Unidentified flying object »  
Stephen Hawking Dead At 76…  also related…  Final warning to humanity…
 Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military personnel …
03/10/18   The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn’t the Pentagon care?
  Pentagon mysterious project breathes new life into UFO research…
Behind the Pentagon UFO Study, Dr. Eric Davis Dr. Hal Puthoff   See the full story here.
Watch: 5000-year-old Artifacts discovered in Mexico cave confirm presence of alien life (Video+)
Gandalf wonders  if this satellite was for a response to NKorean threats?… Lost in space? Questions mount over fate of secret satellite…
GANDALF UPDATES UFO STORY  27 UFO sightings reported in Manhattan…
 4,655 Reported UFO Sightings in 2017; 490 in California… 
 Existence of UFOs ‘proved beyond reasonable doubt’, says former Pentagon X-Files chief…  
Pentagon UFO Program Revelations Continue to Reverberate: The fallout from this past weekend’s revelations of a secret Pentagon UFO program continues as new details come to light, skeptics weigh in, and the press wonders what the president thinks of all this. Another incredibly insightful report from C2C’s George Knapp on KLAS provided still more details about the program and what we may or may not find out next, while skeptical chemists have shared their thoughts on the ‘alien alloys’ aspect of the story. Learn more.
NASA’s Coverup of Early UFO Incident: On Thursday’s show, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed covered up NASA reports about a UFO destroying a rocket and anomalous data from Mars and Venus, as well as an odd military/UFO incident that suggests a “secret war” is ongoing between humans and some other intelligence. Ranger 3 was NASA’s first attempt in 1962 to land a spacecraft on the moon. The official NASA story is that Ranger 3 suffered “a series of malfunctions, principally with the spacecraft’s guidance system that sent the spacecraft hurtling.” A retired NASA JPL Flight Controller said that is a cover story made up to hide a UFO attack on Ranger 3, according to “Amy,” a Denver woman who said she had numerous conversations with the former flight controller in 1990. According to Amy, what the controller learned was that “an unidentified spacecraft came in at twice Ranger’s speed at that point, blew Ranger to smithereens, and then proceeded away at 10,000 miles per hour.” NASA kept this quiet to avoid negative public reaction, he told her. Get the full recap here.
 Harry Reid Shares Details on Pentagon UFO Program   Credited with being behind the recently-revealed Pentagon UFO research program, retired Nevada senator Harry Reid spoke with C2C’s George Knapp about the story that has spawned headlines around the world. In his first televised interview on the topic, which was exclusively provided to KLAS, the former Senate Majority Leader was remarkably forthcoming about the program and how it developed. Asked how he feels about the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program being revealed to the public, Reid responded, “I’m very glad, because now we have scientific evidence.” To that end, the retired Senator indicated to Knapp that, as opposed to how the program’s findings have been portrayed by some media outlets, the results of the study were impressive. Reid also provided some clarification on how space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow was chosen to helm the AATIP. He stressed that “we wanted to make sure people couldn’t complain about it that it was some sweetheart deal” and explained that the job was “put out to bid.” Bigelow, in turn, was awarded the contract because he “gave the best cost” and was “willing to build the infrastructure and build everything on his own.” According to Knapp’s report, the program boasted a team of 46 scientists and employed ‘rapid response teams’ to investigate UFO cases which came in to the group. As to why the program ultimately shut down, Reid refuted reports that he had a hand in ending the AATIP, saying “I wish it were still going.” Concerns that the public would find out about the program, which obviously has now occurred, as well as, remarkably, religious objections were cited as the reason that the AATIP is, at least officially, no more. George Knapp will be appearing on Coast in the first hour of the program this coming Thursday to discuss his interview with Reid and will also have additional insights from the former Senator in another report set to air tonight on KLAS.
I-Team: UFO study focused on U.S. military encounters  KLAS    http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/i-team-ufo-study-focused-on-us-military-encounters/885013955
I-Team Exclusive: Sen. Reid discusses UFO study KLAS    http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/i-team-exclusive-sen-reid-discusses-ufo-study/883885259
The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs – POLITICO Magazine  … GANDALF:  I never liked Senator Reid in the first place, but after reading this article my mind has changed. It was the Rancher Bundy verses the BLM deal that set me off about him. Today we learned that there was a Mistrial declared in Bundy trial over withheld evidence – Las Vegas …  and the Nazi for the BlM seemed to have lied on the stand at the trial.  Mistrial Declared in Bundy Armed Standoff Case – The New York Times  My mother was a Reid. With a sigh of relief I can now welcome Harry back into the family because of the UFO study, if he is related at all. On the other hand know that we are being visited. We are not alone and this is known to me by first hand experience.  Navy Jet Encounters Unknown Object…  When we returned to the states during Operation Paperclip from Munich, Germany in 1948, the fighter pilots were a buzz about the (Foo fighters – Wikipedia and the  UFO activity over Texas and New Mexico.  U.S. Declares It Has “Metal” From UFO in Las Vegas Warehouse  We were transferred and stationed right into the middle of it all. First stationed in Waco (James Connally Air Force Base – Wikipedia) and then (Reese Air Force Base – Wikipedia) Lubbock. Remember the Lubbock Lights?  Lubbock Lights – Wikipedia

Pentagon Mysterious UFO Program… 
Race to build Ariane 6 rocket launch pad – YouTube

Mysterious black hole discovered at the dawn of the universe

  Interactive Map ‘Stalks’ UFOs
An amazing new interactive map combines the technology of Google Earth with a massive database of UFO sightings to give users the chance to turn the tables on ETs. Dubbed the ‘UFO Stalker,’ the website overlays MUFON’s database of case reports with Google’s mapping service to create a truly addictive experience. Whether one wants to simply look at sightings reported in their hometown over the years or take a deep dive and look at UFO events on a broader level, the options for exploration are truly endless. Learn more.
                   Massive 3-mile wide asteroid to nearly GRAZE Earth…
11/24/17   MYSTERY: MORE booms heard around world; Experts baffled…
11/19/17 TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS Chilling video Professor’s eerie lethal drone video haunts…
    Scientists hope aliens reply to message in next 25 years…
11/16/17   F-15s Involved In Bizarre Encounter With Mystery Aircraft…
MAP: UFO sightings USA…
11/09/17   Fresh mystery over death of UFO expert…

Strange Lights In Folsom Sky Were Intel Drone Tests « CBS13 | CBS …

11/01/17   Recognize an alien? Scientists suggest extra-terrestrials ‘look like us’…
For the first time, two neutron stars in a nearby galaxy have been observed engaging in a spiral death dance around one another until they collided. What resulted from that collision is being called an “unprecedented” discovery that is ushering in a new era of astronomy, scientists announced Monday.  “We can now fill in a few more tiles in the jigsaw puzzle that is the story of our universe.”  Read more …
CRASH LANDING 10/15/17  Tiangong 1: Out of control Chinese space station about to fall to Earth …
UFO enthusiasts head to Wyoming for upcoming rendezvous…
UFOs Are Stalking and Intercepting Dummy Nuclear Warheads During Test Flights
Acclaimed investigative journalist and beloved member of the conspiracy theory and UFO research community, Jim Marrs, has passed away. He was the authority on the alien buried in Aurora, Texas
Ancient humans had sex with mysterious species…
WHY WE ARE  HERE   Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world
UPDATED  Not Aliens: Weird Radio Signal from Star Likely Has Duller Explanation
MORE ‘strange’ signals detected in space; Scientists baffled…
NASA about to announce ‘evidence of alien life’…

Slew of New Exoplanets Found:  from C2C … NASA has provided an update on the Kepler Space Telescope’s search for exoplanets and the total number of new worlds discovered is staggering. The space agency announced that, since their last briefing on the landmark device, Kepler has found an astounding 219 potential new planets, including a tantalizing ten which are thought to be around the size of the Earth and also reside in an orbit, known as the Goldilocks zone, that is believed to be the ideal spot for water, and thus life, to exist. Learn more.

Quantum entanglement, science’s ‘spookiest’ phenomenon, achieved in space
Billionaire space mogul ‘absolutely convinced’ aliens on EARTH…

  Gandalf discovered firsthand this statement to be true… “So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it. Because they are a lot smarter than we are, and if you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds.” Scott Ridley

RIDLEY SCOTT: Aliens exist and will come for us…

THE AURORA  Thanks to scientists, citizen scientists, ground-based imagers and ESA’s magnetic field Swarm mission, this purple streak of light in the night sky has been discovered.  Swarm explores a new feature of the northern lights

1951: Mysterious light formations spotted racing across Lubbock skies

MYSTERY: Massive circular shadow floats past space station…  Scientists propose alien space probes may be source of mysterious ‘radio bursts’…    Now space fans can search through a 100 years of NASA space photos online

 03/01/17 Earliest evidence of life on Earth ‘found’  “This discovery answers the biggest questions mankind has asked itself – which are: where do we come from and why we are here? Flashback: 02/06/17  Forbidden Archaeology  Hundreds of ancient earthworks resembling Stonehenge found in Amazon rainforest…   also back in Dec.   Rancher discovers massive ‘Stonehenge’ in the depths of the Amazon
02/25/17   PHONE  LAPTOP WIPED CLEAN RETURNED Police to quiz girlfriend over UFO conspiracy theorist’s mystery death…   
02/23/17   UFO sightings all-time high… 
Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-like planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. The findings were also announced at a news conference at NASA Headquarters in Washington.  This discovery outside of our solar system is rare because the planets have the winning combination of being similar in size to Earth and being all temperate, meaning they could have water on their surface and potentially support life. NASA finds entire solar system that could support alien life…  The seven exoplanets were all found in tight formation around an ultracool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1. Estimates of their mass also indicate that they are rocky planets, rather than being gaseous like Jupiter.
Nasa live feed mysteriously cuts as ‘six UFOs’ creep past ISS…
02/06/17  Forbidden Archaeology  Hundreds of ancient earthworks resembling Stonehenge found in Amazon rainforest…   also back in Dec.   Rancher discovers massive ‘Stonehenge’ in the depths of the Amazon

