Mexico’s Drugs War

04/26/18   Another bloodbath in Cancun…
 04/22/18   Mexico murder rate soars with 7,667 killed in 3 months…     …   Tourists at risk? Cancun murders spike as drug cartels wage bloody turf war…       Mexican cartel leader sentenced to 43 years in US prison  04/11/18  CANCUN: 14 Murders in 36 Hours…   …    A LONG TIME IN THE MAKING   Violence in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos threatens Mexico’s tourism industry… 
   …   Mexico to send troops to stem violence after record 25,000 murders…   …   Mexico reports highest murder rate on record – CNN   …    Soaring levels of drug-related violence made 2017 Mexico’s most murderous year on record, according to government statistics released Sunday. There were 25,339 homicides in Mexico last year, a 23% jump from 2016 and the highest number since at least 1997, the year the government began … Mexico murders hit record high, dealing blow to president…
  Mexican journalist stabbed 21 times in front of his family…
In Route to Mexico   Panama on track for record illegal drug haul
11/15/17   Report shows how cartels infiltrating Texas…
  Morgues shut doors as ultra-violent Mexican state overwhelmed by bodies…  

NETFLIX producer unloads on Penn…
Own actions to blame if killed…
Put everyone in dangerous situations…

Fear as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to drone…
Narcos Location Scout Carlos Muñoz Portal Found Dead in Mexico
09/03/17  Expanding Violence  Wave of homicides overwhelms Tijuana…
‘El Chapo’ Guzman hires John Gotti Jr’s lawyer in U.S. case – Reuters
07/22/17   Meth Documentary the Cry for Justice  Watch  Ex-Mexican drug cartel leader gets 30 years in US prison – ABC News
Now it’s  Mexican Heroin in the  Bloody drug war…
VACATION MEXICO?  Showdown in Cancun: Narcos Take Their War Into Hot Beach Resorts…  
 WATCH: The wives of high-level cocaine traffickers reveal how their husbands took down ‘El Chapo’
  GRAPHIC: 74 Killed in Weeks-Long Cartel War near Texas Border  The raging cartel war for control of this city resulted in at least 74 officially-counted murders. Many more victims have been incinerated just south of the Texas border. In early May, Breitbart Texas began reporting on rival factions of the Gulf Cartel fighting for control of this border city. The continuing conflicts resulted in convoys of cartel gunmen roaming the streets looking for their rivals.
Mexico accused of spying on journalists and activists using cellphone malware…
  06/17/17  Gunmen rob busload of federal police officers in Mexico    
 05/15/17  Veteran journalist Javier Valdez killed in Mexico’s Sinaloa MEXICO CITY – Javier Valdez, a veteran reporter who specialized in covering drug trafficking and organized crime, was slain Monday in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa, the latest in a wave of journalist killings in one of the world’s most dangerous … Rash of media murders highlights deadly threats in Mexico – ABC News
Have we forgotten about the world’s second deadliest conflict …
On World Press Freedom Day, Mexico Is Still Failing Its Journalists in Face of Deadly Violence: Report
Mexico’s lower house approves medical uses of marijuana
The New Iron Curtain  EL CHAPO Act proposes funding Trump wall with cash from drug lord …
Mexico to Battle Border with Environmental Lawsuits…
Violent street gang MS-13 puts Long Island towns in its grip…
The whole truth is not in this story. Gandalf has the rest of the story below. GREAT AGAIN: FEDS ARREST MURDER SUSPECT IN ‘FAST AND FURIOUS’ SCANDAL…

04/05/17  US Appetite for Mexico’s Drugs Fuels Illegal Immigration   Customs and border patrol officers monitoring the San Ysidro port of entry in California in February. Some $300 million in cash has been seized at ports along the southern border heading into Mexico since 2008 

03/14/17 Mexican official: 250 skulls found in clandestine graves…  

02/03/17  MEXICO SEES 22% MURDER SURGE…   

El Chapo: What We Learned at Federal Court Appearance – Rolling Stone …

 Penn and El Chapo  …  see story below.

01/20/17 US Prosecutors Outline Case Against Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo

DEA MADE ME DO IT.    Notorious Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Charges

01/19/17  El Chapo, Mexican Drug Kingpin, Is Extradited to US  Mexican extradition judge murdered, story and video of shooting on 10/19/17 below. El Chapo, Mexican Drug Kingpin, Is Extradited to US …   Developing  Extradited ‘El Chapo’ Guzman arrives in US; hearing Friday   Drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been extradited to the United States, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry says.  Mexico says Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzman has been extradited to the US

 Cancun becomes scene of raging cartel violence…


Quietly marks 10 years of drug war…

11/26/16  Mass grave discovery raises hopes for families of Mexico’s 43 missing students …

REPORT: Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens…  Gandalf: Zetas, they were trained in Israel?

11/11/16  Mexico’s ‘avengers’ backed by public sick of crime and lack of punishment  It was still dark when four men boarded the packed commuter bus heading for Mexico City and ordered the passengers to hand over their valuables.They gathered up mobile phones and wallets, but as they prepared to leave near the town of Toluca, one passenger stood up, drew a pistol and shot the four assailants, killing their leader instantly.The three injured robbers stumbled off the bus, but the gunman followed them out and shot them dead at the roadside. Then he returned to the bus, handed back the passengers’ belongings and disappeared into the darkness.

10/19/16 Graphic Video Warning  Judge presiding over ‘El Chapo’s’ case shot, killed while jogging outside home

10/18/16 US extradites Mexican-Chinese businessman Zhenli Ye Gon

 08/14/16  Mexico marijuana fair pushes for drug to be made legal

  05/22/16 Mexico  Police, soldiers swarm Acapulco, killings continue…       

 05/20/16  Mexico OKs extradition of drug lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzman to US  05/08/16  ‘El  Chapo’ transferred to prison in Juarez, near US       (CNN) Only the shallow waters of the Rio Grande and a couple of miles separated Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman from American soil Saturday.

04/24/16     04/24/16  Mexico missing students: Government ‘hampered’ independent inquiry

 04/02/16   Mexico: evidence of large fire in which at least 17 bodies were burned found

.   03/12/16  Mexican actress challenges Penn's account on Chapo...  01/20/16 Powerful 'Fast & Furious' rifle found in 'El Chapo' cache...  01/13/16 PENN DEFENDS INTERVIEW WITH MEXICAN DRUG LORD... Freedom of the press.
Couldn't keep mouth shut... Keep your mouth shut and file your report.
Inside El Chapo's Lair... Mexican authorities want to question actors Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo about Penn's interview with drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a senior Mexican law enforcement official told CNN. Penn held a secret meeting with Guzman in October in a mountainous Mexican jungle, Rolling Stone reported. The interview took place three months after Guzman made a dramatic escape through a tunnel under his shower in a Mexican prison. 
Sean Penn Secretly Met ‘El Chapo’ in Jungle Hideout...
01/08/16  Drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman will be extradited to the United States, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office has announced  Mexico recaptures drug kingpin ‘Chapo’ Guzman – Yahoo ...

01/03/16  Cars torched outside U.S. consulate in Tijuana… More than 100,000 people have been killed or gone missing in a nearly a decade of drug violence nationwide.Mexico mayor assassinated one day after taking office…

   12/28/15   Mexico: parents of 43 missing students protest  The parents of 43 college students who disappeared 15 months ago protested in Mexico City on Saturday (December 26) demanding to know what happened to their children.

  12/14/15  The Staggering Death Toll of Mexico’s Drug War | FRONTLINE

11/18/15  Vincente Fox predicts ALL DRUGS will be legal in Mexico… Earlier this month, the Supreme Court approved growing marijuana for recreational use … ruled that it is unconstitutional to prevent people from smoking marijuana.  

11/07/15  Hitler, “That’s how you do it!.” ‘El Chapo’ could be in Argentina, security official says

10/17/15  REPORT: ‘El Chapo’ escapes, but injured after clash with Marines…  

10/12/15    Mexico releases file on 43 students   

 10/01/15   Mexico extradites 13 drug cartel suspects to US

   AMERICAS – 26/09 15:39 CET
Mexico: vigil marks anniversary of 43 students’ disappearance
A vigil has been held to mark one year since 43 students disappeared in Mexico. The country’s attorney general said they… Rally for missing Mexico students

07/12/15   El Chapo Guzman, Sinaloa Drug Cartel Kingpin and CIA Asset
Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman escapesCNN  Mexican authorities have launched a manhunt to finddrug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, …
Massive Manhunt for Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo,’ Who Escaped Prison Using Tunnel ABC News
Mexican drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ escapes from prison (again) USA TODAY
Mexican drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ escapes from prison (again)
USA Today- Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, a top Mexican drug lord, escapedSaturday from a maximum security prison, security officials said.
Mexico: Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Escapes; Manhunt …
– Mexico mounted an all-out manhunt Sunday for its most powerful drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who escaped from a maximum ..

