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Lubbock Head Shops Collecting Data for DEA

 06/21/16  LOCAL HEAD SHOPS AND DEA… NEVER LET SHOPS SWIPE YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE IN THEIR CARD READER. SEE THE RELATED STORY DOWN BELOW. 04/19/17   DEA agents find $2M in cash, more than 270 lbs of weed and 30 guns in ‘massive’ bust … Continue reading

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The Mexican Invasion and Troubled War Strategy

     FIRE THE BASTARDS PACK YOUR BAGS: CONGRESS CONFIDENCE AT 11% REVEALED: Secret Gold Coin Tax Slipped Into Health Care Law… keep your hands off my stash BAILOUT REACHES $3.7 TRILLION… I want my money back! Gandalf…GOLDMAN reveals where bailout cash … Continue reading

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Not So Soft Microsoft!

Microsoft to patch shortcut bug Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-001: Vulnerability in Graphics … Windows Live Steals Gandalf’s Stats    Just As An External Investigation Was Getting Ramped Up From The Precipitous Of A Deputy Sheriff Being Arrested By The FBI, … Continue reading

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They Are Drawing Your Map

DETAILS/MAP…A Decade Later, Human Gene Map Yields Few New Cures… POLICE: He will reveal location of Natalee Holloway’s body…  see more below FAA under pressure to open skies to drones… Thousands Flee Kyrgyzstan Violence Clashes and Protests Reported in Iran … Continue reading

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Home> U.S. Sinkhole ‘Very Unstable,’ Lost Man’s Body Can’t Be Recovered, Authorities Say DROPPED DEAD   GS Lbk.Tx 03/03/13 GMT    Efforts to rescue a Florida man who disappeared Thursday night when a sinkhole opened under his bedroom are being discontinued, according … Continue reading

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