Paris Calling Lubbock

Lubbock tax dollars at work!  Gandalf

Conviction overturned because of excessive taser use   A convicted drug dealer who should have served 50-years for his crimes had his sentence overturned because an Appeals Court found Lubbock Police Officers used tasers excessively.  Lubbock, the courts are trying to send you a message.  Gandalf Suspension of Texas sheriff remains | levelland, remains, sheriff    MORE ON AREA CORRUPTION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT BELOW

 LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – There’s more trouble for the former Deputy Medical Examiner of Lubbock County.  More trouble for former Deputy ME Shrode 
The attorney for the family, Jeff Blackburn, tells NewsChannel 11 that Lubbock County Medical Examiner Thomas Beaver is covering up evidence to protect Potter County officers from being sued.   Thomas Beaver: ZoomInfo Business People Information 
Ralph R. Erdmann was a LUBBOCK pathologist. He has been convicted on several counts of evidence tampering and perjury. Contents. 1 Training; 2 Texas Autopsy scandal

This Is What Makes Me Sick About Lubbock, Texas.  They Will Allow Such Corruption And Do Nothing About It But Will Get All Bent Out Of Shape When A Football Coach Is Fired. Texas Tech Red Raiders fire Mike Leach – ESPN  Morons, Your Lethargy Will And Has Lead To The Loss Of Public Liberty; Fools.   Gandalf  This is the man whose long and loud complaining about widespread corruption in the New York Police Department made him a pariah on the force.
Former Sen. John Edwards admits the child is his – Yahoo! News 
UN Chief Ban Ki-moon arrived in Port-au-Prince Sunday to assess Haiti’s needs after its devastating earthquake. Former US President Bill Clinton announced he would head to Haiti on Monday.

Thousands flee capital as aid distribution stalls  UN mission chief in Haiti confirmed dead in earthquake  Where to find the latest information on the earthquake

FBI broke law for years in phone record searches…   Pentagon’s Fort Hood Report: No Mention of Islam, Hasan Not Named…  Guantanamo Bay to be used to house refugees fleeing Haiti earthquake…

            Donald Trump’s Tech

Why coastal oil spills can pollute for decades: study

Fatal attacks on pizza deliverymen on the rise in Philly…

Muslim leaders’ response to Gaza suffering ‘pitiful’: Turkish PM – AFP

In Israel, Mitchell presses on with patience honed in N. Ireland 

Police: ‘Multiple’ deaths in Va. shooting 

US, partners will ‘not back down’ on Iran: Clinton 

 Iran says may hit Western warships 

 Iran in billion-euro gas deal with Germany…

Karzai’s cabinet nominees rejected by Parliament again

 US returns two former detainees to Algeria

‘Chemical Ali’ sentenced to death for gas attack on Kurds

Accused Bomber Abdulmutallab’s Underwear, Explosive Packet and Detonator.
This stinks to high heaven. I recorded a portion of Coast to Coast’s interview with a passenger on the Underwear Bomber flight 253, and would like for you to hear it. This mp3 in red type below is that interview. I think we are being had again, and after you hear this you will understand why. The man speaking is a highly observant lawyer.
Now that I think about it, just fire the bastards. TSA has done nothing but come up with one lame idea after the other. Which has lead to one fiasco after the other, with more and more travel delays only to be followed by even more dumb ideas, costing billions in lost business revenues. 2009 Airline Revenue: Worst Plunge Ever…   We the people do not care to go through all the crap and have stopped flying. They, TSA and the former Bush administration are the one’s responsible for bringing down Americas Airline Industry, not the foreign competition or the terrorist.
Since 9 11 have you noticed that every counter move our government makes seems to bring us more economic harm?  Gandalf  TSA worker planted bag with white powder on passenger as joke…

Google Pledge of No Censoring Spurs Tiananmen Searches in China   By Bloomberg News  Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) —   Searches on Google Inc.’s Chinese Web site for information about the 1989 crackdown on protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square have surged since the search engine said last week it will stop censoring results. Queries for “Truth of Tiananmen” grew at the second- fastest pace of any search term on the site as of 9 a.m. local time today, according to data available on the company’s mainland Chinese Web site. China strictly controls information on the crackdown.  more by clicking on story headline above

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