Hurst becomes latest to plead out in Levelland drug bust 12-21-09
Two more plead guilty in Levelland drug bust
Three more plead out in major Levelland drug bustmore related stories &feature story below
Two defendants in Levelland meth bust plead guilty no trial no details keeping us in the dark… more: feature story below…Gandalf
City secures contracts for Lake Alan Henry pipeline This is one big mistake. I recall a lecture by a Texas Tech petroleum geologist that showed us why not to build Lake Allen Henry. The proper course of action would have been to build our Lake near Amarillo higher up in the Rockies. The water would have been cleaner, there would have been more of it. and the reservoir would have been up hill. All we would have to do is bring it to Lake Meredith, everything else needed to bring it to Lubbock, TX is already in place. Now Meredith is drying up and both Amarillo and Lubbock are in need of this potential water supply. Stories related to this are in the Blog headings “water war water war page 2 Water War page 3 Water War page 4Lake Meredith returns to near record-low water levels
Accused Killer’s Mother Speaks To NewsChannel 10
Lubbock man arrested in killing, robbery at Amarillo bar | MORRIS … Amarillo.com | Local News: Tourist killed at bar 11/07/09 Victim’s family speaks after Lubbock man arrested for capital murder
Grand jury hands down murder indictments for Garcia Grand Jury could indict four murder suspects
Wellman teen dies in morning accident
11/11/09Funeral arrangements set for Alex Brown of Seagraves
Funeral arrangements have been set, and a memorial fund set up for a Seagraves High School senior killed Tuesday in a car accident. Woman dies in accident near Amherst
Mastermind of Washington area sniper attacks executed
Suspect in Orlando Office Shooting Had Money Woes Sources: Rampage gun bought legally Lawyer Cites Mental Illness in Shooting
US jobless rate hits 10.2 percent. UPDATE 1-Big California bank fails, has China branches
Maj. Nidal Hasan charged with 32 counts of attempted premediated murder for Fort Hood shootings…
Sen. Joe Lieberman calls Fort Hood massacre a ‘terrorist’ act Hasan Charged With 13 Counts of Murder in Ft. Hood Attack Fort Hood shooting suspect sent money to Pakistan, Texas congressman says Fort Hood suspect’s superiors questioned behavior Officer describes firefight that downed Hasan US had Islamist intelligence on Fort Hood shooter Senior Official: More Hasan Ties to People Under Investigation by FBI Aftermath Shows Sharper Picture of Hasan Death toll rises to 13 in Ft. Hood shootings FBI: Fort Hood suspect had ties to radical cleric Fort Hood suspect warned of threats Nidal Hasan: Ft. Hood Shooter Participated in Homeland Security Disaster Preparation Screams, sirens herald Fort Hood chaosall 5,660 news articles »Fort Hood has felt the strain of repeated deploymentsFort Hood shooting: Suspected gunman not among fatalities Military calls Fort Hood shooting ‘isolated’ caseObama on Fort Hood: ‘Horrific outburst of violence’ Fort Worth Star TelegramLos Angeles TimesReutersBloombergWikipedia: Fort Hood shooting
Court convicts 23 ex-CIA agents in imam kidnapping trial
Ex-NY police chief Kerik guilty
Ethics Inquiries Into Lawmakers Surface via Security Breach
WASHINGTON – The House ethics committee announced Thursday that it would begin full investigations into two House members, Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson, but a security breach threatened to make public the names of many other … Seven members of House defense subcommittee scrutinized by ethics investigators Deadly Blast in Pakistan Casts Shadow Over Clinton’s Visit
Pakistan bomb kills 80 as Hillary Clinton visits | The Courier-Mail Latest reports death toll mounting. Gandalf Update: Pakistan bomb toll hits 105 during Clinton visit Law Enforcement Facilities Targeted
Coyotes kill folk singer Taylor Mitchell
Pentagon eyes crash analysis on 1300 satellites
Officers find pot smuggled in produce Hale County Commissioner arrested
Reports say missing Denver City boy dies in crash so sad, this breaks my heart. see more below… Gandalf One car rollover near airport turns fatal
Lubbock woman stabbed in home burglary more scumbags invading our homes. Gandalf

City to purchase Lubbock’s Xcel Energy This sucks and will cost all of us in higher electric bills and is another way the city will screw us out of our money. From good ole American competition to a monopoly. Gandalf
KCBD, newschannel 11 Lubbock |The Cost of Competition: Alcohol prices before …
Local activist Ward says bond failure means taxpayers prioritizing basic need
Colorado rape suspect may have local ties
Arrest made in Sunset Motel stabbing
City employee calls for resignation of the City’s top two staffers
Lubbock Man Arrested in Midland Shooting 11/3/09 KOSA
Grand Jury considers four counts of manslaughter update: Indictments not issued in deaths of two Lubbock residents
Man wanted in Lubbock State School homicide turns himself in