06/20/15  update,   Mexican police arrest gang member in case of 43 missing …
Six months since the disappearance of the 43 Mexican …
2014 Iguala mass kidnapping – Wikipedia, the free …

Officials: Mexico shootout leaves dozens dead  Washington Post MEXICO CITY — A shootout between members of a powerful drug cartel and Mexican …
About 40 Dead in Shootout in Western Mexico Cartel Area: Official
Mexico: 43 dead in 3-hour firefight on ranch in west U.S. News &World Report? –
More news for Gun battle in mexico with cartel with over forty dead
Mexico: 43 Dead in 3-Hour Firefight on Ranch in West – ABC …
ABC News 24 mins ago – At least 43 people died Friday in what authorities described as a fierce, three-hour gunbattle between federal forces and suspected drug gang gunmen on … the drug cartel that dominates the area where the battle erupted and has grown …. Mom Jailed Over Son’s Circumcision Dispute Agrees to Procedure.

About 40 Dead in Shootout in Western Mexico Cartel Area …
40 Are Killed in Gun Battle in Mexico –

 03/30/15   Mexico: Guerrero students in ‘hijacked bus’ clash with police

02/09/2015 MEXICO: Argentine experts question Mexico missing students probe      

06/02 23:25 CET Dozens of bodies found in Mexican abandoned funeral home Police in Mexico have opened an investigation after dozens of rotting bodies were found in an abandoned crematorium near ….

02/05/15   Mexican newspaper editor kidnapped, beat up, released…    

01/16/15  20 State Officials Investigated in Mexico Military Slayings

Mexican mayor faces charges in kidnapping of 43 students

Mexico Under Siege | The Drug War at Our Doorstep – Los …

Mexico to issue birth certificates for citizens at US consulates   The Mexican  government will issue birth certificates to its citizens at consulates in the United States to make it easier for them to apply for a U.S. work permit, driver’s license and protection from deportation.

12/07/14  MEXICO: Remains of one of Mexico’s missing 43 students identified

Election Dump: DOJ Releases Hidden ‘Fast and Furious’ Docs…

Holder contempt vote vindicated?

Mexico arrests infamous Juarez cartel leader, ‘El Viceroy’


Mexican Gov’t Paying to Help Shield Illegals in USA from Deportation..
Immigrant children describe horrors of journey…

Murdered Students Abduction, dirty cops are open secret in Mexico
On The Observers: Protests over missing Mexican students erupt into violence
Mass grave found in Mexico after student protesters go missing
Video: Mexican town fears more violence in wake of ‘massacre’
New mass graves found at Mexico student massacre site
MEXICO: Bodies in Mexico mass graves ‘probably’ missing students 
Mexican Terrorism ….Guerrero state Gov. Angel Aguirre said the victims had been “savagely slaughtered.” Mass Graves Found Near Mexico Town Hit by Violence – WSJ – Mexican officials said they had found mass graves with an unknown number of bodies in six pits Saturday in one of Mexico’s most violent states where 43 students were kidnapped.  At a Saturday night news conference, Guerrero State Attorney General Iñaky Blanco said the discovery of the mass graves was linked to the disappearance of the students from a local teachers’ college last weekend.

Oct. 02, 2014  Mexico arrests drug lord Beltran Leyva posing as businessman

Open Border Terrorists Try to Stop Deportations …

08/04/14   Mexican mayor shot dead in Jalisco

 Dozens of bodies found in Mexican mass grave…

06/03/14  Mexican Invasion at Our Expense
OBAMA: Children pouring across Mexican border ‘urgent humanitarian situation’… Plug the hole and pull the foreign aid.  Offers no plan for ‘unaccompanied alien children’… We need to deduct the cost of this invasion from the aid we give Mexico, as she unloads her criminals and other human liabilities on us Costing Taxpayers Billions…
    Gandalf  declares

 05/11/14 The Second comes to Mexico
News for mexico drug war vigilantes RT (blog)
Mexico to transform vigilante forces formed to oust drug cartel  Mexico’s government on Saturday began demobilizing a vigilante … ANALYSIS | The ‘get Shorty’ course change in Mexico’s drug war.
Mexico legalises vigilantes, handing weapons to farmers in
Papa Smurf’s army: Mexico turns vigilantes into police force
More news for mexico drug war vigilantes

04/29/14   Mexico begins disarming vigilantes

03/29/14  Mexico: Hundreds of children abandoned en route to USA…

   Sheriff Joe: Deportation numbers ‘smoke and mirrors’…
Fast and Furious – Sharyl Attkisson  ATF Manager Shared Fast and Furious Info with White House.

  FEB 22, 2014    Mexico’s Most Wanted Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Captured…

  Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, one of Mexico’s most-wanted drug lords, was arrested in a joint … ( <ZZZZZZZ#~~~Reached mythic status… ) … Mexico-U.S. operation in Mazatlan, Mexico, a U.S. official told CNN. Gandalf has observed a high percentage of DOJ attorneys from Washington DC vacationing there in Mazatlan this time of the year.  Mexico’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord Captured — 2nd Update
Wall Street Journal – MEXICO CITY–Mexican Navy marines captured Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, the world’s most powerful drug lord, in a predawn raid Saturday on a modest condominium in the western resort of Mazatlan, officials said.
Related Joaquín Guzmán Loera » Mexico » Sinaloa Cartel »
Mexican president confirms capture of most wanted drug lordXinhua
Drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman busted in MexicoNew York Daily News
Highly Cited:Three things to know about nabbed ‘El Chapo’CNN International

Court Upholds Laptop Searches Along Border…
Border regions of Mexico threaten secession over tax hikes…

Mexico: Acapulco Revisited
It was once known as “the pearl of the Pacific”, a magnet for Hollywood stars and tourists alike. Today, Acapulco is a paradise lost, a war zone for rival Mexican drug cartels. Its all-pervasive violence has made it one of the most dangerous cities in the world. But local businessmen have launched a massive campaign to promote the brighter side of the city… and tourists are beginning to return.

Mexico captures third man linked to killing of U.S. border agent…
(Reuters) – Mexico has arrested a third man wanted over the 2010 murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent whose death drew attention to a botched operation to track guns smuggled to Mexico that embarrassed the U.S. government.

News Results for Queen of the Pacific arrested
VIDEO: ‘Queen of Pacific’ arrested in Mexico BBC
Drug ‘Queen of the Pacific’ returns to Mexico
US deports ‘Queen of Pacific’ BBC
More news articles »

  Mexico’s new government continues with old drug war strategy Fox News MEXICO CITY – With the capture of two top drug lords in little more than a month, the new government of President Enrique Pena Nieto is following an old strategy it has openly criticized for causing more violence and crime.   Mexico captures Gulf Cartel leader
Bodies found in Mexican drug war zone Taipei Times Online
Mexico‘s new gov’t follows old drug war strategy Sify · More news articles »

US angry over release of Mexican drug lord U.S. law enforcement officials expressed outrage over the release from prison of Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero and vowed to continue efforts to bring to justice the man who ordered the killing of a U.S. Drug.Mexican druglord Rafael Caro Quintero released after 28 years in …
Drug lord, Rafael Caro Quintero, released – US outraged Mexico set …
Rafael Caro Quintero, infamous Mexican drug lord … – CBS News

Drug Kingpin Is Captured in Mexico Near Border
New York Times (blog) Written by  Randal Archibold
The leader of one of Mexico’s most violent and feared drug organizations, the Zetas, was captured Monday in a city near the Texas border, an emphatic retort from the new government to questions over whether it would go after top organized …

Cartel leader captured in Mexico
Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, head of the brutal Zetas drug cartel, has been captured in northern Mexico, the government says…. Q&A: Mexico’s drug violence
Gang split raises bloodshed fears

FAST AND FURIOUS  The lying Nazi bastards got another good man killed. Holder you have blood on your hands. Who is held accountable? Gandalf knows the real criminals in this case. Dirty scum and dirty deeds used by any means, law or no law.   Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program…  ATF, the same morons that did Waco.  Today Marks The 20th Anniversary of the Waco Fiasco – Hit &Run
I am beginning to think you guys are dumber than you think I think you are. No, I know it. Gandalf seks justice for all….

  WASHINGTON—A high-powered rifle lost in the ATF’s Fast and Furious controversy was used to kill a Mexican police chief in the state of Jalisco earlier this year, according to internal Department of Justice records, suggesting that weapons from the failed gun-tracking operation have now made it into the hands of violent drug cartels deep inside Mexico….
Mexican ex-governor gets 11 years in US for money laundering

IN-DEPTH: Is the border secure?  

We Were Set Up – NOGALES, Mexico (AP) – An Arizona woman held in a Mexico jail for a week after federal police said they found 12 pounds of marijuana under her bus seat was freed and returned to the U.S. They set her up. The arresting soldiers did not show in court and surveillance cameras show she did not carry the pot on the bus. Her only items were two bottles of water and her peruse.
Woman freed from Mexican jail heads back to Ariz. 
I Gandalf have been saying this for decades, end the prohibition.
Recall effort against Sheriff Joe fails…

How the Sinaloa cartel won Mexico’s drug war | GlobalPost
Mexico’s Drug War – Council on Foreign Relations
Mexico’s Drug War – Stories, Photos, Videos – Mexico Under Siege …


Mexican memorial to drug war victims unveiled

Mexico’s AG says no motive yet in US car shooting   MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s attorney general says authorities have yet to determine a motive in the alleged attack by federal police officers on a U.S. Embassy vehicle that wounded two CIA officers six months ago..

