Dallas district attorny says Texas should pass racial justice act     see more below Learn how Lubbock’s District Attorney Travis Ware along with the LPD, DPS, LSO narcotics and the DEA were all involved as they tried to frame Gandalf and he is a white guy! They even arraigned a murder in Gandalf’s home in a desperate act to silence a rogue snitch, Ray Freda, and too frame Gandalf for his murder.  F***ing Bastards!!!   No one is safe from these corrupt SOB’s. SEE TIM COLE CASE BELOW
Texas Judge Faces Inquiry Into Wrongful Conviction The legal proceeding beginning Monday in Central Texas will determine whether Judge Ken Anderson acted improperly in 1987 when he was a district attorney prosecuting…  Read More»
11/10/12  GMT  AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A dishwasher charged with killing an Austin woman whose husband wrongly spent nearly 25 years in prison for the crime was indicted Friday in a separate 1988 slaying, which occurred blocks away from the first. …“We all need to remember that when an innocent person is convicted of a murder, the real murderer goes free,” said John Raley, Michael Morton’s attorney. “The tragic consequences of a wrongful conviction can affect many families.” …Michael Morton was exonerated in his wife’s killing after serving nearly 24 years in prison — making his among the most high-profile of the dozens of wrongful convictions cases in Texas. He was freed in October 2011 …Morton suspect indicted in separate 1988 slaying
Family files suit for inmate’s death in Lawrence County Jail

The family of Timothy Conwell, 38, of Willow Wood, Ohio … defendants the Lawrence County Commissioners, Lawrence County Sheriff Jeffery Lawless, jail physician Dr. Rodolfo Canos, Jr., and jail employees Derek Newman, Robert Curnell and Sue Mays…….  — an inmate who died in the Lawrence County Jail last year — has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in United States District Court in Cincinnati, according to their attornies Al Gerhardstein and Jennifer Branch…“This civil rights action challenges defendants’ failure to provide adequate medical care to Timothy Conwell, who was suffering from a severe oxycodone overdose as he was booked into and held at the Lawrence County Jail  … “The Conwell family hopes through this case to trigger reforms that will prevent the deaths of future inmates suffering from drug overdoses” more>>  Portsmouth Daily Times

Ohis,  Ohio Presidential Election Voting History  may well be the swing state in the national elections, but when Gandalf looks at the state’s law enforcement, which reflects the health of the state’s institutions; he finds this:  Fewer jail inspectors has consequences | The Columbus Dispatch
State last inspected local jails in 2008 | The Columbus Dispatch
Governor of Ohio Inspects Newark Jail and Questions Officials. – View

Freed Ohio death row inmate savors sunrise, pizza
By THOMAS J. SHEERAN AP CLEVELAND — A murder defendant freed after spending nearly 25 years on death row in a botched prosecution had a chance to watch an unobstructed sunrise Friday – and then plan a family reunion.
DNA test casts doubt on executed Texas man’s guilt 

FYI  GANDALF’S STAFF Here is an example of how cases like Cole’s should have been handled but Lubbock’s DA chooses instead to do damage control.  Gandalf … I asked him for help and he refused and for good reason, they have a lot to hide…The cases shouldn’t have taken two decades to crack. Evidence of Warterfield’s likely involvement had been sitting untouched and ignored for more than 16 years in Dallas County files but was recently discovered by Watkins’ Conviction Integrity Unit, which examines possible innocence casesDallas architect wrongly suspected in rape and stabbing death of SMU

Wrongful conviction survivors call community meeting on Cole case in Lubbock … Show up Lubbock and demand some answers…Gandalf
Is This America’s Best Prosecutor? – Reason Magazine  This is a must read for it tells you in no uncertain terms what our District Attorney is not.  He refuses to do what this article is all about…Gandalf

Tim Cole’s Family Seeks Answers

The family of an innocent Texas man who died in prison has filed a lawsuit seeking answers from the Lubbock officials who wrongly imprisoned him.

Family of man exonerated after dying in jail wants answers Dallas Morning News – 

Case of executed killer to be reviewed 

Another example of no justice…yet…Gandalf
False Confessions
 In 2005, I was a law professor, writing my sixth novel, when I realized that the … Particularly into the issue of forced confessions. Could someone truly be forced into confessing to a crime of which they were entirely innocent? … To read a recent profile about Laura, the book Long Way Home and her work with …LauraCaldwell.com
False Confessions – The Innocence Project – News and Information …
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