The Eyes of Texas on Tim Cole’s Pardon and Lubbock Tx

    Fools, 1984 was a long time ago and you had your warning. (YouTube – Ron Paul : Don’t tread on me) Gandalf unlocks his war chest … the seal is broken….. to be continued.
                                        “Injustice For All”
GOOGLE Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses… Stalker fear over new phone app… Spy chips hidden in 2.5 million dustbins as council snoopers plan pay-as-you … Police partner with license plate readers… BIG SIS UNLEASHED: Homeland Security program digs ‘into all Internet communications’… U.S. will determine who can board some Canadian flights… Arbeit macht frei – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ‘Virus’ Warning Blasted as Latest Free Speech Incursion…BRAVE NEW WORLD: Brain scan ‘can read people’s thoughts’… SNOOP: Federal regulator weighs ‘black box’ requirement for all new vehicles… Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely… Hand germs could join fingerprints, DNA in forensics labs WIRE: Government keeping MORE secrets… Ensnared by Error on Growing Watch List…
                              THE TIM COLE CASE
Historical marker placed in Fort Worth to honor Timothy Cole
State’s first posthumous pardon releases hurt, anger
Perry to present pardon papers to exonerated inmate’s family … BBC News Gov. Perry grants posthumous pardon for Tim Cole A wrongfully convicted and imprisoned Lubbock man posthumously pardoned, finally, by Governor Perry. The official declaration is the first of its kind in …-all 372 news articles »

                            Way to go Lubbock.
Tim Cole Pardon Granted by Gov Rick Perry: Will Lessons be Learned …Inaction prevails in Lubbock.
New York Times (blog)
Lubbock I hope you are proud of your failure to reign in, “La Rafle”, and corral our local Nazis .Roselyne Bosch’s ‘The Round Up’ (AKA ‘La Rafle’); French holocaust …
From corrupt law enforcement, inept judiciary, crooked district attorney and sheriff (Error and Terror), incompetent pathologist,( Substantial Evidence (9781933893037): Bill Hubbard: Books ) pathetic defense attorneys, and too your apathy; I see that Lubbock has turned its back on Justice, Liberty and the American way. I hope you are proud of your own self interest Lubbock.
But I know you can and do rise to the call for action. I saw you do that when they fired Texas Tech’s head football coach. (Mike Leach testifies in lawsuit vs Texas Tech)
You fools, get your priorities straight before it is to late. Send these Nazi crooks back down the road to hell from which they came. Let us clean house this election year.
more in my Blog below…
Justice Comes Too Late for Timothy Cole
Kudos for the governor’s action came from the family and a few legislators but there was at least one who saw the pardon as an attempt by Perry to take
Perry issues posthumous pardon to family of wrongfully convicted man Dallas Morning News
Texas gov. gives copy of pardon to man’s family Washington Post
KGBT-TVFort Worth Star Telegram
all 213 news articles »

Governor signs Cole pardon Texas Tribune (blog)
Board recommends clemency for Timothy Cole
Posthumous pardon for Tim Cole recommended to governor | Crime and …
Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recommends clemency for Tim … all 203 news articles »
Governor Perry Finally Pardons Tim Cole Posthumously | Southern Shift
Office of the Governor Rick Perry – Press Releases – Gov. Perry …

Not one person involved in this case has been held accountable. Why? Because, if one truly investigated this miscarriage of justice, one would uncover a can of worms in Lubbock, TX. This criminality has prevailed here since the 1980s and before. I pray for the day that they all will be brought to some form of justice, and until they do, I am angry. Dear God in heaven, please blessTim’s family, and a greater mother no man could ever ask for. Peace to one and all.
       “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” Aquinas

The Holocaust – Can France face its past?
The Holocaust – Can France face its past? (part 2)
                                 Speaking of Nazis:
        I am trying to locate Dr. Max Rupprecht…Oct. 18, 1922 date on his Nazi card…#8874…issued by Adolf Hitler secretary. Any information about this man is much needed. You can contact me in English via the comment section below. Thanks…Gandalf

FRONTLINE: Tehran bureau: a death in Tehran: watch the full program online | PBS
Macon Telegraph
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