Russian Rockets Sold To NASA May Blow Up Due To Faulty Metal

Mystery sound coming from Northern Lights leaving people spooked…   UPDATE: Scientists say deep space radio signals could be ET…   More mystery radio bursts detected in space…  


     Area 51 ‘Snipers’… 
    NASA’s New ‘Intruder Alert’ System Spots An Incoming Asteroid  … story developing
12/09/16 CNN  John Glenn, former US senator and the first American to orbit the Earth, has died, Ohio State University says. He was 95.   Glenn piloted the Mercury space capsule, dubbed Friendship 7, and circled the planet three times in just under five hours on February 20, 1962. Of the original seven US astronauts who made up Project Mercury — Glenn, Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, Gordon Cooper, Scott Carpenter, Walter Schirra and Donald Slayton — Glenn was the last surviving member. After resigning from the astronaut program in 1964, he pursued a career in politics, serving as a Democratic US senator from Ohio between 1974 and 1999. At 77, he became the oldest person to ever travel in space. Glenn was a payload specialist aboard the space shuttle Discovery for a nine-day mission in 1998.  
12/08/16  C2C  Pioneering astronaut John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth and a long-serving Senator from Ohio, has passed away at the age of 95. Glenn became a household name following his historic mission in 1962, a highly respected statesman thanks to his 24-year tenure in Congress, and an inspiration via his 1998 return to space. But to UFO enthusiasts he may best be remembered for ‘blowing the whistle’ on UFOs during a memorable 2001 appearance on t  he TV show FrasierLearn more.

FREAKED Astronaut recalls unexplained knocking on his space capsule 

11/30/16  CHINA RUSSIA HYPERSONIC MISSILES THREAT TO USA… The committee said it was unable to find any formal strategic operational concept or organizational sense of urgency regarding hypersonic weapons, and faulted what the report called a “lack of leadership coordination” at the Pentagon in seeking countermeasures.

 10/28/16  WikiLeaks UFO Revelations:

In a special three-part report, Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared her conversations with Canadian UFO investigator and author Grant Cameron about the ongoing October 2016 WikiLeaks’ dump of hacked John Podesta’s (the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign) emails. The correspondence confirms military and aerospace authorities are involved in communications between Podesta and Sekret Machines author Tom Delonge about efforts to open up the US government files on UFOs and ETs, which have been suppressed since World War II. The leaked emails reveal that three of Delonge’s highly placed advisors are Major General William N. McCasland, Robert F. Weiss, Executive VP and General Manager of Skunk Works at Lockheed Martin Corporation, and USAF Major General Michael Carey, retired after serving as Special Assistant to the Commander of the USAF Space Command. Read the full recap.

Mystery aluminium object dates back ‘250,000 years’…   A piece of aluminium that looks as if it was handmade is being hailed as 250,000-year-old proof that aliens once visited Earth. 

Evidence Of Alien Life? 2 Scientists Think Strange Signals From 234 Stars Are From ETI