SPRING BREAK HORROR: 6 killed in bar shooting in Mexican resort of Cancun…

REPORT: Dozens killed during drug cartel shootout in Mexican border town... 

BIG SIS: US borders have never been stronger…

01/30/13 REPORT: House, Holder near deal on Fast and Furious contempt…

10 bodies found in Mexico where band went missing

 Crooked Cops    
French ‘kidnap’ woman to be freed
Mexico’s Supreme Court decides that Florence Cassez, a Frenchwoman jailed for 60 years for kidnapping, is to be released immediately… Update: FRANCE – MEXICO : Freed Frenchwoman Florence Cassez arrives home Gandalf cheers!!!!

Deputy US marshal accused of blowing agent’s cover –

 Beauty queen killed in gun battle between soldiers, drug traffickers in Mexico New York Daily News  – 380 related articles »   CULIACAN, Mexico — A 20-year-old state beauty queen was killed during a running gun battle between soldiers and the gang of drug …

11/14/2012  Border Patrol under scrutiny for deadly force    Dirty Dealing  Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins Bought Guns from U.S. Border Patrol  MEXICO RECONSIDERS DRUG POLICIES AT BORDER AFTER STATES LEGALIZE POT…
New York Times
Mexico Confirms It Killed Gang Kingpin; Gunmen Steal Body
MEXICO CITY – The Mexican Navy confirmed on Tuesday that it had killed Heriberto Lazcano, the founder and the principal leader of the Zetas, one of the most violent criminal gangs to terrorize the country in years.
  Cops stop famed illegal alien; Feds let him go…

Mexico Deploys Forces in Death of Politician’s Son  Jose Eduardo Moreira, a 25-year-old … shot to death … on a rural road outside the town of Ciudad Acuna, across the border from Del Rio, Texas. The victim’s father, Humberto, was the state’s previous governor and also…

Drug cartel’s radio network, 300-foot tower found in Mexico…

 FEDS QUIETLY DROP ALL CHARGES AGAINST SHERIFF JOE…  REPORT: Mexico arrests another suspect in border agent’s murder…   (AP) MEXICO CITY — Mexican federal police announced Friday that they have arrested a suspect in the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, the slaying at the center of the scandal over the botched U.S. gun-smuggling probe known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Acapulco ‘drug cartel boss’ held

Colombia’s ‘queen of cocaine’ Griselda Blanco killed … first Colombians to smuggle cocaine from Colombia to the United States …Colombia’s ‘Queen of Cocaine’ assassinated in Medellin

Drug reform movement finds home with Mexican activists in Texas

UPDATE: 12 Mexican policemen held over US embassy car shooting…Mexico police fire on US staff

FAST AND FURIOUS GUNS RETURN FIRE?  3 U.S. Marines shot in Mexico…
REPORT: Gunmen fired from ‘Mexican federal police vehicle’…
Armored US vehicle ‘riddled with bullets’…

Fake Mexican TV vans conceal $7m

Gandalf recalls they were using these on the border before the wars  US testing surveillance balloons that proved effective in war zones along …

A civil lawsuit filed Monday by House Republicans asks a federal court to enforce a congressional subpoena of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in his refusal to turn over documents sought in an investigation by a House committee into the failed Fast and Furious gunrunning operation. HOUSE SUES HOLDER

MEXICO Mexico Fines HSBC $28 Million in Laundering Case

 Mexico leftist claims vote-buying list  The confirmed winner of Mexico’s presidential election on 1 July,  Enrique Pena Nieto, has hired the former director of Colombia’s police force, Gen Oscar Naranjo, to help him fight the cartels...Mexico gunbattle leaves 11 dead   Gandalf notes, the police state drug war was a scam to take our rights.  The result of this prohibition with war is the loss of  55,000 lives in Mexico and countless violent deaths inside the U S suffered on  all sides, including the innocent.  Make it legal and this crap will go away by attrition. End the war on drug users..Gandalf continues to hear rumors of china building up a weapons stash in Mexico and the BahamasNews: Latest drug tunnel discovery nets 40 tons of pot
he Associated Press
It was the second, major incomplete tunnel discovered in the San Diego-Tijuana area in two days and the third along the U.S.-Mexico border …Mexican army discovers 2 “narcotunnels” near US border
More news for mexico tunnels discovered »
BBC News – Sophisticated US-Mexico ‘drugs tunnels’ discovered
Mexican and US agents discover two tunnels under the US-Mexico border, believed to have been constructed to smuggle drugs. That may not be all that is coming down the pipe….Gandalf alerted
Third sophisticated drug tunnel found on US-Mexico border in 1 …
..Mexico newspaper stops drug war coverage after grenade attacks…

Official count confirms Pena Nieto win in Mexico

Partial recount in Mexico polls

Mexico’s national election authority says they will recount 54.5% of the votes cast in Sunday’s presidential election after discovering “inconsistencies” in some of the ballots.
Political stand-off continues
Next president’s task
Mexico in numbers

Pena Nieto Bets on Pablo Escobar Nemesis to Win Mexico Drug War
Losing Mexico candidate defiant

PRI’s Enrique Pena Nieto declares victory in Mexico presidential election

APNewsBreak: US, Mexico Disagree Over Border Fence

GUNBOATS  ON THE RIO GRANDE War on the water: The weapon-laden gunboats sent down the Rio Grande to hunt down Mexico’s violent drug smugglers Drug War Texas rolls out gunboats to combat violence spilling over river border with MexicoLaw enforcement officers working along the US-Mexico border are stepping up efforts to respond to what is in effect a war going on south of the border, where drug cartel violence has spun out of control. Mexican drug cartels’ ‘splashdown’ Watch01:53

Brother of Zetas cartel leaders held in Texas jail
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A man accused in an alleged scheme to buy and train racehorses to benefit the Zetas drug cartel was ordered detained Tuesday in Texas after a judge suggested he might flee to Mexico if released.

   SHOW AND TELL  OK, so here is the guy shown with grenades, weapons and a lot of money but wait, it is the wrong guy.  This is a used car salesman. So who do the props displayed in the photo belong too? GANDALF
In less than a day, the episode has transformed from an apparent coup against one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels to a major embarrassment for President Felipe Calderon’s administration, our reporter says. US agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, were among those that had applauded the arrest. More than 55,000 people have died in Mexico in drug-related violence since President Calderon declared war on the cartels nearly six years ago. Mexico arrests ‘wrong drug lord’
Drug Kingpin’s Son Is Arrested in Mexico

  The Associated Press HOLDER SUES SHERIFF JOE…
Holder you are the criminal, a liar, and a gun and dope dealing murder. I hope Joe kicks your ass dude, and if he fails, the real Americans standing by, will clean your clock…Gandalf goes into a fast and furious rage……‘Clean your own house, before you come trying to clean mine’… Globe and Mail

U.S. Braces for Mexican Shift in Drug War Focus
Next time Holder comes to Lubbock…  Gandalf Skeptical Lubbock FBI Terrorist Arrest.. we REPORT: ‘Mole’ inside DOJ… will must have an interview. …
Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to Operation Fast and Furious…
REPORT: ‘Mole’ inside DOJ…

More bodies found in Mexico town
Fourteen decapitated bodies are discovered in Nuevo Laredo in northern Mexico, hours after nine bodies were found hanging from a bridge.

 Documents Show Team Holder Provided Hand Grenades To Mexican Gangs….

General shot dead in Mexico City
Truck driver takes wrong turn, hauls 268,000 rounds of ammo into Mexico…
America has a starring role in the drug war in Mexico in ‘Murder Capital of the World’
Why Mexico’s violence is America’s problem

Armed guards escort tours of National Park on Mexican border…
Feds let Mexican gun-running suspect go…
Documents Reveal New ‘Fast and Furious’ Twist
ATF agents released federal gun-running suspect during botched operation
Read the Issa and Grassley Letter Sent to DOJ
Eric Holder Suggested ‘Brainwash’ Against Gun Interest in 1995

Four students killed in Mexico BBC News – Mexican policemen killed after beheadings   Mexican police have found dismembered bodies of four teenagers in the central city of Cuernavaca.

