51st station in Liaoning Shenyang, … Dongfeng 03 ballistic missile,  Dongfeng-21 missiles … China’s missiles that can reach the USA …  NKorea Accelerating Plan to Land Missiles in USA… Threat … A US official now says North Korea’s test missile exploded over land and did not reach the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea. Which way is she going?  Korea crisis deepens as the US dispatches the Carl Vinson strike group to the region…  THE WARNING  These goose stepping N Koreans are brainwashed human-beings and not your typical enemy. They can be devoid of reason and rationality as programmed. The males have a tendency to become extremely combative, especially when under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants and they can be triggered by God only knows what. The people of this reclusive communist nation have been isolated from the world and lied to for their entire lives.They are programmed. Think about that. Their behavior can be manipulated and turned on a dime. Their psychotic reaction is one that has festered in a hate that knows no limitations because it is encouraged by government propaganda. This brainwashing has spanned six decades at least, and it is deeply implanted in the national psyche. Hate Capitalism and hate Americans, love Communism and a United Korea. That has been the underlying theme of the unrelenting persuasion and psychological conditioning since the Korean War – which technically is still under a truce. Reflecting, I do not even know if the N Korean’s brainwashing could ever be undone for its victims. This conditioning makes them as an enemy, extremely dangerous.  UPDATE: Trump NKorea Options Include Nukes in South, Kim Assassination… Gandalf continues: Perhaps this may give you a better understanding of what I am trying to convey to you the reader. Does this ring a bell?  The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) –  Today in N Korea, those believing the programmed illusion are most all Manchurian Candidates and don’t even know it. Big Brother and Hitler would be proud. 


 04/05/17  Syria – Sarin – Nerve Gas Attack President Donald Trump, speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, said the suspected chemical attack against Syrian civilians “crossed a lot of lines for me” and changed the way he views Syria and its leader Bashar al-Assad. He blamed the attack in part on what he described as “a great opportunity missed” on the part of former President Obama. US Ambassador Nikki Haley also denounced the attack as the UN Security Council considers a resolution condemning the al-Assad regime for the onslaught. Russia, which backs the al-Assad regime, will likely veto a resolution. “How many more children have to die before Russia cares?” Haley said as she displayed photos of the victims. The international community has expressed shock and outrage at reports of the suspected chemical attack Tuesday

Seven-year-old Syrian refugee Bana Alabed made a heartbreaking appeal Wednesday morning.  “I want (them) to stop the war, and I want the children of Syria to play and go to school and live in peace,” Bana told CNN’s “New Day.” “Together we can help them. Together we can save them.”The American Nazi SS … Above The Law Beyond The Bill of Rights.  1984 Big Brother Bastards  –  Watching and listening to you, reading your email.  America slipping from liberty to slavery through lethargy. The Wall is a new Iron Curtain.   Do the FBI and Department of Justice Want a Photo of Every American?


CIA DRUG RUNNINGGandalf and Chris Alexander found the CIA selling drugs in Lubbock, Tx.They also discovered that George Bush was behind the flow of cocaine into the country. [450] Rolling Marbles and Running Drugs with the CIA – YouTube Sean Stone discusses the wild world of Pablo Escobar and CIA drug running with author and prison activist Shaun Attwood. John F. O’Donnell …    16 ROUNDS   This Clever Legal Strategy Could Take Down the Officer Who Shot Laquan… VIDEO: NEVER KICK A MAN WHEN HE IS DOWN  ABOUT TIME  President Donald Trump on Friday will make the next move in his bid to reshape US trade policy, signing two executive orders aimed at combating foreign trade abuses that contribute to the US’s half-trillion-dollar trade deficit.

  Trump’s executive orders will initiate a large-scale review of the causes of the US’s trade deficits with some of its largest trading partners and order stricter enforcement of US anti-dumping laws to prevent foreign manufacturers from undercutting US companies by selling goods at an unfair price. They show the administration’s ongoing efforts to shift toward policies aimed at bolstering US manufacturing and making good on Trump’s campaign rhetoric decrying other countries for taking advantage of the US’s free trade policies.The signing comes a week before Trump is set to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. China, the largest source of the US’s trade deficit, has repeatedly run afoul of the US’s anti-dumping laws, and Trump has repeatedly accused the country of hurting the US economy through unfair trading practices.


  03/30/17  AMERICA’S NAZI Gestapo DEA   Justice Department watchdog finds DEA cash seizure program may pose risk to civil liberties   In its report released Wednesday, the inspector general examined 100 cases in which the DEA seized cash. Eighty-five of the cases involved interdiction at transportation hubs, such as airports or parcel centers … Gandalf notes: When it comes to liberty and the DEA, there is no “may pose a risk” to it, the agency is full of crooks and thieves that do not give a damn about our liberty or justice.

————————————————  A US airstrike in southeast Afghanistan killed an al Qaeda leader responsible for the suicide attack on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan, the Pentagon said. Qari Yasin was killed in a drone strike in Paktika Province on March 19, the Pentagon said late Saturday. The September 2008 suicide truck bombing at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad killed more than 50 people, including two US service members. It sparked a fire that charred the hotel, which is near the diplomatic section of Islamabad.  Yasin is responsible for other carnage, including an attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, which was visiting Lahore, Pakistan, in March 2009. In that incident, gunmen sprayed the team’s tour bus with bullets as it neared the stadium, killing eight people — six police officers and two civilians — and leaving several visiting players wounded.03/25/17  FBI Conducts New Search in Hunt For Body of Girl Who Was ‘Gang Raped, Shot And Fed to Alligators’  Louisiana city marshal convicted in boy’s fatal shooting

 A Marksville, Louisiana, marshal has been found guilty of manslaughter for the shooting of a young boy who was killed in the passenger seat of his father’s car after a police pursuit, prosecutors said Saturday. 

Highly Cited:Louisiana cop cries as he’s found guilty of shooting 6-year-old autistic boy to death New York Daily News————————-

03/24/17  Egypt  Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was freed today after a six-year imprisonment following his overthrow during the Arab Spring.  Mubarak was released from a military hospital in Maadi and is now back at his home in a Cairo suburb, his attorney tells CNN.

  03/22/17  The Justice Department on Wednesday will announce charges against hackers with ties to Russia in a breach that affected hundreds of millions of Yahoo accounts, a law enforcement source says. The law enforcement source would not say if the hack was connected to the Russian government itself. Yahoo has been breached at least twice, and the company previously said a September 2014 breach was state-sponsored, but declined to identify who it believed was responsible. The announcement of another cyber intrusion by Russian hackers comes at a time of delicate relations between the US and Russia.  DOJ to announce charges in Yahoo hacks

03/10/17  FBI probes ‘odd’ link between Trump server and Russia’s Alfa Bank …What part of  “YOU’RE FIRED… ”  are you not getting? Trump wanted to copyright the phrase. He will be saying it a lot. Preet Bharara, among 46 US attorneys asked to quit but who declined to submit a letter of resignation, has tweeted that he’s been fired.   The high-profile US attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, had indicated he will not submit a letter of resignation as requested by the Trump administration Friday — placing the President in the position of having to fire him in a public standoff.                   Bharara out after refusing to resign…                                        Gandalf notes:   Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked for the resignations of 46 US attorneys, igniting anger from officials who say they were given no warning about their dismissal. 
     The Justice Department announced the firings on Friday afternoon, and many prosecutors had not been formally notified or even told before they were fired, according to a law enforcement source. Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente was in the beginning stages of calling each US attorney individually to tell them they had to resign when the DOJ issued the statement.
     A law enforcement source charged that “this could not have been handled any worse,” because there was little warning. Many prosecutors found out through media reports that they had to resign today.   Sessions asks Obama-era US attorneys to resign…03/07/17  BIG BROTHER Feds are launching a criminal probe into WikiLeaks’ publication of documents detailing alleged CIA hacking operations, several US officials say.  …  Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed – WikiLeaks   CIA  Wikileaks: The CIA is using popular TVs, smartphones and cars to spy on their owners  … “The release of so many sensitive files appeared to catch the CIA, the White House and other government entities off-guard.”     The CIA knows how to hack TVs and phones, and the agency’s cyberweapons have been stolen, a WikiLeaks document dump alleges.  …   In a statement, WikiLeaks said the files enable the agency to bypass popular encryption-enabled applications — including WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram — used by millions of people to safeguard their communications. WikiLeaks says it has obtained trove of CIA hacking tools

FBI NAZIS    The FBI asked the Justice Department on Saturday to refute President Donald Trump’s assertion that then-President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump’s phones last year, CNN. Gandalf thinks Nixon did it.  Trump  issues — immigration and defense spending  – The public sides with Trump on more infrastructure spending, but opposes his calls to increase military expenditures   A harsh reality, watch Undocumented dad taken by ICE while dropping kids off at school, child weeps.  Los Angeles Times Immigrant arrested by ICE while dropping daughter off at school…

02/22/17  Melania Trump …. lawsuit against the Daily Mail’s website for wrongly reporting rumors that she worked as a high-end escort in the 1990s.  Melania Trumps refiles Daily Mail lawsuit after removing all mentions of profiting from being First Lady     RELATED  02/07/17   ON TARPLEY   Melania Trump libel suit settled, another filed  … First Lady Melania Trump has settled her libel lawsuit against a Maryland blogger who wrote about rumors that Melania Trump had been a “high-end escort” and that she had “a mental breakdown” during the presidential campaign. As part of the settlement, … Melania wins round in $150M libel suit against blogger…  Webster Tarpley  … World Crisis Radio «
TEXAS DEATH ROW  The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a death row inmate in Texas whose own lawyers introduced evidence at trial that he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he is black. The court ruled that the inmate, Duane Buck, will now be able to go back to a lower court and argue that he should have a new sentencing hearing. In a 6-2 ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion holding that Buck has “demonstrated both ineffective assistance of counsel” and has an “entitlement to relief.”

02/21/17  Dallas Police and Fire Pension Backs Cutbacks to Avoid Collapse…   FLASHBACK   DALLAS     Crisis of confidence: How police and firefighters’ deep distrust of City Hall makes a pension fix difficult...  The run on pension funds in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings sues pension system to stop DROP …The predatory promises made by politicians and officials to various groups of voters throughout the year. Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board approve plan to help failing …    who is responsible  WATCH  [KR1014] Keiser Report: Predatory Promises  how Dallas was taken in …02/20/17   Scientists may have identified cell in eye that causes nearsightedness … Colombia peace deal: FARC rebels complete final march | Euronews02/18/17     Why Was FBI Investigating General Flynn?Norma McCorvey, ‘Roe’ in Roe v. Wade, Is Dead at 69 – The New York …FBI, IRS agents raid state Sen. Carlos Uresti’s law office | The Texas …LIARS  VS  LIAR   Michael Flynn won’t face charges for lying to FBI about discussing sanctions with Russian ambassador: reports    WSJ: Spies Keep Intelligence From President…  The Nazis are running the show, as Gandalf knows, the fight is on. Fire them.  The officials’ decision to keep information from Mr. Trump underscores the deep mistrust that has developed between the intelligence community and the president over his team’s contacts with the Russian government, as well as the enmity he has shown toward U.S. spy agencies. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump accused the agencies of leaking information to undermine him.   The Efficient Kill The Pentagon might propose that the US send conventional ground combat forces into northern Syria for the first time to speed up the fight against ISIS. OOPS    Race to save badly damaged California dam before MORE rainfallJeffrey Sandusky, the son of convicted sex abuser and former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, has been arrested on felony and misdemeanor child sexual abuse charges02/11/17  Russia considers returning Snowden to US as ‘gift’ to Trump: report …02/10/17   CARTOON FBI DROPS THE BALL AGAIN?   Records: Undercover FBI agent was near gunmen before attack …   Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in suburban Dallas in 2015 … The fact that there was an FBI agent at the contest in Texas who was in contact with Simpson has drawn criticism from Kareem’s lawyer and the security guard’s lawyer. They say the government has not been forthcoming about the agent’s role in the plot and have questions why the agency didn’t break up the plot. 02/09/17  “SEE YOU IN COURT,” … President Donald Trump was defiant Thursday night after an appeals court ruled against reinstating his administration’s travel ban. … ASSAD: SOME REFUGEES TERRORISTSExclusive: Blackstone to acquire Aon’s benefits outsourcing for $4.8 billion – sources

Obama’s Defecation  Financial Terrorism  Blackstone Exposed

———————————————————FBI NAZIS HOSTILE TO FOIA REQUESTS  Trump’s FBI doubles down on hostility to transparency, switches to fax and snailmail for FOIA requests  Gandalf notes: They got a lot to hide.02/07/17   ON TARPLEY   Melania Trump libel suit settled, another filed  … First Lady Melania Trump has settled her libel lawsuit against a Maryland blogger who wrote about rumors that Melania Trump had been a “high-end escort” and that she had “a mental breakdown” during the presidential campaign. As part of the settlement, … Melania wins round in $150M libel suit against blogger…  Webster Tarpley  … World Crisis Radio «——————

 02/06/17  The hell you say   Three federal judges Tuesday evening will hear oral arguments in the challenge to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.
02/05/17    PressTV-Iran: 149 tons of natural uranium imported  — Yellow Cake …
02/04/17   My Order Trumps Your Order So, what exactly is an executive order?     The Justice Department has appealed a decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that stopped enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel  … A federal appeals court denied the appeal …  Meet James Robart, the judge who halted Trump’s immigration ban
Incoming!   After judge lifts travel ban, Trump fumes, vows to act | Reuters
 Texas CPS a Child’s Worst Nightmare
     The Texas Governor Abbott said identifying reforms in child-protection programs is his No. 1 priority, Abbott said he has proposed spending more than the the Senate and House to improve those programs now, to prevent any more deaths in the state’s system. More than 100+ children died last year while in the state system, he said.The state’s foster-care system faces likely federal court supervision, after being found unconstitutional a year ago, …  Abbott told lawmakers. “Do it right.”  Texas Gov declares emergency to ban sanctuary cities… and fix CPS.  DREAMERS NIGHTMARE…
FASTER AND FURIOUS YOU’RE FIREDThe White House said President Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for “refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States.” “(Yates) has betrayed the Department of Justice,” the White House statement said. Yates had told Justice Department lawyers not to make legal arguments defending Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, according to sources. Yates was appointed by President Barack Obama and had been set to serve until Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, is confirmed.
01/29/17  Troops on the ground, civilian casualties  SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era US Military Raid    …  US servicemember killed in raid on al Qaeda in Yemen  update  The US military, in an embarrassing mix-up, touted video seized in Sunday’s raid in Yemen that turned out to be old video already published online. A military spokesman acknowledged it was released without having been thoroughly analyzed. The video was meant to demonstrate the value of the weekend raid, the stated aim of which was to recover key intelligence about al Qaeda.
NAZIS  US judge says Google must hand over foreign emails to FBI, even though Microsoft need not
NAZIS  Rajiv Gandhi sacked a minister to appease US: CIA reports 
NAZIS  Judge: Google must give FBI emails stored overseas   NAZIS  FBI request for TWITTER account data overstepped law?   NAZIS   FBI Twitter Data Requests May Have Overstepped Legal Guidelines


 01/23/17  The Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director,

01/21/17 PUSSY RIOTS  WOMEN’S MARCH TURNS NASTY  Most Arrested Protesters Charged With Felony, Face 10 Years In Prison…  Woman arrested for pelting cop with used tampon… 

01/20/17 The Senate has confirmed retired Gen. John Kelly to be the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Kelly is the second of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees to be confirmed on Friday. The Senate is to consider Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director on Monday.
Senate confirms retired Gen. James Mattis as defense secretary, breaking with decades of precedent  The Senate voted to confirm President Donald Trump’s first Cabinet member on Friday, approving retired Gen. James Mattis as defense secretary. The Senate was set to vote next on retired Gen. John Kelly for homeland security secretary. The Senate was not expected to consider Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director until Monday, after at least three Democrats objected to his quick confirmation over concerns including surveillance, though a deal was possible to allow the vote to proceed Friday.
Wikileaks’ founder Assange says stands by US extradition offer – Reuters  Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the United States  President Barack Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning and pardoned retired four-star Marine Gen. James Cartwright.  Manning was convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks. Cartwright is a former vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. He pleaded guilty in October to a single charge of making false statements to federal investigators in 2012 about leaking to journalists top-secret information on US efforts to cripple Iran’s nuclear program.  FLASHBACK:  ASSANGE TO USA… IF  WikiLeaks announced Thursday that its founder Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the United States if President Barack Obama grants clemency to incarcerated former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning. Assange conditions for extradition ‘not met’, say lawyers…


01/16/17   By Gandalf’s Staff            Like I have been saying all along. 
These 3 letter agencies, 17 federal bureaucracies, are nothing but a bunch of American traitors, totally void of the fundamental principles on which this country, by the grace of God, was established. The NAZIS now have to deal with a president that is not one of their stooges.  Man, it’s about time. The goons have been screwing “we the people” since they killed JFK in 1963. A striving for a New World Order and a police state. You can see it everywhere you look. Before we part from this earthly plain, 
01/16/17  Eugene A. Cernan, the astronaut who was the last to leave his footprints on the surface of the moon, has died. He was 82.  

Let freedom ring. Let’s get this nation back to where it was when we were kids. It is time to clean these Bureaucratic Nazis’ clock before they can guarantee our children’s children will not know the joy of liberty as we have.   NAZIS:   Obama expands power of NSA in final days… Gandalf notes: All that data they have been sucking up, they are going to share with the other 16 agencies… 

the road to hell  MP3

 US Marine F-35s to be ‘cornerstone’ in Japan, Pacific defense … The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive and one of the most controversial weapons systems in US history, is on its way to Japan to be “the cornerstone” of US defense in the Pacific.

01/15/17  Latest Brazil jail riot kills 30+…  Prohibition the Moronic Drug War  At least 3 killed in new Brazil prison beheadings…01/14/17  Nazis  Scathing DOJ report finds Chicago police use excessive force – CBS …  Crooked cops are most dangerous to a free society. They are NazisASSANGE TO USA… IF  WikiLeaks announced Thursday that its founder Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the United States if President Barack Obama grants clemency to incarcerated former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning.  NAZIS:   Obama expands power of NSA in final days…  01/16/17  NAZIS:  Donald Trump slams CIA Director John Brennan over plea for … Trump has slammed the intelligence community repeatedly over the past few weeks in response to what he said was unfair coverage caused by leaked information from intelligence officials. On Sunday evening he even pointed fingers directly at the CIA director over Twitter. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a damning dossier on US President-elect Donald Trump was “false” and dismissed allegations that his country’s security services had been monitoring him as “rubbish.”   Departing CIA director John Brennan said he took “great umbrage” at Trump’s suggestion that agencies biased against him were behaving as if the US were “Nazi Germany”.  John Brennan: Trump’s ‘Nazi Germany’ tweet to US agencies was outrageous …    01/10/17  How To Prevent The Following From Happening To You!    Trump conducts his own sting operation to ensnare intelligence …

1 Use a postage stamp for communication. It’s the best insurance money can buy.
2 Use a land line. It has greater legal protections than using the air waves.
3 Use cash only.
4 Use a typewriter.
5 Use common sense. Stay out of social networks and data bases.
   Gandalf’s Staff   NOTES FOR FUTURE’S SAKE: Make yourself invisible. Protect your rights. Keep it private, you have a right to say nothing. Big Brother is watching you, reading your E-mail, and listening to you; and so are the Chinese and Russians, as Trump has just learned. When conducting a Sting on corrupt secret police, the unknown is your greatest defense. 
               The Following   BREAKING NEWS WASHINGTON D C
Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN. The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The allegations came, in part, from memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative, whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible.
 Trump ‘dossier’ author’s allegations backed up by fellow spies
  The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but has not confirmed many essential details in the memos about Mr. Trump. The classified briefings last week were presented by four of the senior-most US intelligence chiefs — You’re acting like Nazis, Trump tells spy chiefs  —  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.     
                     Office of Personnel Management data breach   ———————————-

Kremlin says U.S. military build-up in Poland a national security threat…U.S. troops reach Poland in anti-Russian aggression NATO exercises ... Covering His Trail   ASSANGE: Obama Admin destroying public records…   DALLAS     Crisis of confidence: How police and firefighters’ deep distrust of City Hall makes a pension fix difficult...  The run on pension funds in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings sues pension system to stop DROP …The predatory promises made by politicians and officials to various groups of voters throughout the year. Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board approve plan to help failing …  WATCH  [KR1014] Keiser Report: Predatory Promises ENPLAINS HOW DALLAS WAS TAKEN.01/08/17  More beheadings in latest jail violence in Brazil – Euronews       At least 31 killed in Brazilian prison ‘drug gang revenge attack’  At least 31 inmates have been killed at a prison in Brazil in what is believed to be a revenge attack. Many were decapitated, with their hearts cut out. Slaughters in prisons shocks Brazilians as gang war explodes…

    US military shipment arrives in Germany, ahead of NATO exercises  

01/07/17  FBI DROPS THE BALL AGAIN  FBI owes better answers on Fort Lauderdale airport shooting…  SHOOTER  HE TOLD FBI: GOVT CONTROLLED MIND!   FAMILY  BROTHER OF SUSPECT SAYS GOV’T FAILED HIM…  AIRPORT no fly list?  JIHAD COMES TO FORT LAUDERDALE? FORCED FLIGHT FOR ISIS? … Allowed to Board Flight with a Checked Gun.  4,000 MILE TRIP TO MASSACRE…  Multiple people were killed in a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter. The gunman, an Iraq veteran, is in custody and was a lone shooter, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief told CNN. “We have no evidence at this time that he was acting with anyone else. He is currently in custody and we’re investigating,” Sharief said. Investigators are looking into the suspect’s motive, she said. Then Gandalf thinks they should look at the VA and it’s established long standing lack of treatment for and it’s general neglect of our veterans.ON Friday’s C2C program, geopolitics and foreign policy expert Craig B. Hulet provided his analysis of the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting as well as veterans issues. “I think the most logical conclusion we can come to right now is based on what’s happened in the last five years… between 22,000 and 25,000 combat vets have committed suicide,” he revealed, noting another 20,000 soldiers have been discharged from the service (like airport shooter Esteban Santiago) and cannot receive VA benefits. Read more————————————-01/02/17   Istanbul attack: ISIS claims nightclub shooting; killer still at large   TINSELTOWN TWEEKING… DEA SEES PUBLIC RESISTANCE

Pigs undercover, out to frame you.  200+ DEA Agents Use Drugs, Steal Guns, Drive Drunk & Keep Jobs  Gestapo Tyrants  12 Of The Sketchiest Things The DEA Has Done While Waging War On Americans …  Gandalf caught a task force of local LSO, DPS, DEA and LPD narcotics officers planting drugs on him.  He reported their attempted frame-up to a friend at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals hours before they raided his house.  Travis Ware orchestrated two raids on Gandalf’s home and one on Gandalf’s business while he was the Lubbock district attorney. The agents stole Gandalf’s property and evidence (recorded tapes) he had collected incriminating Ware which was not inventoried in the illegal raids. They even planned to frame Gandalf for a murder of one of their snitches, Ray Freda, that had gone rogue and attempted to blackmail Ware claiming to have Gandalf’s tapes. These people are traitors to the American way of life and justice. They are Nazis. They are the ones that need to go to jail and their pensions need to go to the victims they frame.  A DEA Agent Who Helped Take Down Silk Road Is Going to Prison for ..12/31/16   An armed attack has taken place at a nightclub in Istanbul, according to Turkish state-run media. The attacker, who has not yet been identified, opened fire inside the nightclub early Sunday, the agency reported. At least 35 people have been killed and 40 injured in a nightclub attack in Istanbul, the city’s governor says. Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu reports.