—- Watch: Secret NORAD UFO Files Released  A Canadian UFO researcher has released nearly a dozen NORAD documents pertaining to unidentified flying objects and dared the agency to arrest him! Victor Viggiani shared eleven pages of material which he obtained from NORAD via Canada’s FOIA. The documents contain insights into the defense agency’s tracking of UFOs in the atmosphere, dubbed by NORAD as ‘Tracks of Interest.’ Learn more about the amazing details found in the files as well as how Viggiani challenged the US government over their release here.
06/19/16   KGB Project ISIS  Documentary: Alien Forbidden Archeology: Ancient Civilization: Secret Knowledge. https://youtu.be/aaqU4g9-IdQ
The Last of the Great Mysteries of Physics is at Hand
11/27/15 Distant Galaxy Origin The “fast radio bursts” included one “double signal” never heard before and have left astronomers buzzing with excitement over the possibility of it being a message with alien origins  Mystery radio signals from space… 
09/28/15    Is there life on Mars? NASA announces liquid water discovered euronews Under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars. NASA: Evidence of flowing water has been found on Mars  This was the out of this world announcement from NASA following years of … .Water flows on Mars, raising possibility that planet could support life – scientists -euronews   Full Coverage   iN THE BEGINNING   THE CLUES FLOWING WATER HAS BEEN FOUND ON MARS…    
Gandalf 08/31/15 Lbk.Tx
To my fellow Earthlings:
One must remember that just because they walk upright on two legs, that does not mean they have successfully evolved from the animal stage of evolution to the civilized human stage. When you take a birds eye view of humans and what is happening on this planet, you might just well determine that there is a high percentage of those that have yet to make such an advancement.
It is most foolish to assume that we humans are the pinnacle of creation, and when you look out into the great cosmos, it is safe to assume that it’s occupants look at us as most barbaric, primitive and foolish indeed.
July 28, 2015 On Coast to Coast
    Detonations on Mars:  John Brandenburg , PhD is a plasma physicist, who did his graduate work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in controlled plasmas for fusion power, and has worked in defense, energy, and space research. In the first half of Monday’s show, he discussed data he presented at the prestigious Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on evidence for nuclear detonations on Mars. “There is evidence of two massive nuclear explosions on Mars that occurred above the Martian surface– they were airbursts” turning large areas of the planet’s surface into glass, and leaving radioactive by-products that are still visible, he reported.
The explosions, which he estimated took place around 500 million years ago, were so powerful they sent shockwaves all around the planet, though the detonations were centered in two areas (view graphic ) in which there is evidence of ancient archaeology– one of them being Cydonia, where the Face on Mars is located. Brandenburg believes it was a deliberate attack, using bombs as large as the Empire State Building, so it was optimal to drop them from space rather than launching on the ground. It is imperative that the United States send teams to investigate the sites, “because our own survival may depend on what we find on Mars,” he declared.   ….   ….
06/22/15 Mysterious ‘pyramid’ spotted on dwarf planet…  Richard Hoagland reviewed a series of images he provided for his C2C interview. In a composite graphic showing the lunar surface as seen by … and on the “lights” seen in images of the asteroid … lights are reflections several miles long which lie in specific geographic placement on the surface of Ceres at precisely at 19.5 degrees, which suggests to Hoagland someone built them. Courtesy C2C
UFOs   Do pilots believe in UFOs? Many of them do and here is my close encounter story Gandalf knows we are not alone in this vast universe. There is no doubt they are here and now. Signs of Alien Life Will Be Found by 2025, NASA’s Chief Scientist Predicts  But why and what are they doing? NWO?
    Area 51 Scientist’s Deathbed Show &Tell!, page 1 – Above T Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas.
Untested Rocket  VIRGIN SPACE CRASH IN MOJAVE…  Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo experienced “an in-flight anomaly” during a test flight today, the company said on Twitter.  1 Dead, Another Seriously Injured After Test Flight Goes Wrong…  Details about the anomaly weren’t immediately released. Flew on untested rocket motor…    On its website, Virgin Galactic describes SpaceShipTwo as having a cabin similar in size to an executive jet and capable of carrying two pilots and six passengers.  Ambitious space-travel project plagued by problems and delays…    “The spaceship can be thought of as an air launched glider with a rocket motor and a couple of extra systems for spaceflight,” MAG: Tragedy of Hubris…….  Second space disaster in week…
They are Back and We Are Too VIDEO: Fireball lights up sky over eastern USA… NASA inspector blasts asteroid protection program… … Both Boeing &SpaceX are expected to be awarded contracts by NASA to take U.S. astronauts to and from the International Space Station starting in 2017, according to a source in the space industry. The space agency said in a news conference at Kennedy Space Center in Florida it discussed “the return of human spaceflight launches to the United States,” according to a brief statement on its website. Boeing and SpaceX Win $6.8 Billion for Apollo-Style Space Taxis
    As Neil Armstrong was taking one step for mankind, one Dallas cop was writing me a ticket. I was listening so intensely to the radio, as history was being made, I had forgotten to turn on my headlights. You know a year later I beat that ticket, but on that night, the cop could have cared less that man was walking on the moon. Gandalf remembers ….. Axis of Logic Houston focus of the world during lunar landing Your Houston News Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin made up the Apollo crew that landed on the surface of the moon. Many still call it the greatest accomplishment of mankind. Related Apollo 11 » Neil Armstrong » Apollo program » Apollo 11’s Eagle Touches Down On Moon 45 Years AgoSpaceCoastDaily.com Moon landing 45 years ago brought us togetherPhilly.com Featured:Apollo 15 and The Power of InspirationAir &Space Magazine Trending on Google+:Michael Collins: The forgotten astronautUSA TODAY Opinion:Fowler: Without the moon race as a target, NASA needs a new missionChron.com In Depth:Legacies of Apollo 11 live on 45 years laterDetroit Free Press See all 223 sources »
  Sean Cowen 2 hours ago – Google+ The Eagle Has Landed Astronaut Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module Pilot, is photographed walking near the Lunar Module during the Apollo 11 Extravehicular Activity in July 20, 1969. …Astronauts Neil Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot, successfully completed the United States’ first lunar landing mission 45 years ago. #space #moonlanding #apollo11 #neilarmstrong #buzzaldrin #apollo45 See some great … AP WAS THERE: Man walks on the moon SFGate– EDITOR’S NOTE: On July 20, 1969, at 10:56 p.m. EDT, man took his first step on the moon. It was an event that would cleave humans’ relationship with space in two, separating the millennia in which human beings had merely served as observers, and the …
NASA scientist claims faster-than-light travel possible, designs spaceship prototype…    Well of corse it is possible. How do you think they are getting here in the first place? Gandalf notes that it is all about plasma, a resonate universal field, and dark energy. Story developing … more to come….
BACK OFF AND LET ME HANDLE THIS GANDALF WARNS  Extraterrestrials snicker as a one world police state comes nearer to completion.  WW3 is on the drawing board. Gandalf’s Staff calls for peace and disarmament. The time has come today for us to stand united. We must deny them the one ring that they seek to control us all.FEAR: GOOGLE’s New All-Seeing Satellites…
                                       Huge flaming ball falls from sky in Australia…
April 25, 2014       Getting a better look at the past.  Dazzling supernova mystery solved
    ON C2C THIS WEEK     Wyoming resident John Bobick told Linda about hearing a loud trumpet sound coming from a black triangular craft high in the sky above the Bighorn Mountains in 2010, while Richard Gray described his encounter with a translucent triangular craft in Reston, Virginia in 1994 (see related illustration ). Linda also spoke with Pam Conley, about a 1976 incident in which she saw three large orange discs at the treetops near her home in North Carolina in the middle of the night. The next morning she checked out the forested area and found snapped trees and a brownish circle imprinted on the ground. Bizarrely, above the circle, she saw a dead cow laying on top of a tall pine tree, some 30 or 40 feet off the ground.
     03/21/14    ON C2C  UFO researcher and podiatric surgeon, Dr. Roger Leir , has passed away. A frequent and popular Coast to Coast guest, Dr. Leir was a titan in the world of UFO studies for his pioneering work extracting and studying potential alien implants found in abductees. These implants constituted perhaps the best physical evidence of the ET/UFO phenomenon ever uncovered by a civilian researcher. As a tribute, we are featuring two free audio clips (Implant Removal Surgery/ Alien Examination ) from his previous appearances on Coast, and Friday’s program will devote two hours to the legendary researcher. To help his family defray costs, please contribute to the Roger Leir Memorial Fund.
Astronomers discover echoes of ‘Big Bang’…  Gravity Waves Spotted … Cosmic discovery ‘Nobel Prize worthy’ BBC News “extraordinary new evidence
National Geographic Who Was Carl Sagan? National Geographic  The famed scientist, and celebrity, had a lot more going on than just hosting a television series. A photo of Carl Sagan. Astronomer Carl Sagan was the “most famous U.S.
The Twilight Zone – To Serve Man Season 3, Episode 24  Full Episode (25:40) The Kanamits, nine-foot tall aliens, arrive on Earth with one lofty goal: To Serve Man. They end war, they end famine. They make the military wonder: what’s the catch?  The Twilight Zone Video – – CBS.com
SPACE WARS: US Military Developing Hypersonic Plane…   Gee I wonder why? Pentagon: USA has no counter to Chinese hypersonic missile… Made in China? ...see earlier post on US Space Plane below…..
         Watch as NASA captures a gruesome galactic evisceration State Column   No, it’s not the deleted scenes from Gravity – it’s something much cooler. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has observed a spiral galaxy getting literally ripped to shreds as it passes through the heart of a separate galaxy cluster.
National Geographicdra   Los Angeles Times –  A 30,000-year-old giant virus has been revived from the frozen Siberian tundra, sparking concern that increased mining and oil drilling in rapidly warming northern latitudes could disturb dormant microbial life that could one day prove harmful to man.
From C2C Michael Salla will comment on NASA footage that appears to show a UFO docked at the International Space Station.
US run by Nazi space aliens, Iran claims | JPost | Israel News by Michael Wilnerin 78 Google+ circles  – Aliens may have arrived in Nevada, a land-locked state, by … LLB &BA Combined Degree in Law &Business In English At IDC Herzliya Live … Netanyahu says Rouhani’s Davos speech ‘more Iranian deception’ 54 comments.
Iran Claims Snowden Says US Govt. Working With Extraterrestrials …   video watch report …  Jan 15, 2014 –                 Uploaded by Isaac Wilee Iran Says Snowden ClaimsThe US Govt. Is Working With Extraterrestrials. Fox also claims that if you …
Sat. Jan 18th 2014 Gandalf’s Stone Toss “It is all in how you work the wrist,” a stoner from way back was overheard saying.  Scientists baffled after mystery rock appears in front of Mars rover…   Jan o4, 14  UFO-like ‘earthquake light’ mystery solved by scientists   Science Recorder – For many years witnesses have reported seeing eerie lights appearing before or around the time of an earthquake. UFO-like ‘earthquake light’ mystery solved by scientists.  Science Recorder
12/19/13   Plan 9 From Outer Space  ,,
300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia   The Voice of Russia and other Russian sources are reporting that a 300 million year old piece of aluminum machinery has been found in Vladivostok. Experts say a gear rail appears to be manufactured and not the result of natural forces. – See more at: http://news44.net/?p=889
Orbital’s Cygnus space freighter embarks on maiden voyage The new Cygnus commercial cargo ship has launched on a demonstration voyage to the International Space Station. Built by Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC), the robotic vessel lifted off atop an Antares rocket from the Wallops spaceport in Virginia, US.
Sky News Australia   Life on Earth may have come from a comet, scientists say Fox News –  The explosive collisions of icy comets with planets and moons generated the vital building blocks of life, spreading these necessary ingredients throughout the solar system, researchers say. Related Amino acids » How a comet impact may have jump-started life on Earth — and elsewhereLos Angeles Times – by Deborah Netburn Did life on Earth come from a comet?Christian Science Monitor – by Amelia Pak-Harvey Highly Cited:Comet collisions increase chance of life across solar system, research suggestsThe Guardian – by Ian Sample In Depth:Comets Or Meteorites Crashing Into A Planet Could Produce Amino Acids International Business Times – by Charles Poladian See all 61 sources »
Scientists Shed New Light on Black Holes Wall Street Journal Astronomers say they may have solved a cosmic mystery: why gravitational monsters known as black holes are inept at swallowing their prey.
Oldest Sun-Like Star Previews Sun’s Fate Space.com Written by Clara Moskowitz Astronomers have found a twin star to Earth’s own sun, only much older. The rare star is the oldest known “solar twin,” and offers a peek at what Earth’s star will look like in 4 billion years.
New Element 115 Takes a Seat at the Periodic Table TIME – It isn’t carbon, it isn’t nickel, it sure as heck ain’t gold—it doesn’t even have a formal name. But never mind that.  
Miniature ‘human brain’ grown in lab BBC News – Miniature “human brains” have been grown in a lab in a feat scientists hope will transform the understanding of neurological disorders.
CIA acknowledges secret ‘Area 51’ The CIA officially acknowledges the secret US test site known as Area 51 in a newly unclassified internal history of the U-2 spy plane programme. BBC NEWS  America’s U-2 spy plane turns 50
Scientists can implant false memories into mice    BBC News   A team was able to make the mice wrongly associate a benign environment with a previous unpleasant experience from different surroundings.
Mars’ once-thick atmosphere now stripped; bad news for life   Los Angeles Times Written by  Amina Khan NASA’s Curiosity rover has breathed in Martian air and sniffed out good news and bad news for alien life: The Red Planet’s atmosphere was likely several times thicker early in its history – but it’s probably been thin for billions of years, according to scientists …
Smithsonian Gold on Earth formed in collision of exotic stars  USA TODAY Written by  Dan Vergano There’s gold in them thar neutron stars! That’s right, astronomers claim Earth’s gold, the stuff of wedding bands and pricey speaker wires, originated in cataclysmic collisions of exotic stars.
Astronomers remain puzzled by mysterious intergalactic radio bursts Science Recorder Astronomers remain puzzled by mysterious intergalactic radio bursts. Mysterious bursts of radio waves originating from billions of light years away have left scientists puzzled. Watch Curiosity’s stunning video of Martian moonrise 
   The last of the great mysteries of physics as explained to Gandalf by aliens in a prophetic dream in the 1970s and today is unfolding on their predicted schedule. …..  Science In Action    Dark Matter    Duration: 18 minutes First broadcast: Thursday 04 July 2013   The search for an understanding of the nature of the universe has led to many scientists questioning the fundamental principles on which science itself is built.  Many scientists from a variety of disciplines are now engaged in trying to understand the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. These mysterious concepts ma.. Show more
NASA’s Voyager 1 craft enters unfamiliar space (AP) New research pinpoints the current location of NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft: It’s still in our solar system. Since last summer, the long-running spacecraft has been exploring uncharted territory where the effects of interstellar space, or the space between …NASA Launches Satellite To Study How Sun’s Atmosphere Is Energized
NASA Needs Your Help Finding Killer Asteroids How do you track down a million potentially hazardous asteroids that each have the capability to wipe out an entire city? That’s what NASA needs to do, which is why it has started a new initiative called the Asteroid Grand Challenge.
Highlight Press    Astrophysicists Peer Back In Time, Measure All the Light in the Universe … It’s difficult to imagine measuring light, as if one could gather it and place in a measuring cup or weigh it on a scale…
 Going, Going, Gone   Aircraft speeds to more than 3,000 mph in test flight…   Pentagon moving ahead with X-51 hypersonic strike vehicle…    Hypersonic Future…       Behind the Scenes of SpaceShipTwo’s First Powered Flight    The first rocket-powered flight of SpaceShipTwo lasted mere seconds, but getting it there took hours. Monday’s successful powered flight of SpaceShipTwo was a major milestone for Virgin Galactic and its founder, Sir Richard Branson. Wired Christian Science Monitor Antimatter might fall up, say physicists   Written by Eoin O’Carroll Does antimatter fall up? Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures: The Large Hadron Collider. Related stories. Are you scientifically literate?
Race Against the Machine:  Listen now  Global Business ET:: 28 min. First broadcast: March 2013 BBC Peter Day is on campus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston to talk with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee about their thought provoking book Race Against the Machine and what the rise of the robots will mean to us all. Ever advancing automation is affecting both productivity and GDP growth in America and changing the types of jobs most many people will have available to them in the future. Does the availability of so much new technology represent a threat or an opportunity?
 PHYSICISTS: WE’VE FOUND ‘GOD PARTICLE’ The last of the great mysteries of physics is now unveiled and on schedule.       It’s On!    Run Away Run Away! UFOs described as military-style aircraft puzzle FL residents…
INCOMING!!!  SAFE  1 Near Miss
01-31-13  C2C Guest: Linda Moulton Howe ,  Since October, strange booms and flashes of light have been witnessed in Warwick and Providence, Rhode Island and Somerset, Massachusetts. By January 9, 2013, a dozen regions across the United States had reported the same phenomenon including booms on January 7-8th in Warrick and Vanderburgh Counties, Indiana. Then on January 8-9th there were repeating booms and extremely bright flashes of light on a clear night in Cedar Hill, Utah, near Provo. One week before, two Cedar Hill residents saw an eerie, silent triangle pattern of pumpkin-orange lights in the night sky near their home. (FLASHBACK: UFO’s BUZZ BUSH on GANDALF’S B-day JAN 8) Linda interviewed Cedar Hill witness James Brown and his wife Amy, who described the craft they saw on two occasions, and the loud unexplained rumblings and booms, which sounded as if they were in a war zone at times. More here. In her second report, Linda spoke with U.K. biologist and biochemist Rupert Sheldrake , who’s concluded that the notion of ‘dark matter’ is a kind of scientific delusion that’s used to try and explain the way that galaxies hang together. Sheldrake is known for his theory of morphic resonance in which the shapes of organisms through time and space evolve under the influence of previous similar organisms in morphic resonance with each other, and he believes this way of thinking could explain the formation of galaxies. He also thinks morphogenic fields and morphic resonance explain telepathic communication between animals and closely bonded humans. Sheldrake is currently overseeing telepathic research in which people can participate by mobile phones. More.  In July 1980, a Hollywood production company called Sunn Classic Pictures released a movie entitled Hangar 18 . The plot involves a UFO cover-up… Now in 2013, the American intelligence and counterintelligence link behind the corporate creation of Sunn Classic Pictures and Hangar 18 is being explored by Robbie Graham, producer of the UK’s SilverScreenSaucers.com . In a two-part conversation with Linda, he outlined the paper trail of Patrick J. Frawley, Jr., who was not only the head of Sunn, but also created the powerful American Security Council, and had ties with CIA notables. Further details.
                                                     Belfast Telegraph Star Trek-inspired tractor beam created by scientists GlobalPost   by Samantha Stainburn A team of scientists from Scotland and the Czech Republic has invented a real life tractor beam. Star trek enterprise 20 years 1 trillion dollars Enlarge…..

