Leach rep to call news conference to announce lawsuit against Texas Tech…
Former TTU professor removed as director at University of South Florida, accused of relationships with students  more on this story below…..  also …   Boston University geologist fights for his job | Science
 04/18/17  PLAY BALL  Update on drunk date:  Texas Tech releases Title IX documents on Duffey suspension after ruling   02/23/17  Black on White  Texas Tech athlete claims wrongful suspension for Title IX violation … sexual assault  … Back on the team.

Former Tech coach Spike Dykes dies at 79 Tech Coach Spike Dykes Dies Pollard: Dykes a ‘father’ to many 

Burgled Drug Dealer? 3 former Texas Tech players indicted on burglary charges

TEXAS TECH Rape Has Many Repercussions  Texas Tech has always swept date rape under the rug. This is a warning to Texas Tech women, know that if it happens to you, it will seem as if you have no recourse after intercourse, involuntary or not. Everything becomes hush hush. They hide the truth, the facts and the statistics from we the people. It makes getting any justice highly unlikely. Ladies if you date, double date. When on campus, have a friend escort you. Travel in pairs or groups. Keep your legs crossed and your guns loaded. Texas Tech department working to prevent sexual assault on campus   Lubbock and Tech are full of predators and sadly, Tim Cole a law student at Tech went to prison where he died for the rape of a Tech Co-ed that he did not commit. You can see a memorial statue of him at 19th street and University with the inscription “Injustice of all”, which is exactly what they serve up, out here on the high plains of Texas.    INVESTIGATES UPDATE: Former TTU professor out of classroom after KCBD story   According to the report, that staff member became so intoxicated she passed out.The Title IX investigation concludes that Dr. Parisi abandoned the staff member in a life-threatening condition.A Story Of 2 Real Campus Heroes   Amid Stanford’s awful sex assault case, let’s hail the men who protect instead of prey  Stanford student Brock Turner was sentenced last week to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman  Stanford swimmer convicted of sex assault lied about never partying, documents show.

  06/o3/16  KCBD Investigates: Title IX accusations against former TTU dean More Loss of Morality  Former TTU football player accused in burglary bonds out of jail  11/05/15  RAPE REPORT Degree of deception: Investigating sexual assaults on campus

  TTU Rape Keep A Lid ON It The unspoken policy
TTU removes signs protesting ‘rape culture’ on campus Updated: Oct 01, 2014 There was a small protest on the Texas Tech campus on Wednesday, aimed at raising awareness about sexual assaults. Tech protesters denounce rape culture, Phi Delta Theta incident

Update  Dust Bowl Hub City, we learn   …
I think it was Lord Monckton that brought this up. Lord Monckton – The powerful are placing their lower IQ minion subjects in universities all over the country. They never attend class, someone else does that and fixes the exams for them. Cheating has become a major problem at our schools of higher learning. The minions get their worthless degrees and then are placed in positions of power and political influence to do the bidding of the totalitarians. It has been a maneuvering of the power base to take away our civil liberties. It is no surprise to find it both at Texas Tech and the University of Texas, which now I see REPORT: Powerful Texas University President Forced Out by Whistleblower…
Texas Tech professor DR. *******, pointed out to Gandalf that the placement of instructors is also in the same vain, with priority going not to the intelligent, but to the money and grants that will also come with the applicants alleged research.  This is most serious when viewed in its totality. Gandalf, *******

Education    Fostering Self-Worth
Fanny Bernardon
First-generation college students, where neither parent received a 4-year college degree, tend to perform more poorly and have higher dropout rates than continuing-generation students, who have at least one parent with a 4-year degree. Harackiewicz et al. hypothesized that offering first-generation students the chance to remind themselves of their personal values—for example, creativity, career aspirations, or the desire to be independent—may help them to foster their self-worth and thus lead to an improvement in performance and to lower dropout rates. The authors used the values affirmation (VA) intervention, which involves students writing about their most important values, on 798 U.S. students (154 first-generation) in an introductory biology course. Before taking biology tests, students in the VA group were instructed to circle the values most important to them among 12 given values, whereas students in the control group were asked to circle the values least important to them. The VA intervention narrowed the achievement gap between first- and continuing-generation students by 50% and increased retention of first-generation students by 20%. Thus, interventions that change the mindset of students are powerful and can complement interventions that focus on changing the learning environment.   J. Educ. Psychol. 10.1037/a0034679 (2013).

