Sinkhole ‘Very Unstable,’ Lost Man’s Body Can’t Be Recovered, Authorities Say

PHOTO: A Florida man is trapped under debris after a sinkhole opened in his home, in Brandon, Fla.

DROPPED DEAD   GS Lbk.Tx 03/03/13 GMT    Efforts to rescue a Florida man who disappeared Thursday night when a sinkhole opened under his bedroom are being discontinued, according to Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill. Merrill says the operation is moving to a demolition phase.
The sinkhole that swallowed up Jeffrey Bush is 20 feet to 30 feet across and may be 30 feet deep, said Bill Bracken, president of an engineering company assisting emergency workers. The land around the hole is unstable and also is threatening a neighboring home, authorities say  News for Florida sink hole
Rescuers Search for Man as Florida Sinkhole Grows   Rescuers early Saturday morning returned to the site where a sinkhole swallowed a Florida man in his bedroom after the home’s foundation …

Don’t Call The Guatemala Sinkhole a Sinkhole


A sinkhole that swallowed a three-storey building in Guatemala City has been blamed on a combination of Tropical Storm Agatha and poor drainage systems. Photograph: Luis Echeverria/AP 

Tropical Storm Agatha blows a hole in Guatemala City | World news …

Drug cartel reportedly plotted to blow up Texas dam…  US seizes ‘Mexico-bound’ weapons   

WHO Says H1N1 Flu Still a Pandemic This is a Black Operation. H1N1: Released in the wrong part of the world in the wrong season, in order to frighten the people of Mexico, causing them to retreat into their homes; so the US and Mexican military could position themselves in attempt too quell the bloody war there. Go into my Blog and see exactly what was going on in Mexico at the beginning.   Gandalf: “The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun! You shall not pass! ”   Reports: WHO exaggerated H1N1 threat; ties to drug makers…
                          Falcon 9
BP’s top official upgrades impact of Gulf oil spill from “very modest” to “environmental catastrophe.”

BP Says It’s Doing ‘Everything We Can’ to Plug Gulf Oil Leak

  This looks bad, two 3.5 inch injectors against the equivalent of eight ejectors on the outflow with restricted access in the well pipe.  With a 50/50 chance of success I would suggest they start getting ready for the next bright idea.  Good luck and God bless, for truly we have a real problem here with no end in sight.  Gandalf  >>>  more in  >>>  FBI: “The only CRIME was in the LAB” >>> then go to>>> Another Delta Calamity
  Joran van der Sloot, former suspect in Natalee Holloway’s death, is suspected of killing of a woman in Peru, police said. Natalee Holloway Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Sought for Peru … 
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