12/27/16  Wing flap fault main theory behind Black Sea Russian jet crash | Reuters   …   One of the two black boxes on a Russian military jet that crashed into the Black Sea with 92 people on board has been found, the country’s Defense Ministry said, according to the state-run Sputnik news agency.  The flight data recorder was found 1,600 meters from the shore at a depth of 17 meters, the ministry said in a statement. The other black box — the cockpit voice recorder — is still missing. The ministry has said there are unlikely to be any survivors. Thirteen bodies have been recovered so far. 

12/25/16  A Russian military plane carrying 83 passengers and eight crew members has disappeared from radar, Defense Ministry spokesman told state-run media.  The missing Russian military plane has crashed and plane wreckage was found in the Black Sea near Sochi, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.  Shot dead in Milan, but there are more questions than answers over Anis Amri

COPS SHOT  KATRINA VICTIMS AT BRIDGE  Correction: Katrina-Police Shootings Story – ABC News   New Orleans settles police shooting suits for $13.3M 

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) – The mayor of New Orleans announced Monday that the city has reached settlements totaling $13.3 million in lawsuits over deadly police shootings after Hurricane Katrina and a fatal beating just before the 2005 storm, and he apologized to the victims’ families on behalf of the city.
    Eleven officers pleaded guilty to charges related to deadly shootings on a bridge less than a week after Katrina’s landfall. Officers shot and killed two unarmed people and wounded four others on the Danziger Bridge before engaging in a cover-up that included a planted gun, fabricated witnesses and falsified reports.
COMMIES IN AMERICA YAHOO email scan reveals U.S. spy push to recast constitutional privacy…  Yahoo Inc’s secret scanning of customer emails at the behest of a U.S. spy agency is part of a growing push by officials to loosen constitutional protections Americans have against arbitrary governmental searches, according to legal documents and people briefed on closed court hearings. 

GOOGLE Employee Sues Over ‘Spying Program’…  (It looks as if they all take liberties and will do whatever they think they can get away with. They are traitors to the fundamental concepts of this nation. Gandalf has noted.)

BIG BROTHER  FEDS SPY FROM 400 FAKE CELL TOWERS…    Police’s secret cellphone-surveillance tool can also block calls…

12/22/16 $10 million raised to help families of slain Dallas officers – FOX10 …    12/13/16 99 Dallas police officers have quit or retired in last 10 weeks… also see related stories by scrolling down this page to the following dates, 11/30/16 and 07/13/16. The truth about the Dallas Shootout: Gunman shooting down police officer caught on tape …  Was Dallas an organized terrorist cell attack or something even more sinister? There were multible shooters reported by eye witnesses. Early reports from the chief of police said shooters were firing from roof tops triangulating down on officers and civilians.Then there was the cryptic message “RB” smeared in blood by the shooter.  That was found on two walls inside the building in which the terrorist was killed by a robot. Dead men don’t talk. Like Lee Harvey Oswald , just another patsy disposed of in Dallas, Texas?  See Gandalf’s Tweets during the gun fight broadcast live below and on Twitter @Gandalf1316 .

—————————It takes one to know one.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says that FBI Director James Comey swayed election.Trump, CIA on collision course over Russia’s role in US election  The simmering distrust between Donald Trump and U.S. intelligence agencies escalated into open antagonism Saturday after the president-elect mocked a CIA report that Russian operatives had intervened in the U.S.  From Russia: Obama orders ‘full review’ of election hacks, results not to be made publicWhat’s Up Doc? Opinion: CIA Says Russia Backed Trump, So Democrats Better Fight Like World War III   Daily Beast

The toll from the dual bombings in Istanbul has risen to 29 people killed and 166 wounded, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said. Twenty-seven of those killed were police officers, Soylu added. Six of the victims are in intensive care. Ten suspects have been detained in connection with the bombings, the minister said.Hundreds of women, children released from Texas immigration detention facility over weekend… the releases came after a judge in Austin on Friday ruled that the state of Texas could not license the detention centers as childcare facilities.12/04/16 The Army Corps of Engineers says it will not approve an easement to allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its supporters.BIG SIS TO CAMPUS COPS: DONT ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW…  


11/30/16  Retired Dallas Police Chief hired as contributor by ABC News Retired Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who stepped into the national spotlight after a sniper killed five law enforcement officers at a July protest, will step back into the spotlight as a contributor for ABC News. See related story by scrolling down to 07/13/16Cuban revolutionary leader and ex-president Fidel Castro dies – euronews  …  Fidel Castro, the man who couldn’t be killed — at least not by the CIA   … There is a safe somewhere in the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va., that very likely contains a sort of tribute to Fidel Castro. It’s a Cohiba, the cigar favored by the Cuban leader, dusted with one of the world’s most lethal …   RELATED  From a parade of foreign leaders, a glowing farewell to Fidel Castro …  IRAN  PressTV-Over 100k take part in Castro tribute rallyTwo people are dead and four others were wounded after gunfire erupted at an annual Thanksgiving Day football game in Louisville, KentuckySuspect got married after San Antonio cop’s killing  One day after he is alleged to have killed a San Antonio police officer, and hours before he was arrested, Otis Tyrone McKane got married.  San Antonio police officer shot, killed outside of HQ

 REPORT: Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens…  Gandalf notes: Zetas were trained in Israel.  

 SCHILLER’S LIST:   NAZIS  — TRAITORS TO THE AMERICAN WA Y OF LIFE  …        CIA, NSA ordered to reveal if involved in ‘Occupy’ spying…The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain SightNSA SECRET SPYSCRAPER – COVERT MONITORING HUB –Report: NYC AT&T Building a Cornerstone of NSA SurveillanceSCUMBAGS   REPORT: FBI ran 23 child pornography sites in bid to catch online predators… FBI POLITICS  Hillary blames Comey for loss…  Sidney Blumenthal: ‘Right-Wing’ FBI Agents Did It…   see breaking rules FBI related stories below DEA 12 Of The Sketchiest Things The DEA Has Done While Waging War  NAZIS   Former Narcotics Detective Admits Drug Planting Common – Truthout  … Gestapo  Baltimore City CROOKED COPS Plant DRUGS on Victims –  Hitler’s SS NYPD Narcotics Detective Admits Cops Regularly Plant Drugs On …  Propaganda Lawsuit: Officer Planted Drugs on Woman on “COPS” Episode  Lawsuit: PIGS VS DOGS  Why are Detroit cops killing so many dogs?  


BFD TRUMP WINS  President Barack Obama promised to work for a “smooth transition” of power to President-elect Donald Trump when he leaves office in January, citing the example set by former President George W. Bush eight years ago.  Obama had campaigned hard against Trump to boost his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who conceded the race in a speech earlier Wednesday.  Hillary Clinton called on her supporters and Americans to support President-elect Donald TrumpHouse Speaker Paul Ryan congratulated President-elect Donald Trump on his victory, saying he will lead “a unified Republican government.” 
VIDEO: About Reno, Waco’s Judge Smith, and the David Koresh case below …
 Janet Reno, former US attorney general under President Bill Clinton, died after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, her sister says. She was 78. She and Clinton oversaw children burned alive in the Waco Dravidian siege. … Branch Davidians Burned Alive Waco    – PARAMILITARY OPERATION USING TANKS AND DELTA FORCE AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS –  DISTURBING VIDEO OF US GOVT MURDERING 22 CHILDREN  -THE TRUTH  ABOUT WACO.  Watch Waco – A New Revelation   THAT SON OF A BENCH  SEE Waco’s Hanging Judge Smith. BEHIND BARS ! Gandalf: Hold HIM accountable!      Probe of federal judge ends with his retirement   This $200k a year judge was the one that the FBI with weak cases went to for favorable rulings and sure convictions.  This judge is responsible for sending INNOCENT defendants to prison for long terms that exceeded federal guide lines and the rule of law. From the days of David Koresh to the Biker Twin Peaks Shootout, 35 years of incompetency and lack of moral fiber behind the bench have drawn to a close in Waco, Texas. Federal judge Smith retires during ongoing investigation  …  Judicial conduct committee orders deeper investigation of Waco …   …  Waco federal judge reprimanded for sexual misconduct, stripped  More WACO INJUSTICE. State Bar dismisses complaint against local attorneyDonald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents in the middle of a campaign speech in Nevada after an incident in the crowd near the front of the stage.WHEELS UP RINGS OFF  Secret Service scandal: Pictures of Colombian prostitute     NOW   Russian TV is showing nude Melania Trump and election rigging ahead of US election  


11/05/16 CNN Correspondents Trapped by ISIS Counter Attack

For more than 28 hours, CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brice Lane were with Iraqi special forces as they pushed forward into ISIS-held Mosul on Friday. Their convoy was leading the operation before it came under attack multiple times. Vehicles were destroyed, soldiers were hurt. Troops and journalists sought shelter in a succession of houses, calling for backup again and again. Read Damon’s account of the battle, from inside armored vehicles to hiding, trapped, with a family in their home.Julian Assange Says Trump ‘Won’t be Allowed to Win’ 
By Darren Boyle  Video – November 04, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Daily Mail” – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed Donald Trump ‘won’t be allowed to win’ next week’s election during an interview to be broadcast on a pro-Kremlin TV station.  
The Australian computer hacker was speaking from inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he also accused Hillary Clinton of receiving donations from the same people funding ISIS.  Assange said he was basing his claims on emails released last month by WikiLeaks.

Michael Dale Vance Jr., the Oklahoma fugitive who officials say shot 2 officers and killed 2 of his relatives, was killed in a shootout Sunday night, FBI official says.FOOTBALL PLAYERS SCORE  Baylor University Waco, Texas    Baylor regents: 17 women reported assaults by 19 players    related  Highly Cited: Baylor Regents Found Alleged Sexual Assaults by Football Players ‘Horrifying’ Wall Street Journal … also see Biker Lives Matter below …  Waco’s Hanging Judge Smith …with more on the Waco siege  and the  ‎Branch Davidians
Image result for Green-eyed 'Afghan girl'photos
 FALLS ILL IN JAIL  Famed ‘Afghan Girl’ hospitalised in Pakistan  An Afghan woman immortalised on the cover of National Geographic has been hospitalised in Pakistan after falling ill in custody. Sharbat Gula, famed … Green-eyed ‘Afghan girl’ in court on fake ID card charge The famous greeneyedAfghan girl‘ has appeared in court in Peshawar, accused of having …  Green-eyed Afghan girl from iconic National Geographic cover arrested in Pakistan

THE GREAT ESCAPE One of two engines on an American Airlines Boeing 767 failed Friday during an attempted takeoff at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, three sources familiar with the unfolding investigation say. Debris was found up to half a mile away.  The 161 passengers and nine crew members scrambled to safety after flames erupted on the right side of the plane. “This could have been absolutely devastating if it happened later,”  Airport fire Chief Timothy Sampey said.About 20 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

EMAILGATE  CNN:  The Justice Department has obtained a warrant that will allow it to begin searching the computer that is believed to contain thousands of newly-discovered emails of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.The computer in question is considered to belong to Abedin’s estranged husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, and was seized as part of a separate investigation regarding allegations of him sexting with an underage girl. Authorities believed they needed this new search warrant because the existing authorization, covered by an initial warrant, related only to that initial investigationFBI Director James Comey says the bureau is reviewing new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, according to a letter sent to eight congressional committee chairmen, a surprise development with 11 days before the election. After recommending this year that the Department of Justice not press charges against the Secretary of State, Comey said in the letter that “recent developments” urged him to take another look.  “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear pertinent to the investigation,” he said.  The emails that prompted a new review of Hillary Clinton’s private server were on a device being examined as part of an investigation into Anthony Weiner, law enforcement officials say.  The probe began last month after the former Democratic congressman from New York exchanged sexually explicit text messages with a purportedly underage girl. Weiner is separated from top Clinton aide Huma AbedinHillary Clinton on Friday forcefully called for the FBI to release “the full and complete facts” about its review of new emails tied to the bureau’s investigation of her private server. “Voting is underway, so the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately,” Clinton said during a brief news conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Clinton said she didn’t know what was on the messages. “Right now, your guess is as good as mine, and I don’t think that’s good enough,” she said. The emails are part of an investigation into allegations that Anthony Weiner exchanged sexually explicit text messages with an underage girl, according to law enforcement sources. —————————————–Gavin MacFadyen, 76, Mentor and Defender of WikiLeaks Founder, DiesHighly Cited:Jury finds all Oregon standoff defendants not guilty of federal conspiracy, gun charges |

HACKED   A Chinese electronics component manufacturer says its products inadvertently played a role in a massive cyberattack that disrupted major internet sites in the U.S.    Chinese firm admits its hacked products were behind Friday’s DDOS attack

 Peshmerga forces 5 miles from Iraq’s Mosul in key battle against ISIS   Near Mosul, Iraq (CNN) Kurdish Peshmerga forces are within 5 miles (8 kilometers) of Mosul, commanders said Sunday, after days of fighting and sweeping territorial gains in the operation to free the key Iraqi city from ISIS control   ISIS fighters attack the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, sources say. The attack comes as Iraqi and Kurdish forces battle ISIS militants in Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul.   The Iraqi military says it has inflicted heavy losses on ISIS and made advances in southeast Mosul.     10/17/16   A military operation led by Iraqi forces was launched today aimed at ending ISIS’ control of Mosul, Iraq. Syrian rebels seize ‘doomsday’ village where Islamic State promised …  “The Daesh myth of their great battle in Dabiq is finished,” he toldReuters, using a pejorative name for Islamic State. The Free Syrian Army is …. Iraqi army drops leaflets over Mosul in preparation for offensive   US, Saudis to grant 9,000 ISIS fighters free passage from Iraqi Mosul …

MP3 AUDIO FILE.  FBI FILES   listen now 2 reports on 1 file
A government contractor was arrested in August for allegedly stealing top secret
intelligence, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.
According to a criminal complaint, Harold Thomas Martin III, 51, was charged with theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials by a government employee or contractor after searches of his home and property revealed hard-copy and digital files containing “highly classified information.” Gandalf’s notes …  The government compiles it. Then someone steals it and sells it. The next thing you know, we are all slaves. Our enemies are laughing at us and the fools we put in power.

NWO Global Downturn  IMF*CKED…  Stalled  Julian Assange ‘due to release damaging information about Clinton’  The US State Department said it is suspending bilateral talks with Russia after a short-lived cease-fire in Syria. Aleppo’s main hospital on rebel side bombed again  “This is not a decision that was taken lightly,” the statement said. “Everybody’s patience with Russia has run out,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ordered Donald Trump’s charity to immediately halt fundraising in the state, following reports that it had not submitted to routine audits mandated by the state.  Schneiderman sent notice to the Trump Foundation alerting that it broke state law when it raised more than $25,000 from outside donors without filing properly with the state.
GANDALF:  A DEMOCRACY IS BORN Revised peace deal signed in Colombia  
Colombians narrowly rejected a referendum on Sunday on a peace deal that took over four years to negotiate and would have ended five decades of war with FARC rebels.
In a final result few were anticipating, 50.22% of voters voted “no” on the single-issue ballot, a blow to President Juan Manuel Santos, whose popularity has suffered in his support of the deal.
Footnote: FARC turned in the last of their weapons in August of 2017 and peace began.

UPDATE: Heightened Earthquake Alert Issued for Southern California…,

Families of those killed in the terror attacks on 9/11 are now legally allowed to sue Saudi Arabia after both chambers of Congress voted for the first time to override a veto by President Barack Obama.
Two children and a teacher shot at elementary school in Townville, SC, county official says. Teenage suspect in custody.
The Senate has passed a bill to fund the government and the federal response to Zika.

Waco’s Hanging Judge Smith. BEHIND BARS  Gandalf: Hold them accountable!      Probe of federal judge ends with his retirement   This $200K a year judge was the one that the FBI with weak cases went to for favorable rulings and sure convictions.  This judge is responsible for sending defendants to prison for long terms that exceeded federal guide lines and the rule of law. From the days of David Koresh to the Biker Twin Peaks Shootout, 35 years of incompetency and lack of moral fiber behind the bench have drawn to a close in Waco, Texas. Federal judge Smith retires during ongoing investigation  …  

Judicial conduct committee orders deeper investigation of Waco …   …  Waco federal judge reprimanded for sexual misconduct, stripped  More WACO INJUSTICE. State Bar dismisses complaint against local attorney

54m54 minutes ago  Drudge Report confirms Gandalf’s Tweets …Call the Bombing Terrorism Already…. NYC BOMBING NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG …     NYC BOMBING: AHMAD KHAN RAHAMI CAPTURED…

TRUTH   How Wall Street was on the cusp of being exposed by the New York State Attorney General,.. The Untold Story of 9/11:

 09/13/16  Greetings to Iran and North Korea.  Iran threatens to shoot down US Navy planes… … giving the US an excuse to bomb.  US flies bombers over South Korea in show of force – BBC News … give US just one little excuse. B-1B nuke bombers fly over SKorea to rattle Kim…  Write a speech for Donald Trump (or his wife) plagiarism allowed. 🙂   No one to be fired after Melania Trump speech plagiarism episodeCORRUPTION COPS     7 officers to be criminally charged in Bay Area police sex scandal, DA says 

Images  PHOTOS OF MELANIA TRUMPImage result for nude photos of Melania Trump09/04/16  Melania Trump has Psychotic Reaction* files suit against The Daily Mail and a Maryland blogger named Webster G. Tarpley ( over a story that claimed she was an … lawsuit …  nude photos …gold digger … tourist visa??? …  retraction  … 1st lady wanna be … public figure …  challenging the First Amendment …..  Melania Trump Sues Over Daily Mail Story Suggesting She Was … *Count Five Psychotic Reaction …  Daily Mail publishes retraction to a story at the center of Melania .. … also  The Daily Mail retracts Melania Trump escort agency story after .   

Details are not in the news. Like the number of American jobs that will be lost. US and China ratify Paris climate change dealFBI  NAZIS MANIPULAT ELECTION WITH A LABOR DAY DOC DUMP…

08/28/16 ASSANGE: ‘Most interesting and serious’ info yet to come…   Stingray’ docs offer rare insight into domestic surveillance…
Little known about ‘augmentation device’ utilized…
08/18/16   They Lied  Officials have recommended that seven Chicago police officers be fired for their actions in the 2014 shooting death of teenager Laquan McDonald.  The recommendations came from the city’s Office of the Inspector General. Dashcam video of the fatal shooting contradicted nearly everything police said happened the night McDonald died.It showed McDonald veering away from police as he held a knife, not lunging toward officers as police had said. The video also appears to show McDonald’s body getting hit by bullets even after he was on the ground.

NSA HACKED? Gandalf: I need to intercept NSA listening room inputs. If you have the software please get it to me soon. Liberty depends on it and me.  Sure enough they got hacked!
SNOWDEN: WARNING TO USA… Gandalf to Snowden. Hell dude’ I warned them decades ago. They don’t listen. They don’t get it. They don’t care. Those who will not fight for liberty do not deserve to keep it.  Not only that, they are unjust. The fools. Gandalf grows in anger.  
He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust. St. Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274)    Can I Quote You? St. Thomas Aquinas on activism and anger …

America’s Gestapo  DEA Rejects Attempt to Loosen Federal Restrictions on Marijuana Drug Enforcement Administration’s Drug Czar Chuck Rosenberg says the decision is rooted in science. Gandalf knows Rosenberg is speaking out of a lack of first hand knowledge and is much like many of the Nazi Germans he knew in Germany during the 1940s. The man is a traitor and a stanch enemy of the nation and the basic concept of liberty founded in the Bill of Rights. Rosenberg is a Germanic-language family name  … Nazi traitor … He should be fired and an end put to this failed 100 year prohibition. It has filled America’s prisons, so we have built more of them. There is a higher percentage of our population in prison today than are in any communist nation, including China. In October 2013, the incarceration rate of the United States of America was the highest in the world, at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world’s population, it houses around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. All at the taxpayer’s expense. It has corrupted law enforcement, pitted a police state against we people and created a gangland mentality in our inner cities.* Created havoc, escalated murders and brought on an invasion of our nation by cartels from south of the border. It is insane and must be brought to an end. Put the mobsters, the gangster out of business. Use your commonsense and dispel the government’s propaganda and disinformation. This is a war not against drugs but against the people. It has brought hardship to every American. Fools wake up now.   * US Incarceration Rates –‎     * ( Chicago shooting stats. click here >>>  HeyJackass! )    For What It’s Worth

 DEA regularly mines Americans’ travel records to seize  … though they almost never use what they learn to make arrests or build criminal cases. … Instead, that targeting has helped an extremely corrupDrug Enforcement Administration seize a small fortune in cash. Gandalf has found much of that money winds up in the pockets of agents and goes to black operations. DEA is far more dangerous and injurious to we the people than the drugs they are prohibiting. They are the ones that need to go to jail and the prohibition must be brought to an end. 
The FBI and Justice Department are investigating a possible computer hack of the Clinton campaign in addition to its examination of intrusions of other Democratic Party organizations, two law enforcement officials said Friday.
 World is at war’, Pope on recent attacks
French ID second church attacker, warning 4 days earlier
      PARIS (AP) –   French identify second church attacker from DNA

PARIS (AP) – The French prosecutors’ office has identified the second man who killed a priest in a Normandy church. The office says DNA tests show he is a 19-year-old born in the eastern Vosges region of France, Abdel-Malik Nabil Petit Jean. He and the other man, Adel Kermiche, also 19, attacked a church during morning Mass in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, outside Rouen, slashed the throat of the priest and took three nuns and an elderly couple hostage. The man was seriously wounded. One nun escaped and gave the alert.   
Hollande: Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS

President Barack Obama said that America is already great and does not need a “self-declared savior” like Donald Trump to fix it, adding that only Hillary Clinton is fit to succeed him.Another Attack   SUICIDE BOMBING AT GERMAN WINE BAR…  Germany   27-year-old Syrian bomber…Plot Failed  Blew himself up after being turned away from music fest…Update:  Munich police tweet that a man who killed himself Friday after the deadly shootings near a German mall is thought to be the only gunman.  At least nine people were killed (KILLER ‘LURED KIDS TO DEATH’…) when gunfire erupted at a shopping center in Munich, Germany, in what police officials said “looks like a terror attack.” Munich police said they were trying to verify whether one of the bodies could be one of the shooters. Police said no one was in custody, and the city was under a virtual lockdown, with residents being urged to stay home, restaurants and other business closing and public transit shutting down. The shooting broke out at a McDonald’s across from the Olympia shopping mall at about 5:50 p.m. local time, police spokeswoman Claudia Küntzel said. Shots also were fired inside the mall, witnesses said. On Facebook, police said gunfire was reported in several locations and that witnesses said they saw three people with firearms. A witness identified as Lauretta told CNN her son was in a bathroom with a shooter at the McDonald’s. “That’s where he loaded his weapon,” she said. “I hear like an alarm and boom, boom, boom… And he’s still killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can’t run.”Baltimore Police Lt. Brian Rice was found not guilty on all charges tied to the death of Freddie Gray.

