Amnesty International 
Report warns over Human Rights
Up to 16 killed as Israeli forces storm aid convoy  Like war itself, this is unacceptable behavior and calls for a rethinking of our relationship with Israel.  Gandalf  http://www.zionism-israel.com/zionism_timeline.htm 
Amnesty: US, Europe shielding Israeli accountability for Gaza war crimes Go to my photo album for pictures of these crimes…Gandalf
            Heroin is highly addictive
  Our army has possession of the entire opium crop, or so they say, and in part the violence they are receiving is financed via. this crop.  This could put the crooks out of business and is a no brainer.  Gandalf
BBC News – Heroin therapy call for ‘chronic addicts’

 Injectable “medical” grade
‘Success’ of heroin on prescription?
Tramp Magazine | ‘Success’ of heroin on prescription
Jobs &Business | ‘Success’ of heroin on prescription

‘Success’ of heroin on prescription | SteadyHealth News


Gary Coleman’s Heartbroken Parents Want Answers 

Canada probes GOOGLE on wifi spying…
GOOGLE Has ‘Mapped’ Every WiFi Network in Britain…

“Quit Facebook Day” Only Affects 2% of US Users
Facebook’s Privacy Reboot: Is That all You’ve Got for Us?

Protesters urge ‘quitting Facebook’

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