FBI: “The only CRIME was in the LAB”

    National Whistleblowers Center

Quote: “Who ever heard of Tulia, Texas?”
   FBI:”The only CRIME was in the LAB

 Hear how the world’s largest prison keeper has filled US prisons with thousands of innocent Americans.  Hear how in Texas there is no audit of crime labs.  Hear Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI crime lab from 1986-98 who blew the whistle at the FBI Lab by clicking on:  FBI FILES  

 SF crime lab at center of growing scandal Sun Apr 18, 2:51 pm ET  SAN FRANCISCO — The tape recorder started rolling as two police investigators sat in their car in a hospital parking lot with Deborah Madden on Feb. 26. “You’re causing a huge nightmare for the city,” said one officer. 

FBI Whistleblower Sentenced to 20 Months in Prison

FBI, IRS raid NY state senator’s Bronx clinic

9/11 Commission Vice-Chair Says U.S. Gov’t Dropping Ball…
KENT, Ohio — The relatives of four students killed by National Guard troops at Kent State University remembered their loved ones along with hundreds of
The Associated Press653 related articles » I am still angery about this. Don’t Tread On ME!  Gandalf
Kent State Mystery Continues
 Oh, Please!  They could not find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but they find one in Times Square!  How gullible do they think  “we the people” are?  Fire all the culpable this election year.  Gandalf   Police cameras to flood Manhattan to prevent attacks…   SECURITY LET SUSPECT ON PLANE  Times Square bomb: Pakistanis puzzled by bomber’s motives
                           The Movie Tulia
Perhaps now Halie will have time to do that movie about Tulia, Texas and all those dirty cops.  Gandalf 
My greater grandfather cut the Tennessee trail to New Orleans as chief scout for Andrew Jackson. The old Plantation can be found in Russellville, Alabama – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. on that trail.  The region is special in my heart.  This does not look good for those folks down there and for all of God’s creatures and plants, the wild life.  Let us hope that the industry is up to snuff for there is no end in sight!  Sho Nuff
Peace not fade away
Gulf oil spill’s wide environmental reach includes harm to animals, marshlandABCNEWS: While Slick Spread, Interior Dept Chief of Staff Rafted with Wife on Grand Canyon Trip …
      MEXICO WAR ON IN THE USA        
 High level of element in Lake Alan Henry baffles scientists  …Concentrations of mercury, an innocuous element that can turn toxic in water and prompted health warnings at a

 Police arrest suspect in Central Lubbock murder

  Report: Victim, man met online

Tori Ann Pennington met the man accused of murdering her through a dating website, according to court documents released Monday.

 Gov. Perry warns tea partiers to watch their backs… I think Gov. Perry should do the same.  Gandalf
Filmmaker Bradley Lockerman and the “Godfather of Free Energy” Professor John Searl  discussed zero point energy science, and how Searl believes his magnetic generator can save our planet from economic and environmental disaster.  To see Searl’s machine in action, go to my videos,
main page, in the right column below the weather forcasts..Gandalf
John Demjanjuk, accused of helping to murder nearly 28,000 Jews at a Nazi death camp, has told a German court he is “one of Hitler’s victims”.
  Wikileaks has obtained and decrypted this previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. It shows    Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and several others as the Apache shoots and kills them in a public square in Eastern Baghdad. Other related stories >>>
 WikiLeaks to release video of civilians, journalists being murdered in airstrike: http://snipurl.com/v5ai2 

FACEBOOK under privacy microscope; Increasing scrutiny over use of personal data… 

Taliban release video of captured US soldier…  U.S. MILITARY EXPANDS ROLE IN PAKISTAN…  US order to kill US-born cleric  At least two killed , 10 wounded in Baghdad blasts‎   Iraq bombers target embassies, killing at least 41

Hidden Galaxy Photographed by Peeping Space Telescope – Yahoo! News

Hubble turns 20: a retrospective in pictures


Discovery shuttle makes safe return to Earth   Space Shuttle Discovery Heads to Earth, to Land April 19  Does Our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole?  NASA: Astronauts, robot complete first spacewalk  NASA etends space contract with Moscow; Ready to end shuttle missions…  After space shuttle launch: three spacewalks, among other chores to watch it live click here>>> NASA Space Shuttle

 US military launches top-secret robotic spacecraft BBC News – Inside Nasa’s flying telescope for infrared astronomy  Air Force unmanned space shuttle set to be launched — and they won’t say what it’s for…   Air Force to launch robotic winged space plane…  

New class of superconductor may help pin down mysterious physics.
  The Martian Revolution
Obama Is Not Welcome; Improper Papers
‘How I Came To Own The Planet Mars
By Richard Gary Griffing, CEO Mars A Planned Community
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