Funeral services have been announced for the three law enforcement officers who were killed in Baton Rouge. They include Officer Matthew Gerald, 41, and Montrell Jackson, 32, from the Baton Rouge Police Department, and Deputy Brad Garafola, 45, with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long suffered from PTSD, a source involved in the investigation told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Long served in the Marines and was discharged in 2010.  Three officers are feared dead after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Baton Rouge cop killer linked to Moorish Nation, gave up slave name…    (Gandalf knows now they are demonizing the sovereign American citizen,) Baton Rouge police shooter said he was ‘sovereign citizenofficials said.  Kip Holden, the mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish, said authorities were still trying to get a handle on the situation, but added, “The count is three officers dead possibly.”  The victims may include police officers and sheriff’s deputies.  Police across US patrolling in pairs after ambush attacks  There is not an “active shooter scenario” in Baton Rouge, said Col. Michael D. Edmonson, superintendent of the Louisiana State Police. He was speaking at a press conference about the shooting that left three law enforcement officers dead and three injured on Sunday. The suspect in the shootings was shot dead at the scene, officials say.  The Baton Rouge police shooter has been identified as 29-year-old Gavin Long, two law enforcement sources tell CNN. The shooter apparently died in a shootout with police on his birthday. He was born, the sources said, on July, 17,1987.
A gunman killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Sunday. The gunman died in a shootout with police. Here’s the latest: SHOOTING TIMELINE
Around 8:40 a.m. (9:40 a.m. ET), police received a call of a man carrying a rifle, dressed in all black, walking along Airline Highway. At 8:42 a.m., there was a report of shots firedAt 8:44 a.m., officers engaged with the shooter. The shooting was over by 8:47 a.m.
Law enforcement sources told CNN’s Pam Brown that investigators suspect the officers were “lured in” by the shooter, effectively an ambush.  SHOOTER  Baton Rouge police have identified the shooter as 29-year-old Gavin Long, a black male from Kansas City, Missouri.  Long was a former Marine who was discharged at the rank of sergeant in 2010, according to the U.S. military.  Long died in a shootout with police. Today, July 17, was his 29th birthday.  Police are not seeking any other shooters at this time, according to Louisiana State Police superintendent Col. Michael D. Edmonson.
POLICE DEAD AND WOUNDED Baton Rouge police officer Montrell Jackson was one of three officers killed in the shooting, according to Jackson’s aunt. The other two law enforcement officers killed have not been identified. Three law enforcement officers were wounded. Of these, one is in critical condition; one is in fair condition; one is in “non-life threatening condition.” All six officers were wounded by gunfire.
INVESTIGATION Contrary to an earlier witness account, the police timeline does not indicate any other kind of shooting before police arrived on the scene.  The witness, Brady Vancel, said he saw a man in a black shirt and shorts firing a long rifle, and a man not moving on the ground in a red shirt, about 45 seconds before the police arrived. Police say the shooter was seen earlier in the day, waiting in a car near police headquarters. Autopsies for the three police officers killed will be performed Monday, according to East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner William “Beau” Clark. The shooter’s autopsy will take place later in the week because the scene is still being processed.  Investigators were reviewing a video shot at the scene to see if the shooter had any accomplices.
REACTION President Barack Obama condemned violence against law enforcement and called on Americans to “temper our words and open our hearts.”“We as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. Attacks on police are an attack on all of us, and the rule of law that makes society possible,” Obama said, speaking from the White House press briefing room.
Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that a recent spate of terrorist attacks means that ISIS is “on the run” in Iraq and Syria.  In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Kerry said attacks at an Orlando nightclub, in Nice, France, and in Istanbul, don’t show the strength of the group in its home bases.  He called those attacks “the desperate actions of an enemy that sees the noose closing around them.” 


The man who drove a truck into a crowd in Nice, France, killing 84 people, plotted his July 14 attack for months with “support and accomplices,” a French prosecutor said.  Authorities are investigating five suspects who are in custody for their alleged roles in helping the attacker, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.  One suspect allegedly sent Bouhlel a Facebook message saying, “Load the truck with tons of iron and cut the brakes.”
Nicolas Leslie, a University of California, Berkeley, student who was missing after a truck drove through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 84, died in the attack, the school said Sunday, relaying information it had received from the FBI. He is the third American confirmed killed in the Thursday attack. A father and son from Texas also died in the attack.

07/13.16   How Government Nazi’s Spy On You  JUDGE THROWS OUT CELL PHONE ‘STINGRAY’ EVIDENCE. This tool was designed by NSA for blanket surveillance ….. CIA Kill the Bill of Rights Project …. House coalition fights rise in govt surveillance…  America’s Secret Police:
In the third hour of Wednesday’s show, cyber technology expert Charles R. Smith talked about the FBI, as being “America’s secret police,” with a force of covert planes that employ “stingray” electronic surveillance. As uncovered by the North Star Post, the FBI has created around 10 shell companies, and through them acquired about 100 small airplanes that they have outfitted with high resolution and infrared cameras, and cell phone interceptors. More here.

JULY 7, 2016

   Did  Micah Johnson leave a cryptic message for Gandalf in his own blood on the parking garage wall? “RB” what does it mean? Gandalf may hold the answer. Johnson was a patsy just like Oswald.  He left that message while Gandalf was covering the story in real time via twitter.  Gandalf’s reporting of first hand accounts depicted multiple shooters and a full scale multiple player operation in progress. It is Gandalf’s opinion that it was impossible for one shooter to shoot and wound 14 individual well armed policeman within such a short time frame with shots being fired from more than one location. The fact of the matter is, Dallas citizens have had a long list of grievances spanning decades against the Dallas PD. Gandalf asks: Why do you think they picked Dallas to kill JFK in 1963? 
A suspect who died after a standoff with Dallas police said he wanted to kill white people — especially white officers — and that he was upset about “the recent police shootings,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters Friday.
The suspect was killed by a bomb that authorities detonated, Brown said.
“We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was,” Brown said.
Five police officers were killed and seven others were injured in the ambush that began Thursday night, officials said. It was the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11, 2001.
Two civilians also were injured in the shootings, the office of Dallas’ mayor has said.
Most of the injured Dallas police officers have been released from the hospital, Brown told reporters.
“This must stop — this divisiveness between our police and our citizens,” Brown said. “We don’t feel much support most days. Let’s not make today most days. Please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these, who carried out this tragic, tragic event.”

 AS THE STORY BROKE IT WAS REPORTED THAT: One person of interest has been released. One woman and one suspect are in custody. One possible bomb is  being analyzed by the bomb squad. There is an on going standoff with another suspect. Dallas police are negotiating and exchanging gunfire with a suspect at a parking garage in downtown Dallas … police are questioning people in custody and that suspects may still be at large.

  7s7 seconds ago

14 Dallas cops shot or injured, 5 cops dead, with at least 2 Snipers on roof tops which are now at large. One shooter my be cornered .. Bomb squad searching area. …  see live coverage …

 The Nazi States of America  FBI DID NOT PUT HILLARY UNDER OATH  THERE IS NO TRANSCRIPT  Heil Hitlary The State Department is reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, agency spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.   State Department reopens internal probe of Clinton emails

Billionaire pedophile Epstein claimed he started Clinton Foundation… What next: Butch Magazine Battle-ax Centerfold of Hillary in a thong bikini?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch closes investigation, saying Hillary Clinton will not be charged for using a personal email server as secretary of state.

The Obama administration slapped sanctions on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and 10 other regime officials for their alleged complicity in human rights abuses against the North Korean people.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards said. The U.S. attorney’s office, the FBI and state police also will be involved. Edwards said he has “very serious concerns” after having watched a cell phone video of the deadly incident.
President Barack Obama said he will leave behind more troops in Afghanistan than originally planned.
Speaking from the White House, Obama said he would draw down troops to 8,400, instead of the previously announced target of 5,500. The current level of troops in Afghanistan is 9,800.”The security situation in Afghanistan remains precarious,” Obama said. “I strongly believe it is in our national security interest … that we give our Afghan partners the best opportunities to succeed.”
FBI is not recommending charges in probe of Hillary Clinton emails, but she and her aides were “extremely careless” handling classified information, director James Comey says.

Suicide bombers attack three Saudi Arabian cities | euronews

Saudi king vows to fight religious extremists after bombings | Re

07/02/16   ‘Jealous’ man guns down five, wounds 22 in Serbia cafe

West secretly helping Syria against militants, says Assad

German man sentenced to 14 years in prison for stabbing Cologne mayor over refugee policy

   Six gunmen are dead and 14 hostages have been rescued from a cafe in Dhaka. The hostage crisis at the Holey Artisan Bakery, which is popular with expats, followed a Friday night gun battle with police that left at least two senior officers dead and 40 people injured. About 20 people are thought to have been in the restaurant. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Amaq, an ISIS media branch. Some U.S. officials cast doubt on that claim. The attack comes as the Muslim holy month of Ramadan nears its end.  
     Istanbul attack: suspects thought to hail from former U  Turkish officials have strong evidence that the Istanbul airport attackers came from the Syrian ISIS stronghold of Raqqa and that ISIS leadership was involved in the planning, a senior Turkish government source told CNN.  The death toll from the attack has risen to 43, officials say.  The men who carried out Tuesday’s terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport were from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, a Turkish official told CNN. Turkish security forces have detained 13 people  including three foreign nationals, in connection with the terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, state broadcaster TRT reported.   BLOODBATH ISTANBUL AIRPORT: 41 DEAD, 239 INJURED in the suicide attacks at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, according to Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. Three bombers were also killed, Istanbul Gov. Vasip Sahin said.  There has been no immediate claim of responsibility.  
06/27/16  Thousands attend inauguration of enlarged Panama Canal  After nine years of construction work, the enlarged Panama Canal has been officially inaugurated. A huge Chinese container ship passed through the 
The United States, has steadily devolved into a police state where justice is one-sided, a corporate elite runs the show.

The Orlando shooter and his wife exchanged text messages during the Pulse nightclub rampage, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation says.  Around 4 a.m., holed up in a bathroom about two hours after he started the attack, Omar Mateen texted his wife, Noor Salman, asking if she’d seen the news, the official said. At one point, she responded with a text saying that she loved him. 

Pulse nightclub: Chilling 911 tapes capture killer’s voice  ISIS has a “large cadre of Western fighters” who could attack in the West and is continuing to inspire sympathizers with no “direct links” to ISIS to attack on their own as it did in Orlando, the director of the CIA will warn this morning, according to excerpts of his statement to the Senate provided to CNN.  Orlando shooting: Gunman complained of anti-Muslim taunts

The cockpit voice recorder from EgyptAir Flight 804 has been found damaged, the Egyptian investigative committee said Thursday in a statement.

The memory unit “which is the most important part of the recorder” was retrieved, the statement said.  Wreckage from EgyptAir Flight 804 spotted in Mediterranean,
Florida officials find body of 2-year-old boy dragged off by an alligator at a Walt Disney hotel, a source familiar with investigation says …First Report:     Police are searching for a 2-year-old boy attacked by an alligator and dragged away at a Disney hotel near Orlando, officials said.
    A grand jury will determine whether charges will be brought against widow of Orlando nightclub gunman, officials say    Police crisis experts tried to negotiate with Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen during the deadly attack, Orlando police Chief John Mina told reporters Monday. “He was cool and calm when he was making those phone calls to us,” Mina said.
Here’s the latest on the shooting:
     The total number of victims in the Orlando nightclub shooting is 49, FBI Special Agent in Charge Paul Wysopal said. An earlier toll released by officials had included the gunman.
An FBI team from Quantico, Virginia, will reconstruct the shooting, Wysopal said.
Authorities have identified 48 victims, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said. They have notified the next of kin of 24, he said.
The criminal investigation into the shooting is ongoing, U.S. Attorney Lee Bentley told reporters Monday. “If anyone else was involved in this crime, they will be prosecuted,” he said.
The gunfight that killed Mateen started after he emerged from a hole that a police armored vehicle made in the building to rescue hostages, Mina said.
The FBI has finished clearing the shooter’s Fort Pierce, Florida, apartment, a federal law enforcement source said.
During the attack, Mateen called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS and mentioned the Boston Marathon bombers, according to a U.S. official. ISIS sympathizers have reacted by praising the attack on pro-Islamic State forums.
Mateen’s parents, who are from Afghanistan, said their son had expressed outrage after seeing two men kiss in Miami, but they didn’t consider him particularly religious and didn’t know of any connection he had to ISIS.
His ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy told CNN that Mateen was a normal husband at the beginning of their marriage but started abusing her after a few months.
According to a mortgage document, Mateen married again to a woman named Noor Salman.

 AS THE STORY BROKE   Police: 50 feared dead after Florida nightclub terror attack  Fifty people were killed inside Pulse, an Orlando nightclub, Police Chief John Mina and other officials said Sunday morning, hours after a shooter opened fire in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. The Orlando nightclub terror shooter has been identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen. … 50+ KILLED AT ORLANDO GAY BAR  HOMELAND SECURITY NOT SO SECURE Has ISIS Infiltrated 'Homeland Security'? Omar Worked for Major DHS Contractor... 

Gandalf notes how Isis is defeated. Iraqi Forces Claim Victory Over ISIS In Fallujah  Updated 06/26/16  Defeat of ISIS as supply lines have now been cut by government and US backed forces. The Isis supply line from Turkey also has been cut off by Kurdish fighters… 06/10/16 … ISIS DEFEATED SUPPLY LINES CUT SDF-led Manbij Military Council cuts off ISIS supply route betwee  The End Iraqi forces gain ground in battle for Fallujah  Cut Off  Libyan forces claim port in Islamic State militant stronghold of Sirte Slow Death

Russian Hypersonic Weapon Penetrates Any Missile Defense…   

Triple-barrel Delta 4-Heavy launches national security satellite Delta 4  CAPE CANAVERAL – Two million pounds of firepower successfully launched a behemoth Delta 4-Heavy rocket and a top-secret eavesdropping surveillance satellite into space today, embarking on a taxing climb directly into geosynchronous orbit 22,300 

Obama endorsed Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton  Then calls AG kill FBI case, Story developing PRIVATE MEETING WITH AG LYNCH

 Rise In Gas Nigeria to scale down army campaign in Delta, talk to Avengers …

ALI  06/09/16  Sights and sounds from Muhammad Ali’s funeral   ‘Rest in peace, champ’: the world remembers Muhammad Ali 06/03/16  KNOCKOUT THE GREATEST IS GONE  BBC  REFLECTS ON ALI  World Service: Listen Live – BBC   France24 Does Tribute  Watch France 24 Live more  Muhammad Ali, the three-time heavyweight boxing champion, has died at age 74, a family spokesman said.   Gandalf, I just lost a life long hero. Muhammad Ali dies at age 74, family spokesman says

 ISIS threatens terror attacks in USA, Europe this month… 

   End Prohibition  WIRE: CITIES SEE UNEXPLAINED RISE IN VIOLENT CRIMES THIS YEAR… Feds Secretly Releasing Violent Criminal Aliens En Masse…   Traitors DHS Aids Invasion Taking Down America  ‘Homeland’ Transporting Illegals FROM Border… NOW IN TEXAS  Releasing Vanloads INTO USA… Crawl Under The Fence        ILLEGALS SMUGGLED INTO USA FROM MIDDLE EAST

  A Look at Where Things Stand in the EgyptAir Crash Probe

‘US preparing for war with China’

Former Florida Cop Faces Charges in Shooting Death of Musician Corey Jones Related Shooting of Corey Jones »   The former Palm Beach Gardens Police Department officer who fatally shot 31-year-old musician Corey Jones on a Florida highway in October has been arrested, according to authorities.

 UCLA attack: Gunman who shot former professor had ‘kill list,’ connected to estranged wife’s death   The two shooting deaths at UCLA were a murder-suicide, LAPD chief says.

06/01/16 Signals received by French navy are from one of EgyptAir Flight 804’s so-called black boxes, investigators confirm.  05/27/16    No Terrorist Groups Took Credit for Downing EgyptAir Flight 804. So Experts Have Other Theories Black Box Report: Signals detected from EgyptAir Flight 804 in Mediterranean

Prosecutors fight to stop San Bernardino shooter’s family from getting $250000 insurance payment

Greek Archaeologist Says He Has Found Aristotle’s Tomb 

WABC RADIO … WOR … KFI: LA …  stol: DC …


05/27/16 Three current and former US Navy officers charged in bribery case

     Alert Anti-American Rights Bill  UPDATE: Secret Text in Senate Bill Would Give FBI Warrantless Access to Email… Gandalf notes: These  are Nazis. The you have no rights bill.  The spy bill passed the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, with the provision in it. The lone no vote came from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who wrote in a statement that one of the bill’s provisions “would allow any FBI field office to demand email records without a court order, a major expansion of federal surveillance powers.”
05/24/16  AZ Sheriff Warns Citizens of Cartel Assassins…      Cartel In Ohio      The Rhoden family members were found dead April 22 at four homes near Piketon, about 80 miles east of Cincinnati. All eight were shot in the head; some had other gunshot wounds and bruising, say authorities still trying to determine who killed them and why. Two babies and a young child were unharmed. Last of 3 funerals for 8 slain Ohio family members held

 MH17 crash: victims families sue Russia and President Putin

05/21/16 EGYPTAIR CRASH   EgyptAir Flight 804: Conflicting reports over final moments   (CNN) Egypt’s military displayed wreckage and personal belongings found in the search for EgyptAir Flight 804 as searchers scoured the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday for the aircraft’s flight data and cockpit voice recorders.  Images of wreckage released in EgyptAir probe    05/20/16 There were smoke alerts aboard EgyptAir Flight 804 in the minutes before it crashed in the Mediterranean Sea, flight data show.   FOUND    Egypt finds human remains and belongings from plane crash at sea    ?? ??   Washington could take part in EgyptAir investigation  Egyptian armed forces say they found debris from EgyptAir Flight 804 in the Mediterranean, according to military spokesman Brig. Gen. Mohammad Samir.  EGYPTAIR PASSENGERS SPUN TO THEIR DEATHS FROM 37,000 FEET…   Watch France 24 Live   TERRORISM! ‘Almost certainly terror attack’… “We have found the wreckage,”  The search-and-rescue-mission for EgyptAir Flight 804 has turned into “a search and recovery,”   05/18/16   EgyptAir Flight MS804  Lost at sea 10 Minutes Over Egyptian  airspace…  The EgyptAir flight heading from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar at 2.45am Cairo time , the airline tweeted.  69 people are on board the EgyptAir flight that’s missing en route from Paris to Cairo, the airline says. 

  CIA NAZIS TORTURE REPORT   Snowden on Destroyed Torture Report: ‘When CIA Destroys … – NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden pushed back against CIA claims Wednesday that the recent destruction of the Senate’s torture report was no accident …

Govt surveillance exposed in Bay Area…
Microphones hidden under rocks, in trees…

Waco judge involved in Branch Dravidian case and the Twin Peaks Biker case is in the spotlight. State Bar files allegations against Waco attorney – Clevenger, a former Dallas attorney who now lives in New York, filed the State Bar grievance against White and also filed a sexual misconduct complaint against U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr., of Waco, in 2014 that led to Smith’s reprimand by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Mexican Cartel Murder in Texas? EXCLUSIVE: Father speaks of son, who was found decapitated

 05/14/16 Thanks Drudge 

  05/10/16  Nazis Caught ON CAMERA  Deputies charged in videotaped San Francisco beating     

 Airstrike at Syrian refugee camp kills at least 28 Human Rights report: with many of the dead, women and children.

 05/02/16  Ohio family murder victim was shot 9 times; cartel link probed 

Gandalf called it here firstMexican Cartel Slaughters Piketon, Ohio Family
 MEXICAN CARTEL STRIKES IN OHIO 8 DEAD  Ohio shootings: What we know 
  04/27/26  Another Nazi Pays    Ex-reserve deputy Robert Bates, who says he mistook his revolver for his stun gun, has been found guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the death of Eric Courtney Harris last year. Bates, who was a volunteer with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, never denied killing Harris in April 2015. ‘Oh! I shot him! I’m sorry!” Bates said as captured in a video of the shooting during a sting operation to try to catch Harris illegally selling a gun.
04/25/16  WHEN NAZIS PAY
The city of Cleveland will pay $6 million to settle the federal lawsuit filed by the family of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy police killed in November 2014 while he held a pellet gun, according to a settlement announced Monday in U.S. District Court.  *Gandalf notes: It is “WE THE PEOPLE” that will ultimately pay the price through more taxes, that being the cost of their malfeasance. Gandalf’s Staff has been raised in defiance of the Police States of America, and declaring “we shall overcome”.

A U.S. judge on Friday refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the former military psychologists who developed the CIA’s interrogation program during George W. Bush’s presidency, handing a major victory to a group of men who said they were tortured in secret prisons abroad. JUDGE: Lawsuit against CIA interrogation architects can proceed…

DOUBLE DEALING  Iran confirms heavy water deal with US.

US kills more civilians in Syria, Iraq
Pentagon has increased civilian death tolerance in the two countries.

04/14/16     BIG BROTHER GOES NAZI  Big technology  fighting back…   MSFT Sues Feds Over Gag Orders on Spy Warrants… The software giant MSFT is suing the Justice Department, challenging its frequent use of secrecy orders that prevent Microsoft from telling people when the government obtains a warrant to read their emails.

COURT: Warrantless collection of cell location data OK…       In a 22-page opinion issued by the sixth circuit court of appeals, the judges said the FBI’s collection of records from wireless carriers for phone numbers connected to two Detroit men was constitutional...  A brief filed by the American Civil Liberties Union noted that the location tracking in this case reveals the “extraordinary private details” police can obtain via location tracking, including where the defendants may worship and who they may be sleeping with.


WW3 FEARS GROW News for US heads for nuclear confrontation with Russia, China: Analyst  —   Russia positioning nukes to confront NATO? – —   US repeatedly loses in Pentagon war games against Russia —–  Military analysis of what Russia really wants reveals nuclear   —  US Faces Nuclear War Threat Over South China Sea .

