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Your donation through Legacy’s “” project will be used to pay for the legal defense of SB1070 on behalf of Pinal County Sheriff Babeu, …  MACHETE producers ‘lied about racist bloodbath’… 
New blowout preventer placed on Gulf well This has always been about BP being able to put this well into production…Gandalf 
Top Iran cleric rejects Holocaust as ‘superstition’…  The great danger to mankind is stupid superstitious humans of political persuasion…Gandalf
Ahmadinejad calls on Palestinians to fight on…  This moron, cocky bastard that he is, has no respect for human life or that of his people…I am so sorry for the Persians. perhaps one day they will have the kind of leader they truly deserve. Gandalf                
Netanyahu calls Abbas ‘my partner in peace’ Amen brother, let it begin…Gandalf 
   Death of the First Amendment
     The Nazification of the United States

By Paul Craig Roberts
Encouraged by its success in breaking the law, the executive branch early this year announced that the Obama regime has given itself the right to murder Americans abroad if such Americans are considered a “threat.”
                      Extreme wifi
                   KILLING MEXICO
  Gandalf takes a real close look:  They are back with another load from Mexico and so is the eye in the sky, painted flat black or dark grey for night time surveillance and is most likely a drone from Cannon AFB, this date Aug 30th 2010.  Update: Sept 01; Returning and patroling the nothern section of Lubbock this night the surveillance continues..Drone Launch Covers Entire Mexican Border With Aerial Surveillance  …as violence escalates in Mexico’s drug war. Until now, only the border between California and western Texas was patrolled by drones. …  It’s on.  The war is here yet again.  This is our war not Mexico’s and we can stop it here and now.  No more drug war.  One does not have to be for drugs to be against this stupid war. A war that is killing thousands, forty to sixty people in Mexico every day, for no good reason.  We in America started this war and we can stop it, thus saving the tax payers billions of dollars every year.
Feds sue Arizona sheriff in civil rights probe…  Those F****** Bastards! …Gandalf
Justice Dept. Sues Sheriff Over Bias Investigation   Joe, counter sue for malicious prosecution. …  Gandalf
GET JOE: Justice Dept Gives Second Ultimatum in Sheriff Arpaio Investigation… Justice Dept knows no justice nor the American way…the nazi dept is more like it… Gandalf
8 Killed in Molotov Cocktail Attack on Cancun Bar… Vacation Mexico?  Not! … Gandalf
Mexico says drug lord ‘the Barbie’ captured – Yahoo! News  This guy was born here in Texas … Gandalf
France24 – Mexico sacks 10% of police force in corruption crackdown  What about the crooked cops on this side of the border? …Gandalf
Mexico mayor shot dead‎  yet another mayor slain…Gandalfalso near the border with Nuevo Leon state, where the mayor of another town, Santiago, was found murdered on Aug. 18.
Two car explosions in Mexico Posted: 8/27/2010. SAN FERNANDO, Mexico (AP) — There’s been a second car bombing in Mexico today. The explosion in front of a … A state official also says authorities are investigating the disappearance of two law-enforcement officials — a prosecutor and a transit police supervisor. The official says the two weren’t involved in the massacre investigation. It’s unclear how long they’ve been missing.
Mexico Massacre: Investigator Missing, Explosions Rock Television
Police Held in Mexico Mayor’s Death –

Seven police officers were arrested for allegedly helping assassinate a Mexican mayor, who was apparently killed because of his refusal to cooperate with
Bodies hung from bridge in Mexico
Calderon says US arms drive drug violence
Swiss Pol Who Probed Secret CIA Prison System Says Legalize Drugs …
Mexico Looks to Legalization as Drug War Murders Hit 28000 …
The CIA and Mexico’s Drug Wars
Drug war violence sweeps Mexican border state, 25 dead | Raw Story
YouTube – Mexico drug war cartels join forces
Mary O’Grady on Mexico and Drug War Violence – Hit &Run : Reason …
CIA Worries About Mexico’s Deepening Drug War « Frontlines of …
The lying bastards!  Hell they started this along with  DEA
. We caught a CIA agent in Lubbock, Texas selling cocaine to DEA.  The agent was arrested and they cut the him loose on a directive issued by G. Bush, Sr.  I saw the letter.  Gandalf  >>>  Did the CIA feed a French town LSD?
Quote of the day Peninsula On-line
Protesting federal cops detain commander in Juarez
Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles Into US Wow, this thing is getting way too complicated for me.  It all reminds me of Nazi Germany.  Papers, I must see your papers! …Gandalf 
US demands Wikileaks return files No!  “You cannot pass.”…”I am a servant of the Secret Fire, Wielder of the Flame of Anor, You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun. Go Back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.” You murdered my fellow reporters and shot the children, then tried to hide the evidence from us.  That does not fly with the people or their freedom of press…Gandalf   Sweden drops rape accusation against WIKILEAKS founder…  Last Afghan WIKILEAKS out in ‘couple of weeks’… WikiLeaks set to release more Afghan files WikiLeaks to continue publishing secret files despite US pressure  Former agent alerted authorities in WIKILEAKS case…   Pentagon bars staff from visiting web site… Activists rally to ‘Free Bradley Manning’ in
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