Billions of Earthlike Planets Crowd Milky Way?  Tens of billions of Earthlike worlds are strewn across the Milky Way, many of them circling stars very much like our own sun, astronomers said today…. PENTAGON TO TEST MASSIVE NEW AIRSHIP… Air Force launches top secret X-37B mini-shuttle back into space… 120712 GS Lights out, Boeing creates the first working EMP bomb by VR-Zone    2012 – GMT  NASA’s Curiosity discovers methane on Mars Sun unleashes intense X-class flare; active sunspot region rotating towards Earth Investigating a UFO Photo: From C2C In the second hour, Mark Allin and Jeff Ritzmann from Above Top Secret discussed the authenticity of a UFO photo taken by a professional photographer from Germany while she was vacationing in Crete. Ritzmann, a photo analyst, described what looks like a lopsided disc or dome in the image, and determined that it was symmetrical in nature, which rules out a floating object like a balloon, or a bird. The amount of atmospheric hazing indicates the object is some distance away and of substantial size, he continued. Allin added that a friend of his in law enforcement ran the photo in a proprietary software program, and determined that it had not been digitally altered. Nature.com Dark Energy Really IS Real Our universe is a mysterious place. Only 4 percent or so is made up of the ordinary matter we see around us, including all those galaxies filled with stars….Gandalf notes that this is the power source for UFOs. Through resonance the drive unit taps into this limitless source of energy… Well that sucked.  That makes THE second lost Hypersonic »   in a row. See DARPA glider story below. Hypersonic jet fails speed test   London to New York — in one hour?! Telegraph.co.uk Amazing! NASA photographs split second when Curiosity enters Mars And you thought quadratic equations were tough! Thanks to a remarkable combination of engineering and mathematics, a NASA satellite in orbit around Mars was able to capture this picture of the split second when Curiosity REPORT- Air Base Reveals ‘UFO’ That Caused Panic Along DC Highways…   Cosmic ray haul for ‘space LHC’  In scientific terms, the stakes could not be higher. The AMS should be able to spot the results of collisions of the mysterious dark matter that makes up most of the mass of our Universe, catch completely new forms of matter that include the aptly named “strange” quark, or resolve why the Universe we see is made mostly of matter rather than antimatter. Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery SOUTHERN LIGHTS: The geomagnetic storm of July 14-16 was remarkable for the beauty of its auroras in the southern hemisphere. The view was especially good from above the southern hemisphere: Astronaut Joe Acaba photographed these Southern Lights from the International Space Station on Saturday, July 14th. He was 400 km above Earth’s surface, immersed in the fringes of the auroras themselves. “It was absolutely incredible,” says Acaba. “I was working out and in between sets I noticed that we were heading south during a night pass. So I decided my workout could be postponed for a few minutes and I turned out all of the lights in Node 3. Within a couple of minutes, I could not believe what I was seeing. I enjoyed the show for a few minutes [then alerted my crew-mates to look]. Even Gennady, with all of his time on orbit, was amazed. Of course I took some obligatory pictures, but then I just sat in the dark, in the peace and quiet of this incredible man made, orbiting laboratory and just looked out the window in awe. What a truly magnificent planet we live on and solar system we live in.” Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery  Hubble discovers new Pluto moon    EARTHFILES REPORT: Part 1: Is This What the CIA, NRO, DIA and NSA Cover Up About Roswell?  Click for Real X-File.    “The most disturbing aspect of this investigation was –  there were other bodies found not far from LZ-1 that looked as if they had been dissected as you would a frog. It is not known if army field surgeons had performed exploratory surgery on these bodies. Animal parts were reportedly discovered inside the craft at LZ-2 but this cannot be confirmed.” – July 22, 1947, War Department IPU Memorandum…July 12, 2012 – Part 2: Is This What the CIA, NRO, DIA and NSA Cover Up About Roswell?   Click for Real X-File. earthfiles.com   CIA Responds to Former CIA Hollywood Liaison’s Assertion That Roswell Had E.T. Bodies and Craft. Click for report. “I absolutely know as I sit here talking to you that there was a craft from beyond this world that crashed at Roswell.” – Chase Brandon, former CIA liaison Most Americans Believe Government Keeps UFO Secrets, Survey Finds By Seth Cline Either Americans don’t trust their government, or they have a lot of respect for aliens’ stealthiness. Thirty-six percent of Americans think aliens have visited Earth, and almost 80 percent believe the government has kept information … U.S. News &World Report Mitt Romney » Alien invasion » Unidentified flying object » Poll: Obama Better in Alien Invasion Daily Beast One-third of Americans believe in UFOs, survey says Fox News Highly Cited:A third of Earthlings believe in UFOs, would befriend aliens In Depth:Recommended: When the aliens call, who’ll answer?   From Coast to Coast   Wednesday, June 28th:UFOs: … documentary filmmaker James Fox talked about his involvement in the new National Geographic Channel series Chasing UFOs. The first episode is centered on Texas, and features detailed information on the 2008 Stephenville UFO case including an interview with eyewitness Ricky Sorrells who described seeing a craft so large that he couldn’t see the end of it. The UFO accelerated away so quickly from Sorrells that if he’d blinked he would have missed it, Fox recounted, adding that an off-camera witness told him that the military confiscated video footage from the local police department. Author Col. John Alexander briefly joined the discussion to note similarities between the Stephenville and Phoenix Lights cases. Noted alien abductee Travis Walton also participated in the discussion– his case will be featured on an upcoming Chasing UFOs episode about Arizona incidents. In reflecting on his 1975 abduction, he now views it as possibly a kind of “ambulance call,” with the ETs healing him after he was hit by an energy pulse when he got too close to their ship. Fox said the show also traveled to Brazil to examine the Varginha alien encounter case of 1996, where several children were said to see 3-4 ft. tall oily creatures with ridges on their heads. He revealed that a military officer allegedly died 3 weeks after handling one of the creatures….  more on Walton below Secret US spaceplane shows China the future That lack of knowledge has fuelled speculation that the US Air Force’s X-37B spaceplane, which was loitering in various orbits after being … Secret US spaceplane lands after 15 months in space Mysterious space plane to land after YEAR in orbit… What did it do up there? SETI Astronomer Jill Tarter Retiring After 35-Year Alien Hunt by Mike Wall, SPACE.com Senior Writer Astronomer Jill Tarter, the inspiration for heroine Ellie Arroway in the novel and movie “Contact,” is retiring after spending 35 years scanning the heavens for signals from intelligent alien…    Space Alien Adviser  NEW WARNING: 42% OBESE? The FEMA Camps are ready for obese humans.TIME ZONE The Yellow Slime market got a shock today when it was learned humans have turned cannibal.   ‘Zombie Bullets’ In High Demand Following Cannibal Attacks… No such thing says a market adviser, the Bath Salts test was limited in scope and should have no significant impact on this galactic protein source. Canners and transport stocks were up in after hours trading. Human abductions have risen slightly year to date. This bulletin brought to you by the Human Gene Splicing Foundation and also by one Earthbound human.  The human Stephen Colbert filed this reply with SAA in an advisory capacity. Click link for his video The WOW! ReplyChasing UFOsNational Geographic Channel/  After genetic alteration the degenerative member of a failed super human experiment is now recommended for canning.  The rich fatty content and marbling adds flavor that makes this favorite universal protein “Yellow Slime” high in demand.  Because of the size of the Galactic Herd count, Universal Protein Marketing (symbol UPM ) opened lower by three points, after Galactic Inventory’s  formal announcement yesterday.  Logistics was a problem said Bazu General Charlie Tuna, “But Operation ’72 Hours To Turnkey Tyranny’ is now underway.”  Human mutilations and lab results show an anticipated Prion invasion of brain tissue, a galactic delicacy, and required the NEW WARNING for harvesting within a year. NOVA Online | The Brain Eater | Do Prions Exist?, really? NO WAY!….  The cannery is stationed in a low orbit of Earth’s sun and can be in full operation within 72 earth hours sources say.       Gandalf  Brought to you by Terrorist’s Secrets and their new hot and sexy  “Nitroglycerin Underwear”. Never  a  blown CIA black operation assignment and sure hit with the TSA.  Last blast pants and  underwear sale.