 04/14/16  Putin blasts Panama Papers ‘provocation,’ soothes crisis-hit Russians   04/13/16   Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca Raided by Organized Crime Prosecutors      Gandalf recalls:  At the time we uncovered the CIA-Contra here in Lubbock, we were in a secret war fighting the leader of El Salvador ..  It is a hard thing to think that the CIA would expose themselves, but I am still holding on to my hunch El Salvador is where they would go to open their secret off shore black operation accounts. That being the center of their operation. This surely is why El Salvador raided the law firm Mossack Fonseca El Salvador offices … Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers…      04/10/16    Police raid offices of Mossack Fonseca in El Salvador.   more below —-

     04/09/16  HITLER’S HOUSES   Gandalf,  I remember as a child being in Hitler’s house in Munich during the mid-nineteen-forties. Never had I seen such a magnificent house with such high rafters. The American general that occupied the house at the end of WWII had the Army Corp of Engineers hang a rope swing from one of the lofty rafters in the dinning hall, just above the table from where Hitler’s generals planned the war. My host would swing his daughter and me over that table. So in this blog I have covered the Hitler homes. Go here to learn more. Hitler house sale alarms locals Posted on  Today 04/09/16, we see these breaking stories. PressTV-Austria blows Nazi bash at Hitler house   more   Austria plans to seize house where Hitler was born | Reuters  also   Austria plans to seize house where Hitler born –    ———-

  04/08/16       CORRUPT PROSECUTION   Corrupt prosecutors should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and put in prison. The former Lubbock DA that tried to frame Gandalf belongs behind bars, along with his cronies. Those being the corrupt cops, the confidential informant they used, along with all the others that assisted him in his failed endeavor to incarcerate this site’s editor.

   Gandalf, please note the following.  >>>  Reminding everyone that Gandalf’s bond was originally set at 1 million dollars by the Lubbock DA..
  The attempted framing was orchestrated byTravis scumbag Ware, yet today he is still practicing law in Lubbock corrupt Texas.
  When corruption becomes the predominate influence among the authoritarians, no one is safe. The reason being, liberty and justice simply cease to exist. This is not the America we knew as children, Gandalf comments.
They lied in court like the bastards they are. DNA evidence sets man free after 33 years – NBC12…
   Now this man also speaks out about the goons that sent him to prison. A former sailor convicted of murder more than three decades ago is innocent and walked free on Friday. Exonerated man released from Virginia prison after 33 years
94/07/16  Latest: $1M bond set for suspect in Texas student’s slaying Austin. Tx. Killer    Latest: $1M bond set for suspect in Texas student’s slayingSuspect Captured Homeless teen arrested in death of Portland … –   A 17-year-old man has been arrested in the death of Portland woman whose body was found on the University of Texas campus Monday. … Criner will be charged with murder. “We are very certain that the suspect we … APD announced they were taking over the investigation Wednesday. After seeing the…   Student killed at University of Texas was from Portland   UT Horror Strikes   Officials: Texas student’s killing on campus ‘horrifying’

04/06/16   A Nazi Awakening    DEA considers dropping marijuana from most dangerous category of drugs in next three months   The Real Criminals are DEA  Agents.  Rescheduling Marijuana Could Ease Research On Medical Uses Of Weed

  04/06/16  The law firm whose leaked documents have become known as the Panama Papers says it is a victim of data theft and denies any wrongdoing. Panama Papers: the inside story  “The facts are these: while we may have been the victim of a data breach, nothing we’ve seen in this illegally obtained cache of documents suggests we’ve done anything illegal,” a statement from Mossack Fonseca said.  Panama Papers show how Syria and North Korea ‘evaded sanctions’  The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on Sunday published the massive leak of documents.  ‘Panama Papers’: Putin’s circle   Elected leaders and top officials  Iceland’s leader resigns, first casualty of Panama Papers  from around the world are responding with denials and outrage to allegations that they used secret offshore companies and accounts to hide billions of dollars. Panama Papers: biggest leak in history published by German newspaper

 03/28/16  Department of Justice drops case against Apple, saying the FBI has accessed San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone.
Residents Say 50 Illegals Crossing Through Neighborhood Each Night…TERROREST WELCOME
Border Patrol gearing up for treacherous summer…
  03/21/16   FBI LIED AND TRIED OR?  On the eve of a court showdown with Apple, the Department of Justice wants to cancel the hearing, saying it may have found a way into the iPhone of Syed Farook, the gunman in the San Bernardino shooting.  The DOJ has been pressuring Apple for help in gaining access to Farook’s iPhone. FLASH: Feds may have way to crack iPhone, move to scuttle court showdown…
Snowden Warns World Against Trusting Privacy to Tech Giants…
The destabilization of civil peace and the instigation of untold atrocities and unfathomable capital crimes lies at the hands of DEA, CIA, ATF, FBI, and DOJ among others; all for the purpose of funding black operations and implementing a police state on both sides of the Mexican American border. Why else would they leave the border open?  Gandalf has stated that he is just about fed up with the immoral bastards and plans to circumvent their plans by campaigning for an end of the failed drug war and prohibition. Over the years it has corrupted law enforcement and brought great harm to the innocent, being the root cause of the fundamental loss of public liberty. These evil bastards will eventually find themselves headed back down the road to hell from which they came.   Today we see the DOJ struggling to cover the department’s butt with this report on the Rifle at El Chapo hideout tied to Fast and Furious…
 Gandalf reminds everyone how he and Chris Alexander ( news director at KLBK 13 – KAMC 28 ) caught red handed then Vice President Bush Sr, selling cocaine via the CIA in Lubbock, Texas; during the the Iran-Contra Affair – . The scumbags that were involved were never brought to trial for their collusion, malfeasance and misdeeds of a criminal nature. The captured and arrested CIA agent walked out of the Lubbock jail never to be seen again. We demanded an explanation and received a heavily redacted letter from Mr. Bush as the cover-up began. Gandalf is furious and justice has been anything but fast.
 3 Chicago police officers shot; injuries not life-threatening rapper shot dead at recording studio.

Attorney: Family reaches $6M settlement over fatal shooting of ex-Pace player Danroy Henry  …  shot by cop

 Denver monitor urges steep penalty for crime database abuse  … Denver police officers caught using confidential criminal databases for personal reasons get only light punishments, allowing the potentially dangerous abuse to continue, the city’s independent police monitor wrote in a report released.

  03/13/18          COP KILLS UNARMED MAN        Texas officer fatally shoots man suspected of damaging sign ,,,          COP KILLED BY COP DURING AMBUSH    An autopsy on the Maryland officer who died after a suspect opened fire on a police station Sunday showed that he was “inadvertently shot by a fellow responding officer during the gun battle,” police said in a statement.       Police officer shot and killed outside Prince George’s police headquarters; 2 suspects in custody   the updated The Latest: Maryland police: Officer shot, 2 in custody the breaking Officer shot outside of police headquarters in Md   
03/11/16 Gandalf’s uncle Charles had a ranch down there near Hatch, New Mexico.  Let us give these folks a hand now! Not sometime later down the road.  BORDER RANCHERS CRY FOR HELP…   
ICE: 124 illegals freed from jail later charged in 138 murder cases…  124 criminal aliens released … were charged with murder … “associated with 250 different communities in … California, New York and Texas.” … aliens were charged with a total of 135 homicide-related crimes … 156 criminal aliens who were released at least twice … these criminals had 1,776 convictions before their first release … with burglary, larceny, and drug possession listed…
03/07/16 A U.S. drone strike is suspected to have killed 150 Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia, the Pentagon said today.   Two U.S. officials told CNN that the Obama administration has confirmed that ISIS senior operative Omar al-Shishani is dead.   
Ray Tomlinson, widely credited as the creator of email, has died, his employer, Raytheon, told CNN today.
   Federal authorities rounded up 12 people in five states on Thursday, bringing to 19 the number of defendants facing conspiracy, assault and threats charges in a 2014 armed standoff over grazing cattle on U.S. land near renegade cattleman Cliven Bundy’s ranch in southern Nevada.
Arrests of alleged co-conspirators in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma and New Hampshire came after a federal grand jury in Las Vegas expanded an indictment already filed against Bundy. It also names two adult Bundy sons and five other men already in federal custody following the end of a nearly six-week armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon.
03/02/16  Missing MH370: Possible Boeing 777 Part Found Off Mozambique, Sources Say
 02/29/16 Apple Doesn’t Have to Help FBI in New York iPhone Case, Judge Says
New York Judge Sides With Apple In Another Legal Faceoff With FBI  NPR
        02/25/15   If Americans sent their children to Mexico, as what we see on our southern border coming to Texas from Mexico, the government would press charges against the parents of those children for abandonment.  Child Abandonment Law & Legal Definition Today On The Texas Border… “We’re having an increase …  RECORD NUMBER CHILD ILLEGALS FLOOD BORDER.  this year, twice as many unaccompanied minors are entering the country as last year because there’s no effective response to this,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) said.

02/20/16 Scalia and Obama given jet fighter escort to Texas

02/21/16  US Supreme Court Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With ObaamaAccording to this report, SVR “assests” reported that on 11 February both met. 02/21/16 President Obama Spends Less Than 2 Minutes At Scalia’s Wake .. 
 02/17/16 Pope Francis pleaded with the United States to care for migrants at its southern border, calling the “forced migration” of thousands of Central Americans a “humanitarian crisis.” Before celebrating Mass, the Pope prayed at a memorial to migrants in Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from the United States.
President Barack Obama is expected to visit Cuba in March, multiple officials tell CNN. The announcement could come as soon as Thursday.
 02/14/16 SUPREME MURDERED ON TEXAS BORDER? SCALIA FOUND DEAD WITH ‘PILLOW OVER HEAD’ The El Paso County medical examiner’s office said they hadn’t received any information regarding the possibility of performing an autopsy.  Update 02/17/16 “If you’re called to the scene to investigate a death, you will assume that death is a homicide until your investigation proves otherwise,” Ritchie said. “If the death scene was handled in an appropriate manner, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.” William Ritchie, the former homicide commander of D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, said an autopsy would put all these questions to rest.
RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE  The U.S. Justice Department is filing a lawsuit against the city of Ferguson, Missouri, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday. The lawsuit alleges a pattern and practice of unconstitutional police conduct in the city. Last March, the Justice Department determined the Ferguson Police Department had demonstrated a pattern of discrimination against African-Americans, targeting them disproportionately for traffic stops, use of force and jail sentences.The national spotlight fell on Ferguson after the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in August 2014. Brown, who was unarmed, was black, and Wilson is white. Department of Justice Sues Ferguson, Which Reversed Course on Agreement     Gandalf notes: ” The suit was filed within hours of the city reversal. Highly unusual.”

   02/10/16 General Ri Yong-gil, chief of the North Korean Army’s general staff, has been executed for “factionalism, misuse of authority and corruption,” a South Korean government official tells CNN.  Senate passes bill to hit North Korea with harsher sanctions   Gandalf asks, “Did they put a nuclear weapon in orbit over the United States?” North Korea: Launching a Satellite to Demonstrate ICBM Capability

 02/04/16 This is what brought on the fall of Rome
Border Crossings Surge; Apprehensions Decline…
Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy…
MS-13 foot soldiers ‘colonize new criminal territory’…
‘Chaos defines southwest border’…

01/30/16  America 2016: We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore…    Howard Beale Quote “Mad As Hell” – Video Results

Breaking  1 dead, 6 hurt in Colorado Motorcycle Expo shooting, stabbing   01/27/16  KEEPING THE LID ON WACO   The Stall  DA asks to postpone Twin Peaks biker’s trial – WacoTrib …  1 year delay? Biker Lives Matter? Gandalf notes: “Yep.”
BBC Listen in pop-out player <<A WW2 USAF Waco Wacko Hiroshima Trial Subject: burning children alive. 
02/11/16 FBI encircles four holdouts at Oregon wildlife refuge (Livestream video)
01/26/16 One person killed Bundy arrested with militiamen; Shooting in Oregon stand-off…  Finicum was cooperating with police when he was shot 1 DEAD.  as authorities arrested a group of people involved with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the FBI and Oregon State Police say. The deceased was the subject of a federal probable cause arrest, officials say. Federal authorities arrested Ammon Bundy, the leader of a group of protesters occupying the federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, during a traffic stop Tuesday, a law enforcement official tells CNN.FBI was out of sight, but listening and watching during standoff… Up to eight of Bundy’s followers were detained, the source says. The Ambush  FBI releases video of Oregon occupier’s fatal shooting by state police  

 Russian fighter nearly collides with U.S. intel jet over Black Sea…
SNAP: Elite Israeli soldier jailed for shooting camel…

 AGAINST THE PRESS  The charges against the antiPlanned Parenthood filmmaker, explained? Gandalf notes: “This reminds me of Red China.”

 Six Cleveland police officers have been fired in connection with a 20-mile car chase in 2012 that ended with officers firing 137 bullets at a car, killing Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, said Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association.

01/24/16 Taking Out Waco’s Systemic Trash Attorney appeals Waco federal judge’s reprimand, seeks impeachment .  I’m sure most felons wish they could receive such lenient treatment,”Clevenger wrote.  Congressman Flores: Judge’s punishment did not fit the crime  “It seems the Fifth Circuit has created a new category of crime — the de minimis felony — for those cases where the perpetrator is a federal judge.”  The Branch Davidian Trial in Smith’s court … The Waco Massacre – Serendipity  Gandalf from Waco  “Biker Lives Matter” scroll down …  more trash …  

Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Iraq between January 2014 and October 2015 — a toll the United Nations calls “staggering” in a new report.
The report, released Tuesday, outlines the horrific impact Iraq’s ongoing conflict is having on its civilian population.
The numbers are mind-boggling. In the 21-month period:
— At least 18,802 civilians were killed, about half of them in Baghdad alone.
— Another 36,245 were wounded.
— About 3.2 million people were internally displaced, including a million school-aged children.
The actual figures could be much higher, the report said.
 01/12/16  Ten Sailors Were Later Released after the following story  American sailors are in Iranian custody, according to a U.S. defense official. The official expects the situation to be resolved quickly.  A senior administration official says that the U.S. lost contact with two small U.S. naval craft en route from Kuwait to Bahrain. “We subsequently have been in communication with Iranian authorities, who have informed us of the safety and well-being of our personnel,” the official said. “We have received assurances the sailors will promptly be allowed to continue their journey.

  12/31/15 Syrian rebels evacuated under UN deal
Islamic State suffers double blow as Ramadi falls, leaders killed

12/28/15  Breaking: Mexican authorities have detained so-called “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch and his mother near the popular Mexican Pacific beach resort town of Puerto Vallarta, officials briefed on the matter told CNN. Couch went missing earlier this month, two years after he made national news when he was sentenced to probation for a drunken driving crash that killed four people. The mother of “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch will face a charge of hindering apprehension after the two are repatriated from Mexico, the sheriff of Tarrant County, Texas, said today.
 COPS KILL KID 12  2 Cleveland officers still in jeopardy over Tamir Rice case  They will face a new administrative review and a  civil suit. A Cuyahoga County, Ohio, grand jury declined to indict police officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback in the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice on November 22, 2014, according to prosecutor Tim McGinty. Loehmann shot the boy after being called to a Cleveland park where the boy was playing with a toy pellet gun.  
12/21/15   Texas governor extends National Guard deployment at borde  GANDALF: One can only end the violence that is causing a mass migration from Mexico into the U.S.A. by ending the prohibition, the drug war.  12/28/15   Mexico: parents of 43 missing students protest  The parents of 43 college students who disappeared 15 months ago protested in Mexico City on Saturday (December 26) demanding to know what happened to their children.
  12/14/15 THE INCOMING  The Staggering Death Toll of Mexico’s Drug War | FRONTLINE …  It is the American demand for drugs and American dollars that are fueling the Cartel’s violent criminal activities. The continuing escalation of violence and the instability of day to day living, has has forced a mass migration within the western hemisphere.  This mounting crisis can come to an abrupt end, just as soon and simply by, taking away the revenue stream. This crisis, that was crafted by grand design for black operations by three letter agencies, will then wither on the vine. The Mexican courts have begun to rule in this favor. The courts recently found that there are no legal grounds within government  Statutes to declare one cannot smoke pot, for example. To learn more go to (Mexican Drugs War) in this Blog by using the search box on the upper right. 10,000 minors crossed the border in last two months. … AZ Sheriff: We’ve Had 10,000 Unaccompanied Juveniles In 2 Months… Danger ‘Border Wide Open’… 
4 Waco bikers killed in May shot by police   COPS…firing a total of 12 shots, SWAT SNIPER team members had silencers on their rifles that fired .223 caliber ammunition,  More news for WACO cops shot bikers KILLING 4  continued … 

Waco chief: 3 officers fired in biker shootout, 12 shots total

  GANDALF NOTES:The department still has not said who fired the deadly shots killing 4 with 223 rounds  …  (Gandalf’s commits continuing in parenthesis.)      Stroman said the officers fired only after being shot at during the melee.   (There is a fight between two gangs and they take time out to shoot at cops in their cars at near by parking lots? Really?  Why was that, if they were not being shot at by SWAT snipers?) Official: Waco police had 16 uniformed officers at the scene, which included supervisors and Special Weapons and Tactics team members.  (We later learn there was a SWAT sniper team there also.) Police have said they knew in advance of a gathering and spoke to the Twin Peaks manager about it. … Immediately after the shooting, the police tried to blame the restaurant’s management for the entire incident. Claiming that the manager was uncooperative by not agreeing to refuse service to the biker groups.   (So it is possible that snipers could have been pre-positioned.)  Official: Waco Police officers were in their cars in parking lots adjacent to the restaurant when the shooting started, according to the statement, and were not pre-positioned in sniper posts … Waco Police Say Only Three Officers Fired at Twin Peaks … … several eyewitnesses who said police took up sniper positions and fired at bikers… SWAT team members had silencers on their rifles that fired .223 caliber ammunition, weapons which are capable of fully automatic fire. …  (DPS was there and not one of them fired a single shot according to a DPS spokesperson. Why not? One would have to ask. If they were being shot at as alleged by Waco police, wouldn’t they too return fire?  Video shows the fight was clearly on between the biker clubs in the beginning, it was a rumble.  Gandalf thinks two operatives that were standing guard at the door and searching people as they came out on the patio, started the fight. They attacked those that they had searched and knew were unarmed and then hopped over a wall and fled. That according to an eyewitness on the Patio.)  Biker Lives Matter. Gandalf’s Staff 
 The other Waco mass shooting 1993  What Really Happened At Waco – CBS News
NOT AGAIN?! ARMY TO LAUNCH MISSILE ACROSS SOUTHWEST… fired from Fort Wingate near Gallup, N.M.,

Breaking: THE UH OH FACTOR  As the facts come to light, this terrorist story is not adding up. SAN BERNARDINO TERRORIST INVESTIGATED WEEK BEFORE ATTACK? There is just to much of “this does not make sense” within the story. The official story line is beginning to cause me concern. Obama now wants guns from 47,000 on ‘no-fly list’… So, Including Marines, air marshals, congressmen, journalists…  I want to encourage our readers at Gandalf’s Staff to become skeptical and question any official explanation of the events on the terrorist shooting story.  Shock Report: Police Were Engaged In Active Shooter Drill … More to come.  BREAKING: SWAT Team Drill Turns into REAL Mass … Gandalf discovered the same thing happening during the Boston bombing, a drill that was discovered by monitoring the BPD’s radio traffic.

12/05/15  Journalists rummage through killers’ home… Gandalf thought it was 'TERRORISM': FBI came to same conclusion: … Massacre was “an act of terrorism,” said FBI official David Bowdich.  But when President Obama says the attack in San Bernardino, California, “was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people.” Gandalf thinks it is a contrived plot, something far more sinister, designed by it’s very nature, to the death of public liberty. – “Even the retarded need guns for self defense.”  Freedom Fighters Call To Arms ARMED AMERICANS URGED TO FIGHT TERROR…   Soft Target  California shooting scene: ‘Pray for us’ says a text  Dead victims: ages ranged from 26 to 60… Fourteen people were killed  and 21 wounded, most of them county employees. The Times is collecting their stories .

   About the target: It aims to “work on a personal, one-on-one basis with people with developmental disabilities to make their lives better as they define it.” No information is yet available on how many people were at the facility at the time of the shooting.  2 Shot dead in gunfight with cops. The dead suspects had assault-style rifles and handguns, Burguan told reporters. They were dressed in what he called assault-style clothing. In mass killings, multiple shooters extremely rare 
Terrorist  The two suspects killed in a gunfight with police after a mass shooting in San Bernardino were Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, Farook, 28, and Malik, 27, were “either boyfriend, girlfriend; husband and wife,  …  SYED FAROOK  Male American born, identified as Syed Farook, an inspector with the county health department …..As for Malik, she came to the U.S. in July 2014 on a Pakistani passport and a fiancée visa, authorities said …  Tashfeen Malik, posted on Facebook, pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr  … they executed fellow workers and mentally impaired Americans and abandoned their new born baby?  … “I haven’t heard anything,” the elder Syed Farook told the Daily News. “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”. .. .  ISIS Extremists Celebrate Shootings With America Burning Hashtag...   

   President wants to disarm Americans, leave borders open, and give amnesty to CRIMINAL illegals. Gandlaf thinks Obama is doing the bidding of the CIA. He cannot be that stupid. The CIA got to him and controls him. He is a puppet.  That is the only thing here that makes sense. Give up your guns and liberty. Welcome to the NWO.  14 DEAD; 17 INJURED...  (revised 21 injured). Armed with remote controlled pipe bombs.  More Than 179,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Roaming Free in USA…Two suspects — a male and a female dressed in “assault style” clothing — have been killed in a shootout with police in San Bernardino, California, Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said.  AP LATEST…   KNBC-TV LIVE…

 Convict in 3 sex crimes freed by DNA tied to fugitive rapist U.S. News & World  — A man imprisoned 16 years for rape and sex assault convictions was ordered freed after DNA evidence linked the crimes to a serial rapist on the FBI’s most wanted list.