 CONFIRMED: Stray bullet that hit woman in TX came from shootout in Mexico…   Pushing baby stroller…

3 gun-trafficking suspects sentenced for guilty pleas to weapons charges DALLAS – Three Texas men whom federal officials say were linked to a gun used in a US agent’s death in Mexico were sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to weapons charges. Top Juarez cartel figure sentenced to life in US 

US lawmaker seeks answers after State Department error releases Mexican …A former Mexican government official wanted for embezzling millions was arrested in Texas this month, then promptly ordered released by the State Department in a case that has one lawmaker demanding answers.  Gandalf notes: 

BBC News – Mexico drug war deaths over five years now total 47515   Mexico’s defense secretary acknowledges errors in drug war “Of course there have been errors… he said … “In some regions of the country, organized crime has appropriated …the state…In these [areas] … public security has been totally overtaken.”    Napolitano acknowledges ‘lots of mistakes’ in Fast and Furious gun …  House memo: Entire Fast and Furious mission was a failure

Mexico prison riot was cover for jailbreak, officials say

Prison riot in Mexico leaves at least 44 dead  MONTERREY, Mexico – A fight among inmates led to a prison riot in northern Mexico that killed 44 people Sunday, a security official said.

Mystery disease kills thousands in Central America…  

Texans on wrong side of border fence grow anxious 

Mexican Governor got Millions in Drug Cash
Feds seize 200 weapons in busted smuggling ring    Woman Deported to Mexico; Feds Take Custody of Her Four Children… 

Gandalf’s Staff is seeking information on DEA agent Bob Robertson working in the Lubbock, Texas office on May of 1988..This agent was one of the Travis Ware goons that removed tapes and evidence relating to the Lubbock District Attorney and the office during an illegal raid.  One may post any information in the comments section below. 

DEA admits involvement in “Fast & Furious” gun running to Mexico

Anonymous announces CIA hack I just had a CIA flashback…  Videos for 2008 cia jet crashes with cocaine

AFP: Mexico drug plane used for US ‘rendition’ flights: report  

Holder: I Knew Nothing About ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun-Walking…
To Puerto Rican Rep: ‘Wherever you’re from’…  

Slain border agent’s family alleges lies over ATF gun program
2 Texas missionaries slain in violence-plagued area outside northern Mexico …

SHOWDOWN: Issa threatens Eric Holder with contempt…   House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) threatened Tuesday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress if the Justice Department did not provide certain documents in response to the committee’s subpoena

HOLDER: ‘Nobody at DOJ lied’…
Lying ‘has to do with your state of mind’…
These bastards need to go to jail in Mexico!…Gandalf…There is nothing more dangerous than a criminal prosecutor.  Like Travis Ware, Holder should to go to jail for a long time. ATF gun-running operation aimed at making case for tougher gun laws…
 David Berry: A century later, we’re still addicted to prohibition  The first international drug treaty was signed a century ago this week. So what was the war on drugs like in 1912? Opium age  TENSE…  OBAMA HAS HEATED ARGUMENT WITH AZ GOV…. DEVELOPING…  MEXICAN BORDER MORE DANGEROUS THAN AFGHANISTAN…  Federal official in Arizona to plead 5th in Fast and Furious case…  
The Mexico drug war: Bodies for billions –…  There are kingpins with names like the Engineer, head-chopping hit men, dirty cops and double-dealing politicians. And, of course, there are … Mexican Army Says It Has Arrested Head of Security for Drug Cartel Chief ‘El …Chapo” Guzman, ..captured in the Culiacan and will be presented to the media Monday  Border agents seize 7 tons of pot in 5 days – Houston Chronicle EDINBURG — U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector say they have seized more than 7 tons of marijuana in five days. …  US to reduce troop levels on Mexico border…  American Border Patrol Report — In a stunning video, Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, spells out exactly what the border problem is and how it can be …American Patrol Report © — Citizenship – Sovereignty – Law

Lawmakers to Open an Inquiry on Undercover … – New York Times … Republicans said they wanted more information on a Drug Enforcement Administration case in which agents laundered and smuggled drug …
U.S. Drug Agents Launder Profits of Mexican Cartels – New York Times … U.S. Agents Launder Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels … As it launders drug money, the agency often allows cartels to continue their operations …  US Drug Agency Launders Drug Money in Sting Ops: NYT  The New York Times published a front page article this weekend on how the US Patrick Corcoran writes that the money laundering fight may never be enough InSight Crime – 65 related articles »  
Justice Dept. Fast and Furious emails show disagreement over response to Grassley
  More than 1000 pages of frenzied email exchanges were fired back and forth among Justice Department officials, as they weighed how to respond to initial inquires about the gunwalker scandal.
 DoJ makes ‘rare exception’ to explain deception…
Withdraws inaccurate letter it sent to Congress…
Docs raise more questions about Fast &Furious…
Issa says Holder ouster is up to White House… 
  This nazi instead of stepping down is trying to grab more power.  Long have I said  DEA,  ATF, FBI, CIA, DOJ and DHS  are a bunch of evil bastards.  They lie, they steal, they deal and they kill. Their pockets are full of cash.  I did stalk them for years and I get it.  I got them, and I am very angry at the nature of this deception, because it is we the people that eventually suffer.  You really have no idea. Gandalf

DIRTY MONEY International banks have aided Mexican drug gangs
Despite strict rules, some banks have failed to ‘know their customer’ or ask about the source of large amounts of cash, allowing billions in dirty money from Mexico to be laundered. 
International banks have aided Mexican drug gangs

Raul Salinas de Gortari, brother of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, used a maze of accounts in U.S. banks to secretly transfer millions of dollars to Switzerland in the 1980s and ’90s, when he was a middle-ranking bureaucrat. No criminal charges of money-laundering or illicit enrichment were filed against Salinas. (Associated Press)
         Mexico says it foiled plot to sneak in Kadafi son
Authorities say four people are held. They allegedly aided Saadi Kadafi’s bid to set himself and three relatives up in an oceanfront estate in Nayarit state.
  How the Post revealed the failed plot to smuggle Saadi Gaddafi into Mexico  Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear   California considers state-level amnesty for illegals… US lawmakers push for better treatment of illegals — in Mexico!

Arizona Lawmakers Say They Will Build Border Fence
AP FILE 2011:PHOENIX – Arizona is taking on immigration once again, with lawmakers collecting donations from the public to put a fence along every inch of the …  26 bodies found in abandoned vehicles in Mexico…
 Illegal immigrants suspected in 30 border fires in AZ…  Armed illegals stalked Border Patrol…   Poppy crop crackdown in Mexico Watch01:32

Huge Pot Haul Seized in U.S.-Mexico Border Tunnel  Authorities find 17 tons of pot in border tunnel, making it one of most significant drug passages ever found   Mexican Interior Minister, 7 Others, Killed in Helicopter CrashNov. 12 (Bloomberg) — Mexico’s second-highest leader after the president was killed along with seven other people when a helicopter crashed south of the capital yesterday.

Holder shares apology letter with press before slain agent’s family…
Family breaks silence…
 Torture surges in Mexico’s drug war, rights group says MEXICO CITY — Human rights activists accused Mexico’s military and police Wednesday of engaging in widespread torture, including the use of cattle prods and … Report: Mexico commits rights abuse in drug war  Alleged smuggler back within weeks after deportation   Man busted smuggling $1.6 M in drugs after being deported

Justice Department Sues South Carolina Over State’s Strict Immigration Law
official knew of ATF “gunwalking” in April 2010
Authorities Arrest at Least 70 Suspected Drug Smugglers in Major Bust in Arizona
| AP Oct. 31, 2011: TV cameramen shoot footage of seized evidence after several law enforcement agencies announce a bust on a major drug smuggling ring in Arizona.
 Border Battle: Mexican drug cartels operating in Colo.
Refugees of Mexico’s Drug War Struggle to Find Safe Haven in the US
70 members of ‘billion-dollar’ drug gang arrested, official says
Record number of illegal immigrants deported
  Immigration officials deported nearly 400000 illegal immigrants last year – more than half of them with criminal records, according to new data released Tuesday.