UFO fan site News Gather said: ‘An unusually shaped, gigantic UFO was spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and posted in a video on YouTube.’ Did Nasa satellite capture giant UFO surfing the hellish surface of the sun?

Zee News Daytime Fireball, Sonic Boom Surprises Calif., Nevada Spectators by Denise Chow, SPACE.com Staff Writer Residents in California and Nevada reported hearing a sonic boom and seeing a bright fireball streak across the sky early Sunday morning (April 22), according to news reports.

TIME DARPA overjoyed that its hypersonic glider came apart, blew up By Lewis Page • Get more from this author Maverick Pentagon crazytech agency DARPA has awarded itself a firm pat on the back after a detailed examination of its second HTV-2 test flight last year, in which the high-tech Mach 20 glider was destroyed 9 …Rocket carrying secret payload launches from CA.. Related Hypersonic » DARPA hypersonic glider skin peeled off, says PentagonChristian Science Monitor DARPA HTV-2 Hypersonic Aircraft Likely Crashed Due to “Aeroshell Degradation”DailyTech UPDATE: Pentagon releases results of 13,000-mph test flight over Pacific…  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, carried out a test flight of an experimental aircraft…The launch had received worldwide attention , but officials didn’t provide much information on why the launch failed. On Friday, DARPA said in a statement   13,000 mph, causing it to roll abruptly. “The initial shock wave disturbances experienced during second flight, from which the vehicle was able to recover and continue controlled flight, exceeded by more than 100 times what the vehicle was designed to withstand,” DARPA Acting Director Kaigham J. Gabriel said in a statement. “That’s a major validation that we’re advancing our understanding of aerodynamic control for hypersonic flight.” Galaxy survey probes dark energy  Astronomers have measured the precise distance to over a quarter of a million galaxies to gain new insights into a key period in cosmic history. Billions of ‘habitable planets’ found…   Phoenix lights ,,,    It was on the night of March 13, 1997 that the ‘ Phoenix Lights ‘ were seen in the night skies over Phoenix and beyond. This huge triangular formation of lights was reported by countless witnesses, some who called in to Art Bell that night. Gov. Fife Symington, who initially made fun of the incident, belatedly publicly admitted he, too, saw the lights. Shock on live TV has Arizona buzzing. Mysterious flash of light on live TV in Phoenix | Openminds.tv  From  fifteen years ago  to today on “Coast to Coast”Phoenix Lights Anniversary:  sightings, Dr. Lynne Kitei reviewed the case, …over 10,000 witnesses … two-mile-wide ship with windows that had orbs leaving the main craft, …view a trailer of Dr. Kitei’s documentary. PHOENIX LIGHTS – Welcome to the Phoenix Lights Network Meteor flashes across UK skies… VIDEO… Massive Asteroid to Threaten Earth; NASA Expert — Paint It!… UFOs- Lights In The Texas Sky Multiple media outlets reported residents seeing a bright flash of blue-white light  at the same time. Locals took to Facebook, recounting the loud …

  National Geographic The little spacecraft that could Ottawa Citizen – By Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen February 11, 2012 12:00 AM A message appeared on Twitter a few weeks ago: “News from the edge of our solar system: @NASAVoyager shuts off a heater, saves power, plans work through 2025   NEW WORLD ORDER: Drones spy on farmers | RevolutionRadio.org   Earth twin discovered 22 light-years away   Ahmadinejad calls for new world order…   Bright light seen in Okla, Texas likely a meteor ….NASA probe discovers ‘alien’ matter from beyond our solar system For the very first time, a NASA spacecraft has detected matter from outside our solar system – material that came from elsewhere in the galaxy, researchers announced today (Jan. 31).
Clues into moon’s magnetic mystery revealed  By Charles Q. Choi The moon may have possessed a magnetic field for much longer than previously thought, one that was also much stronger than scientists had predicted, a new study finds. 
Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse (NaturalNews) Amid all the controversy over genetically-modified (GM) crops and their pesticides and herbicides decimating bee populations all around the world, biotechnology behemoth Monsanto has decided to buy out one of the major international firms devoted to studying and protecting bees
       From our friends at C2C: The Travis Walton Encounter: On Sunday night’s C2C program, George Knapp welcomed Travis Walton , who discussed his 1975 UFO abduction, chronicled in the book Fire in the Sky. He was joined by Steve Pierce and John Goulette, who both witnessed the event, as well as UFO abduction expert Yvonne Smith, who founded the Close Encounters Resource Organization. Smith pointed out that the Walton case is unprecedented in the annals of abduction research, since it is bolstered by numerous eyewitnesses who saw the event unfold and, subsequently, all passed polygraph tests regarding what happened. This overwhelming amount of strong evidence, she said, is why the case continues to be discussed and examined over 30 years later.

In detailing his UFO encounter, Walton explained how his perspective on the event has changed over the last three decades. “At the time, I accepted the terminology ‘abduction,'” he said, since it had felt like a kidnapping. However, Walton observed, in recent years he has begun to consider a different reason for why the events unfolded. He theorized that his extremely close encounter with the ship may have injured him in such a way that the only chance for his survival was via treatment from the occupants of the craft, especially since medical help was over an hour away. “In hindsight, 35 years later, I think it probably was just an attempt to help,” he mused.

Walton also recalled how he actually dealt with two types of beings during his stay aboard the craft. The first, he said, were diminutive humanoids that had large, hairless heads and huge eyes. However, he later encountered human-like beings that “looked so much like us, they could be from Earth.” Since he did not see them interact with each other, Walton could not surmise who was in charge aboard the ship, but noted that the small dimensions of the craft made it look like the ‘humans’ were out of place there. He was mystified that in all of the accounts of his experience in the media, including the film, the human-like beings are never mentioned. He speculated that this is because the presence of these ‘humans’ on the ship is too disconcerting for people to discuss.

Regarding the aftermath of the abduction, Goulette remembered being hounded by a police deputy during Walton’s disappearance and continually being prodded to “just tell me where the body is.” Additionally, Pierce claimed that, once the abduction story became known, notorious UFO debunker Philip Klass offered him $10,000 to say that the event was a hoax. Following the media firestorm which surrounded the story, both Pierce and Goulette quickly distanced themselves from the case. To that end, Goulette expressed deep regret in not doing more over the last 30 years to help Walton defend the truth of what happened. Similarly, Pierce noted that he “ran from” the event and only began embracing his role in the historic case after his daughter saw the film and was skeptical that he was really involved in the story.