#paris : suspected IS scout arrested in Turkey Paris LIVE  Watch FRANCE 24 Live  DNA tests to determine whether Abdelhamid Abaaoud, suspected ringleader of Paris attacks, was killed in an explosive raid that collapsed the entire floor of a building in a Paris suburb overnight. Raid near Paris    A gunfight with police erupted early morning in the Paris St. Denis area during a raid on suspected terrorist. One man is holed up in an apartment. Two terrorists were killed in a police raid in Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, One police officer has been injured. Details are sketchy as the fight has continued this morning. Details as this story developers here:     Gandalf’s Staff.  ‘          Here’s the latest on the Paris attacks: Police raids are ongoing in and around Paris. An international warrant has been issued for Salah Abdeslam, … 23 people are in custody and 104 under house arrest; and weapons have been seized in connection with Paris attacks
THE VICTIMS: Here are the names of the 129 victims identified so far: ….   
French police have issued an alert for the arrest of Belgian-born Abdeslam Salah in connection with the Paris attacks… The French Ministry of Defense has announced what it called a major bombardment of Raqqa, Syria, an ISIS stronghold….  A suicide bomber at the Stade de France in Paris on Friday was carrying a Syrian passport issued in Greece…  FLASHBACK: ISIS claims thousands of jihadis smuggled in as refugees…

Waco Gunfight  Bikers vs Cops   Grand jury indicts 106 bikers in Waco shootout with police … outside a Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17 in Waco ... more stories below

  11/13/15  Missile Test off Calif. Coast Causes Streaking Light, Confusion   Navy launches second test missile over California after first sparks UFO fears   The Real Reason for the Missile Test over Southern California  SECRET MILITARY OPS TO DIVERT LAX PLANES

 Gandalf’s Staff  Investigates the COP SHOP Cops Kill 6-year-old severely wound dad. Louisiana Police Arrest 2 Officers in Boy’s Shooting Death …  

 Police: Illinois Cop Staged Death After Stealing Thousands From Department Youth Program  Now what this cop tried to do, frame and hire murder, is much like what some in law enforcement tried to do to Gandalf in Lubbock, Texas. True story and you can read about it throughout this site. They are like the Nazis. A crook with a badge and a gun is most dangerous indeed. Gandalf notes: Always investigate your local COP SHOP, and do not leave it to others, such as the press, to do so for you. Your life and liberty may very well depend on it. llinois Officer’s Personnel File Contains Warning Signs
  11/04/15   Russian plane crash in Egypt may have been caused by “explosive device,” British PM’s office says. UK delays flights from Sharm el-Sheikh.
Five students have been stabbed at the University of California, Merced, the school announced via Twitter. The suspect was shot and killed.
An investigation has concluded that Lt. Joe Gliniewicz — the Fox Lake, Illinois, police officer whose September death spurred a manhunt — in fact staged a crime scene and killed himself after committing extensive criminal acts, says Lake County Major Crimes Task Force commander George Filenko
Plane Crash Number of Fatalities Sketchy   Russian cargo plane may have been seriously overloaded. Russian cargo plane crashes in South Sudan; at least 36 dead   shortly after takeoff Wednesdayfirst reported  South Sudan plane crash kills 15; baby among 3 survivors 19 people aboard the plane, 17 of whom died as …

    10/29/15 WACO Biker Shootout Video Released … After the guns fell silent on May 17 — one of the bloodiest afternoons in the history of American motorcycle clubs — nine Texas bikers lay dead in a strip mall parking lot littered with weapons. Many more were injured, bleeding from gunshots and knife wounds. CNN has obtained thousands of pages of documents — including police intelligence reports, crime scene photos and witness interviews — as well as surveillance video. These begin to tell the story of how a midday gunfight between two rival motorcycle clubs turned a Waco parking lot into a battle zone.   Waco “Twin Peaks” Surveillance Video Released – Biker Rally   It sounds like CNN has been able to get their hands on a significant …  Twin Peaks Biker Shootout Video: Waco PD Denies …

 10/26/15  IT TAKES RESOURCES Chinese company to buy Texas oil fields in $1.3 billion deal  

 10/26/15 The U.S. Navy sent a destroyer within 12 miles of one of China’s man-made islands in a contested area of the South China Sea on Tuesday, a U.S. defense official told CNN. The operation has since concluded, the official said … Sea Saw  USA patrols raise stakes with Beijing in disputed South China Sea…  Your Move
CNN Bipartisan congressional leaders and the White House struck a major fiscal deal in principle that would raise the debt ceiling and lift budget caps on both defense and domestic programs, said congressional sources familiar with the deal. The agreement could be voted on as early as Wednesday, the same day House Republicans are expected to nominate Rep. Paul Ryan to replace retiring Rep. John Boehner as House speaker. The final details are being ironed out. The deal would avoid a potential debt default on November 3 and would reduce the chances of a government shutdown in December. Congress would still need to pass an omnibus spending bill with specific funding levels for various federal agencies to avoid a shutdown.

  10/25/15  What Law? Feds illegally sold thousands of wild horses for slaughter… Taco Hell?



French customs seizes €20 million in cannabis hash  

  10/20/15   NYPD  NEW YORK CITY POLICE OFFICER DIES AFTER BEING SHOT IN HEAD...  A New York Police Department officer has died after he was shot while chasing a gunman in East Harlem, authorities said. He was the fourth officer killed in New York City in 11 months, Unrest in Harlem...  Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said. 

CIA EMAILS POSTED WIKILEAKS DUMPS SECOND BATCH OF DOCS FROM CIA CHIEF’S PERSONAL EMAIL… more   WikiLeaks publishes CIA director John Brennan’s emails Another American Hero?   Hacker claims to have breached CIA director’s personal email WASHINGTON (AP) — An anonymous hacker claims to have breached CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account and has posted documents online, including a list of email addresses purportedly from Brennan’s contact file. More »  Teen Claims He Hacked CIA Director’s Email may join Snowden in Russia.

 10/25/1512 YEARSLATER:BLAIR 'SORRY'FOR IRAQ WAR 10/18/15 New light was shed on Bush-Blair relations by material disclosed by Hillary Clinton at the order of the U.S. courts.. CLINTON EMAIL LEAK BURNS BLAIR....

10/11/15  PAPER: Yes, FACEBOOK is stalking you…

(NEWSER) – Not only was a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan destroyed during a US airstrike last month, but an American plane shot people attempting to get out of the facility, according to the nonprofit’s report on the incident released Thursday. Pentagon to make ‘condolence payments’ to families of victims in hospital attack… 

  10/05/15   Moscow says violation of Turkish air space a “mistake”
Iranian troops set to go to Syria – reports
Bombing in Syria not World War III, says Russia’s EU ambassador

Band of brothers voluntarily patrol US-Mexico border… Armed vigilantes final guard against ‘immigrant invasion’…  Designed to Create a Crisis TX TOP COP: ISIS MAY BE INFILTRATING BORDER…  To Enslave US  ISIS publishes address of Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden… 

10/02/15   The names of the nine people killed in Thursday’s shooting: Spared ‘lucky one’ to give police message…  Slain:  They are: Lucero Alcaraz, 19; Quinn Glen Cooper, 18; Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59; Lucas Eibel, 18; Jason Dale Johnson, 33; Lawrence Levine, 67 (teacher); Sarena Dawn Moore, 44; Treven Taylor Anspach, 20; Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18.  Authorities read statements from some of the victims’ loved ones, with Cooper’s family saying their “lives are shattered beyond repair” and Anspach’s family remembering him as “a perfect son.”   Gunman was enrolled in class where fatal shootings occurred at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, sheriff says. Family members told investigators that the Oregon gunman had sought mental health treatment, two officials say. CNN

   10/02/15   SCHOOL GUNS    Shooting at Oregon community college campus…
The Disarming  State had recently tightened gun laws…  No Mo 2nd Speech In 12-Min Speech to America About Mass Shooting, Obama Refers to Himself 28 Times… Defenseless POLICE: 10 dead…  Sacrificial Lambs SCHOOL SHOOTER ‘SINGLED OUT CHRISTIANS’ DURING RAMPAGE 26 Year Old COLLEGE GUN MANIAC ‘WAS A BRIT’…    Armed 4 guns 1 rifle ‘Gun-free campus’…

  09/30/15   WAR: RUSSIA BEGINS AIRSTRIKES IN SYRIA; WEST DISPUTES TARGETS Coming To Terms Moscow tells USA to remove warplanes…  Game Russia rejects claims its ‘anti-ISIL’ airstrikes hit civilians and other rebels  Change USA DISARRAY Soon to cause chaos Half a million cross Med…  refuge desperation. PUTIN GETS GREEN LIGHT FOR TROOPS IN SYRIA… .

09/29/15    Gandalf’s Staff  Lbk.Tx      S DAKOTA TRIBE TO OPEN NATION’S 1ST MARIJUANA RESORT…  

090/28/15         USA Today  DEA THE AMERICAN GESTAPO
DEA Agents Have Handed Out Drugs, Kept Jobs  Records reveal that it’s pretty hard to get fired from agency …    Gandalf’s Staff
Gandalf recounts: “DEA planted drugs in my home setting off a monitored alarm system while I was at work. These immoral  Gestapo Nazi bastards tried to destroy me and my family in Lubbock, Texas.” Gandalf continued, “I caught the task force and Lubbock District Attorney Travis Ware in the act. What I did was, I reported their plan to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin, Texas just before they raided me. None of the perpetrators have ever been brought to justice.”     Footnote: The Gestapo  had the authority to investigate cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Nazi Party and Germany. The basic Gestapo law passed by the government in 1936 gave the Gestapo carte blanche to operate without judicial review—in effect, putting it above the law.< The Gestapo was specifically exempted from responsibility to administrative courts, where citizens normally could sue the state to conform to laws. As early as 1935, however, a Prussian administrative court had ruled that the Gestapo’s actions were not subject to judicial review. The SS officer Werner Best, onetime head of legal affairs in the Gestapo, summed up this policy by saying, “As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.   

Nazi banner unfurled for WWII film sparks confusion, anger in France…
VIDEO: Americans sign petition to ban talking politics, religion in public… 

      09/27/15    Iraq says it has reached a deal to share intelligence with Russia, Iran and Syria in the fight against ISIS. The announcement Sunday from the Iraqi military cited “the increasing concern from Russia about thousands of Russian terrorists committing criminal acts within ISIS.”

 26/09 15:39 CET     THE SPORTS RACKET   Sepp Blatter’s tenure as president of FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, suffered a new blow  today when the Swiss Attorney General opened criminal proceedings against him on “suspicion of criminal mismanagement.”  Fifa investigates Blatter &Platini   A statement released by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland confirmed it was examining a contract signed by Blatter with the Caribbean Football Union and an alleged “disloyal payment” of $2 million to UEFA President Michel Platini.

   09/20/15   UN nuclear watchdog begins inspection of Iranian atomic facilities  The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog is in Iran to investigate whether its carried out work…

Israel police to fire live bullets at stone-throwers in Jerusalem  Israeli has vowed to use “any means necessary” to curb stoning-throwing attacks against its… Israeli Officials Weigh Harsher Steps to Curb Jerusalem Unrest…

Summer of bloodshed as murder rates rise… Dre, who turns 15 this month, has been unable to walk or talk since he was shot in the head, his plight a sad example of the toll taken by worsening US gun violence. As homicides in Washington DC up 40.5 percent at 111, …St Louis and Milwaukee, murders go up 60 percent and 76 percent respectively … Drugs, gang wars and the proliferation of arms are cited.  

Mexico jails prison officials over escape
Mexico has jailed at least 13 prison officials over the escape of notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in July.

‘Venezuela troops crossed into Colombia’
Venezuela jet crashes on Colombia border

Huge military planes land in Latakia…
Pentagon Moves to Block Buildup…
Gandalf’s Staff LBK.TX    Gandalf finds that what we see in the middle east is immoral. It has brought on untold human suffering. Russia and China should also take a role in stopping the violence. Why should we bare the burden of cost in money and human lives when all the world should be helping to bring this misery to a peaceful and meaningful end? It is time for the world to reach an age of peace. Differences can be settled at the bargaining table and the ballot box. Gandalf notes: Read This Before the Media Uses a Drowned Refugee Boy to Start Another War
By Dan Sanchez

Children just as innocent and precious as Aylan are being driven into the sea in Libya, incinerated by drone in Pakistan, or starved to death in Yemen all the time, and it is all on your dime.

Latest Devlopments
Denmark blocks routes to Germany as refugees refuse to register
France: welcomes first migrants to come via Germany and Hungary
Juncker asks EU to resettle an extra 120,000 asylum seekers
Hungarian camerawoman fired after being filmed kicking migrants
Al Qaeda and Islamic State – a possible reconcilation?
Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has dismissed the self-titled group Islamic State as…

AGENTS: 20% of illegals caught at border have criminal records…
Doctors find woman’s painful headaches caused by needle in brain…

  09/07/15    Russia says Syria’s Assad ready to share power with opposition

After troop cuts, China military warns reforms will be hard

US men who thwarted France train attack to be honoured in California parade … See more on HEROES below …

   09/07/15   Defector: Kim Jong Un’s days are numbered…
China Taps Foreign Reserves at Record Pace to Prop Currency…
China’s govt to ‘manage’ public dancing…

09/07/15   Judge upholds ‘show your papers’ AZ immigration law…

08/30/15    MI6 SPY FOUND DEAD IN BAG ‘HACKED CLINTON SECRETS’…  codebreaker — who had breached his security clearance — handed the list to …. Illegally obtained data on former president… Today, just over five years since his body was found inside a padlocked bag, (see photo) his death remains one of Britain’s most mysterious unsolved cases Voicemails deleted after death…   a rival agent may also have broken into the flat to destroy or remove evidence. Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox, … criticised MI6 for failing to report Mr Williams missing for a week. The delay meant a Home Office pathologist was unable to find a cause of death.

Texas authorities say they arrested a suspect Saturday in connection with the execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren H. Goforth at a Houston-area gas station.

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years in prison. Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were present for the proceedings. Australian Peter Greste, who was freed in February, was sentenced in absentia.
Al Jazeera journalists given three year jail term by Egyptian court  The journalists were charged with aiding a terrorist organization — a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed in Egypt after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsy amid mass protests against his rule in 2013.

8/25/15  EXODUS
Colombia angry at border expulsions

Business Chinese stocks opened sharply lower on Tuesday, The Dow closed down 205 points Tuesday , erasing a 442-point gain. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also closed in the red as fears mount that China’s slowing economy will infect the rest of the world. Full article Why China’s share slump affects the world

Europe The men who stopped the French train shooting France awarded three Americans and one Briton with the Legion of Honor on Monday for their roles in stopping a potential terrorist attack aboard a train bound for Paris. The suspect in Friday’s thwarted attack was “attempting to kill a whole train full of people,” a French prosecutor says. Ayoub El Khazzani has been charged with attempted mass murder and membership in a terrorist organization, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters Tuesday. The 25-year-old Moroccan was armed with an assault weapon and about 200 rounds of ammunition, Molins said. El Khazzani was subdued by three Americans and other passengers on the train.
 08/21/15   AMERICAN HEROES  France train attack: Americans hailed as heroes…  also see below  08/13/15 American Hero 
‘Train terror attack’: Praise for passengers who tackled gunman  see also
08/09/15 American Heroes below

08/18/15  Feds Hide Fiscal Details About Vast Operation To Resettle Illegal Alien Minors…
Undercover: BILDERBERG CHINA: Communist Secret Meet to Plot World Domination…

  08/16/15              More on the Biker Battle
Autopsies released in Twin Peaks biker deaths – WacoTrib …  “ The report says a medical examiner recovered a copper jacket base from one of those bullets. … The gunshot wound to Boyett’s abdomen grazed him, leaving copper and lead fragments.”  Results suggests to Gandalf that bullets were fired from police rifles.  Three months after the fact, Gandalf asks who shot whom?  “I can’t make heads or tails of these, but it’s not surprising that Waco authorities are less than forthcoming,” Clendennen’s attorney, Clint Broden, said of the autopsy reports. 
Police have said the ballistics investigation is being headed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has possession of more than 475 weapons from the scene, including at least 151 firearms.

Gandalf asks; Why not use the FBI for ballistic tests instead of the ATF? ATF killed a lot of children at the Davidian Compound siege in Waco and cannot be trusted to do anything right…. Flashback the Waco Siege  Chronology | Waco – The Inside Story | FRONTLINE | PBS  See more below  BIKER BATTLE 08/12/15.

08/15/15    AT&T Helped NSA Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic…  The National Security Agency ’s ability to spy on vast quantities of Internet traffic passing through the United States has relied on its extraordinary, decades-long partnership with a single company: the telecom giant AT&T. The documents, provided by the former agency contractor Edward J. Snowden, were jointly reviewed by The New York Times and ProPublica. The N.S.A., AT&T and Verizon declined to discuss the findings from the files. “We don’t comment on matters of national security,” an AT&T spokesman said.

    08/13/15       American Hero
Sweden drops two sexual assault cases against WikiLeaks’ Assange  Also, see American Heroes below.

KURDS  Chemical weapons used on Kurdish peshmerga – German report New evidence has emerged which shows Kurdish forces fighting in northern Iraq were allegedly attacked a few days ago with chemical weapons. German military personnel are training Kurdish peshmerga troops to use weapons supplied by Germany to help them combat ISIL militants. Turkey blames Kurdish militants for outpost attacks 

Immigrant center in Rio Grande sees 3-fold increase in border-crossers…
Senator investigates latest murder by illegal…          A key Republican senator is demanding that the Department of Homeland Security provide details about the immigration status of two men, including one illegal immigrant, who have been charged with the murder of Marilyn Pharis on July 24 … Gandalf notes: Fire the Nazis..  Sheriff Joe seeks to disqualify judge…

     Hey Hillary They Gotcha
  She Lied   JUDGE: Hillary’s emails violated policy…
  What Difference Does It Make?  State Department did nothing to protect emails after hack… We came. We saw. He died. LOL 
TOP AIDE: Hillary invaded Libya ‘without any idea of what might come next’…  
  CLASSIFIED EMAILS GROW TO 60What difference does it make? 
  HILLARY ‘TOP SECRET’ EMAILS FOUND   What Took So Long?  FBI SEIZES DRIVES  FBI  DOJ TAKES POSSESSION  China hacked?  SATELLITE IMAGES   Go To >>> Tweets —- The North Africa–Middle East—Benghazi Backlash See how in the very beginning Gandalf said this was deception. Gandalf got it as the embassy was burning. They lied. The cover-up of a cover-up makes for a real backlash. Gandalf from day one.

    Hey Putin! They Gotcha.
MH17 crash site debris ‘could be from Russian-made missile system’ 
Dutch prosecutors say that parts, possibly from a Buk surface-to air-system, are being looked at after being recovered from where the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was downed in July last year.   Caught red-handed: the Russian Major fighting in Ukraine

    Another Gotcha
91-year-old charged with smuggling 4.5kg of cocaine into Australia

Waco  DA appeals 10th Court’s ruling on Twin Peaks biker’s case gag order

Biker objects to postponement of trial, says DA has no case …

08/08/15 Defense attorney Conrad Beyer said some of those arrested have been given their cellphones back and they were al returned “scrubbed like factory resets,” or with data wiped out. Source Waco Tribune-Herald
Flashback:    On O7/22/15 Gandalf wrote: Biker Cell Phone Data Harvested. No video released of parking lot shootings … WACO BIKERS SHOOTOUT Why is Waco, Texas fighting to suppress multiple videos … prohibited from talking to the press? … how many of the nine victims were killed by bullets from police officers’ guns? Waco, Texas, and the Biker Gang Shootout 

  St. Louis County Police were involved in a shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, after officers came under heavy gunfire, a department spokesman said. The incident came as crowds marked the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer. Listen Live. Scanner  West St. Louis County Police and Fire – St. Louis, MO …  Man shot and hospitalised after violence mars Ferguson anniversary protests   A young man was shot by police during protests to mark the first anniversary of the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, officials said

Activist for Mexico’s missing killed    A leading Mexican activist who helped families search for missing relatives, including 43 students who disappeared last year, is killed.

08/09/15     AMERICAN HEROES
Snowden, Assange and Manning statues unveiled in Berlin  Taking a stand in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz are whistleblowers Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. … “The sculptures represent three contemporary heroes who have lost their freedom for the truth.” … Entitled Anything to Say the sculpture encourages supporters to stand up for freedom of speech and information.  Anonymous artists secretly erect Snowden statue in New York park
Gandalf notes:  LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? NOT IN LUBBOCK, TEXAS! Watch Replay of Cole Statue Presentation …   Innocent man’s case was ignored and he was left to die in prison. Vital crime scene evidence left by the confessed rapist was destroyed by the Lubbock Police Department.
Tim Cole statue unveiled after state leaders praise first Texan posthumously exonerated   Hundreds gather to dedicate statue of Timothy Cole

08/07/15   Colorado Movie Theater Shooter
James Holmes will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing 12 people and wounding 70 more at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater, a jury has decided. Holmes had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2012 shootings. He was convicted last month of 24 counts of first-degree murder – two for each of the slain victims.

Video: Cop Draws Sidearm on Man for Filming

Marines Fired On Near Jade Helm Training Site 2190

Texas judge who set $1M bonds for bikers recused

 08/06/15 Bang Bang UR Dead
The now-dead shooting suspect at a Tennessee movie theater also had a hatchet that he may have used to wound one per
son, Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron told reporters Wednesday. Gandalf notes: He struck a person on the shoulder with the flat portion of the hatchet. The suspect was killed during a gun battle with a SWAT team after earlier engaging one police officer in a gunfire exchange. Gandalf notes: He only had a pellet gun.

SCALE OF ‘SECRET’ ARRESTS REVEALED… At least 3,500 Americans have been detained in Chicago police warehouse… NAZI Method of Operation
        At least 3,500 Americans have been detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility, newly uncovered records reveal… 82% were black ….. the Guardian sued the police. .. vulnerable people get lost in its criminal justice system. cops denial … raises the prospect of major civil-rights violations.

MH370: Malaysia to probe suspected plane debris found in Maldives
  Malaysia says it is sending a team to the Maldives to investigate whether debris washed up
  Aircraft debris found on Réunion confirmed from flight MH370  

Ukraine puts top Russian general Gerasimov on ‘most wanted’ list
More American airlines ban hunting trophies
Rosetta comet’s closest approach to the Sun
FBI spy plane making flights above Muslim-concentrated Dearborn, MI…

08/03/15  GMT   City To Appoint 2 Illegal Immigrants As Commissioners…


Mom, accused of kidnapping girl to avoid vaccination, caught and jailed…   Megan Everett, who was featured on CNN’s “The Hunt With John Walsh” and was wanted for kidnapping, has been arrested near Gainesville, Florida, a law enforcement official said. Her daughter, who she’s accused of kidnapping, was recovered, the official said.

IRAN: USA Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement… 

Some refuse to give up on Confederate flag… 

08/02/15  CST
       COP SHOT The suspect in this past weekend’s slaying of a Memphis police officer has been taken into custody, according to the Shelby County, Tenn., Sheriff’s Office.     Memphis Police officer shot, killed during traffic stop    A police officer was fatally shot during a traffic stop Saturday night in Memphis, Tennessee, authorities said. The suspect, who was in the car stopped by the officer, remains at large.

CECIL BROTHER POACHED?     Jericho the lion is alive and roaming his park habitat in Zimbabwe, the Oxford University researcher tracking the lion confirmed on Sunday. Brent Stapelkamp dismissed reports that the lion had been killed, saying a GPS device on Jericho didn’t suggest anything out of the ordinary.Furthermore, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, which told CNN and other media that poachers killed Jericho, retracted its statements on Sunday. As proof of life, Oxford University tweeted a photo of Jericho, taken by Stapelkamp early Sunday morning. Jericho is the brother of Cecil, the lion that was killed by an American dentist last month.    
      08/01/15      LION HUNTERS        The brother of slain Cecil the lion, named Jericho, was killed today in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Jericho was gunned down by a hunter operating illegally, said Johnny Rodrigues, head of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. Cecil was also killed illegally, and Zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of American dentist Walter Palmer on accusations that he and others illegally hunted the lion, authorities said.

07/31/15    Dylann Roof pleaded not guilty to 33 federal charges in a June attack at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine, according to the court clerk’s office.

EBOLA  A newly developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus is “highly effective” and could help prevent its spread in the current and future outbreaks, the World Health Organization said. 

Head of failed bitcoin company arrested in Japan
Trans-Pacific Partnership talks fail to deliver regional trade deal  

Good Samaritans Murdered in Montana…
  2 DEAD 1 CRITICAL Mexican accused of killing not deported despite previous burglary…  

 41 CLASSIFIED EMAILS in Hillary document dump… THE DUH FACTOR  Possible ‘criminal’ conduct… 

CHINA  Beijing was selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the IOC announced Friday. Beijing will be the first city to host both Summer and Winter games. 