<Ex-Tech engineering prof wins slander, assault suit against department head> Tech’s Cobb faces burglary charge, kicked off football team

Tuberville asks for delay in investment suit until partner’s criminal case is resolved

 Texas Tech Football Coach Tommy Tuberville Accused Of Fraud In … more dirt blows in Lubbock …  the city that sucks… see details below…Craig James Withdraws Petition Regarding Mike Leach Books Leach’s attorney Ted Liggett…: “We’ve said all along that it was groundless, that everything written in the books were true, and, on top of that, Craig James filed it in the wrong court.”

Man hit by Suzanne Tuberville’s vehicle dies almost four months after accident … A Lubbock man injured in a car crash when his vehicle was struck by a vehicle driven by Suzanne Tuberville has died. Suzanne Tuberville is the wife of Texas Tech head football coach Tommy Tuberville.

Texas Tech University Board of Regents Approve Tuition Hike This is inappropriate and inexcusable. Texas Tech University is state supported and was intended, on its inception, to make education available to the most common of citizens and to be affordable. The curriculum now is weak, and in many cases ineffective when it comes to preparedness for a productive career. There is much too much money going to the upper tear of administrators and is parasitic in nature. Cost of education has risen from $4 an hour when I went there to $400 an hour and unabated today. This is nothing but criminal in that things have been taken to such an extreme level. We need not put our kids’ future in jeopardy by making them go into a debt that they may never be able to pay off. It is time to fire the fat cats and get this school in streamlined efficient shape. Stop ripping off our kids and start educating them so they become the best with bright vibrant futures. That is our duty, to see it that this is so.

 TCU players formally charged in drug investigation  17 students arrested in drug bust at Texas Christian University… Drug bust on TCU campus includes 4 players on prominent Horned Frogs football team
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Police: TCU students’ drug-dealing occurred all over Fort Worth
How secure are labs handling world’s deadliest pathogens? FLASHBACK:  Professor arrested in connection with missing plague – Texas Tech …
‘Friday Night Lights’ movie will borrow Mike Leach’s plot Texas court limits Mike Leach’s lawsuit against Texas Tech
    College Football Capsules: Texas court wants more info in Leach case Brownsville Herald – Betsy Blaney  LUBBOCK (AP) – The Texas Supreme Court on Friday said it wants more information in Mike Leach’s lawsuit against Texas Tech, a fresh sign of life for the fired coach’s claims against the school.  Leach strikes out at Tech in new book, Tech attorney responds   Meet the Man Who Helps Students Cheat 
   We have a real problem at Texas Tech.  Sources tell Gandalf’s Staff cheating is rampant.  Instructors are poorly qualified.  Lubbock high schools now have a reputation of being “ghetto trash” and local graduates are being turned down at major universities everywhere.  Worthless diplomas and now it looks as if Tech diplomas may become just as worthless. … Gandalf …  Go to College HERE. Get Paid More    FBI agents ‘cheated on key exam’
Tech chapter of Beta Theta Pi suspended…”Fifteen Texas Tech Beta Theta Pi fraternity members were arrested Monday night after allegedly stealing lumber and building materials from a construction site near 82nd Street and Quaker Avenue.”…

Washington: High-Alcohol Drink Sickened Students

Charges against LHS Coach dismissed; investigation continues 
  Now here is something one might consider. There once was a teacher that had been busted for growing pot.  In court his defense was that he did not want to be a part of organized crime and therefore grew his own. Being a teacher and that source of employment being public and of a sensitive nature, to say the least, he kept that matter private and quite confidential. That he was exercising a basic God given right, to grow one’s own for personal consumption.
The courts found in his favor, in the state of Alaska affirmation of our constitutional rights was once again established.
Alaska Appeals Court Legalizes Simple Marijuana Possession, Law …
The ruling, which cites a 1975 Alaska Supreme Court finding that the Alaska … makes Alaska the only state in the country with legal marijuana in the home. …
😉 Gandalf
Dallas Morning News … seeking justice Texas executed innocent man…Gandalf
 – Jennifer Emily –
News for Canada’s ‘prince of pot’ gets five years …
— The man once known as Canada’s “prince of pot” is now a federal inmate in the U.S. system after a judge in Washington sentenced him Friday to five years in prison.
Marijuana activist Marc Emery
pleaded guilty in May in U.S. District Court in Seattle, Washington, to a single count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana after an 18-month investigation into the seed-selling business Emery operated from his head shop in Vancouver, British Columbia…
Those evil bastards… maybe our beloved drug czar should try busting God for the manufacturing of the seeds themselves…and by the way..we had a revolution that set fires in the minds of men all over the world, to get rid of monarchs and czars…What has been a God given right from the beginning of time; to plant, and with God’s blessing, to grow and then too harvest, share  and consume, shall not be taken away. Gandalf
County Sues Farmer, Cites Too Many Crops…
$5,000 fine…  between the lines…this is going viral
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