Wired News Two million-degree matter from SLAC laser By Richard Chirgwin • Get more from this author From “wow, that’s cold” we now get to meet a “wow, that’s application, courtesy of the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory: its X-ray laser has created and probed …  Million degree laser could usher in age of fusion energy That is temperature produced by a new laser beam, according to the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.  Related Laser » Atom » World’s first atomic X-ray laser createdTG Daily Hottest Thing on Earth: X-Rays Heat Metal to 3.6 Million DegreesNational Geographic Highly Cited:X-Ray Laser Turns Up the Heat to 3.6 Million DegreesWired News
  In this US Air Force photo, Kenneth Arnold shows a drawing of one of the “flying saucers” he reported seeing on June 24, 1947. Check out this vintage audio recording in which Arnold describes the sighting. Space Radiation Blamed for Phobos-Grunt Crash  Russian space probe crashes into Pacific Ocean Something prevents us from reaching Mars…Gandalf  Mars landing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mars 2 and 3 probes each carried a lander, both of which failedIn 1973, the Soviet Union sent four more probes  Phobos Grunt: Failed Russian Mars Probe Falling to Earth   Expert: Secret X-37B plane isn’t spying on China  If the truth be known.. X-37B spaceplane ‘spying on China’  America’s classified X-37B spaceplane is probably spying on China, according to a report in Spaceflight magazine. The unpiloted vehicle was launched into orbit by the US Air Force in March last year and has yet to return to Earth.

News for Russia’s Phobos-Grunt probe heads for fiery finalePerchlorate – Senator Feinstein – Rocket Fuel Pollution – NAS – EPA…damage the fetus of pregnant women, … ingredient in solid rocket fuel, has leaked from … alarming study,  CDC found perchlorate in the urine of every  person tested …Rocket fuel chemical found in mothers’ milk – Health – Women’s …  

 Boffins hack evolution, create SUPERSOLDIER ANTS   Spectacular Space Station Moon Dash: Big Pic        Meteor shower to kick off 2012  Strange crystals reveal rock to be ancient meteorite  Thirty years ago, through experiments changing the structure of crystals, laboratories began producing quasicrystals , a strange arrangement of atoms that repeats with two different frequencies rather than one. Rather than a simple ratio of, say, 2:1, the ratio of atoms in a quasicrystal is based on an irrational number, such as the square root of 2:1. (This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry honored Dan Shechtman for his 1982 discovery of quasicrystals.)   Impossible crystals are ‘from space’

In the crystal ball   What scientific discoveries lie just around the corner ….the Higgs boson? …mission to Mars ? the first roughly Earth-sized planet around a Sun-like star that could play host to waterthe first roughly Earth-sized planet around a Sun-like star that could play host to water – there was widespread interbreeding …”wonder material” ? World’s ‘lightest material’ claim  The World’s Smallest Electric Wire Is Four Atoms Wide        NWO Project Blue Beam: False Holographic Second Coming – 2012 … 

   Failed Mars Probe’s Fall From Space May Help Re-Entry Predictions   Soyuz launches sharp-eyed Pleiades satellite        msnbc.com Comet Lovejoy Survives Fiery Plunge Through Sun, NASA Says by Mike Wall, SPACE.com Senior Writer A newfound comet defied long odds today (Dec. 15), surviving a suicidal dive through the sun’s hellishly hot atmosphere, according to NASA scientists.
From Coast to Coast December 23, 2011:   Comet Lovejoy    In the first hour, maverick physicist James McCanney talked about Comet Lovejoy as well as hurricane prediction. He said that NASA expected the comet to “melt away” as it passed close to the sun and were surprised when it went through the solar atmosphere and emerged as a Pluto-sized object. McCanney expressed great satisfaction with this turn of events since it appears to disprove the “dirty snowball” theory of comets and strengthens his own research. “This is exactly what I have been talking about,” he marveled      Spaceflight Now Unbelievable comet pictures from the space station The International Space Station’s commander has again seen the grandeur of comet Lovejoy in new pictures taken from the orbiting outpost, this time also capturing the Earth’s horizon and background stars in exquisite detail.  
NASA slammed for losing hundreds of moon rocks Butter-fingered admin work at NASA HQ has meant that hundreds of moon rocks, meteorites and cosmic dust samples have gone missing since the 1980s. NASA rock sting terrifies woman…  

Item to note: The aliens, are real.  For the record: this is something that I know to be  a fact.  Gandalf 12/16/11   Earth has two ‘moons’ right now, theorists say Lunar Anomalies: Dec. 26, 2011 COAST TO COAST   Ken Johnston , who worked for NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions, says he was fired for telling the truth. He joined George Knapp on Sunday night to share his contention that NASA knows there is evidence for both modern and ancient artifacts on the moon, as well as an active base there. He explained that in his position as Photo Control Dept. manager, he had access to highly detailed film and negatives taken during the Apollo missions. In viewing 16mm film shot by Apollo 14, they saw a shadow cast in the bottom of a crater, “and as we approached it, in the dark area there were like five domes lit from the inside, and a little plume that looked like steam streaking up above it,” Johnston said. There are also Apollo pictures that show perfectly round holes, which he’s concluded are vents rather than craters because they don’t have ridges. Photos taken during the Apollo 15 mission show beams stretching across the surface that expose some of the lunar substructure, Johnston noted, adding that during seismic experiments the moon would ring like a bell, possibly indicating it was hollow. One of the more striking anomalous photos was taken by a Russian lunar orbiter which showed a fractured dome on the moon’s surface, he commented. Another image, taken by the Lunik 13 Russian craft, looks like a drilling device and definitely appears artificial, he continued YU55, ETs, &Roswell:   December 23, 2011 Investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe , discussed anomalies found on asteroid YU55, as well as recent sightings of strange aerial objects in Canada. She also shared witness testimonies regarding non-human entities seen in a hanger at Roswell in 1947, and the close encounter of a large disk which demonstrated cloaking abilities in 2006. In her first report , Linda spoke with Dr. Lance Benner, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, regarding images taken of the YU55 asteroid. He said that JPL was surprised to see a bulge at the equator of the asteroid, which is an unexpected feature based on its rotation period. Additionally, Benner noted that images of the object show a “sharp, pointy hill” that is unlike anything he’s seen on other asteroids.

During the second segment, Linda reported on Greg Crane, an Ontario native who has captured a series of puzzling photographs of anomalous lights repeatedly seen in the sky. Having originally been baffled by the pulsating nature of these lights, Crane explained, he decided to hook a camera and telescope up to a tripod in order to take long-exposure photos of the phenomena and get a better view of them. The subsequent images show bizarre and erratic patterns caused by the object. Crane theorized that the light may be some kind of antigravitic craft and the patterns are due to the influence of Earth’s gravity on the object. More here. Next, Linda shared her conversation with Patrick Murphy, whose father, Francis, was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947. Patrick revealed that his father saw cargo planes arriving at the base hours after the alleged crash as well as ambulances moments after the event. Subsequently, a hangar at the base was deemed “off limits” to all but the highest ranking officers. His father was told by a security officer that amongst the debris was “strange looking metal” and body parts which did not belong to humans. Later, Francis would oversee the loading of mysterious cargo which had no manifest and consisted of crates that were only numbered and noted to be bound for Wright Patterson AFB. Further info. In her last report , Linda spoke with Patrick Colligan, who recounted the breathtaking UFO sighting he had in 2006, while working as a correctional officer at a state prison in Roswell. During a night shift, he suddenly heard a series of “pops” and then an electrical crackling sound. Following that, a row of white “lights” appeared in the sky. Upon getting a better view of the object, Colligan saw that the lights were actually illuminated windows situated in the center of a dull gray, saucer-shaped craft. He remembered being terrified at the sheer size of the object, estimated to be over 600 feet wide. As it passed over him, the top and bottom of the craft disappeared, followed by the lighted windows blinking out, leading to the object vanishing. The Cosmic War: from Coast to Coast UFO researcher Richard Dolan reacted to the White House administration’s formal statement on UFOs. “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” wrote Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science &Technology Policy. The message was in response to Stephen Bassett’s petition posted on the We the Peoplewebsite calling for governmental UFO/ET disclosure. Though their response was “sophomoric,” this is the first time the White House has made a public policy statement on this topic– in the past, they let the Air Force do it, explained Dolan.To say there is no evidence for the UFO phenomenon, “flies in the face of hundreds, and really thousands of pages of documents that the US government itself is responsible for,” which show that something is definitely going on, he pointed out. They could have said this is a valid phenomenon that deserves more attention than its received, but the govt. wants to avoid addressing such topics as alien abduction and secret recovered technology, he continued. Dolan also talked about well documented UFO incidents, such as a case written up by the Coast Guard, which occurred in March 1988 over Lake Erie, in which an aerial object hovered over the frozen water, and caused the ice to break.    On Sunday’s show with host John B. Wells ( email), author and researcher L.A. Marzullidiscussed the signs that an unseen heavenly war being fought in another dimension is about to spill over into our dimension. Two forces have been battling for millennia with the entire cosmos as their playing field, and humans are the unfortunate pawns in their “cosmic chess match,” he said, citing Lucifer, or the fallen angel, as the opponent on the dark side. As prophecy texts in the Bible have indicated, we are nearing the end of this war, and seeing the “birth pangs” that will lead up to the final seven years of tribulation, he continued. Prophecies of increased earthquakes, and other calamities are “being fulfilled like gangbusters,” he added.Various current events that are playing out have a supernatural component to them, such as the Arab Spring, said Marzulli. “It’s softening up the objective,” of creating a grand deception, by setting up a series of precursor incidents, he explained. A past sign of the supernatural is the Shroud of Turin, which according to Dame Isabel Paczek, shows evidence that the body was levitated in the tomb, in a kind of reverse Big Bang or singularity, he recounted.He cited the practice of human sacrifice done by the ancient Maya, and other cultures, as bearing “the fingerprints of not only the supernatural, but a very evil entity, which up till this point in time has not shown himself overtly.” Marzulli also spoke about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), wherein alter personalities are created in victims, turning them into assassins. Jared Loughner is possibly an example of this, he said. Additionally, Marzulli cited the bizarre behavior seen in the video Twins Madness in the Fast Lane, as indicating that the women could be hydrids like the Nephilim, or SRA victims. He also touched on the role that “aliens” and their implants will play in the coming great deception.  Crop Circles &2012:C2C Electrical engineer and researcher Colin Andrews coined the phrase “Crop Circles” 30 years ago. On Monday’s show, he discussed his research into the mysterious phenomenon, and its possible connections to the Mayans’ calendar cycle ending in 2012. …As to who or what is creating the circles, …. it could be a “higher mind,” such as an extraterrestrial species that’s interacting with humans, as the messages evolve. One crop formation depicted our solar system, …the date of September 2033, which … corresponded to another end date for a different Mayan cycle. The date of 12/21/12 has a rare astrological alignment , .. as well as a strange incident that occurred on the British TV network, ITN, when a metallic-sounding voice interrupted the program in 1977 and claimed to be an alien. Billy Meier’s ET Info: C2C On Sunday’s show, John B. Wells ( email) welcomed American media representative for ET contactee Billy Meier, Michael Horn , who shared Meier’s tale of alleged contacts, as well as his prophecies based on information given to him by the benevolent Plejaren beings. .      Cosmic dust contains organic matter from stars, study finds  new evidence of ancient water on Mars         Boston.com NASA probe enters unexplored territory at solar system’s edge  NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered a new region between our solar system and interstellar space, which scientists are calling the stagnation region.  