The Politics of Betrayal
Obama Backstabs Kurds to Appease Turkey
By Mike Whitney
Everything you’ve been reading about “Islamic State-free zones”, “safety zones”, or “no-fly zones” is lies. –
Washington Turns Its Back on Kurds Fighting ISIS
By Lee Fang
Some of the most successful fighters against the Islamic State are being isolated and attacked by America’s new favorite ally in the region. –

97/29/15   Libya: Rights groups slam death sentence for Gaddafi son

07/27/15  Gandalf asks: Turkey playing both ends against the middle?  US and Turkey Agree to Create ISIS-Free Zone on Syrian Border
Growing tension over new Turkish military offensive in Syria and Iraq
Turkey attacks Kurds: Turkey launches new wave of attacks against PKK
Kurdish militia in Syria reportedly captures strategic town from ISIL
Turkish raids: mass arrest of suspected insurgents

07/26/15  Gandalf’s Staff reported US agents had been exposed on the day the “China Hack” story broke. Now months later they are telling us that …. U.S. Fears Data Hacked by Chinese Could Identify Spies… .
This note is to let our readers know Gandalf’s Staff is ahead of the pack and is keeping  our readers in the know when it comes down to vital information. Please share our site with those that you know and thank you for the assistance. Gandalf
For more information scroll down to:
related   07/10/15 21 Million exposed …
see   06/22/15 Hackers Update
and   06/13/15 Spies, undercover 

  U.S. marshals raid Sheriff Joe’s office…
Tension in Turkey amid anger over airstrikes on Kurds and mass arrests
Clashes erupt at al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem
Brazil: Charged Petrobras executives transferred to prison

O7/22/15   Biker Cell Phone Data Harvested.  No video released of parking lot shootings … Yet … The city is fighting to keep videos of the May shootout at theTwin Peaks restaurant out of the …    WACO BIKERS SHOOTOUT   Why is Waco, Texas fighting to suppress multiple videos of the shootout that killed nine bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17? Why are some attorneys in the case now prohibited from talking to the press? And why haven’t Waco officials revealed how many of the nine victims were killed by bullets from police officers’ guns? … Yet … Waco, Texas, and the Biker Gang Shootout

   When Lubbock SWAT shot their own man, they too supresed the videos and sued local media TV 34. The motive is and was the same, to hide guilt, having no man ever standing trial.  Gandalf remembers the COLLATERAL DAMAGE IN LUBBOCK, TEXAS
Cop Shot Cop’ In Lubbock SWAT Snafu – The Firing Line Forum By R.G. Griffing, SAL Staff
Anatomy of the Cover-Up of a Cover-Up – Free Republic By R.G. Griffing, SAL Staff
US Police Killed Over 500 People This Year
American police killed more people in the first 24 days of 2015 than the police forces of England and Ireland have in the past 24 years.

.. Twin Peaks waitresses speak out about Waco biker shootout
– The Twin Peaks waitresses who were trapped in a freezer as a bloodybiker gang shootout erupted outside the Waco “breastaurant” over the …

Released bikers give clashing accounts of Twin Peaks …
Jun 6, 2015 – A rugged cross has been erected at the site of the Twin Peaks … Waco police have said more than 300 weapons found at the scene show there …
Updated: List of Twin Peaks bikers jailed, released …
2 days ago – As of 5 p.m. Monday, 174 of the 177 bikers arrested after the May 17 shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco have been released.
1,000 bikers protest Twin Peaks shootout arrests – USA Today
USA Today  Jun 7, 2015 – Bikers gathered in downtown Waco on Sunday to protest what they say was unfair treatment by law enforcement following the violent shootout …
Biker arrested in Waco Twin Peaks shooting speaks | KXAN …
KXAN-TV Jun 12, 2015 – We are getting a new perspective about what happened the day rivalbiker gangs shot each other at a Twin Peaks in Waco.

07/18/15    A Navy petty officer wounded in Thursday’s shooting at the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, died early Saturday, the Navy said. He is the fifth U.S. service member to have07/ died as a result of the attack. 

07/18/15   Five of the world’s most-wanted for crimes against humanity
US drone attack in Somalia takes out Al-Shabaab leaders
Solar Impulse: global flight abandoned until 2016
Video shows escape of Mexican drug baron Joaquin Guzman more below see …
Drug Lords

LBK,TX GMT –  US TODAY  President Obama defended the deal that aims to rein in Iran’s nuclear program, telling reporters on Wednesday, “this deal is our best means of ensuring Iran does not get a nuclear weapon.” Iran nuclear treaty ignores its role in Middle East violence  The treaty between Iran and the P5+1 world powers is meant to take effect 90 days after the UN Security Council adopts the relevant resolution. Expendable IRAN KEEPS AMERICAN HOSTAGES The song and dance ‘YELLOWCAKE AND EAT IT TOO’  Gandalf’s words fell on def ears. Flashback:  Save the Freedom Fighters of Iran

   07/18/15    MH17: a year on and still no answers It is almost a year since the tiny village of Rossypne in Eastern Ukraine found itself the… AVIATION: Victims’ families mark MH17 crash anniversary  Seeking  Justice  When MH17’s passengers and crew joined Ukraine’s war dead  “Ukraine has been remembering the victims of the Malaysian plane shot out of the sky in Donbass one year ago. Like then, Ukrainians have brought … MH17 new footage: rebels discover debris is from a civilian aircraft  New footage has been made public of the immediate aftermath of the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17. The aircraft was shot down over Eastern … MH17: The view from Moscow  People lay flowers at the Dutch embassy in Moscow on Friday to mark the anniversary of the …  

07/15/15 GMT  DIPLOMACY: Iran, six world powers reach historic nuclear deal   President Barack Obama praised a deal reached today to rein in Iran’s nuclear program, saying the agreement met the goals he had in place throughout negotiations.  EU’s Mogherini hails ‘good’ Iran deal   USA  Obama will veto any Congress attempts to block Iran deal “Today after two years of negotiation the United States, together with the international community, has achieved something that decades of animosity has not: a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Obama said from the White House, with Vice President Joe Biden at his side. OBAMA WARNS CONGRESS: HANDS OFF…  Israel’s  NETANYAHU: ‘Historic Mistake for World’… Fact Congress Has No Real Kill Switch for Deal… WAR! ISRAEL ‘NOT BOUND’ BY DEAL, WILL DEFEND ITSELF…

                 Drug Lords Prohibition Finances It All
Headed for open borders as Mexico police search hotels, hospitals for drug lord… Got a  CIA-Get Out of Jail Free Card? Green Card? Trump Card?  EL CHAPO WARNS TRUMP TO SHUT MOUTH  Remember the Alamo
SHERIFF JOE: 40% of Inmates Turned over to ICE End Up Back in My Jails…

Children At Risk  Illegal Alien from Mexico Arrested for Kidnapping, Raping 13-Year-Old…  Dreamers or Future Military Recruits?  PHOTOS: Unaccompanied Minors Stroll Across Border…
276 ‘sanctuary cities’ let 8,145 illegal offenders free in just 8 months… 17,000 total…

San Fran releases rapists, murderers…

President Barack Obama has commuted the prison sentences of 46 drug offenders , saying they were not “hardened criminals” and their punishments didn’t match the crimes they committed.  Obama said the move was part of his larger attempt to reform the criminal justice system. He is expected to speak about justice reform Tuesday at the NAACP’s annual convention, and on Thursday he will become the first president to visit a federal prison.

ON C2C Truth About Marijuana:
Physician David Casarett joined Richard Syrett to discuss his research into all things pot, including experimenting on himself to find evidence of marijuana’s medical potential. In the first hour, pot activist Marc Emery talked about his recent jail sentence for “distribution of marijuana” seeds, and why he believes the DEA actually sentenced him for his political activism…cont.

07/12/15  NEW ‘SILENT MAJORITY’  Pissed Off Americans
FIORINA: Trump tapping into an ‘anger’… 

Speech on immigration in AZ attracts thousands…
Father of victim killed by illegal introduces…
Visit highlights GOP deep split…
Candidates scramble to craft new messages…

07/11/15  Iran Made Illegal Purchases of Nuke Weapons Technology LAST MONTH…
Prisoner found sawed nearly in two, organs removed…
Billionaires buying up vast tracts of farm land…

07/10/15  21 MILLION EXPOSED IN SECOND GOVT HACK… more below, see 06/22/15 Hackers Update…    Gandalf’s warning went unheeded. Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta resigned … data breach of government computers was vastly larger than originally thought….  stolen the personal data of 22.1 million current, former and prospective U.S. government employees and their family members. FOOLS!

Syrian refugees now four million, displaced approach eight million

Iran: No deal but no rush for nuclear talks  The US Secretary of State limped to the microphone in Vienna to tell reporters there is still…

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts will be replaced , Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has announced. Batts drew widespread criticism for his response to riots that erupted after the April death of a young black man in police custody. Batts acknowledged that police were not prepared for such massive demonstrations — particularly once they turned violent.

  07/09/15  Oil prices rise to $57 as Iran talks drag on
Srebrenica: Russia vetoes UN resolution to recognise massacre as genocide
Colombia’s FARC rebels announce month-long truce
Crazy weather in Europe: from boiling hot to giant hailstones  

   07 04 /15   BP settles 2010 US oil spill claims for $18.7 billion

FREE FLIGHT    The experimental solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 has landed in Hawaii , ending a nearly five-day flight from Japan — the longest and most dangerous leg in an attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel.

  Malaysia wants UN-backed tribunal over MH17
Malaysia is to push for a United Nations-backed tribunal to prosecute those suspected of downing flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. UN Security Ukraine stops buying Russian gas over price row
UN nuclear watchdog travels to Iran

CUBA  The United States and Cuba on Wednesday plan to officially seal the renewal of diplomatic ties by announcing the opening of embassies in Washington and Havana for the first time in more than a half century, two administration officials say
FRANCE: WikiLeaks says NSA spied on top French companies
French cabbies barricade Paris roads in Uber protest

06/30/15 Breakout Update
Superintendent Steven Racette and Deputy Superintendent Stephen Brown of the Clinton Correctional Facility have been placed on administrative leave, according to a state official briefed on the investigation into a prison break in which two convicted killers escaped several weeks ago. One was killed; the other has been recaptured.
BREAKOUT Joyce Mitchell, the New York prison tailor accused of aiding a pair of convicted murderers in their escape , has been charged with providing material assistance, according to New York State Police. Mitchell also faces felony charges of promoting prison contraband in the first degree and criminal facilitation in the fourth degree.

Open Borders Open Voters

COAL and the 
    In a loss for the Obama administration, the Supreme Court ruled today that the Environmental Protection Agency unreasonably interpreted the Clean Air Act when it decided to set limits on the emissions of toxic pollutants from power plants without first considering the costs to industry.

The Supreme Court on Monday granted a request from abortion clinics in Texas to put on hold a lower court ruling that would have shuttered all but a handful of abortion clinics, while the clinics appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

 Egypt state prosecutor dead after convoy bombed in Cairo

 DOW  DOWN -350.33 on Greek Crash
Greece to default on IMF loan on Tuesday as banks close and panic buying begins

JADE HELM    POLL: Texans Wary of Domestic Use of Military…  39% support monitoring with state troops… Military will be on our city streets but refuses to patrol our border.

Russia tests hypersonic strike vehicle…
Satellite-gagging jammer renders enemy weapons useless…
Gandalf notes more about Russia on 06/14/15 below

Sony Pictures: Inside the Hack of the Century, Part 1 – Fortune
A cyber-invasion brought Sony Pictures to its knees and terrified corporate America. The story of what really happened—and why Sony should have seen it … 

06/26/15 California
Your children belong to the State. Pay your taxes and shut-up! The California House has passed a proposal that would outlaw a family’s personal and religious beliefs as reasons to exempt their children from school vaccinations. SB277 now returns to the Senate, which must approve amendments for it to advance to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature. The Senate passed the initial bill in May.

06/24/15 The American Free Traitors REPUBLICANS GIVE HIM POWER
Trade Bill More Like a Treaty  SESSIONS: They Won the Vote, But Lost the ‘Trust of the American People’…

EU   Defence: US to boost its military presence in Central and Eastern Europe
ASIA  Anger at Karachi power cuts as hundreds die in Pakistan heatwave

06/22/15 Hackers Update  Congress ignored dire warnings of cyber-insecurity…   Gandalf warned years ago in an E-mail to the White House, during the Bush Administration and after 9-11, that bringing all intelligence agencies under one roof was a dangerous thing to do and would be to the delight of China’s spies. That unheeded warning was also posted on Gandalf’s Staff the day it was sent to President Bush. Hackers 1998… Fools! UPDATE: 18 million current, former and prospective federal employees exposed… more see > 06/13/15 Gandalf’s Staff > below …  HACKERS STOLE GOVT WORKER SEX SECRETS…

06/14/15   WAR WITH RUSSIA?
USA: US set to store heavy weapons and tanks in Eastern Europe

  A U.S. plane carried out a strike inside Libya on Sunday, reportedly killing a key terror figure in North Africa, U.S. and Libyan officials told CNN’s Barbara Starr and Jomana Karadsheh. The target was Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a veteran Islamist fighter affiliated with al Qaeda in North Africa, a U.S. official told CNN. The Libyan government said Belmokhtar was killed in the strike, something that U.S. officials have not confirmed. Federal prosecutors in New York had charged Belmokhtar in 2013 with crimes related to a brazen attack on a gas facility in Algeria were 37 hostages died. Three Americans were among the dead.

06/13/15 Gandalf’s Staff
Spies, undercover, secret police, intelligence officers, informants, classified agents uncovered. They know who and where. UK agents ‘moved over Snowden files’ … Snowden files cracked. Relocation is on. As UK intelligence agents have been moved because Russia and China can read files stolen by a US whistleblower, a senior government source has told the BBC … see related below, …06/11/15 AGENTS EXPOSED!

Dallas police HQ attack investigated
THEY TOOK HIS KID  Dallas police shooting: What do we know now
AMERICAS: The Honduras migrants taking the ‘train of death’ to the US

Joyce Mitchell, the New York prison tailor accused of aiding a pair of convicted murderers in their escape , has been charged with providing material assistance, according to New York State Police.  Mitchell also faces felony charges of promoting prison contraband in the first degree and criminal facilitation in the fourth degree

06/11/15 AGENTS EXPOSED! HACKERS HAVE PERSONNEL DATA ON EVERY FEDERAL EMPLOYEE Spies … ‘Devastating’ counterintelligence effects…
“We believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees.” ….Military records, veterans’ data stolen…   informants … they know where you live. … They can, at anytime, get your friends and family. One step closer to war and blackmail, as data stolen is Far More Than Publicly Acknowledged…, and sold to the highest bidder and the worst enemy. CHINESE HACK COMPROMISED SECURITY CLEARANCE FILES… The take-down of this nation is at our back door. We are being systematically neutralized. Get angry. Remember the Tiananmen Square massacre , demand justice. Gandalf … see related below … 06/04/15  FEDS HACKED AS PUTIN RETURNED TO TYPEWRITERS

06/07/15    BIKER PROTEST Hundreds of bikers protest at McLennan County… SUNDAY     Gandalf’s Staff Update 06/07/15 4:44 CST
Waco: Hundreds Gather For Biker Rally
WACO (June 7, 2015) Motorcyclists from all over Texas have joined in a Sunday afternoon rally and protest to support those arrested in the wake of the May 17 shootings at Twin Peak’s Restaurant. Suspects In Custody The rally and protest is called the “All 4 1 Rally and Protest.” Rally Flyer
Related: Lawyers petition court to intervene in bikers release
Prosecutors Detail Events At Twin Peaks During Bond Reduction Hearing
Prosecutors Friday afternoon for the first time laid out events that left nine dead and 18 injured at Twin Peaks during a bond reduction hearing for one of the defendants.
Twin Peaks Defendants Still Filing For Bond Reduction Hearings
Five more jailed defendants in the Twin Peaks shooting case have filed for bond reduction hearings, bringing the total number of filings to 84 over the past two weeks.
Visiting Judge Denies Motion To Recuse Local Judges In Biker Cases
A visiting judge from Houston denied a motion to force local district judges off the bench in all cases involving defendants in the motorcycle gang shooting cases.
Update: Waco Twin Peaks Shootings: Two Weeks Later, More Questions than Answers Breitbart News …. Note: as the story broke, Gandalf posted the following … (see 05/19/15 below)

U.S. officials believe the recent hack of federal employee data could be the biggest breach ever of the government’s computer networks.  Officials initially said 4 million current and former federal employees may have had their personal information hacked. (Investigators believe the Chinese government is responsible for the breach of the federal data system.) But the breach is beyond the Office of Personnel Management and Department of Interior, with nearly every federal government agency hit by the hackers, government officials say. An assessment continues, and it is possible millions more government employees may be affected.  Federal officials are warning current and former federal employees that potentially sensitive information may have been hacked , the U.S. Office of Personnel Management says….The agency, which is responsible for security clearances and background checks.
China probed as cyber attack hits 4 million US federal workers  Gandalf’s Flashback:  Putin’s Kremlin uses typewriters to prevent computer leaks …
Kremlin returns to typewriters to avoid computer leaks – The …
Russian guard service reverts to typewriters after NSA leaks …

Obama signs landmark bill reforming NSA surveillance

06/02/15     Taliban Boxed In
Qatar has agreed to temporarily extend the existing travel ban for the five senior Taliban leaders who are living in Qatar, a senior U.S. official confirms to CNN.  The ban will stay in place while discussions between the U.S., Qatar and Afghanistan continue for a long term solution. The five will still not be able to travel and will be subject to monitoring, the official said.  Qatar extends travel ban for ‘Taliban 5’

USA: Silk Road website founder jailed for life 

Solar Impulse: Weather front halts sun-powered plane on marathon Pacific flight

MEXICO: Dozens killed as Mexico authorities battle drug cartel   .

USA: US Senate blocks bill to end NSA mass surveillance Opponents of the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of telephone data successfully blocked multiple attempts in the Senate early Saturday to extend the expiring law that authorizes the program.

  U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told CNN Iraqi forces “showed no will to fight” ISIS in Ramadi. Carter spoke frankly in an exclusive interview on “State of the Union,” saying that the weak state of Iraq’s military was one major reason Ramadi fell to ISIS, the terror group also known as ISIL. “What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight,” Carter told CNN’s Barbara Starr. “They were not outnumbered. In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and yet they failed to fight, they withdrew from the site, and that says to me, and I think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the Iraqis to fight ISIL and defend themselves.”

 05/20/15   The Chinese navy on Wednesday warned a U.S. military surveillance plane multiple times as it flew over a contested military installation being constructed on man-made islands in the South China Sea. The U.S. is considering flying such surveillance missions at lower altitudes over the islands and sailing U.S. warships within miles of them to make clear the United States does not recognize China’s territorial claims. A CNN team was given exclusive access to fly onboard the P8-A Poseidon as it flew over the islands.

05/19/15 UPDATE: Deadly Texas biker battle was rooted in feud…  05/17/15  BIKER BLOODBATH IN TX  Biker War:   Bulletin warned of ‘war’…  5 gangs with192 arrested.  Rivals fight with guns, chains, knives, bats, clubs…  A fight in Waco between biker gangs which started inside the Twin Peaks restaurant, spilled out into the parking lot when police opened fire, possibly killing 4, leaving at least 9 dead. Bodies scattered throughout parking lot…  Source told Gandalf that rival gang members from across Texas are now headed to Waco for courthouse Bond Protest on 06/07/15.  Revenge attacks feared… … 

U.S. Special Operations forces conducted a raid in eastern Syria overnight and killed Abu Sayyaf, a senior ISIS commander, sources familiar with what happened on the ground in Syria told CNN. Sayyaf was in charge of ISIS’ oil and gas operations and directly and increasingly involved in ISIS command and control. U.S. forces intended to capture him, but he fought and was killed in the raid, the sources said. His wife was captured and taken to Iraq for interrogation. 

Investigators found engineer Brandon Bostian to be “extremely cooperative” during his interview , … The engineer in Tuesday’s fatal Amtrak crash told investigators he was not ill or tired, felt “fully qualified and … reported no problems with his train handling,  

The U.S. House approved a bill that would give Congress the ability to review an emerging nuclear deal with Iran.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday clarified — again — his position on the Iraq War, saying, “Knowing what we know now … I would not have gone into Iraq.

The jury began deliberations Wednesday on whether convicted Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be sentenced to life in prison or death.

Officer Matt Kenny of the Madison Police Department will not face charges over the shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said today.

Shot Waving a Device (gun)
George Zimmerman — acquitted by a Florida jury in the death of Trayvon Martin — was involved in a shooting today in Lake Mary, Florida, police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said. Zimmerman apparently suffered a minor gunshot wound, CNN affiliate WESH-TV reported, citing the police chief. Gandalf notes: that was his warning.

Freedom From Want
A painting by the iconic abstract artist Pablo Picasso sold for a record $179,365,000 at an auction Monday in New York , a Christie’s spokesperson said. The 1955 canvas, “Les femmes d’Alger (Version “O”),” sets a new bar for the contemporary art market.

05/07/15   Al Qaeda leader who claimed responsibility for Charlie attacks ‘killed by US air strike’ in Yemen

05/02/15 ISIS STRIKES IN TEXAS?   Two people were shot by police outside of an event billed as the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” in Garland, Texas, on Sunday evening, according to Garland Mayor Douglas Athas, who added, “I believe they are dead.” A security guard was also wounded, according to Athas.  ISIS POSTS WARNING…   CNN producer Chris Lett, who was covering the event, said there were about 40 people gathered when police announced there had been a shooting. The event, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, claimed to have received “over 350 submissions of Mohammed cartoons from all over the world.”  NAMES 5 TARGETS…  06/05/15 UPDATE  Usaamah Rahim, the man fatally shot in Boston after waving a military knife at officers, had been plotting to behead Pamela Geller , an activist and conservative blogger, law enforcement sources tell CNN.  Geller drew national attention last month after police thwarted an attack on a Mohammed cartoon event her organization was sponsoring in Garland, Texas.

05/01/15   Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said today. State’s attorney brings charges against Baltimore police officers   One officer — the driver of the police van — has been charged with several counts, including second-degree depraved-heart murder. Another officer has been charged with several counts, including manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Two other officers have been charged with several counts, including involuntary manslaughter. And two officers are charged with several counts, including second-degree assault.  … Update: The Justice Department plans to investigate the Baltimore Police Department.  Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked the department “to investigate if our police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of stops, searches or arrests that violate the Fourth Amendment

04/28/15  Listen Live Baltimore PD: Baltimore City Police Live Audio Feed Broadcastify
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard after riots erupted in Baltimore. Seven Baltimore police officers have suffered major injuries in street clashes, a police spokesman said.  One officer was knocked unconscious and others had broken bones, Capt. Eric Kowalczyk said. Video showed a police car burning and a pharmacy damaged. The unrest came the same day as the funeral in West Baltimore for Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody.   RAW VIDEO…  Nearly 200 people have been arrested as a result of a period of unrest in Baltimore that began Monday, Howard Libit, Baltimore’s director of strategic planning and policy, said today. Social media analysis suggests links between Baltimore, Ferguson violence…  

Nigerian troops have rescued 200 girls and 93 women in the Sambisa Forest, the Nigerian Armed Forces announced on its official Twitter account.