ATF FBI DEA CIA  Guns and Drugs
    Evil bastards have played “We the People” for  suckers ready to be harvested into an awful police state of tyranny.  I don’t like being lied to and played for a fool, while my government engages in mass murder using my tax money and in my good name…that’s just the way I feel about it. Nothing fans the flames of rath more.  Gandalf ..Holder ends press conference after questions on Fast and Furious… .USA Today
House Committee to Subpoena Holder in ‘Fast and Furious’ Probe
  The House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee is planning to subpoena Attorney General Eric Holder this week to determine who in the Justice Department knew about “Operation Fast and Furious” — the plan to let thousands of guns sold in the US …
   Ariz. sheriffs seek new probe in gun case A majority of Arizona’s county sheriffs on Friday called upon President Obama to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the government’s botched gun-smuggling case known as Operation Fast and Furious.   Issa to Holder: Admit you knew…
Holder changes story…
DoJ quietly demotes ATF officials involved in Fast and Furious…
White House screams, swears at reporter for covering scandal…
  ATF shuffles personnel amid Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal: “We’re …  Accessory to Murder
WHouse quietly releases new documents on secret gun-running operation…
Reveal extensive communications between WH and agent in charge…
Still withholding…
 The Necessary Evils of Drug Investigations on Mexico Border  Reports of FBI agents allowing drugs to be smuggled over the Mexican border, and working for years with a top Sinaloa Cartel operative, hint at the fundamental ambiguities of the drug war, and the challenges that the authorities face when trying to sort fact from fiction.TEXAS AGRICULTURE COMMISSIONER TODD STAPLES TESTIFIES BEFORE …   U.S. agents find rocket launcher near Mexico border  BORDER CONTROL ARCHIVE  Hanging corpses carry threat to Mexico Internet users… The bloodstained bodies of a man and a woman were found hanging from a bridge  REPORT: Mexican federal police cross into USA, fire shots at hunters…  The idiots have started this with their prohibition.  This major assault on civil liberties is costing us dearly.  I have had enough. Fire the bastards, clean house before those in power take our nation down. This last decade has been a total loss to the average American, now in trouble and looking for a leader to correct this most precarious situation.  Gandalf  Mexico’s drug-war refugees – GlobalPost A growing number of Mexicans are applying for asylum, fearing either corrupt police, drug cartels or both. The U.S. has long been reluctant to …   White House received emails about Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation
Demotion comes amid probe into botched gun-running operation…
Kept on payroll…
US Atty for AZ resigns…
You nazis are going down!..reassigned? “Fired!” should be more like it and yesterday too.  All your pension, retirement, must go to the familles of your victims and you go to jail,   Do not pass GO…DO not collect $200 …Gandalf  … What a bunch of morons. I remember WACO and the ALAMO!    Shake-up follows flawed ATF anti-cartel project  WASHINGTON – The acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was reassigned Tuesday and Arizona’s top federal prosecutor resigned in the midst of ongoing inquiries into a
   Mexico’s Drug War Why Mexicans are not going home… Drug war sparks exodus of affluent Mexicans to US …our involvement … open borders … chronic unemployment…prohibition… Justin Akers Chacon: U.S. making Mexico drug war worse …  Texas to Begin Deporting Foreign Convicts  Federal judge halts Alabama immigration law

 casino fire ‘got out of control,’ suspects tell police   53 dead in attack on casino in northern Mexico   BBC News VIDEO: Dozens die in casino attack Feds bust Iraqi-Mexican drug operation in CA…  Alabama judge casts doubt on harsh new illegal immigration law numerous lawsuits collectively launched by the Obama administration, national civil rights groups, and state church leaders…   OBAMA CANCELS DEPORTATIONS OF ILLEGALS…    Times
‘Fast and Furious’ guns at more crime scenes
 ATF Promotes Supervisors Of Fast And Furious Gunrunning Scandal  Mexico uncovers tunnel beneath US border…
Legalizing marijuana would hinder the multi-billion dollar empire
Mexico nabs alleged hitman linked to 900 killings
 Entire Police Force in Northern Mexican Town Gives up, Quits over Attacks…
Mexican military chopper mistakenly lands in Texas…
 Justice Department Sues Alabama Over Immigration Law…   Mexican ‘admits 1,500 killings’  U.S. returns 33 Mexican troops — found in Texas…   Police chief in Ciudad Juarez claims Mexican feds tried to kill him
Study: Mexico homicides rose 23 percent in 2010
Zetas cartel suspected in slaying of Mexican mayor

 Report: Phoenix ATF Kept Mexico ATF Out of Loop Regarding ‘Fast and Furious’
 The Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms allegedly kept ATF agents in Mexico out of the loop about a botched gun trafficking investigation that resulted in numerous weapons going to Mexico’s drug cartels with almost 122 weapons
Related ATF »  US sting operation lost track of smuggled guns These lying bastards, they need to go to jail over this.  Crooked jerks have no regard for the law or human life, and all of this at our expense in tax dollars, costing the lives of many.  Fire these criminals and lock the murderous punks up, give their retirement to the victims and the surviving families….. Gandalf
Guns from U.S. sting at Mexican crime scenes: reportReuters
How Mexican killers got US guns from ‘Fast and Furious’ operationChristian Science Monitor

Mexico federal police to leave violent border city
  ‘Fast and Furious’ guns show up at dozens of crime scenes…  Issa: Obama admin intimidating witnesses in ATF probe…  Bold Mexico smuggling scam has Texas commuters jittery
 Migrant reports reveal sophistication of drug cartels  DEA: 1900 Mexican cartel members nabbed in drugs, money probe“..20-month US investigation…operation “Project Delirium.” US Federal Court Employee Killed in Mexican Border City It is not just a drug war.  At Border, Teacher Becomes Unwitting Drug Smuggler  It is a revolution, a destabilization of Mexico, a  guerilla war, brought on by an American prohibition, law enforcement and corruption. Mexico cartel issues booklets for proper conduct – An organized crime group calling itself the Knights Templar is distributing booklets saying it is fighting a war against poverty, tyranny and injustice, publicly appealing to hearts and minds in a part of Mexico where the ..‘The Knights Templar’: Mexico’s newest drug cartelPictures of the latest objects seized by the police in the Mexican state of Michoacan, revealed that the mysterious ‘Knights Templar” drug cartel is more bizarre than most people imagine.
More Mexicans fleeing the drug war seek U.S. asylum  Mexico drug war claiming more child victims  A stuffed bear lies over a child’s grave at the children section of the San Rafael cemetery in Ciudad Juarez, July 17, 2011. By Miguel Angel Gutierrez MEXICO CITY – Once largely spectators to the deaths of hitmen, police and innocent bystanders, … Slain kids cast larger shadow on Mexican drug war Mexican Drug War » Ciudad Juárez » Illegal drug trade »  Mexican troops find underground drugs lab
US Court Interpreter Killed in Mexico After Being Held for Ransom

58 Arrested in Mexico pot case  Mexico City – A total of 58 people have been arrested in connection with the discovery last week of the biggest marijuana plantation in Mexico’s history, the Attorney General’s Office said.  Mexican Army »  Mexican army burns crops of huge marijuana farm Mexico: 58 Arrests for Largest Marijuana Farm Ever
Drugs hitman aged 14 on trial after beheading four victims AP A teenage boy who confessed to beheading and then disembowelling at least four men in the Mexican resort of Cuernavaca has gone on trial accused of working as a hitman for one of the country’s most notorious drug cartels. Acused Teen Hitman On Trial In Mexico Accused teen hitman for cartels goes on trial
7 Caballeros Templarios cartel members arrested in Mexico
Mexico City – Seven people linked to the Los Caballeros Templarios drug cartel, including the boss of a group of gunmen employed by the criminal organization, were arrested by the Federal Police, the Mexican Public Safety Secretariat said.
   Consulate Warns Cartels May Target Border Ports  U.S. warns of possible attacks in Ciudad Juarez
11 Police killed in ambush in northwest Mexico
Gun-smuggling cartel figures possibly were paid FBI informants
Mexican army prepares to destroy 300 acres of pot

euronews e
uronews  Mexican troops torch marijuana crops
 US warns of bombs at Mexico border crossings  Major Drug Busts Reveal Vast Scope Of Mexico’s Cartel Networks
US to require more gun-buyer information in border states  Gun dealers in states bordering Mexico will have to report whenever they sell more than two semiautomatic rifles to someone in a five-day period.
US to monitor arms sales near Mexico border AFP
New Reporting Rules on Multiple Sales of Guns Near Border New York Times
KPRC HoustonPittsburgh Post GazetteThe Associated PressDaily Beast all 455 news articles »

Arrested in Mexico: Illegally Detained While Gangsters Go Free
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico – This week, four men were convicted for their role in the “Villa Salvarcar Massacre”, the now infamous case in which young people – mostly teenagers – gathered at a birthday party on the outskirts of Juarez on January …
Biker Chicks Help Poor in Violent Mexican Border City Latin American Herald Tribune
Millions of pounds of marijuana stashed under ‘tour buses’ seized in U.S. …
By Daily Mail Reporter An illegal drugs gang stashed marijuana worth around £23 million under bogus tour buses and smuggled it into America in a massive trafficking ploy.
10 decapitated, 31 fatally shot in Mexican cartel war
The gruesome find of a woman’s severed head on the hood of an abandoned truck in northern Mexico – left as a bloody calling card, leading police to 10 decapitated bodies inside – caps a weekend of drug cartel violence, reportedly killing more than 40.
US goes after agents working for drug cartels CBS News
Headless in Houston RenewAmerica The National Interest Online (blog)

Strategy PageThe AustralianThe IndependentProvidence Journal all 19 news articles »
Mexico captures US-born Tijuana drug lieutenant
MEXICO CITY (AP) – Federal police have captured a US-born drug lieutenant who joined the Tijuana cartel after a crackdown on the notorious Arellano Felix brothers caused the group to splinter and emerge with a younger leadership, officials said Monday …
Drug suspect wanted in San Diego is captured in Mexico
Mexico Captures Drug Kingpin Latin American Herald Tribune
 More than 30 people killed in just 24 HOURS as drug wars in Mexico continue
At least 20 killed in Mexico bar, officials say
Mexican cartels using RI sites as outposts

