Save the Freedom Fighters of Iran


California voters could legalize pot in Nov. election…
D.C. considers letting users grow their own medical marijuana…
Britain expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai passport row
The Enemy Belligerent Act of 2010 | Mother Jones
Homeland Security Wants Clearance to Fly Drones Over Texas …
China denounces Google ‘US ties’
Official: Bystanders killed in Mexico clash
Thousands rally against Putin across Russia…
Gazans wounded in Israeli strikes
Fresh Israeli air strikes wound 11 in Gaza Strip
Computer glitch behind 50 NYPD ‘raids’ on wrong home…
Murder of US Consulate Workers in Mexico Signals New Phase in Violence
FBI, DEA join probe of slayings near Mexican border
Gunmen in Mexico kill three with US consulate ties
Mexican military copter over U.S. neighborhood
Press group: 8 reporters kidnapped in Mexican city?
‘Journalism is dead in Reynosa’
Operation Moshtarak aftermath
Al-Qaeda suspect worked at SIX nuclear plants…
US missile strikes kill at least 12 in North Waziristan
Food recall could become largest ever: FDA
Tax move by Brazil risks US trade war; Tariffs to be raised on American goods over cotton dispute…
China says U.S. ties ‘seriously disrupted’… Now there is a real heart breaker for you. Oh, and let us not forget about this Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaTiananmen Square ProtestEyeballing Tiananmen Square Massacre …Gandalf Beijing looks at severing dollar peg…Cyberwar declared as China hunts for secrets…

Italian police arrested nine …  belong to the Iranian secret services.  more below                  

Israeli army nixes raid after ‘FACEBOOK leak’…

                more details below and above
The number one marijuana dealer in Lubbock county is off the streets  This is ch 11’s story but the headline is misleading. Twenty pounds a week by high school kids is nothing but election time propaganda. propaganda news   When you figure cost in man hours and fuel for cars and aircraft on small time dealers in this billion dollar industry, coupled with cost for prison time; we the tax payers are getting the short end of the stick on all of this.  Keep those pay checks rollin’, rollin’, rollin… raw hide. Yehaw  I may not be Clint Eastwood but boys this smells like somebody here has been steppin’ in somethin’.  Gandalf
  U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings sentenced 39-year-old Jose Jesus Quintanilla (hoh-SAY’ hay-SOOS’ keen-tah-NEE’-yah) to three years in federal prison.  This is BS!   This pig gets caught by the FBI running a drug ring and selling large quantities of a hard drug (Methamphetamine – Texas Drug Threat Assessment); some of which trickled down to kids, and he only gets three years?  Meanwhile, some high school kid gets ten years for possession of a QP of pot.  I hope all of you see what truly is going on here.  Sam Cummings you should have thrown the book at that bastard and made an example of him! 

  Somebody gather up the rope!  The tar and feathers are out behind the woodshed!  Gandalf  Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Leader and a Former Sheriff’s Deputy, Who Were Convicted in Drug Trafficking Conspiracy, are Sentenced Abernathy man guilty in meth case faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a $1 million fine for conspiring to distribute
RivCo gang sweep targets Vagos in Lake Elsinore, Hemet …weapons and drugs during the sweep. In Lake Elsinore, authorities found a methamphetamine lab.
Google purchased Keyhole, Inc., which has a database of 3-D spy-in-the-sky images from all over the globe. …. check out operation gandalf, ipto and echelon.