Eight convicted drug smugglers — including two of the so-called “Bali Nine” — have been executed by a firing squad in Indonesia, Reuters reported, citing local media.

A Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship, the M/V Maersk Tigris, issued a distress call today after it was seized by Iranian military forces in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Farragut was ordered to head toward the incident after the distress call from the Tigris was received, according to a U.S. official. The Navy has also sent aircraft to monitor the incident, the official said.   LIVE TRACKER…

04/26/15 CST       Police State News The Nazi Manifesto
An internal inquiry by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office in 2009 concluded that Reserve Deputy Robert Bates was shown special treatment and that training policies were violated regarding his role with the agency. Bates is the volunteer deputy who fatally shot suspect Eric Harris instead of stunning him with a Taser on April 2. A Harris family lawyer provided documents to CNN from the 2009 inquiry, which also found that supervisors intimidated employees to disregard policies to the benefit of Bates.


04/24/15 GMT  
Town ‘Troop Training’ Has Residents on Edge…
Ex-commander and CIA director David Petraeus sentenced in military leak case

04/23/15 GMT    Wanted cartel fugitive shot dead during attack on border cops…
Sheriff Joe faces contempt hearing in Phoenix…

Illegal accused of raping 10-year-old girl…   Gandalf notes: 41 million illegals over staying their visit.      FLASHBACK: Immigration population at record high 41.3 million…

04/15/15  CLAIM: ISIS CAMP JUST MILES FROM TEXAS BORDER…   ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. FLASHBACK: Islamic State Talked of Entering USA Through Mexico…   The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the US border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Another ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez, in Puerto Palomas, targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming for easy access to the United States, the same knowledgeable sources confirm.***
 Gandalf notes: My uncle had a ranch outside of Columbus, New Mexico. There the border is wide open will little or no law. Illegals crossing into the country would shoot at Gandalf’s uncle Charles, while he was working his land. That was almost a half century ago. There, nothing has changed, it is more dangerous now than ever before, and still to this day, our back door is wide open. Why? How could this be so?

 04/13/15      A reserve deputy in Oklahoma has been charged in the shooting death of suspect Eric Courtney Harris, the Tulsa County district attorney said. Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, who is also a Tulsa Police Department benefactor, is charged with second-degree manslaughter. Police say Bates thought he pulled out his Taser but “inadvertently” fired his gun.   USA: Nine videos showing US police shooting unarmed men   Videos  UPDATE: South Carolina officer charged with murder…  New… A California policeman investigated after report of tampering with corpse He also moved Villegas’ head and, finding it difficult, said he believed rigor mortis had set in, then told DeGeare he “loves playing with dead bodies” and laughed, according to the reports.

04/08/15  Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner has decided not to take any disciplinary action against the editors or fact-checkers involved in the production of a flawed story about an alleged rape at the University of Virginia, FRAT TO ROLLING STONED: SUE U  according to people with direct knowledge of the decision. Damage Done: ‘No One Wants to Go to the RAPE SCHOOL’… Columbia University will publish the results Sunday of an extraordinary three-month review of Rolling Stone magazine’s editorial processes. It will be published on the web at 8 p.m. ET. Reporter: ‘Mistakes I will not make again’… The public accounting of what went wrong (WHAT WENT WRONG…) with the article “A Rape on Campus” is, among other things, a bid by Rolling Stone to restore its reputation. ROLLING STONED: MAG RETRACTS ‘RAPE

04/05/15   BANGLADESH: Bangladesh struck by wave of atheist blogger murders

04/04/15 GMT
KENYA   WASH POST LEAD SATURDAY: Kenya massacre demonstrates limits of Obama’s approach to counter-terrorism…    Five suspects have been arrested in connection with Thursday’s massacre of 147 people at Garissa University College, Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said Friday, according to CNN affiliate NTV. Somali terror group Al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack. Most of the victims were shot from behind, in the back of the head, a medic said. TEACHER TURNED TERRORIST MASTERMIND…   Death toll from al Shabaab attack rises to 147… 79 others were wounded in the Al-Shabaab terror attack on Garissa University in Kenya, the Kenya National Disaster Operation Center said today. More than 500 students have been rescued, the center added. A search is on for missing students…. Read more

The basis for an agreement for a peaceful Iranian nuclear program and a process to lift sanctions against Iran has been reached, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has announced. “We have reached solutions on key parameters of a joint comprehensive plan of action,” she said. Iran’s enrichment capacity and stockpile will be limited, and its sole enrichment facility will be at the Natanz nuclear facility, Mogherini said. ‘Increases risk of horrific war’… Other nuclear facilities will be converted for other uses, she said. Netanyahu: Threatens Survival of Israel…  The agreement with Iran, if implemented, “cuts off every pathway” for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, President Obama said. REPORT: Obama Would Like To Visit Iran Before End Of Presidency…   It would prevent Iran from producing weapons-grade plutonium and weapons-grade uranium, he said, adding that the agreement includes “unprecedented verification.” “If Iran cheats the world will know it,” he said. “I am convinced if this framework leads to a final, comprehensive deal, it will make our country, our allies, our world safer,” Obama said from the Rose Garden at the White House. TEHRAN ACCUSES WHITE HOUSE OF LYING ABOUT NUKE DEAL

  04/05/15 Palestinian refugees outside Syrian capital ‘at extreme risk of death’ euronews The jihadist Islamic State offensive has been closing in on the Syrian capital, Damascus. Conflicting reports say Palestinian fighters and Syrian rebels …
  04/02/15 Syria: ISIL militants seize parts of Palestinian camp euronews ISIL militants have reportedly taken control of large parts of a Palestinian camp in the Syrian capital. Video uploaded to the internet purportedly shows …
Islamic State seizes most of south Damascus refugee camp – witnesses -euronews Full Coverage

03/29/15 GMT
Putin letter to Arab summit triggers strong Saudi attack Reuters
‘Iran maneuvering to take over entire Middle East’…

Leading up to the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was shopping doctors and seeing at least five, perhaps as many as six, a law enforcement source with detailed knowledge of the investigation. Germanwings co-pilot researched cockpit security and suicide methods: prosecutor It is becoming increasingly clear to investigators that Lubitz was “very afraid” he would lose his license to fly because of his medical issues, the source said. Lubitz kept going from one doctor to the next seeking help, he said. Lubitz is accused of deliberately bringing down the Airbus A320 in the French Alps on March 24, killing all 150 people on board. Investigators have since focused on his health as they try to establish his motive. Germanwings: Terrifying transcripts of doomed plane’s ‘last minutes’ GERMANY: ‘Open the damn door,’ Germanwings captain desperately urged co-pilot
Gone Mental Crash pilot was psychiatric patient, planned big gesture…
An early post revealed… PILOT LOCKED OUT OF COCKPIT BEFORE CRASH PARIS — As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed in relatively clear skies, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in. Co-pilot appears to have crashed Germanwings plane deliberately, French prosecutor says

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03/26/15 Military to Operate ‘Undetected Amongst Civilian Population’… …  TROOPS MOVE OFF BASES… Texas Declared Hostile  Realistic military training coming to 7 states… more states …  Controversial exercise in 10 states… … PENTAGON DOWNPLAYS ‘TROOP TRAINING’ IN TOWNS…

03/17/15  FRANCE : French experts conclude Arafat did not die of poisoning

03/16/15   VANUATU: Aid teams report widespread devastation in cyclone-hit Vanuatu    24 people have been confirmed dead in the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu due to destruction caused by Tropical Cyclone Pam, UNICEF said.  Powerful Pacific cyclone devastates Vanuatu   Red Cross workers report “unbelievable destruction” after Tropical Cyclone Pam hit Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.  The Australian Red Cross added via Twitter that “humanitarian needs will be enormous. Many people have lost their homes. Shelter, food and water (are) urgent priorities.”  The archipelago nation northeast of Australia comprises 83 small islands, many of which have little infrastructure and lack the strong housing structures that can endure a walloping storm. Because of the tropical climate in Vanuatu, some of the housing is made of lighter building materials, including straw and corrugated metals.

FERGUSON  Jeffrey Williams, 20, has been arrested in the shooting of two police officers during last week’s protests in Ferguson, Missouri, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch said today. Williams is charged with two counts of first-degree assault, among other charges, and is being held on a cash-only $300,000 bond. USA: Protester recounts panic in Ferguson: ‘It wasn’t us!’   An officer from Webster Groves, a St. Louis suburb, was shot at the high point of his cheek, just under his right eye, officials said. A second officer, from the St. Louis County Police Department, was hit in the shoulder and the bullet came out the middle of his back. Both men were treated and released.

03/08/15   Airlines Flight 370    The battery for the locator beacon of the flight data recorder of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 expired more than a year before the plane’s disappearance, an interim report on the investigation said Sunday, citing maintenance records. The report said that there was no evidence to suggest the battery was replaced and that while such a battery can operate past its expiry date, “it is not guaranteed that it will work or that it would meet the 30-day minimum requirement.”  The battery on the plane’s other so-called black box, the cockpit voice recorder, was replaced as scheduled and remained within its expiry date, the report said.   MORE Lost In The Twilight Zone! BELOW …

03/07/15   Russia jails ‘American spy’ for 15 years… The problem is he lacked training. He failed to recognize he was under surveillance and really did something stupid. Gandalf notes


02/18/15   The Justice Department is preparing to bring a lawsuit against Ferguson, Missouri, police o Russia jails ‘American spy’ for 15 years…
The problem with this guy is he lacked training. He failed to recognize he was under surveillance.
ver a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers, if the department does not agree to make changes, sources tell CNN’s Evan Perez. The shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson thrust Ferguson into the center of a nationwide debate over police tactics and race relations. The Justice Department in the coming weeks is expected to announce it won’t charge Wilson in the shooting, but it is also expected to outline findings that allege a pattern of discriminatory tactics used by Ferguson police.

02/14/15   Denmark: TERROR IN COPENHAGEN…  Gunman Attack  Muhammad cartoonist targeted?  Terrorist Cafe Attacked During Free Speech Event…  One man was killed and three police officers were wounded today after gunmen stormed a building in Copenhagen, Denmark , where controversial Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks and his supporters had gathered, police and witnesses said. Suspect on loose…  Vilks is said to be okay. Helle Merete Brix, the founder of the Lars Vilks Committee, told CNN that she and Vilks ended up in a storage room holding hands. The committee was created to support Vilks after his 2007 cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed angered many in the Muslim world. The attack comes just over a month after the massacre at the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had come under fire for publishing cartoons of Mohammed. Today’s attack was immediately condemned as a terrorist attack by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.  Second Shooting at Copenhagen Synagogue… Developing… UPDATED:  Copenhagen hit by second deadly shooting BBC News… A shooting near a synagogue in Copenhagen has left one person dead and two injured, . Victim Shot Outside Copenhagen Synagogue Dies, Police Say

02/12/15   Russian President Vladimir Putin says all parties taking part in the Ukraine peace talks in Minsk, Belarus, have agreed to a ceasefire starting February 15. “I call on both sides to end the bloodshed as soon as possible” and come to a real political solution to the conflict, he told reporters in Minsk, adding that all sides have agreed to pull back heavy weapons. 

02/11/15 The U.S. Embassy in Yemen is asking Americans in the country to leave and has moved staffers out of the capital, citing a deteriorating security situation.

Billionaire Bastards– Why Did This Reporter “Disappear” After Predicting the Collapse of Oil Prices?  It looks as if what we perceive as our good fortune is a setup, a manipulative trap. Reporter murdered? ALSO: The Texas state legislature is planning added gas taxes which could be a double whammy when they drive gas prices back up. This article makes much sense as to what is really going on.WOW! – Why Did This Reporter “Disappear” After Predicting …

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FRANCE     Wait! What? Uh Oh!  French police chief commits suicide after attack… This deserves a second look. Gandalf Notes.         FRANCE: In pictures: A day of mourning and unity in Paris
FRANCE: Millions across France join ‘unprecedented’ rallies against terrorism 
World leaders linked arms and led a march of hundreds of thousands of people through the streets of Paris today in a show of unity against the terrorism that claimed the lives of 17 people.
At least 3.7 million march across France in record mobilisation (official)
French President Francois Hollande was joined by other heads of state and dignitaries, including Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris and president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith. Participants in the “unity rally” broke into song, held hands, cheered and passionately denounced violence. Even as the march concluded, throngs of people remained in the streets as night fell, waving flags and singing.

  Girlfriend of Paris grocery hostage-taker left France ‘some time ago’ (police) French law enforcement officers have been told to erase their presence on social media and to carry their weapons at all times because terror sleeper cells have been activated over the last 24 hours in the country, a French police source who attended a briefing today told CNN Terror Analyst Samuel Laurent.
The four people who died in a hostage standoff at a kosher grocery store in Paris were killed by a gunman before police stormed the market, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said. At least 10 hostages escaped, according to police union spokesman Pascal Disant.
It was one of two dramatic raids Friday in France that led to the deaths of three terrorists — one suspected in the fatal shooting of a policewoman, the other two in the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine. One of the suspects in the siege at the grocery store, a 26-year-old woman, may have escaped.

France’s deadliest terror attack in at least two decades…
Shooting erupts at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo office in central Paris, casualties reported

01/06/15  One person was killed Tuesday when a gunman opened fire at the El Paso VA Health Care System in Texas, Maj. Gen. Stephen M. Twitty told reporters. Shooter, doctor dead following VA clinic shooting – “The alleged shooter is dead, and we have one casualty. That casualty is deceased. All other VA patients and staff are safe,” he said.

PUBLIC DOMAIN UPDATE: FBI Says Doesn’t Need Warrant to Spy on Cell Phones In Public… 

Iran claims foiled Israeli hit on nuke scientist…  PRESS TV Schedule Audio Stream Watch Live

Secret Nazi nuclear bunker discovered in Austria by …

N. Korea Calls Obama a Monkey  The Rolling Stones Monkey Man (Live) – OFFICIAL
North Korea issued a statement on its official state news agency on Saturday denouncing Sony Pictures Entertainment’s release of the movie “The Interview.”N. Korea calls Obamamonkeyin hacking row – WKOW… It called President Barack Obama the “chief culprit” who forced the production company to “indiscriminately distribute” the picture.   The United States is hitting North Korea with a new set of economic sanctions after determining the country was behind last month’s computer hack at Sony. The White House said new rules would prevent leaders in North Korea’s government from accessing property and entering the United States. North Korea, which has denied involvement in the Sony hack, was already subject to a strict set of U.S. economic restrictions. The FBI has maintained that North Korea was behind the broad computer breach at Sony, despite evidence from some technology experts that points, instead, to former employees of the studio.  Obama orders sanctions on NKorea for ‘SONY hack’… Pubblicity Stunt   FREEDOM TO MAKE CRAP!
Congress demands answers on mysterious cell tower interceptors…
Smart grid powers up privacy worries…

Monkey brings electrocuted friend back to life…

F O U N D…    Indonesian searchers using sonar equipment have located wreckage from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 at the bottom of the Java Sea, a search and rescue official told CNN on Wednesday. Wreckage, bodies reveal jet’s fate days after it disappeared…   At the moment, they still don’t know if it’s in one piece or broken up, said the official.  Attention turns to cause of crash…

VIDEO: Reporter gets high while reporting on burning pile of heroin… 
Canadian Cannibal Found Guilty Of Murder…
From Iraqi mountaintop, a fierce battle to free IS-held town…

Women tortured, raped, sold into sexual slavery…
Embed Journalist Blames Bush…

12/25/14 GMT   CDC: Dozen scientists may have been exposed to Ebola in Atlanta…  A technician from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be monitored for three weeks after possibly being exposed to the Ebola virus at one of the agency’s Atlanta labs, the CDC says. Lab error…  This is not the first incident in which the transfer from one lab to another risked exposure to potentially deadly material. In June, a CDC lab failed to ensure that anthrax samples were inactivated before transferring them to other labs. Feds give emergency approval to new test kits… None of the dozens of lab workers involved were infected. But an investigation by the Department of Agriculture found that dangerous biological materials had been stored in unlocked refrigerators and that there was a general failure to follow safety protocols.QUEEN ‘TOUCHED’ BY EBOLA WORKERS…
Gandalf’s Flashback: Remember how the FBI and government prosecutors destroyed a Texas Tech professor for making a mistake? Split Verdicts in Texas Trial Of Professor and the Plague Hear what happened to other researchers that made similar mistakes from the BBC. Listen now to Discovery Biosafety As mistakes involving deadly pathogens come to light, what lessons will be learned?
In LubbockThe Case Against Dr. Butler – CBS News Dr. Butler was questioned for nine hours, and his lab and his home searched … to sign a statement that he had “accidentally destroyed” the vials — Trial gears up in professor, plague scandal | Lubbock Online Former professor sentenced in case of missing plague vials FBI Agents Testify in Texas Tech University Professor’s Trial … Professor sentenced in plague-vial case – NBC News


  Lost In The Twilight Zone!   MH370 SHOT DOWN     Lost In The Twilight Zone!
12/23/14  US military ‘shot down MH370’ claims former Airline boss…

…           MH370: Radar Detected UFO Before Jet Goes Missing …
Apr 23, 2014 – The search for the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues, but to no avail, mysteries still hover over the disappearance of the ..

FLASHBACK  03/30/14 MALAYSIA: Search for missing jet continues as families demand explanations MISSING PLANE VICTIMS 23,000FT UNDER THE SEA Flight 370 “ended” in southern Indian Ocean, prime minister says CBS News KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A new analysis of satellite data indicates the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed into a remote corner of the Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Monday. Related Malaysia Airlines » Indian Ocean » Malaysia » ‘They have told us all lives are lost,’ Flight 370 passenger’s relative tells CNNCNN What’s next in the Malaysia Flight 370 investigationUSA TODAY In Depth:Missing jet crashed in ocean, Malaysia saysBoston Globe Live Updating:Malaysia Airlines MH370: Wikipedia:Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 See all 3,404 sources » Related Malaysia Airlines » Indian Ocean » Malaysia » BBC News Flight #MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysia’s prime minister announced after giving new satellite information: Nothing There! Airline CEO Admits Plane Was Carrying Dangerous Cargo… Search planes dispatched Thursday to examine an area where Chinese satellite images showed what might have been debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 found nothing, officials told CBS News. Satellite images may show missing Malaysia plane debris UPDATED 03/10/14The Twilight Zone WITHOUT A TRACE! Day 3. Tickets linked to stolen passports for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were purchased by an Iranian man, authorities say. At least two people on board the plane were traveling on passports stolen from an Austrian and an Italian. According to Thai police officials, an Iranian man by the name of Kazem Ali purchased the tickets for two friends who he said wanted to return home to Europe. While Ali made the initial booking by telephone, either Ali or someone acting on his behalf paid for the tickets in cash, according to police.

12/18/14 GMT.   China Tests ICBM With Multiple Warheads…  

Si Cigars!
President Barack Obama announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease economic restrictions, a shift he called the end of an “outdated approach” that “for decades has failed to advance our interests.” Speaking from his own country, Cuban President Raul Castro lauded the move: “This expression by President Barack Obama deserves the respect and recognition by all the people, and I want to thank and recognize support from the Vatican.” Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was harshly critical of the move: “By conceding to the oppressors, this President and this administration have let the people of Cuba down.”  Back Tracking   Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was harshly critical of the move: “By conceding to the oppressors, this President and this administration have let the people of Cuba down.” Go Castro Let’s Roll Dude!

in the school attack in northwest Pakistan….‘Revenge’ for Nobel Peace Prize…
have been killed……126 killed…
The Taliban stormed a military-run school in northwest Pakistan, gunning down at least 126 people — most of them children — in one of the bloodiest attacks in the country’s history.‘Burn teacher alive in front of pupils’… 

    The man who had held hostages in a Sydney, Australia, cafe for nearly 16 hours is Man Haron Monis, has been shot dead. AUSTRALIA: Live: Hostages held in Sydney café siege over, leaving three dead. Explosives are being removed and hostages are being interviewed by authorities. Several hostages were taken to the hospital.   Hostages Held in Sydney Siege. Watch LIVE 7 NEWS…
Suicide bomber attacks French school in Afghanistan

  SYRIA – ISRAEL: Israel launches airstrikes near Damascus airport, Syrian state TV says

ADOPTS THE NAZI METHOD OF OPERATION:  UK: UK approves mass surveillance as privacy battle continues

WWII Revelations: WW2 Never Ended!

C2C:  In the first half of Sunday’s show, renegade historian Douglas Dietrich revealed information about WWII not told to the American public. He asserted that the FDR administration provoked Japan into the attack on Pearl Harbor in order to get the US into war, and pull the country out of the Great Depression. Further, WWII did not end when people think it did– its official end didn’t arrive until 1952– before that time the United States and Japan were legally at war, he noted.

The various oppressive governmental measures and encroachments that we see today got their start with FDR and the Pearl Harbor attack, Dietrich continued, citing how FDR placed Japanese American citizens, as well as many Germans and Italians into internment camps, revoked their citizenship, and seized their assets. The legacy of Roosevelt is that America has been in permanent war mode, and its citizens live in fear of eminent domain, and the trampling of their rights, he commented.

12/09/14.  FRANCE – USA: France agrees to $60 million fund for Nazi-era deportees

…. Cop Kills  NFL PROTEST OF THE WEEK… Get on the ground, put your hands behind your back, and don’t breathe. Got a spare cigarette?    NY mayor urges ‘peaceful protest’ Watch New … story developing. Agitators shut down NYC bridge during morning commute…   More unrest in Berkeley…   Explosives thrown at officers…    No charges in NY chokehold case   A New York grand jury decided against an indictment Wednesday in the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died after white police officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold that is not allowed by NYPD, according to two law enforcement officials. Footage of chokehold arrest The suspect turned victim declared he could not breath and was strangled until he collapsed in the street, where he was left unattended. No attempt to aid or to revive him was employed, eyewitness reports obtained from BBC. Daughter: ‘I was so distraught’

SYRIA : Raqqa airstrikes ‘hit more civilians than IS group targets’

Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who fatally shot unarmed Michael Brown in August, has resigned from the police department, his attorney told CNN. 

LOOTING FERGUSON ABLAZE LISTEN LIVE St. Louis County Police Scanner on USTREAM: This is an audio stream of the St. Louis County Police scanners. Ferguson PD RIOT-A RIOT-B RIOT-C RIOT-D RIOT-E…  POLICE SCANNER UPDATES…  USA: Clashes as Ferguson police officer not charged in teen shooting  

  NUCLEAR IRAN: Iran nuclear talks enter decisive final weekend  

    Paris confirms identity of French jihadist Maxime Hauchard in US aid worker beheading video   ……..    French jihadist’s mother says man in IS execution video ‘not my son’

Three of the men killed in today’s attack at a Jerusalem synagogue were dual Israeli-U.S. citizens and the fourth was a dual British-Israeli citizen, Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

FEDS RAID NFL  DEA conducted surprise inspections of NFL team medical staffs on Sunday as part of an ongoing investigation into prescription drug abuse in the league. The inspections, which entailed bag searches and questioning of team doctors by DEA agents, were based on the suspicion that NFL teams dispense drugs illegally to keep players on the field in violation of the Controlled Substances Act.