Napolitano sets plan to curb Mexico border drug smuggling This woman is a Nazi criminal that needs to be thrown in jail for failing  her sworn duty to uphold the constitution, invading our privacy, violating our rights and  assaulting our children at airports as they try to exercise their right to travel freely in the good ole USA.  She has not a clue when it comes to the concept of liberty.  Hitler would love this (&$#@!)…Gandalf US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano attends a news conference at the OSCE headquarters in Vienna July 1, 2011. By Tim Gaynor NOGALES, Ariz (Reuters) – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday rolled out the Obama … all one has to do to end this nonsense is repeal the prohibition and get down to the serious crime. Unsuspecting travelers used in Texas drug-smuggling scheme, says FBI this is one of the oldest tricks in the book but now it has a new twist, GPS tracking, A big brother tool now used against him.  Gandalf ATF implicates FBI in Mexico gun-trafficking probe   The embattled head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told congressional investigators that some Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by his agency in a gun-trafficking investigation were paid informants for the FBI … Mexican drug cartel message to US agents: ‘We are going to chop off your #$&@ heads’…   Alleged Zetas Cartel Leader Captured by Mexican Police The federal police captured a reputed founder and senior leader of the Zetas drug gang who may be connected to the killing of an American agent earlier this year, Mexico’s security ministry said Monday.  Texas warns Americans to avoid Mexico border town…  US citizens in Ciudad Juarez prison lose appeal against drug convictions
Revamped Mexican anti-drug strategy focuses on Zetas
Authorities Find 2300 Pounds of Marijuana in Fake DirecTV Vehicle
Mexico troops detain hit man linked to mass graves

 Gunmen kill Mexico police chief in his office
Police commanders help Mexican cartel, report says
Mexican ex-presidents lead debate on legalizing drugs
  Whistleblower: ATF Wants To Fire Me Over Scandal  AZ Sheriff: Why More Troops at Korean Border Than U.S. Border?  Project Gunrunner | Kenneth Melson | ATF Resignation | The Daily …investigation points much higher than ATF director  Acting ATF director dismisses speculation he’s quitting   When law no longer applies… Two senior federal law enforcement sources say acting ATF director Kenneth Melson is expected to resign under pressure, perhaps in the next day or two, amid the ongoing controversy over the “Fast and Furious” operation in which straw buyers were allowed to illegally purchase large numbers of weapons, some of which ended up in the hands of cartels in Mexico. Exposed: The secret guns sting that backfired on the US…   How much damage did ATF’s ill-fated gun-running sting do to war on drugs?  On the night of 14 December 2010, Agent Brian Terry was in the Arizona desert as part of the highly trained and specially armed Bortac unit, described as the elite paramilitary force within the US Border Patrol. The group engaged in a firefight, and Terry was killed. While this death might have become just another violent act associated with drug trafficking along the border, one detail has propelled it into a high-stakes confrontation between the Obama administration and the US Congress: weapons found at the scene, AK-47s, were sold into likely Mexican criminal hands under the auspices of a covert operation of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).The war on drugs’ bitter blowback  The Mexican Drug Cartels Are A National Security Issue The US and Mexico have categorically rejected a recent report from the high-profile Global Commission on Drugs, which claims that the US-led war on drugs is a colossal — and costly — failure.Gotta Watch: Mexico’s drug war US lawmakers are now calling for tougher firearms regulations after a report showed that more than 70% of Mexico’s drug cartel weapons come from the United States.  Mexico’s Nationwide Crime Crackdown Captures 3,700   Mexican Gang Moves Into Guatemala  US ops too, developing. 
23 Bodies dumped in southern Mexico
Cuidad Juarez is all our futures. This is the inevitable war of capitalism …
Mexico’s Tales of Bus Passengers Forced to Fight to the Death
  Corruption a problem at Customs and Border Protection, agency head says Cartels Have 14000 Armed Men in Just 2 Mexico Cities, Official says Mexican Guns Tied to US Members of the Mexican Navy lined up suspects and recovered weapons last June after a raid against the Zetas drug cartel in northern Mexico. DOJ in ‘Panic Mode’ Over Gunrunner Hearing Fox News
Too Fast, Too Furious? Guns In Mexico Stash Traced To ATF Ahead Of Issa Hearing TPMMuckraker all 60 news articles »
  The 8 Most Dangerous Border Towns in America

Global war on drugs has ‘failed’  Mexican police arrest alleged head of La Familia cartel

The global war on drugs has “failed” and legalisation would be a better option, according to a new report by group of politicians and former world leaders.
Will legalising marijuana fix California’s problems?
Drugs laws around the world
The price of Mexico’s ‘drugs war’
Top doctor urges drugs law review
 Mexico Mass Graves: 73 Suspects Charged in 183 Deaths
War on drugs has failed claims global narcotics watchdog
 Police arrests 15 Zetas cartel members, 10 police who aided them in central Mexico  Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Marine Veteran 60 Times …   Police break up Arizona-Mexico drug smuggling network   Mexico mass graves of 219 signal major cartel rift  Gunmen Kill 2 Teenage Girls in Mexican Border City  Mexican police catch Gulf drug cartel leader  Mexican cartels turn to the friendly skies to smuggle drugs using ultralights    500 Migrants in Two Tractor Trailers: Why Mexico’s Drug Cartels Are Moving    Mexican Drug Cartel Suspected in Decapitating 29…  
US cattle inspectors leave Mexico amid drug war
 Border Patrol finds tunnel under U.S.-Mexico border
 REPORT: Top Mexican Drug Kingpin Killed…
…nicknamed ‘El Brad Pitt’
Teen girls trained as cartel killers…
Mexican army arrests suspected drug boss and police ally
Mexican soldiers arrested a suspected drug boss and a police chief accused of protecting him on Thursday, blaming them for much of the violence terrorizing tourist towns near Mexico City. In an early morning swoop, …  Related Felipe Calderón » Drug cartel »  Mexico Leader Lauds Nation’s Safety at Tourism Conference  Mexico First-Quarter GDP Grows Less Than Calderon Forecast  In Depth:Drug war graves unveil drama of Mexico’s disappeared
 Soldiers unearth 11 more bodies from ‘narco-graves’ in northern Mexico …
Mexico’s plea to president: end the bloodshed
  Thousands protest Mexico’s drug war with 4-day march (Photos) volving Mexico …
Gunbattle on US-Mexico Border Lake Kills 13
   Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state…   US Ambassador to Mexico sets date to depart  70 Guatemalans missing in Mexico  Want to know where all that money we gave Mexico to fight the drugs war went?  Bank Of Mexico Buys 100 Tons Of Gold In February, March after all it was free money
New murder record in Mexico: More than 1400 in April  Intimidation spilling over the border with Mexico  Report: Mexico, Egypt no longer have a free press
US, Mexico Agree on Actions to Curb Cross-border Drug Trade
EDITORIAL: Obama’s gunrunning hypocrisy
Clash in northern Mexico leaves 6 gunmen dead, 2 soldiers wounded
Mexico extradites drug kingpin to the US
 6 more bodies in Mexican border pits; total at 183  Travel to Mexico: Feds finally acknowledge extreme danger…   Gandalf’s Staff  warned you years ago…Vacation Mexico part 1  Five beauty parlour victims had their throats cut in Acapulco, Mexico  Body parts found in upscale Mexico City district  US Issues Renewed Travel Advisory For Mexico  MEXICO WANTS TO SUE U.S. GUNMAKERS…  Mexican drug war toll rises with mass graves  Mexican Drug Gang Crosses Border…  CA’s Criminal Alien Population Leaps…   Mexico Tamaulipas body count rises to 177   26 Bodies found in northern Mexico  New Mexico official denied bail on gun-running charges   Mexico: Sixteen Police Officers Arrested in Los Zetas Drug Cartel …  Drug Baron Held Over Mass Graves 16 police officers arrested in connection with Mexico mass graves‎  Mexico state police chief sacked  

 U.S. should legalize drugs, says former Mexican president Fox Reuters – Jorge Duenes, Tim Gaynor “As a country, we are going through problems due to the fact that the United States consumes too many drugs,” Fox, who served as Mexico’s president from 2000-2006, told reporters Monday night before a speech at the Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce … Drugs war ignites Mexican fury at US indifference The Citizen Daily Vicente Fox’s Thoughts on Osama bin Laden, Border Violence MyFox

22 Zeta suspects held in Mexico mass graves probe 
MEXICO CITY – Twenty-two suspected Zetas drug gang members have been held in the latest arrests over the killings of 145 people found in mass graves this month in northeast Mexico, the justice ministry has said. Video: Arrest in Mass Graves Near Texas Border
Judge orders cops in Mexico mass graves case held in custody
Thousands Across Mexico Call for New Strategy in Drug War

