Is Hell Dead? The liars will extend our stay…Gandalf Biden in Iraq to mark end of US combat mission
Counting the cost
UPDATE: 62 killed in attacks targeting Iraqi security forces…
US combat troops still flowing into Iraq…
REPORT: Combat brigades remain in Iraq under different name…
THE WAR IS OVER Iraqis Slaughtered “1,366,350? U.S. Military Sacrificed 4,734
After Seven Years, Final US Combat Brigade Leaves Iraq Lies for upcoming elections…Gandalf
DoJ Seeks ‘Medicine Man’; Skills Req’d – Sacred Pipe, Sweat Lodge, Smudging… a Native American reply
Radioactive boars on the rise in Germany … thousands of boars shot by hunters still turn up with excessive levels of radioactivity. fools talk of nuclear war…Gandalf
‘BIG SIS’ LAUNCHES MORE AGGRESSIVE AIRPORT SEARCH; SLIDE DOWN BODY… These Nazi pigs want to feel you off so as to intimidate you into going through their naked body scanners where they store your image in a permeant data file, as they allow the invasion from Mexico to go on. Just read the next series of articles and you will understand, it’s time to slap the bitch. …Gandalf … Don’t tread on me and keep your hands to yourself.
SPOOKS: CIA forms new center to combat nukes, WMDs…
Flights from Tehran pose security threat…
“My understanding is that this flight not only goes from Caracas to Damascus to Tehran perhaps twice a month, but it also occasionally makes stops in Lebanon as well, and the passengers on that flight are not processed through normal Venezuelan immigrations or customs.”
…secret pipeline into the U.S
“This is how our enemies have worked their agents into the country, through our wide open borders. While the government spies on the average citizen, enemy agents latterly have walked into our nation; terrorist couriers, some sources state, with dirty bombs that are placed within our cities. They do not use the Internet or phones for communications, they deliver messages in person. So all the invasion of our privacy and communications does not give us security by any means. Before she was detected, one courier crossed our borders over 100 times to deliver communications and make arrangements for weapons delivery. If we are attacked, one has to look to Washington for those to blame.” …Gandalf … These guys aren’t playing around : Abducted Mexican mayor found dead Mexican Police Help Murder Their Own Mayor… Mexico’s Richest City Plagued by Violence
Late last week, news broke that a dangerous deal was being struck between Google and Verizon that could end the Internet as we know it.
We need you to tell Google: Don’t Be Evil.
We’re working with our allies at Civic Action, Credo Action, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to deliver 250,000 signatures to Google this week.
Go here to sign our letter right now – and then forward this message to all your friends and get them to do the same.
Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation
Senators seek to block Chinese telecom deal with SPRINT over national security concerns…
Fidel Castro fascinated by book on Bilderberg Group…
Arizona escapee, alleged accomplice arrested
Canada marijuana growers use wild bears to guard pot…
No sign of rivals as BHP starts clock on Potash Corp bid
Texas Gunman Had Trailer Full of Explosives | Massacre Averted
Dr. Laura’s Rant on Race Begs the Question: Just Who Needs a Doctor?New attitude indeed, she has always needed a good old fashioned slapping…Gandalf
Investigations ongoing in France, Germany and Australia…
FACEBOOK Partnership Proven by $3,000 Check, Lawyer Says…
WH releases Obama’s passport; blurs dates of issuance, expiration…
GOOGLE CEO: Change your name to escape your cyberpast…
1 in 5 Teens Has Hearing Loss; Earbuds May Be to Blame…
Tech ‘Tries Our Eyes’…
INVESTIGATE MOSQUE CRITICS! How about making that location a house or worship for all Americans and religions, a grand unification…Gandalf
the ecstasy of empire : ICH – Information Clearing House The neocons allied with Israel, who control both parties and much of the media, are strung out on the ecstasy of Empire. …
Project MKULTRA – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VIDEO: BBC weatherman gives viewers the finger…
Russian Scholar Warns Of ‘Secret’ U.S. Climate Change Weapon…
Turks capture Palestinian at Tel Aviv embassy…
Iranian fighter jet crashes near nuclear plant…
Crew takes baby slapped by mom aboard plane…
Blagojevich found guilty of lying
Court drops Somali piracy charges
Not guilty plea over Kabul deathsNew
Taiwan parliament inks China pactNew
Iraq bomb ‘won’t stop democracy’
Bobby Fischer ‘not girl’s father’
Lebanon gives Palestinians rights
Pastor acquitted in Interstate 8 checkpoint incident Yuma Sun | A Baptist pastor beaten by law enforcement officers at an interstate checkpoint was acquitted Friday of two misdemeanor charges. The pastor is now suiing the evil lying bastards…Gandlaf
They got that all wrong.  It should read: “Russian heart attack”  She’s hot!  Gandalf
Despite appearances, Anna Chapman was part of a serious spying machine  When a ring of Russian spies was discovered in the suburbs of several US cities in May, many commentators were quick to dismiss them as rather hapless.
Halle Berry Talks to Vogue’s Jonathan Van Meter About Nahla, Dark …  Did she get too good to do the movie Tulia?  Did she, Halle Berry, forget that higher call from lady Liberty? The true story of corrupt law on the Texas High Plains of injustice. It appears she just may be letting all of us down … more to come…Tulia (2011) MovieGandalf … Common Sense for Drug Policy: Tulia, TX — Drug War As Race War
Paris Hilton arrested on cocaine charge…
Cannabis children

Cannabis is being grown on an industrial scale in ‘cannabis factories’
Youngsters trafficked to work in UK cannabis factories, say police
Network neutrality »

House Democrats Oppose Net Neutrality Deal
PC World – Grant Gross
Four Democratic members of the US House of Representatives have voiced opposition to a network neutrality proposal offered by Google and Verizon Communications last week, with the lawmakers saying the two companies shouldn’t set the rules for how US …
House Democrats Slam Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Plan PC Magazine
US Should Set Web Rules, Ignore Google-Verizon, Lawmakers Say BusinessWeek

Keeping the 14th Amendment
The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols
Wired (blog)
Water-borne disease hits Pakistan after severe flooding

Robert Gates »

Why would Defense Secretary Robert Gates want to retire?
Christian Science Monitor –
Peter Grier
Robert Gates indicated in an interview published Monday that he plans to leave his job next year. Here are three things that might be factors in his decision.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to retire; says ‘2011 sounds pretty good’ New York Daily News
Gates plans to retire next year The Associated Press

AOL NewsWikipedia: Robert Gates

Blinking molecules breakthrough could greatly impact applied fluorescence
Particle physics used to mitigate natural disasters

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