Secret Police Officers posing as students, business people, doctors, ministers…

Gestapo Students Terrified as Armed Police Burst Into Classrooms in Unannounced Drill…

AUSTRALIA: US, Europe blast Russia over Ukraine at G20 summit

On The Observers: Iran finally built a sophisticated drone! Well, maybe…

EXCLUSIVE: In Scathing Letter to Obama, Former FBI Assistant Director Slams Holder as “Chief Among Antagonists” in Ferguson

WETBACK BABY JESUS Violence: Illegal-alien kids run wild ….  PELOSI YOU ARE AN IDIOT, WHICH MAKES YOU DANGEROUS. …. Dems lash out at Pelosi… GET OUT! GO AWAY! ObamaCare Architect Thinks You’re Stupid; Pelosi Does Too


According to Russian officials …convinced Mr Putin’s … must moor its security interests to China … Euro-Atlantic security architecture is broken beyond repair.

  MEXICO: Suspects admit mass killing of missing Mexico students

ELECTION RESULTS Election Dump: DOJ Releases Hidden ‘Fast and Furious’ Docs…
“This production is nonetheless a victory for the legislative branch, a victory for transparency, and a victory for efforts to check Executive Branch power,” Issa said of the release. Holder contempt vote vindicated?

US MIDTERMS: Only in America… the creepiest midterm campaign videos

  Why Did They Ban Gandalf and Help Terrorist? UK SPY CHIEF: FACEBOOK IS HELPING TERRORISTS…    What, wait I am confused. I give up my liberties, (Patriot Act ) so FaceCrook can Aid and Abet the terrorist? Why do they continue to ban Gandalf?
            Because They Fear Him  Gandalf knows that they are setting up a world wide police state, complete with photos and personal information on everyone, including names and locations of friends and family. It is a world wide mug book to aid the Nazi bastards, Gandalf explained. Social media provide jihadis’ command and control…   That is why they will not ban terrorist from their media but will ban Gandalf instead. As far as they are all concerned in social media, privacy is not a right.

On The Observers: Video appears to show Egyptian army torturing civilians in Sinai desert

    A Mexico court has ordered the immediate release of Andrew Tahmooressi, a U.S. Marine reservist held since March on weapons charges, according to a statement from the Mexican federal government. Mexican Judge orders release of jailed Marine…

Mexico Is Looking For 43 Missing Students. What Has Been Found Is Truly Terrifying     Huffington Post  Members of the attorney general’s office and of the Mexican Navy search for human remains ..

DEAD MEN DON’T TALK Pentagon Warns SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Not To Go On FOXNEWS… 

REPORTERS – USA – Mexico: A danger-ridden border … Video
11 hours ago – It’s one of the most porous borders in the world. Each month, abetted by smugglers working with drug cartels, thousands of Hispanic immigrants….  Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows…

Mother of man killed by illegal: Obama ‘ignoring us completely’…
NYT: Immigration practices ‘face new scrutiny’ after twice-deported immigrant kills cops…
NYT: Immigration practices ‘face new scrutiny’ after twice-deported immigrant kills cops…
Spanish intelligence intercept Jiahdist plot to weaponize Ebola…


  Gestapo Nazi Bastards: UPDATE: FBI created fake news link infected with tracking software…
  Fascist SS  ‘Ploy violated AP’s name and undermined AP’s credibility’…
What Constitutional Bill of Rights?
Pigs: FBI agents under fire for posing as repairmen at Vegas hotel… Entering rooms without warrant…
Agency demands new powers to hack computers, carry out surveillance…

An unmanned rocket exploded early Tuesday evening. According to NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft were set to launch at 6:22 p.m. ET. VIDEO…  It was set to carry some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. “There was failure on launch,” NASA spokesman Jay Bolden said. “There was no indicated loss of life”   NASA Unmanned Rocket Explodes on Blast-Off…  

  Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.  No to Invasion – World Crisis Radio
October 25, 2014 [download audio]

The head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday that he’s ordered enhanced security at U.S. government buildings in Washington and other cities around the country. Secretary Jeh Johnson said the bolstered security presence is “a precautionary step” in light of “the continued public calls by terrorist organizations for attacks on the homeland and elsewhere, including against law enforcement and other government officials, and the acts of violence targeted at government personnel and installations in Canada and elsewhere recently.

SHERIFF JOE: 36% OF CRIMINALS TURNED OVER TO ICE ‘KEEP COMING BACK’…  President Obama’s “prosecutorial discretion” policy in immigration enforcement claimed two more lives Friday. Mexican illegal alien Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte murdered two police officers , and seriously wounded a motorist in the Sacramento area. The cop-killer had been deported twice, the first time for dealing drugs, but was living unmolested in a Salt Lake City suburb with his wife, also charged with the murders. ‘Prosecutorial discretion’ claims two more lives… 

Nurse Kaci Hickox was released from a New Jersey hospital after days in isolation and after testing negative for Ebola, according to her attorney. Hickox was put in isolation Friday after returning to New Jersey from a month in Sierra Leone. She told CNN the quarantine violated her rights.   A battle of words broke out Sunday between Hickox, who returned home … and the governor, with the nurse telling CNN that her “basic human rights have been violated” and that Christie was responsible.  

Quarantining health workers could worsen Ebola epidemic, officials say      Kaci Hickox, a nurse placed under mandatory quarantine in New Jersey, told CNN today the “knee-jerk reaction by politicians” was not well planned out, “and to quarantine someone without a better plan in place, without more forethought, is just preposterous.”   New York Governor Lays Out Ebola Rules: Mandatory Home Quarantine   Hickox, who was working to help treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, has tested negative twice for Ebola and does not have symptoms, she said. “This is an extreme that is really unacceptable and I feel like my basic human rights have been violated,” Hickox told CNN’s Candy Crowley on “State of the Union.” “To put me through this emotional and physical stress is completely unacceptable,” she said.   US envoy condemns Ebola response

BOWLING FOR EBOLA   A physician who recently returned to New York City from West Africa tested positive for the Ebola virus, a law enforcement official said. RODE SUBWAY HOURS BEFORE TESTING POSITIVE… Test show bowling balls are one of the filthiest things you can poke your fingers in Can You Get Ebola From a Ball?  and this guy goes bowling? Doctor With Ebola In NYC Went Bowling Last Night… 

  Gunmen opened fire in at least three locations in Ottawa, Canada, this morning , police say on Twitter. The shooting locations include Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial, and near the Rideau Centre shopping mall, according to police.  One person was shot at the War Memorial near Parliament, police say. Authorities are trying to figure out if there were two or three gunmen involved, said Marc Soucy of the Ottawa Police Service.  All Ottawa police buildings are on lockdown and are closed to the public, police said. Gunman dead in Canadian Parliament shooting; shots reported at other Ottawa sites…

Sweden hunts for mystery submarine
Two new sightings…

NATO Intercepts Russian Jets Over Baltic Sea…

TSA BYPASS  AIRBUS pilots stunned as ‘flying man’ whizzes past aircraft at 3,500 feet…    DID THE TSA TOUCH THE SICK NURSE? AND IF SO, THEN WHO ELSE DID THEY TOUCH?  GANDALF WANTS YOU TO KNOW: Hospital Had Screening Machine Military Using in Africa…  The second Dallas health care worker with Ebola was on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday — the day before she reported symptoms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today. TX health workers receiving orders to stay home…  Because of the proximity in time between the Monday evening flight and the first report of her illness, the CDC wants to interview all 132 passengers on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth, which landed at 8:16 p.m. CT Monday, the CDC said.  Alarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK… Mexico: We can come into Texas but … Texas Stay Out of Mexico … CARNIVAL cruise ship returning to dock in TX… after being refused entry into Mexico!

Dear Mom,
Czars were taken out of the loop during the American Revolution. So why are they in our government today? This piece of trash is a lawyer not a medical man. Obama’s New Ebola ‘Czar’ Does Not Have Medical, Health He should be a secretary to, of and for the people, and not a front for those bureaucrats.  Any Czar can go to hell as far as I am concerned, because I am not buying it.  PAPER: CDC Hiding Enterovirus Link To Illegals?

  The Drug Czar is another evil Nazi bastard. Waging war against Americans that exercise their God given right to use and grow pot. By doing so, he has destroyed the lives and the families of millions of Americans, all the while profiting from his most egregious endeavors. FACEBOOK hits DEA for fake account…  These mother f*ckers are traitors not Americans. They are conditioning us (“we the people”) to kiss their bodily fluids.
Your Loving Son of a Witch,
PS  WEST AFRICA: Video: Inside an Ebola health centre in Liberia

Gandalf: Why I am a Germaphobe
I saw how the Russians killed New Mexico’s US Senator Harold Runnels. They arranged for the US Senator to touch a radioactive substance used by the KGB to trace the activities of those they wished to follow. It left a trace of radioactivity on every door knob Senator Runnels touched while there on a peace making visit. The substance proved to be cancer causing and killed many US diplomats. Caution, watch what you touch and use preventive measures.
Ebola Patient’s Girlfriend Overwhelmed by Quarantine…
Pinkeye Was Only Symptom in Child Killed by Enterovirus…
Man dies from Marburg in Uganda…

Jurors in Florida found Michael Dunn guilty of first-degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Dunn was charged with murder after shooting into an SUV full of teenagers following a squabble over the music coming from the teens’ vehicle

Julia Pierson, the director of the U.S. Secret Service, has resigned , Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said. The resignation comes after security breaches involving the White House and President Barack Obama.

Riot Police Withdrawn from Hong Kong Protest Sites

The Hong Kong government said on Monday it has withdrawn riot police from city streets after pro-democracy protests began to calm down.

Militant in Beheading Videos Has Been Identified, FBI Chief Says
Holder resigning as attorney general after tumultuous term Fox News
Flashback: 04/25/14  Do You Feel Lucky Punk?  DEFIANT HOLDER: ‘I’M STAYING’…

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Egypt: Deadly blast rocks central Cairo, near foreign ministry

   CHP settles in videotaped beating of woman; officer to resign
A California Highway Patrol officer caught on video repeatedly punching a woman with closed fist … agreed to resign, 1.5 million dollar settlement.

SYRIAN WAR  All foreign partners participating with the United States in airstrikes on ISIS in Syria are Arab countries, a senior U.S. military official told CNN.  Tomahawk missiles launched from the sea initiated the strike, followed by bombers and fighters, an official said.  A military official said the strikes are meant to target the ability of the terror group to command and control, resupply and train.

  The U.S. Senate gave final congressional approval to President Barack Obama’s request to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS.   The U.S. House of Representatives approved President Barack Obama’s request to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS.  

RUSSIAN TROOP MOVEMENTS – S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI September 19. A strategic command and staff exercise code-named Vostok 2014 (East 2014) with about 100,000 troops participating began in the Eastern Military District on Friday, the Defence Ministry said.  About 100,000 servicemen, up to 1,500 tanks, 120 aircraft, 5,000 pieces of weaponry, military and special hardware, and 70 ships will take part in the exercises,it said.  Participating in the exercises will be Tupolev-22M3 bombers, Tu-95MS missile carriers, Ilyushin-78 tanker aircraft, Il-76 and An-12 transport planes, and A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft.  Mi-8, Mi-24 and Ka-52 helicopters, Su-24 bombers, S-25 attack aeroplanes, MiG-31 and Su-27 jet fighters, and the newest S-34, Su-30SM and Su-35S multirole aircraft systems will take part in the drills.  The manouevres involve units that participated in a snap combat readiness check in the Eastern Military District on September 11-18 when the troops were put on full combat alert, airlifted, and redeployed by rail and sea. Some units were transported as far as 4,000 km away.

U.S. officials never interviewed the fixer for American journalist Steven Sotloff about how he, Sotloff and three armed guards were abducted in Syria by purported ISIS fighters in 2013, the fixer, Yosef Abobaker, tells CNN’s Karl Penhaul FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said that the agency “is actively investigating the savage murder of Steven Sotloff at the hands of terrorists and will not discuss investigative details at this time.”

FRANCE: Video: Frenchman suspected of taking children to fight jihad

Nazi Bastards
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 broke apart in the air after being hit by a burst of “high-energy objects,” a preliminary report by Dutch aviation investigators said Tuesday. The Boeing 777 “broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside,” a press release accompanying the report said. “There are no indications that the MH17 crash was caused by a technical fault or by actions of the crew,” the statement said. Flight 17 came down in eastern Ukraine on July 17 in an area controlled by pro-Russian separatists. Of the 298 people killed, around two-thirds were Dutch.
Gandalf asks: Putin you jerk, was this part of your doing?It is one thing to fool with a female rock banc but entirely another to kill a bunch of kids and innocent people. Fool!

The U.S. military launched airstrikes targeting members of the terror group ISIS around Haditha Dam in western Iraq on Sunday, the Pentagon said.
NATO SUMMIT: Obama and Hollande call for ‘coalition’ to defeat IS militants
UKRAINE: Ukraine ceasefire threatened by artillery fire near Mariupol
FRANCE – SYRIA : Ex-hostage says Brussels shooting suspect was his captor in Syria

NATO – RUSSIA: Ukraine ceasefire condition of Russia warship delivery, says Hollande

  REPORT: 11 commercial jetliners missing after Islamist takeover of Tripoli airport…

  Fly Spy On The Wall  ARMY developing wing-flapping robot fly… – drudge report …

Pentagon Developing Hovering ‘Phantom’ Plane…


Video: Tunisian policeman assaults theft victim for “wasting his time”

     SYRIA: American ‘Islamic State fighter’ killed in Syria

      SHERIFF JOE: Obama Rewarding Criminals…

      Earthquake rocks northern California

   In a rare public appeal, the mother of ISIS captive Steven Sotloff made a direct plea to the terrorist group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, asking him not to punish her son for the actions of the U.S. government. “I ask you to please release my child,” Shirley Sotloff said in a video message broadcast by Al Arabiya Network today. Her son, a freelance journalist, appeared in an ISIS video showing the decapitation of American journalist James Foley. Gandalf suggests the Press find the leaders of ISIS and expose them, as well as those that finance them, so that all the world knows who they are and where they live. Clue: from out of the blue they were driving new trucks with new weapons in miles long columns.

ISIS Barbarians in a  beheading of American journalist James Foley     PAPER: Foley video with Briton was staged, experts say…

Orchestrated events
One has to wonder why the police withheld videos and evidence that the cop was assaulted until after all the riots and mayhem. Then after attacking the press taking cameras and shooting reporters with rubber bullets and arresting two reporters, they release the mitigating evidence and then we see …
A police officer from St. Ann, Missouri, has been relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely after pointing an assault rifle at a peaceful protester saying “I will kill you”, in Ferguson. Sources: Alex Jones and the St. Louis County Police Department. 
President Barack Obama said Attorney General Eric Holder will travel to Ferguson, Missouri, this week amid a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown.  

   Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed an executive order deploying National Guard troops to Ferguson. MISSOURI, USA: Violence flares in Missouri on second night of curfew  Nixon said Sunday night’s clashes prompted his decision. “Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard to assist Colonel Ron Replogle and the Unified Command in restoring peace and order to this community.”Some protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, threw Molotov cocktails at police and officers responded with tear gas on Sunday night, police said.

  On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people attended an often intense, two-hour “Justice for Michael Brown” rally at a local church. After day’s calm, storm erupts in Ferguson… 

  Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said today he had signed an order declaring a state of emergency and implementing a curfew from midnight to 5 a.m. in Ferguson,Gov declares emergency, imposes curfew…  the site of protests after the police shooting of an unarmed black teen and, more recently, looting of stores. More looting…  Nixon said that a “very few” in Ferguson decided Friday night to act in a way that had the “intent of committing crimes and endangering citizens. That is unacceptable.”Armed store owners fend for themselves… RAND PAUL: WE MUST DEMILITARIZE POLICE… terrorist cross our open border as our PENTAGON WEAPONRY CONFIRMED IS IN ST. LOUIS COUNTY… They make war on the we the people. Half a billion dollars of military gear given to local law enforcement — last year… Police attack press, assault, VIDEO … damaged cameras. 400 armored vehicles, 500 aircraft, 93,000 machine guns… Criminals with badges and military gear. POLICE CHIEF RIPS OBAMA‘DISCUSSING TACTICS FROM MARTHA’S  Americans is under attack by government forces. Congressman calls for martial law.. Peaceful demonstrations return.  The police officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen in a St. Louis suburb has been identified as Darren Wilson

 BRAZIL Presidential candidate dies in jet crash…    CIA on the scene?  Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos was among those killed today in the crash of a small plane in Santos, Brazil, the country’s state news outlet Agencia Brasil reported. The exact number of people killed in the crash wasn’t immediately known, but there were no survivors, Agencia Brasil reported.

AZ Sheriff: ICE tells us to release illegals, ‘treat them as any other citizen’…

 Protesters Lash Out at Obama, Sharpton ‘You Haven’t Changed Nothin. F*ck Y’all’…

President Barack Obama said U.S. forces are working with international partners to rescue Yazidis from a mountain in Iraq where they were stranded after advances by ISIS .  The U.S. military conducted airstrikes on ISIS checkpoints and vehicles to help protect Yazidi civilians, U.S. Central Command said in a press release. Obama also praised the Iraqi President for naming a new Prime Minister-designate , calling it an important step to unite Iraq’s communities. Outgoing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki earlier vowed to hang on to power..  

  Spy satellites fighting crime from space…  

FACEBOOK to Track Users Across Devices to Study Habits…
GOOGLE Satellites Will Zoom In ON FACES
Stress-Scanning Camera Detects Threats In Crowds…

  French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius arrives in Iraq for talks with officials in Baghdad and Arbil

Pentagon says U.S. military strikes ISIL artillery The U.S. military has begun a third round of airstrikes against ISIS “in area of Irbil,” according to U.S. officials. WATCH CNN: U.S. military aircraft have conducted a strike on ISIS artillery that had been used near Irbil, Iraq, Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said today on Twitter. The artillery had been used against Kurdish forces defending Irbil, near U.S. personnel, the tweet said.

Cambodia: Ex-Khmer Rouge leaders sentenced to life in prison

Facebook bans Gandalf for life.Some 25,000 users join class action suit against Facebook To learn more about Facebook use the search box on the upper right.

Border Patrol Agent: ‘These People are Coming Here to do Horrible Things’…
Cartels Using Children as ‘Shields’…
Sheriff: Mexican immigrant gangs ‘in military fatigues’ marching through south TX…

ISIS Captures Largest Christian City…

An American general was killed today after a shooter wearing an Afghan military uniform opened fire at a training facility in Kabul, Afghanistan, U.S. officials told CNN’s Jim Sciutto. At least 15 coalition troops, including other Americans, were wounded in the attack at Camp Qargha, Sciutto was told. Earlier the German military said one person was killed and 14 were injured. One of those wounded was a German brigadier general. The German military said the incident occurred during a “key leader” event. The Afghan Defense Ministry described the shooter as a “terrorist” and said Afghan soldiers shot him dead. …  GENERAL KILLED BY AFGHAN SOLDIER…

  American Nazi
Obama defends under-fire CIA director  
President Barack Obama has defended CIA Director John Brennan and acknowledged the US tortured prisoners after 9/11.  Memo reveals response to CIA ‘abuse’    CIA Director John Brennan apologized to the Senate Intelligence Committee today and admitted the agency spied on computers used by its staffers who prepared an investigation of the controversial post-9/11 CIA interrogation and detention program. CIA ‘searched US Senate computers’   The episode was the subject of an unusual public dispute between the panel and the spy agency over access to classified information.  The CIA had accused the committee staffers of getting access to internal agency documents and of improperly handling classified material.  The Justice Department looked into it at the request of the CIA and decided there wasn’t enough evidence of a crime to warrant further investigation.  But the CIA’s inspector general, a watchdog, found that some agency employees “acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding” reached between the intelligence panel and the CIA in 2009 regarding access to information, the CIA said in a statement.

…               MORONS TAKE A HOLIDAY         Voting almost entirely on party lines, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted 223-189 for legislation authorizing $694 million to deal with the influx of Central American children crossing into the United States.  The House bill isn’t expected to go anywhere because of Democratic opposition, including that of President Barack Obama.    House Republican leaders canceled a vote on the Republican border funding bill today after failing to muster enough GOP support to pass it.  This ensures that Congress will go on its five-week recess without sending the President legislation to address what both parties agree is a humanitarian crisis along the southern border.

  A $2.7 billion Democratic plan to respond to the immigrant influx from Central America failed in a Senate procedural vote . The Senate vote follows House GOP leaders’ earlier decision to postpone the start of their August break to see if they could get support for their own border bill.  The Senate has no plans to stay, meaning Congress would go on recess for five weeks without sending the President legislation to address what both parties say is a humanitarian crisis.

 …GENOCIDE IN THE MAKING ….  EBOLA TERROR AS PASSENGER DIES AT LONDON AIRPORT   Staff tell of fears as jet from Africa is quarantined after the death of passenger who was ‘sweating and vomiting’ before she collapsed …. A U.S.-contracted medical charter flight left Cartersville, Georgia, to evacuate two Ebola-infected American medical workers from Monrovia, Liberia, a source familiar with the travel plans told CNN.

…                                             THE KILLING DEALS
An unconditional humanitarian cease-fire will begin at 8 a.m. local time in Gaza, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced.  It will last for 72 hours unless extended, they said in a joint statement. During this time the forces on the ground will remain in place.  U.S., UN say Israel, Hamas agree to 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza

The Warehousing of Working Tax Paying Americans
     I really do not understand the lack of responsible action in defense of our Nation and her borders. Nor do I understand the lack of indignant rage pertaining to the imprisonment of our citizens through the enforcement of a prohibition which enables all of these self destructive circumstances to exist. This prohibition coupled with drug and human smuggling has brought on the invasive police state through Nazi like agencies, such as the CIA, NSA and DEA, which is perpetuating the fall of America and the lofty principles for which she stands. PAPER: Hundreds of dead border-crossers in single Texas county… Does it not make more sense to obliterate that which is causing this current state of affairs rather than succumbing to the forces it enables? Gandalf notes.Rancher shares grotesque photos…

Drudge Report hints Obama has the backs of MS-13 gang …
OBAMA: Muslims built ‘the very fabric of our nation’…

UPDATE: Jesse Ventura wins defamation suit against Navy SEAL sniper…
‘Homeland Security’ Agents Raid Home to Seize Car For EPA Reg Violation…

PEACE CORPS BAILS  CNN  The Peace Corps says it is temporarily removing its 340 volunteers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea due to an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.  A spokeswoman for the group said two volunteers have been isolated after coming in contact with someone who later died from Ebola.  Separately, two American aid workers working with Samaritan’s Purse who were infected with Ebola “have shown a slight improvement,” according to that group.

 US says Russia violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty with new cruise missile

The Republican-led House approved a resolution authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he exceeded his ex