Restore our Border plan from the Arizona Cattle Growers Association
Mexico Cartels: Terrorists or the USA Gun Market’s Valued Customers?   Body count from mass graves in Mexico rises to 145  Zetas drug gang blamed for mass grave in Mexico   Arizona border city gets new Mexico fence   Smugglers improvise ramp to drive over border fence Half a million dollars worth of marijuana was seized from smugglers who used a portable truck ramp to illegally enter the US from Mexico early Thursday  Mexican drug smuggler convicted in hit-and-run killing of Border Patrol agent  Over 100 dead bodies found near US border explain threat over Mexico travel  Bodies Found In New Mass Graves Located In Mexico      39 killed in Ciudad Juarez in four days  Mexican mass grave complex reveals 88 bodies   Mass Graves Raise Concerns About Brazen Gangs Kidnapping Mexican Migrants  Probers find human bones, teeth in Mexico secret mass grave  Search goes on for mass graves in northern Mexico
Mexican drug cartels targeting and killing children
Official: Mexican cartels hiring common criminals
Mexicans discover mass graves while protesting drug war  Pentagon: Central America ‘deadliest’ non-war zone in the world
Court upholds judge’s ban on Arizona immigration law

Doomed Jobs American Truckers
Truck driver »

This will put a lot of hard working American truck drivers out of work. It is bad enough when you see the cost of fuel and operations that has made making a living at this profession next to impossible. With more jobs leaving the country every day this is a move in the wrong direction. I do believe the truckers will eventually strike over this, the repercussions you can well imagine. Where is Jimmy Hoffa when you need him? GandalfUS would permit Mexico trucks in 3-year program

WASHINGTON, April 8 (Reuters) – Long-haul trucks from Mexico would be allowed to operate throughout the United States for up to three years under a pilot plan aimed at reviving a politically sensitive trade program stalled for years.
DOT makes cross-border pitch San Antonio Express
Truckers: Opening Border To Mexico Is Irresponsible PR Newswire (press release)
Texas (blog)Arizona Republic
all 32 news articles »
 EYE SPY:   It is a little after midnight 04/05/11 in Lubbock as I write this, there is a mystery aircraft circling over my head.  The surveillance is on again.  Lubbock lost Reese Air Force base and now Cannon AFB is being expanded?  This article does not mention what new airplanes will be stationed at Cannon or what they will be used for. Cannon Air Force Base expanding   I have observed drones over Lubbock flying at night from Cannon following drugs from Mexico. So when one in Lubbock sees surveillance over the Hub, one can thank Cannon AFB for the intrusion. I do not think the Constitution of the United States allows the military to get involved in civilian affairs. This drug prohibition is illegal to start with and the United States Air Force violating the Constitution is not acceptable. This is a civilian matter with the government trying to impose its will on the people, which we resist. Right or wrong this shall not pass. Gandalf …ALSO SEE DRONES IN MEXICO BELOW War-zone drones piloted from Cannon AFB
7 – Cannon Air Force Base – Media Gallery
General Atomics MQ-1 Predator – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

72 bodies at burial site as Mexicans seek missing MATAMOROS, Mexico (AP) – Pablo Cote dialed his father’s cell phone for 24 hours after he failed to return from a business trip to San Fe… all 952 news articles »
13 more bodies found in Mexico mass graves   The bodies were found in a different spot in the state of Tamaulipas than graves where 59 corpses were found earlier. Authorities found those bodies while investigating kidnappings of bus passengers.
More bodies discovered in mass graves in Mexico CNN
13 Bodies found in new mass graves in northeastern Mexico Fox News
The Associated PressAFPMonsters and Critics.comWikipedia: 2011 Tamaulipas massacre all 952 news articles »
Bones found in Mexico pit used by ‘body-dissolver’ | AP Jan. 25, 2009: Mexican drug suspect Santiago Meza, known as ‘El Pozolero,’ or ‘The Stew Maker, is presented to the media in Mexico City.
Bones found in Mexico pit used by body dissolver Atlanta Journal Constitution all 94 news articles »

Fox News
Smugglers improvise ramp to drive over border fence 
Half a million dollars worth of marijuana was seized from smugglers who used a portable truck ramp to illegally enter the US from Mexico early Thursday morning. Border agents cite pressure not to detain illegals Washington Examiner
Border patrol agent ‘tried to smuggle 745lb of marijuana over the border from

Mexican cops checking abductions find mass graveMEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexican security forces searching for abducted bus passengers in a violent northern state bordering Texas have stumbled…
CBS News

Dozens of Bodies Are Found in Mexico  MEXICO CITY—The bodies of about 60 people were found in mass graves on a ranch in northern Mexico Wednesday, marking both one of the grizzliest finds by Mexican police this year and the second time scores of dead were found in the
Mexican cops checking abductions find mass grave
Mexico: Mass Grave Discovered
Reuters India
Thousands across Mexico protest drug violence

Mexico’s new plan to crack down on drug money: you can keep some

Greeley Gazette

River of Guns Flowing to Mexico… from the ATF?
Greeley Gazette – Mike Bauman By Mike Bauman Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s recent visit to the United States has refreshed the debate about the alleged “river of guns” that is flowing into Mexico from the United States.
Why is Mexico’s Calderon silent about the ATF Gunwalker scandal?
Border safety issues crop up again as Issa’s probe into ATF’s Project …
The Columbian all 13 news articles »
Opposing Views  
DEA chief: Mexico cartels’ reach affects the world Mexico (AP) – Countries around the world are concerned about the increasingly global reach of Mexican drug cartels, the head of the US Drug Enforcement Administration said Tuesday.
Mexico’s Last Stand    Going to work, MMA fighter gunned down at US-Mexico border
6 Cops die in shootout with gunmen in eastern Mexico
AFPOpposing ViewsMarketWatch all 220 news articles »

9 killed as gunmen, authorities clash in Mexico
AP VERACRUZ, Mexico – A clash between police and suspected cartel gunmen killed six officers in Mexico’s southeast, just hours before a shootout between soldiers and gunmen in Acapulco on Monday left three people dead and ended in a fire that destroyed
     2 Americans killed at Tijuana border crossing                                    
Thousands are missing in Mexico says CNDH

Relatives of the disappeared hold vigils to draw attention to their plight. A Mexican human rights organisation says thousands of people have disappeared in Mexico since 2006. Mexico’s human rights commission, CNDH, said 5,397 people had been reported missing since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels. A United Nations study has suggested the security forces may have played a part in the disappearance of some of those missing. Mr Calderon has deployed 50,000 troops as part of his war on the cartels. Continue reading the main story
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Mexico report into mass kidnaps
Mexico’s army pays cost of drugs war
Mexico struggles with drug ‘war’

Disparity in border security under review
Mexico’s Street Gangs Following Cartel Violence Blueprint 
Suspect arrested in slaying of U.S. agent in Mexico
House subpoenas ATF documents in agent’s death  Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican, heads that House panel that wants documents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the decision to “walk guns to Mexico in order to follow them and capture a bigger fish.
‘Fast and Furious’ White House gun control

  Fox News
Did the Obama White House Authorize Gun Smuggling into Mexico?
House panel subpoenas ATF for documents on gun program

Issa subpoenas ATF in gun probe
Mexico arrests 4 suspects in mass kidnapping

U.N. urges Mexico to get military out of law enforcement
UN Tells Mexico To Withdraw Army From War Against Drug Cartels
Damning new claims about Columbus police chief
Twenty killed in under 24 hours in Mexican city CNN International all 387 news articles »  

   Mexico, U.S. offer rewards for ICE agent’s killers
EXCLUSIVE: Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says
New Mexico police chief denied bail on gun charges

Mexican attorney general says “full force of law” to be used in ATF gunwalking …    Mexico’s Calderon replaces attorney general 
CBS News – Sharyl Attkisson The Office of Mexico’s Attorney General has issued strong, new comments in response to ATF Gunwalking allegations exposed in an ongoing CBS News investigation.
The Scandal of ‘Gun-Walking’ National Review Online
Obama Says He Did Not Know About Firearms Operation in Mexico Latin American Herald Tribune

Coca-Cola FEMSA Acquires Grupo Industrias Lacteas In Panama
If you want to try to make your own Coke, here is the two-part recipe, as unearthed by NPR: Part 1: fluid extract of coca, citric acid, caffeine, sugar, water, lime juice, vanilla and caramel
Part 2 (code named 7X): alcohol, orange oil, lemon oil, nutmeg oil, coriander, neroli and cinnamon

