Back Tracking Cuba


President Barack Obama, speaking today at a joint news conference with Raul Castro, said he had “frank conversations” with the Cuban leader about democracy and human rights, “including the right of the Cuban people to decide their own future.”Castro said his country was making progress on economic reform, but he lambasted the longstanding U.S. embargo that prevents a full restoration of ties between the two countries. Castro also insisted upon the return of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station to Cuba.


04/11/15   Cuban government supporters and opponents clash in Panama
Scuffles broke out on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas in Panama between supporters and opponents of the Cuban…
Witness : Bay of Pigs invasion In April 1961 Cuban exiles, backed by the US government, tried to overthrow Castro
Fate of US Hiker in Iran Uncertain..ill and held hostage on a $500,000. bond…Gandalf

WIKILEAKS to release ‘cache of Iraq war documents’…
Burglary ring targets FACEBOOK users..

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