  CBC.ca  Kepler 22b – the ‘new Earth’ – could have oceans and continents, scientists claim   Potentially Earth-Like Planet Has Right Temperature for Life  By ScienceNow By Govert Schilling, ScienceNOW For the first time, astronomers have found a planet smack in the middle of the habitable zone of its sunlike star, where temperatures are good for life.     Astrophysicists find biggest black holes yet Amina Khan Two monsters, one of which may be about 20 billion times the mass of our sun, could provide important clues to the formation of galaxies

  Daily Mail NASA: Kepler telescope discovers strange new planet NASA will reportedly announce the discovery of a number of newly discovered planets on Monday, the latest batch of mysterious worlds to be added to the space agency’s growing list of celestial bodies.  Scientists find 18 Jupiter-size planets New Mars rover launched       Sydney Morning Herald Russia ‘makes first contact’ with stranded Mars probe MOSCOW – Russia on Thursday announced its scientists had for the first time made contact with its stranded Mars probe Phobos-Grunt, a day after the European Space Agency said it had received a signal. Related Phobos-Grunt » Mars » Phobos »  Stranded Mars probe sends further signals Rogue Russian Mars probe communicates – but in gibberish  Highly Cited:ESA receives telemetry from Russian Mars probeRIA Novosti Opinion:Secrets, Truths and Some Little White Lies with Rhian WilliamsWalesOnline  In Depth:Missile Strike Unlikely Against Wayward Russian Mars ProbeBusinessWeek   Skywatcher Snaps Photos of Stranded Russian Mars Probe Russian Mars probe was downed by aliens – OFFICIAL – YouTube  in 1989 the Mars Phobos 2 probe was lost..the Russians eventually admitted it was lost due … PhysOrg.com Scientists probe Earth’s core, make mystifying discovery Scientists carrying out extreme boffinry into the makeup of the Earth’s liquid core have announced that they are very puzzled to find it is not made of what they had thought it was.  Speed of light test repeated – UFO Evolution Speed of light test repeated Space &Science. … The test at Cern has been improved and repeated with the same results. Throw away the theory of relativity, …Faster-than-light neutrinos test repeated – Unexplained Mysteries    STRIKE ANYWHERE ON EARTH IN HOUR     Russia still unable to communicate with Mars probe A satellite tracking website showed the Mars probe steadily losing altitude as it passed over Asia on Sunday afternoon. Toxic Russian Mars Probe Likely Heading Back to Earth   Russians Fight to Save Mars Probe After Mishap Russian space engineers scrambled Wednesday to salvage an ambitious science mission to Mars after the unmanned spacecraft became stranded in Earth orbit.  Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk of Women in 18 States *LINK* A toxic component of rocket fuel has been found in breast milk of women in 18 states and store-bought milk from various locations  …Rocket Fuel in Cows’ Milk – Perchlorate | Environmental Working … childbearing age would get a daily dose of rocket fuel larger than  .. with contaminated water. …Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk of Women in 18 States… and store-bought milk from various locations around …Rocket fuel found in breast milkThe highest levels were found in women from New Jersey, New Mexico,…Rocket-fuel Found in Prenatal Vitamins   

Delta tower retracted for launchwith it’s NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) spacecraft payload If you see a large glowing object plummeting from the sky late Saturday or early Sunday, duck. The German Aerospace Center, which led the development and construction of ROSAT, estimates that the chance of anyone being harmed by debris from the …   Researchers from the University of Dallas in Texas have hijacked one of nature’s most intriguing phenomena – the mirage – to make an invisibility cloak.Watch: ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Uses Mirages to Make Objects Vanish Physics ‘error’ leads to Nobel prizeThree astrophysicists who discovered that the universe’s expansion is accelerating rather than decelerating, as had been expected, win the Nobel Prize in pNASA Electric plane wins $1.35M prize from NASA…  
 Climate fix tech test put on hold   Massive terror exercise planned for Denver… ’81 different agencies’…    Tiny Neutrinos May Have Broken Cosmic Speed Limit  On Oct. 29, 2010 I wrote: “The last of the great mysteries of physics is about to be discovered.  When the complete picture comes to hand of man, my question is this: “When we can do what they they are able to do, war like planet that we are,  do you think they will continue to allow us to exist freely?”    Today we see it is now is coming to pass…Gandalf  .The physics world is abuzz with news that a group of European physicists plans to announce Friday that it has clocked a burst of subatomic particles known as neutrinos breaking the cosmic speed limit – the speed of light – that was …Particle traveling faster than light? Two ways it could rewrite physics.   Alien Invasion Imminent? Summer Sees a Spike in UFO Sightings    NEW WORLD ORDER: Tony Blair ‘lobbied Gaddafi for US bank deal’… now that headline made me feel safe …    Defunct NASA satellite to crash to Earth this week heads up…     Batch of Fifty New Alien Worlds Discovered   NASA Ship Discovers New ‘Invisible’ Planet [VIDEO]   NASA warns ‘risk of losing’ space station rising…   Recommended: What if ET thinks we’re evil?  NASA REPORT: Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilizations…  Personal/Family Preparedness Plan – NASA A major initiative has been placed on Family/Personal Preparedness for all NASA personnel… but it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and your families for emergencies.
Scientists plan mission to blow up an asteroid ‘hurtling towards Earth’…   Falcon HTV-2 is lost during bid to become fastest ever plane UFO Sightings &Reports – Recent UFO News ! UFO Files ! USO Sightings Solar Storms Could Debilitate Earth this Decade : NOAAThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a federal agency that focuses on the condition of the oceans and atmosphere, said that a severe solar storm could cause global chaos, BBC News Earth may once have had two moons A new theory suggests the Earth once had a small second moon that perished in a slow motion collision with its “big sister”  Space shuttle Columbia part found in East Texas  Telegraph.co.uk Crop circles ‘created using GPS, lasers and microwaves’ Crop circles have confounded farmers and scientists alike since they were first recorded in the 17th century, and now physicist Professor Richard Taylor says the phenomenon is growing alongside advances in … Can Physics Explain Mysteries of Crop Circles? Fox News Crop circles become increasingly more high-tech Catholic Online  PELOSI: ‘We’re Trying to Save Life on Planet as We Know it’…  Are we safe? I think not! Having much to do and lied about, for some sixty years, one has to take a serious look at the Press. Being in the know I can tell you this, they are here and have been for quite some time. The truth is the Press is the illusion, not investigating but parroting the official’s lines. Hold them all accountable. What will play on this near the end is how those that have lied to us for decades, will manipulate that which they have misconceived…. Gandalf ….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubbock_Lights “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”: Thomas Jefferson  
Alaska researcher who documented polar bears demise in Arctic placed on leave… New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In ‘Global Warming’ Alarmism…    Giant balloon to test climate fix .. helium-filled balloon attached to a 1km length of hosepipe is to …investigate the feasibility of climate engineering…investigating the best kind of particle that can be put in the atmosphere, the best way to deliver it, .. Ion-powered Dawn begins study of asteroid Vesta Oxygen Molecules Found In Space `Trojan asteroid shadows Earth orbit…   Time travel impossible, says study   New but tiny moon found circling distant Pluto   Why Is the Earth So Hot? Radioactivity Is Half the Answer  Our space program is about finished   Green Southern Lights Envelops Earth as Captured From Atlantis (PHOTOS)   Destination asteroid: NASA probe arrives at ancient ‘mini moon’    WORLD ORDER: IMF Chief Calls on US to Raise Borrowing Limit…  Secret agents raid webcam artist  Qantas sees $122m carbon tax cost …  Could NASA be on the chopping block? Telegraph.co.uk As NASA prepares for the final launch of the space shuttle, it finds itself in a potentially troubling spot. As Washington works to cut spending, without a storied space vehicle, one could ask: is the space program worth it?NASA » Space Shuttle program »  In Depth:NASA’s Lessons From The Outer Limits   NASA: Edge of Solar System Filled with Bubbles…   Astronomers observe a black hole shredding a star and sending a powerful beam of energy towards Earth Massive black hole devours star Black hole star mystery ‘solved’ Black hole blows huge gas bubble     Lost pyramids spotted from space Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt. More than 1000 tombs and 3000 …2 related articles    FBI opens online vault, revealing UFO, Roswell files   Earthfiles.com Headline News   REPORT: JFK Demanded UFO Files 10 Days Before Assassination…  X Files Opened: The National Security Agency’s UFO Investigations   Have these newly released NSA UFO files been discussed?, page 1   The Ox-Files: ‘Mass cow sacrifices by aliens’ sent White House into panic, FBI …   FBI ‘Vault’ Stirs Alien Debate  Huffington Post  This morning, the digital collection of roughly 2000 FBI files known as the “Vault” refocused public attention on the infamous “Hottel Memo,” a March 22, 1950 note sent by bureau special agent Guy Hottel to J. Edgar Hoover concerning flying saucers in … 
Roswell rumor offers boon day for FBI website traffic CBS News – ?20 minutes ago? Brit papers set off frenzy with report of document confirming cover-up of Roswell aliens finding. FBI says: Not so fas By Charles Cooper Visitors look at a model depicting the 1947 Alien Autopsy in Roswell, New Mexico during the ‘The Science of Aliens’ Video: 1950 FBI memo stirs space-alien claims KRQE.com ‘Exploding UFOs and alien landings’ in secret FBI files Telegraph.co.uk Digital News ReportTimes of IndiaThe Sun all 65 news articles »
 Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?About 180 million years ago, a planet-shattering yet naturally occurring nuclear reaction may have wiped out everything on Mars, sending a shockwave that turned the planet into dry sand.   Multimillionaire’s private space ship ‘can land on Mars’ Secretive X-37B Space Plane Launches on New Mystery Mission… NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite…
  Alien Life, Coming Slowly Into View USAF Takes Over NASA Test Space Craft X-37B VoA News: The US Air Force has launched an experimental robotic space plane on a secret mission. The pilotless X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle lifted off from War On Terror News – 710 related articles Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Launching on Secret Mission Friday? – Space.com – 13 related articlesShared by 50+  Secretive X-37B space plane set for 2nd launch…
New data collected from sensors left on moon in 1971… Viking Found ‘Organics’ on Mars…   Saturn’s water At least four distinct plumes of water ice spew out from the south polar region of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Light reflected off Saturn is illuminating the moon while the sun, almost directly behind Enceladus, is backlighting the plumes Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 doves fall dead in Italy; Strange blue stain on beaks…   
WHEN IT ALL STARTED The local paper here reported a chemical was added to our drinking water because of a large fish die off at Lake Meredith. SOMETHING IN LUBBOCK SMELLS FISHY City uses extra chemical to prevent taste, odor issue in water Next day Amarillo paper prints “what dead fish/?”it was an algae bloom…any dead fish have been eaten by the birds…,” Algae bloom strikes Lake Meredith | Amarillo Globe-News Golden Algae Causes Fish Kill at Lake Meredith – MyHighPlains.com Then as you probably heard thousand of birds fall out of the sky in Arkansas More than 1000 dead blackbirds fall from sky in Arkansas? and then one day later a huge fish die is reported north of that scene. Fish and Bird Die-off in Beebe Arkansas…This Video May Have … Massive fish kill blankets Arkansas River, page 1 The official line is this is normal for the fish only it is larger than usual. Could there be something really fishy going on here? Those locations and stories may or may not be related but both involve birds and fish Gandalf Something fishy about Lubbock’s water
Spacecraft has closest encounter ever with comet… VIDEO…  Not a “snowball” … no dirty ice….Gandalf
  UFO DISINTEGRATES OFF NEW JERSEY COAST – Windows Live Sep 4, 2007 UFO DISINTEGRATES OFF NEW JERSEY COAST – Windows Live. gandalf1316.spaces.live.com/…/cns!BD838DD923C11AA0!820.entry- Cached


