Surveillance Lubbock “ON” 24/7

 Tim Cole Board has first meeting  FYI: The reason Mr. Cole died in prison. We have had a bunch of sick evil bustards with authority running our community, behind the bench, in the District Attorney’s office, the sheriff’s office and law enforcement in general. That also is including the feds as well.  With all of that coupling too a bunch of defense lawyers, cowards, that accepted the status quo and looked the other way.  Gandalf  Family of man exonerated after dying in jail wants answers Dallas Morning News – Tim Cole’s Case…ADIOS MOFOS   MOST DANGEROUS! CORRUPT PROSECUTORS 
  Surveillance Lubbock "ON" 24/7   
G.S.  Lubbock, Tx. Oct  01    After the Levelland drug bust with deputies and drug gang members of a Meth distribution ring being arrested, the world took a watchful eye in our direction.  Now enough time has elapsed it is business as usual, as agents collecting information from those they have struck deals with, continue their investigation, which is now and has been underway.  Again things are buzzing here on the high plains as new enforcers appear, that are now working a new batch of snitches.  One must keep in mind that long before his arrest officer Bohannon worked in Lubbock law enforcement.  Levelland Drug Bust more >>>THE BEAT GOES ON more: Mexico makes record drugs seizure  Critics: Elite rangers not welcome at Texas border – Yahoo! News 
 Photo Essay Celebs Busted for Marijuana Which stars have had run-ins with the law for possessing pot? Some may surprise you.
Pot Plots Abound in Tough Economic Times
Massive Marijuana Field in San Diego

Waco Siege “Enforcer” To Rule Over Global Police Force   Paul Joseph Watson | Man who both approved and covered-up government slaughter of 76 people, including 20 children, will lead move to establish international model of law enforcement.


American Police Force in Hardin, Montana – MUST SEE! | Ron Paul …  

The Prisoners Of Eden
Private Texas Prison Remains Mum On ‘Radioactive’ Water
Supply, And The Brandishing Of A Weapon At An SAL Photographer
RG Griffing, SAL Commentary Series – PART ONE – Copyright 9-13-2009

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