They Are Drawing Your Map

Indian court finds chemical execs guilty in Bhopal disaster Twenty five years after we find out who killed more Indians than John Wayne and all they got was two years to do and the spill has yet to be cleaned up.  Gandalf  
US sweep targets Mexican cartels | WOPULAR More than 2200..arrested in two years…on Wednesday… more than 400 arrests across 16 states…seized more than $150m (£103m), 2.2 tonnes of cocaine, half a tonne of methamphetamine and 62 tonnes of marijuana…
    Every So Often The Narcs Pull A Publicity Stunt Just Like This One. “Oh Look How Good We Are”  Would You Like To Take A Look At The Truth? These Figures Were Compiled Over Two Years.  In The United States It Is A 30 Billion Dollar A Year Enterprise.  That Is A Total $60 Billion Divided By $150 Million.  That Comes To About .003% Of The Total Traffic Over Two Years.  Now Let Us Look At The Cost.  Over A Trillion Spent So Far, On The Drug War Against Americans That Exercise Their Basic God Given Rights, Whether One Approves Or Not.  Then There Is The Cost Of The Prison System, Welfare And The Unknown Cost In Dysfunctional Families, Producing Future Generations Of Criminals And Welfare Recipients , As A Result Of Fathers And Mothers Hauled Off And Warehoused At The Tax Payers Expense.  Then Look At What All Is Going One In Mexico And On Our Border, The Details Of Which Are In My Blog Below.  The Only Way Out Of This Is A Declaration That We Are Engaged  In Not Only A Lost War But An Illegal War To Boot.  It Corrupts Our Entire Legal System.  Have The American People Been Walking In A Deep Sleep, Listening With Deaf Ears?  I Do Not Know But History Has Shown Prohibition Has Never Worked. No Liberty No Justice Only Heart Ache And Sorrow.   The crooked bastards on both sides have to go.
  Love You All, May You Know Peace, All Over The World, Not Fade Away! >>>Gandalf 
Hear Kim Phue tell her story today.  May this give one a moment of reflection.  Gandalf 
Witness Kim Phuc’s Story In 1972 a photo of a little Vietnamese girl, burned and crying, shocked the world.
BBC World Service, broadcast on 8 Jun 2010

8 June 1972: Kim Phúc, center left, running down a road near Trang Bang after a South Vietnamese Air Force napalm attack. (Nick Ut /AP)  See children burned alive in the Gaza conflict in my photo album.  Sadly, this is still going on.  Gandalf
US intelligence analyst arrested  A US military analyst, Bradley Manning, has been arrested on suspicion of leaking classified combat video and documents to a whistle-blower website.   This guy deserves a medal as far as I am concerned.  Gandalf YouTube – Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq
 Government approves plan to dramatically ease Gaza blockade
Ha’aretz – Barak Ravid
Three weeks after the violent incidents surrounding the Gaza-bound flotilla, Israel decided yesterday to dramatically ease its blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Israeli Easing of Blockade of Gaza Draws Praise of US New York Times
Gaza still off limits to dignitaries Jerusalem Post
Wall Street JournalJewish Telegraphic AgencyXinhuaAljazeera.netall 3,502 news articles »
 EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara
Video: Israeli Commandos Execute American Citizen
Israeli soldiers killing Furkan Dogan 19 years.
He knows where she is buried.  Gandalf 
FBI paid Joran van der Sloot $25,000 to probe plan to extort Natalee Holloway’s mom, law enforcement official says
Did FBI Botch Van Der Sloot Case? They Botched 9-11 And The Travis Ware Case.  When Looking At The Bohannon Case, They Hid from Us His Corrupt Involvement, for decades, With Other Officials Here In Lubbock.  Why Would A Crooked Deputy Get The Minimum Sentence and not be made an example of? Former Hockley County Chief Deputy Sheriff Sentenced to – Federal …
New Stacy Peterson search on farm near Peoria
Chicago Tribune – Kristen Schorsch, David Heinzmann
PEORIA – With Drew Peterson’s murder trial set to begin next month, investigators launched yet another search for the remains of his fourth wife, Stacy, … 
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