Glass said he found the recipe, not through nefarious means, but rather in plain sight. It was in a column in the February 18, 1979 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Coke is headquartered in Atlanta. Glass says that on page 2B was a photograph of a page from an old book of handwritten pharmacists’ recipes–and the one depicted was Coca-Cola. Invented in the 1880s by pharmacist John Pemberton, Coca-Cola was originally sold only at drug store soda fountains. ABC News reports that while Glass had a batch made up by the Jones Soda Co. in Seattle, it’s difficult to replicate the recipe because it’s almost impossible to get one critical ingredient: fluid extract of coca, which is coca leaves that have been stripped of cocaine. Coke has an agreement with the Drug Enforcement Administration that allows the company to import the leaves. Only one factory in the United States processes the leaves exclusively for Coke. 
   3 Texas men indicted; gun linked to agent’s death …   13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in CA Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms…   Mexican drug cartels violently transforming Central America     WikiLeaks spat leads to US diplomat resigning   US ambassador to Mexico resigns amid uproar over leaked cable … The ambassador was correct.  For decades the military arm of Mexico has been seizing drugs, storing, selling and even delivering them here in the states, under armed guard.  I have seen this going on for decades…Gandalf   Felipe Calderón »  Envoy to Mexico WikiLeaks casualty… all 504 articles »     Treason: the American war against America  Lubbock Drug Busts and The case of Timothy Cole   US law enforcement role in Mexico drug war surges    3 accused of plotting to give military weapons to Mexican cartel   Senators say Mexico acquiescing to U.S. interference … Attorney General’s Office has launched an investigation into Operation Fast and Furious with a view to prosecuting any crime that may have been committed in Mexican territory. ..   US spy drones used in Mexico’s war on drugs   Mexico »  Both Drones and Mexican Navy choppers spotted over Lubbock.  US drones scout Mexico for drug gangs: report Update: Gandalf’s Staff LBK.TX 3/22/11    A military plane surveils the Northeast quadrant of Lubbock starting this night at 21:30 hours following a night of drug agency activity on Monday 3/21/11.  This is the second week running on deliveries being monitored here from Mexico.Drones over Mexico: Surveillance is needed to contain drug problem … France24 Stream-World News-Gandalf- Killing Mexico …   Lawmaker outraged by evidence BATF smuggled assault rifles into his country   
Mexico says US never told it tracked guns were passing border   Mexican legislators demand US talks on gun scandal  ATF Allowed Hundreds of U.S. Weapons Fall into Hands of Suspected Mexican Gunrunners…
Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico…
INVESTIGATION ORDERED… Obama: No Arming of U.S. Agents in Mexico…
Call Of Juarez: The Cartel Creators Argue Their First-Person Shooter Is No …  Agent killed at border shot beanbags at armed illegals… 
Mexican Soldiers Kill 8 Suspected Cartel Gunmen   Feds arrest hundreds in Mexico attack, but who?
Houston Chronicle – Dane Schiller – ?Feb 28, 2011?
The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Houston Division reported 102 people were arrested in the region that stretches from here to the US-Mexico border.
Hutchison: Rules of engagement in Mexico need to be changed Monitor

Man Accused of Buying Gun Used in Attack on ICE Agents
Rifle used in US agent’s killing in Mexico traced to Texas Los Angeles Times
Authorities: Gun-trafficking suspects under surveillance prior to ICE agent’s The Canadian Press
Dallas Morning NewsBrownsville HeraldABC News all 516 news articles »
Mexican pot still popular
Albany Times Union – Dan Freedman -Marijuana “continues to serve as the cash cow of the drug cartels in Mexico,” said Rusty Payne, spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration. At least a third of marijuana consumed in the US is grown domestically, while a minimum of 40 to 50
Banks, law enforcement crack down on laundered drug money AHN | All Headline News
676 arrested, tons of drugs seized in US bust of Mexican cartels CNN International
Chicago TribuneVoice of AmericaSan Diego Union TribuneThe Cypress Times all 64 news articles »

Headless bodies dumped in Mexico – BBC – Homepage
Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil…
US customs agent shot dead in Mexico
A US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was shot and killed and another wounded Tuesday while driving on a highway north of Mexico City. Mexico has vowed to cooperate with the US in investigating the attack,
Murdered ICE Agent Identified; Zeta Drug Cartel Lead Suspect in …

Texas on the Potomac | Washington news with a Texas accent | Chron …

Agents Shot in Mexico…
GAO: Feds have ‘operational control’ of 44% of border; just 15% ‘air tight’…

 News for mexico drug violence
At least 30 killed in Mexican drug-related violence
The attacks were the latest deadly violence gripping Mexico’s war on drugs, as the country’s various criminal cartels struggle over turf and the government …
AFP – 305 related articles
Mexican Official Criticizes US Comments on Illegal Drug Violence 8 related articles
Mexico’s drug war? – The Economist (blog) – 142 related articlesShared by 10+
Mexico’s Drug War – Stories, Photos, Videos – Mexico Under Siege …
Mexico violence not ’emergency,’ White House says – U.S. news …
Videos for mexico drug violence

Gunmen Kill 8 in Mex. Border Town Drug Violence
50 sec- 1 day ago
Uploaded by AssociatedPress

Mexico drug violence gets bloodier
updatedShootout between Mexican drug gangs kills 18 
 Why can’t the US legalize drugs? There’s ‘too much money in it …
Feb 7, 2011 … In what will likely be seen as something of a Freudian slip by the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton recently in a Mexican news interview that the United States cannot legalize drugs as a means of fighting the black market because “there is just too much money in it.” …

Mexican prison official murdered
BBC News – Mexico police chief killed in Nuevo Laredo
Analysing the murder figures
Q&A: Drug violence
Battling the cartels
‘Family values’ of drug gang 

2008 FLASHBACK: Chinese official for exterminating US population, page 1 …Foreign Troops near or in USA NOW … Bringing Down the Americas  VACATION MEXICO …PART 4 … more UPDATES  Vacation Mexico Part 3  Vacation Mexico part 1

ARGENTINA Argentina accuses US of trying to smuggle weapons into country Feb 15, 2011   The Argentinian government claimed the US was trying to sneak the weapons into the country, 
Argentina accuses US of trying to smuggle weapons into country …
US Air Force C17 transport caught smuggling arms and drugs into …
4 Americans Face Weapons Smuggling Charges in Argentina – Los …  Jan 13, 1987 … Four Americans, arrested in Brazil last year in connection with six tons of arms they said were being shipped to rebels in West Africa, …   Brazil police in filmed shooting 3/25/11

 Poll: Majority of Americans favor legalizing marijuana Deseret News
A New Way to Fight Mexico’s Vicious Cartels: Legalizing Marijuana Alexandre Meneghini / AP As journalists filmed Mexican soldiers burning a record-breaking 300-acre (120 hectare) field of marijuana earlier this month, they learned the old lesson of these public …
Related Mexican Army » Mexico’s cartels rely on their cash cropHouston Chronicle
Soldiers seize 40 tons of pot in northern MexicoFox News

Council approves medical marijuana dispensary ordinance Sweetening the Pot: Taxing Medical Marijuana Reaps Benefits in San Jose Dad says medical marijuana ‘cured’ 2-year-old’s cancer; pop slipped son pot … Washington governor vetoes medical pot licensing bill Federal Officials Warn Colo., Other States About Medical Pot Sanctions Mont. lawmakers OK overhaul to medical pot law Medical Marijuana Debate Rages on in Local Live Broadcast Editorial: Time to debate new pot laws 7 Pot Shops Ordered To Shut, Too Close To SchoolRaids put chill over medical marijuana industryRuling on marijuana searches leaves behind a strange odor THE PASSAGE of an ill-considered 2008 state ballot question decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana has proved to be disorienting for the legal system.Odor Of Marijuana Not Enough For Probable Cause Washington Senate passes medical marijuana expansion bill NORML rallies for marijuana legalization at Statehouse on 4/20 Medical marijuana talks still hazy in Holland Georgia to Begin Medical Marijuana Research Tria Lawmakers to decide final marijuana overhaul fate Paula Dow wants to know if NJ medical pot legislation violates federal law

Emery denied transfer from American prison Vancouver Sun -Marc Emery’s wife Jodie is urging Canadians to vote against the Conservatives, because they extradited her husband, she says. Kirk Tousaw, a Canadian lawyer for Emery, said authorities told his client in a …BC pot activist denied transfer to Canada Globe and Mail No Canadian prison for ‘Prince of Pot’ (Vancouver Sun) Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)Cannabis CultureDrug War Chronicle all 46 news articles » Feds threaten crackdown if medical-pot makeover becomes law City Council passes medical marijuana ordinance Medical Marijuana law needs a major overhaulTen more bodies found in Mexico graves, total 126New border fence at Nogales to increase safety, securityMexico nabs police accused of backing gang massacre ( REPORT: Marijuana causes global warming, uses 1% of US electricity… Canada judge says medical marijuana too restricted Montana governor vetoes repeal of medical marijuana law Bedford OKs regulations on medical marijuana use Judge rules against medical marijuana rules, gives government 3 months to fix it Agents raid medical marijuana offices near Detroit Medical pot dealer avoids prison Marijuana group sues prosecutor Now that’s higher learning: Maine pothead launches Marijuana State University … Medical marijuana bill moves forward in Maryland Del Mar pot dispensary defies city effort to close it CA Bill To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients From Firing Passes Committee Trail makes case for medical marijuana Medical Marijuana Users Fight For Gun Rights Medical marijuana growers have access to MSU agricultural advice Medical marijuana industry rapidly grows mainstream Medical marijuana bill passes Del. Senate Doubts raised about medical marijuana reform propsal also see… Lubbock Head Shops Collecting Data for DEA Posted on June 24, 2010 by gandalf1316KOLD.comFinal rules for medical marijuana use in Arizona to be released Monday Medical marijuana rules for Ariz. distribution made public …Dozens more LA medical marijuana dispensaries ordered immediately closed

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