A US journalist claims the CIA conducted secret experiments with LSD on the inhabitants of the French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951 resulting in a mysterious mass poisoning that led to psychotic episodes and five deaths.
RED FLAG:   UPDATE:  NTSB issues report on Austin suicide plane crashWASHINGTON — Two guns used in high-profile shootings this year at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse both came from the same unlikely place: the police and court system of Memphis, Tenn.Pentagon Gun Was From Tennessee Police | WOPULAR 
   Austin pilot and musician that played with groups such as  – Joe Ely – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia from Lubbock and others on keyboard, bass and accordion; was well liked, intelligent, neat in appearance and level headed. This is how the story developed here on Gandalf’s Staff. Pilot set his home ablaze before intentionally crashing plane into Austin, Texas, building, federal official says.  Official: Plane crash pilot left anti-tax note – Washington Times  The actual note. The six-page manifesto Family says: ” This mysteriously appeared on his site.” Gandalf
 Online Diatribe… update: Family denies this was him.”It does not sound like his words”
              Taking Down the IRS
Texan who died in prison cleared of rape conviction –   The Timothy Cole case: arrest and incarcerate Michele Mallin for …  Dateline, Austin: Texas Injustice On Trial Today   Texas’ Tim Cole Act to Help Wrongfully Convicted – TIME   The Innocence Project – Know the Cases: Browse Profiles:Timothy Cole Lubbock you need to fire the bastards that did this, all of them.  Gandalf [PDF] IN THE 299TH DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR TRAVIS COUNTY. TEXAS D. HOW THE COURTS HANDLED THE CASE: THE JURY TRIAL OF TIM COLE. Mr. Cole’s trial began on September 10, 1986 in the 99th District Court of Lubbock. County. …

  more local corruption: Court documents reveal deposition by Councilman John Leonard

Obama Admin wants to track cellphones; ‘No reasonable expectation of privacy’Cellphones..This is how I confirmed that Lubbock’s former District Attorney Travis Ware is a crook, and adulterer.  He framed me and told my wife that she must divorce me by threatening to take our children away from us; while he was holding me in jail on a one million dollar bond in Lubbock County District Court 137. Cecil Puryear, who now is asking for your vote. see link below 
  Travis Ware did this so that he might be able too get the tapes that I had recorded of him and Crystal on their cellphones.  Ware learned of the tapes by the way of a reporter Pat Graves, now with the Houston Chronicle, who was working for at the Lubbock Avalanch Journal at the time.  You too can do the same thing as I did and it is your legal right to do so.  With the right equipment, one can and uncover the crooks in our governmental bodies.  Turnabout is fair play. UPDATE: Police push for warrantless searches of cell phones…
  You see that cell phone is nothing but a glorified radio and the air waves are public domain.  If you hear of any crime however, you are required by law to report it and any priviate information you may gain  must not be divulged to anyone and absolutly, no insider trading.  Warning!  I put my life and fortunies at risk to bring you the truth and it cost me and my family dearly.  “Those that are unwilling to fight for their liberty, do not deserve to keep it.”  Aurora’s Angel” when spoken to her at the age of six.  When repeated to me, I found the words deeply disturbing as to be coming from a child. 

Playstation 3: The Future Of Big Brother Surveillance?

Dubai Names 15 More Suspects in Hamas Murder                              
“Where did we come from and what happened before? We all have that question inside us.” 

The Murchison meteorite came down in Australia in 1969
BBC News – Space rock contains organic molecular feast  contains millions of different organic compounds…allowed the team to identify 14,000 different compounds including 70 amino acids in a sample of the meteorite…
Three sentenced for involvement in Levelland drug ring Read more in my blog going back to the July Levelland Methamphetamine drug bust of Hockley County Deputies by the FBI. more>>>LEVELLAND DEPUTIES GUILTY PLEA EXPECTED  Snitches an Endangered Species

 Iranian opposition reports Revolution Day clashes

Save the Freedom Fighters of Iran

Tories would back war with Iran – Sean Rayment 
A Conservative government would support military action against Iran if the rogue state developed nuclear weapons, the shadow defence secretary has revealed.
New York Times – Washington Post – Press TV – Wall Street Journal

   We must not let this happen,  Those kids in Iran want to be free.  You can see them and hear them right now by clicking on their video in the right hand column, top video after the stock quotes.  Click on it and watch. Support them do not attack them, for if we do we will be killing the very people that are fighting for their right to be free.
   I will have more to say on this here in my Blog soon.  God save the freedom fighters of Iran and the world.  Gandalf
A special investigation based on reporting by The Times-Picayune, ProPublica, and the PBS show Frontline.
               ON LUBBOCK
Two Latin King gang members on trial in Lubbock  
$20,000.00 Reward Lubbock Family of 4 Murdered
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