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Feeling Down?
There is one good quick way to kick the blues and it IS “Heresy” pure and simple,
 If it all is too much and brings you down, click here: down load, plug in and crank it up.  Good-bye Blues.
MP3 D/L a Gandalf’s Staff Production defeats the Blues, it’s magic. It’s HERESY.
This music set is dedicated to all the native cultures of the world.  Gandalf’s Staff


4 police officers among 6 people indicted in race-related beating   


Veterans Today – News for U.S. Military Veterans Jobs, VA Benefits  

When Did “Special Ops” Become Kidnapping, Drug Dealing, Torture

When Did “Special Ops” Become Kidnapping, Drug Dealing, Torture  

Deal announced on missing e-mails

Washington Post – Dan Eggen, Lucy Shackelford – ‎13 minutes ago‎
The White House and two nonprofit groups announced a settlement Monday in a long-running lawsuit over more than 22 million e-mails that were missing during the Bush administration because of poor labeling and other technical problems.

True Romance: After tragedy, a new beginningDallas Morning News – Darla Atlas – ‎Dec 13, 2009‎ Gerald, with whom she’d lost touch, was a student at Texas Tech. One day, her mom called to tell her she’d gotten a letter from someone in Lubbock.

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