Official radar reports from: Jan 8, 2008  http://www.mufon.com/documents/MUFONStephenvilleRadarReport.pdf  Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up  http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24070088-13762,00.html   FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell – a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission – has stunningly claimed aliens exist… extra-terrestrials have visited Earth…repeatedly… … Continue reading →

  The Disclosure Project Videos for videos ufo disclosure   UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT -FULL VERSION 116 min – Feb 11, 2006 Uploaded by sankofa youtube.com Dr Steven Greer and Hon. Paul Hellyer Discuss   Vide UFO Video Proof and Alien Evidence Videos and MP3s Free. News for ufo closes china airport UFO closes Chinese airport The incident was the eighth reported UFO sighting in China since the end of June. Xiaoshan International airport near the eastern city of Hangzhou was shut Telegraph.co.uk – 26 related articles SCIENTISTS FIND ‘HABITABLE’ PLANET NEAR EARTHKnow this: my Grandfather worked for the Wright brothers MCCOOK FIELD, 1917-1927building this nation’s and this world’s first air force… giving man wings…Gandalf Ufo disclosure Press Conference – Nuclear weapons and Ufos … playing around … VIDEO: Disclosure Conference, National Press Club 27 the horse’s mouth… Nazi UFOs: UFO Disclosure Press ConferenceWW2 Foo Fighters….Gandalf Videos for El Paso Ufo sighting   Mysterious Lights Over East El Paso, News 2 min – Oct 16, 2010 Uploaded by cris0631 youtube.com 1971 Bizarre UFO Encounter at Texas Uranium Mine, UFO Casebook Files After about 2 minutes, the light started getting dimmer and I could There is a vein of uranium ore that runs from George West Texas to almost Texarkana Texas. The uranium ore varied in depth from 6 to 18 inches and had about the  Similar News for movie the hobbit  Sydney Morning Herald Jackson: I feel enormous gratitude? – 38 minutes ago If the Hobbit had gone offshore, the local movie industry would have been in … Overseas media have described The Hobbit as possibly the biggest movie … Stuff.co.nz – 1819 related articles        THIS WEEK IN SCIENCE The Cancer Sleeper Cell New York Times The making of a modern disease. New Yorker   Alcoholmore harmful than heroin Growing Nanowires  CREDIT: OH ET AL.  In vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth of nanowires, the liquid phase acts as a transporter to bring material from the gas phase to the growing solid. By heating a single crystal of sapphire in a high-resolution transmission microscope, Oh et al. (p. 489 ) monitored the growth of sapphire (-Al2O3) nanowires out of an aluminum droplet. The liquid aluminum brings oxygen to the growing wire surface, in alternating growth and dissolution reactions at the edge of the wire. The oscillation created an optimum face at the self-catalytic site for atomic stacking and regenerated the junction between the VLS phases, allowing growth of the nanowire. Light-Hating Target CREDIT: GONG ET AL.  Young larvae of the fruit fly Drosophila like to hide in the dark. Older larvae nearing pupation are less timorous. Gong et al. (p. 499; see the Perspective by Vogt and Desplan ) have identified part of the neural circuit that links perception of light to behavior. The authors used targeted expression of the tetanus toxin to disable neurons selectively in the larval central nervous system. The results identified a neural circuit responsible for regulating the preference—or disinclination—for light. The circuit, which is composed of a bilateral pair of neurons, receives input from the larval visual circuit, and its activation strengthens photoavoidance behavior. The results give a glimmer into how the brain interprets perceptual inputs. Cloning Futures Cloning mammals by somatic cell nuclear transfer is a technique with many potential applications in regenerative medicine, agriculture, and pharmaceutics; however, it is inefficient because of the incidence of aberrant genomic reprogramming. Inoue et al. (p. 496, published online 16 September) found that the gene product of Xist , which normally inactivates one of the two X chromosomes in females, was unexpectedly expressed ectopically from active X chromosomes in cloned mice. When Xist was deleted from the mice, gene expression returned to normal and the efficiency of somatic cell nuclear transfer increased about ninefold, offering promise for future nuclear transfer technology.      Scientists reveal material for ‘invisibility cloak’… Physics:  Editors’ Choice: Highlights of the recent literature SCIENCE, Volume 330, Issue 6003 dated October 22 2010, is now available at: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/vol330/issue6003/twil.dtl FFLO on the Horizon  Jelena Stajic Such counterintuitive phenomena as the flow of electrical current through a solid without any dissipation, or the zero viscosity of 3He at low temperatures, may be explained by the unlikely pairing of the electrons or He atoms (respectively) that constitute the flow. In the simplest case, pairing occurs between fermions of opposite spins and momenta, so that the total momentum of a pair is zero. Usually, the numbers of fermions of opposite spins is balanced, so that each up-spin has a down-spin partner; an exotic situation when this is not the case may lead to the formation of the so-called Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO), state, in which the pair momentum is finite and the pair density is oscillating in space. It is expected that this state will be the most stable in a one-dimensional (1D) wire-like system. Liao et al. recreate this situation in an ultracold gas of 6Li confined to an array of 1D tubes. In line with theoretical predictions, the measured spin density profiles indicate that a core with unequal densities of up- and down-spins (a potential FFLO state) is flanked by either a fully paired or a fully spin-polarized state, depending on the overall degree of spin imbalance. Although not a direct demonstration of an FFLO state, the experiment may set the groundwork for such observations in the future. Nature 467, 567 (2010).   Did the Universe Begin as a Simple 1-D Line?

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