Drug bust leads to shooting of dog videoDrug bust leads to shooting of dog Police Briefs Officer shoots pit bull after animal charges him A Lubbock police officer shot and killed a pit bull Tuesday afternoon while serving a drug warrant in Central Lubbock. Authorities spent the evening searching this house and have now continued their operation with more raids soon to come. Gandalf…
MS 13 Now Control the US-Mexican Border | The Last Crusade
Rapist sentenced to 35 yearsLubbock man sentenced for rape of 11-year-old girl

Paper sues Perry over Willingham clemency report more links to the above story in my Blog>>>All Along the Watchtower


 plea expected in Levelland meth ring trial

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff  AP LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Two former Levelland Sheriff’s Deputies and all of their current co-defendants plan to admit guilt and take  Gandalf’s Staff
Is this a ruse? All of them to plead guilty? Are they trying to cover-up the extent of corruption in law enforcement here on the high plains? To me this smacks of the Damon Jerome Richardson case. Did they offer a plea bargain so as to prevent their own deviant misbehavior from being shown to the light of day? Gandalf …Did Travis Ware have an innocent man exicuted? Texas Execution Information – Report: Mack Hill …Executed man’s last words warning Lubbock about Travis Ware
TEXAS – PEN PAL REQUESTS This is an old request, the address has changed because Damon is no longer on death row, and is for informational purposes only. Gandalf
Damon Jerome Richardson # 915. Polunsky Unit D.R 3872 FM 350 South ….. was only allowed to review my case from under the instructions of Capital Murder, …
Texas Judicial – Court of Crimina Appeals Opinion #74221
EX PARTE DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON, Applicant …. Applicant stood trial in the 72nd District Court of Lubbock County in …. Anita Hanson’s eyewitness testimony clearly was crucial to the State’s capital murder case against applicant. …
Latest News – Dallas County District Attorney Wants Unethical …
May 4, 2008 … Here are some examples of Texas cases in which evidence was withheld. … DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON: Mr. Richardson’s capital murder conviction in Lubbock County was set aside in 2002 by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals …

Dallas County district attorney wants unethical prosecutors

May 4, 2008 … DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON: Mr. Richardson’s capital murder conviction in … of a diary kept by a former Lubbock police officer that would have provided … TULIA DRUG CASES: The State Bar of Texas in 2005 sanctioned Terry …

Cell Door Magazine – Wrongful Incarceration – Illegally Convicted

Former Lubbock County D.A. Travis Ware was in the courtroom for the first time. reversed the capital murder conviction of Damon Richardson due to Ware’s A second witness in the Richardson case was found to have provided false …. “Why Children Lie In Court,” Jerome Cramer, Time magazine, March 4, 1991, p.

Death Penalty Links

Making Murder Victim Families a Party in New Jersey Capital Cases. …… Texas: Charles Raby · Texas: Cedric Lamont Ransom · Texas: Damon Jerome Richardson

Levelland Deputy’s Drug Bust Reveals Decades of Corruption
After the infamous Levelland Huge Drug Ring Bust with two officers in law enforcement arrested by the FBI, along with a number of drug gang members, in a Meth drug ring, Gandalf’s Staff was informed that one of those officers arrested, Deputy Gordon Bohannon, was involved in the arrest and framing of Gandalf. Deputy Bohannon was just another Lubbock pawn during Travis Ware’s reign of Error and Terror in which forensic pathologist Ralph Erdaman was a part.See Bill Hubbard’s “Substantial Evidence.” click on—>>>Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Substantial Evidence
As this investigation continues Gandalf will be writing his story in this blog in the days and weeks to come. Officer Bohannon was an officer of the law in Lubbock and an instrument of former district attorney Travis Ware, among others, that plotted to falsely imprison Gandalf and illegally seize the recorded evidence and photographic material that would prove of their corruption .MOST DANGEROUS! CORRUPT PROSECUTORS … more to come on this thriller of a true story about corruption that reads like a paper back novel, here on the high plains of Texas. copywrite by Gandalf’s Staff Oct. 19, 200
Levelland Drug Bust more >>>THE BEAT GOES ON more: Mexico makes record drugs seizure Critics: Elite rangers not welcome at Texas border – Yahoo! News
Lubbock City Attorney officially sworn in I had a phone conversation with the new city attorney, we shall see if he will help me find the crooks that framed me and also the return of my property stolen by the loacal pigs. Gandalf
28 Arrests in Federal Drug Bust
How big was the levelland, TX drug distribution bust?
Deputies among drug suspects | AVALANCHE-JOURNAL
Local Lawyers Help » Blog Archive » Cop Watch: FBI Busts 2 …
Levelland Drug Bust
Cop Watch: FBI Busts 2 Sheriff’s Deputies in Major Meth …
Five years have passed since brutal murder

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