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 Israel urged to investigate Gaza war crimes charges 

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders to Meet Obama at UN Deuteronomy » 32:21 They have been faithless to Me with a non-god, angering Me with their meaningless acts. Now I will be unfaithful to them with a non-nation, provoking them with a nation devoid of gratitude.  32:22 My anger has kindled a fire, burning to the lowest depths. It shall consume the land and its crops, setting fire to the foundations of mountains. 32:23 I will heap evil upon them, striking them with My arrows.   WHOLESALE MURDER IN GAZA   Key excerpts: UN Gaza report  Israel Rejects Call for Gaza Inquiry  <<<—–Those evil sick lying arrogant murderous bastards.  Isreal, you cannot sin against God and mankind, lie to us and expect get away with it. Confess your sins fools.  Gandalf  The Israel lobby’s Global Propaganda Manual  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23510.htm 

STORY DEVELOPING: REMEMBER THE ARTIC SEA?  Were Israeli diplomats in Moscow holding top level meetings over weapons found on the Artic Sea?  Get a full review on this mysterious story below… 

Deputy Bohannon Levelland FBI busted coming soon: "Was Deputy Bohannon involved in Dammon Richardson’s case?" Cop Watch: FBI Busts 2 Sheriff’s Deputies in Major Meth …  

UPDATE:     Moment of truth nears for Obama on Afghan war  Taliban leader Omar says foreign troops face defeat…   

UN SHOCK REPORT: Swine flu ‘could kill millions; Pandemic may result in anarchy…  Poles, Czechs: US missile defense shift a betrayal     House bill would kill subsidized student loans 

Obama says there will be a ‘new approach’ on missile defense   US worried about Venezuelan arms buildup… Venezuela to get Russian missiles  Military Bases in Colombia Is Hardly a Move to the … Venezuela offers Russia base for strategic bombers_English_Xinhua   

Senator to probe ‘cellphone-cancer link’…   Police: Michigan Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him  ‘Bin Laden’ message harangues US  NBC: US forces kill al-Qaida leader in Somalia  Real Live ‘Wizard of Oz’ In Kansas  Police arrest lab technician in Yale student murder    ( What sick bastard ordered this? Gandalf–>9/11 panic on Potomac )   

Texas governor sends Rangers to Mexican border; Accuses feds of failing to ‘adequately secure’… Iran Agrees to Talks With Major Powers in October Iran nuclear plans ‘revealed’ on Web site   Father of Afghan translator killed during raid says: ‘my son died   Afghan Journalists Angry Over Colleague’s Death  Mexico Replaces Attorney General   Boy Found in Secret Room at Grandma’s  N. Korea ‘in final uranium enrichment stage’  Iran Is Continuing Uranium Enrichment, UN Agency Says  

 US jobless rate soars to 26-year high of 9.7%   The Article Cash4Gold Doesn’t Want You To Read   3 more bank failures bring 2009 total to 92  Meltdown 101: Why banks’ struggles have worsened

  The US mission in Afghanistan will "likely result in failure" unless troops are increased     5 American troops killed in Afghanistan   Wave of Attacks Engulfs Afghanistan Russian envoy cautions US on Afghan troops surge Gandalf has learned that troop deployment is now under way with a new stratagem, strike the drug lords. More US troops to Afghanistan? Why Mullen won’t answer.  Lubbock soldier on second deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan tells Gandalf’s sources , "What I fear most is being hit by friendly fire." Combat medics headed for Afghanistan   48 Taliban, Afghan civilians, security forces die  Questions and answers about the war in Afghanistan   NATO Air Strike Kills Up to 90 in Afghanistan   Germany defends Afghan air strike   US-German rift emerges over Afghan deaths case     In Germany,   Political Turmoil Over Ordering Of Airstrike 

   Bermuda Triangle plane mystery ‘solved’  MoD’s latest release from its UFO files reveals a whole fresh …   UFO ‘Filmed for 40 Minutes’ by Chinese Scientists during Solar Eclipse.   UFO Examiner   Hubble improvements ‘spectacular’ after astronaut fix  

 Plainview man arrested in drug bust   Kelly Rowe appointed as Sheriff | AVALANCHE-JOURNAL  Sitton says she was pressured to resign   Records show contaminated water under Municipal Hill  Emergency landing at LPSIA lands a man in trouble  LUBBOCK Police OT pay at all-time high  

 Woman, I and many others send you a great big hug. Gandalf
Lubbock Woman Sues Obama Birth Certificate http://www.scribd.com/doc/18954334/FINAL-Patriots-Heart-v-SoetoroPetitionforGJ


   Sick and Wrong   Fallout From Nuclear Tests Leads to Health Crisis   New-Found Prostate Cancer Virus Could Lead To Vaccine   Study finds potential way to make an AIDS vaccine  MRSA ‘superbug’ found in ocean, public beaches    Doctors say they’ve found why snoring can kill   Risks of the Swine Flu Vaccine   Swine flu more deadly to adolescents than to younger children … 

Doctors Question WHO’s Severe Swine Flu Warning   A U.S. Military Exercise to Train Soldiers to Impose Pandemic  

The Flu Case – The Jane Burgermeister Official Site   An internal French government document that … orders for the force vaccination of the French … starting from September 28th has emerged. …

The First Lady of France Images:  http://cid-bd838dd923c11aa0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/First%20Lady%20of%20France/ThefirstladyofFranceCarla%7C_Bruni.pps Adults only

 "Chupacabra" Found Dead in Texas Barn; the Video Link   57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress – Rasmussen Reports™    

Elizabeth Smart Testifies About Her Abduction Ordeal in Horrifying

Abused, neglected children given voice by Court Appointed Special …Lubbock is No. 2 in Texas in one category, but it’s nothing to be proud of or brag about …

 LUBBOCK [1 vs. CIA [0]

Lubbock mom found guilty in stepsons’ torture 

  Ex-CIA chiefs urge Obama to drop abuse investigation   Cheney Slams Obama’s ‘Politicized’ Probe of CIA Interrogations

CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a Detainee’s Will By Joby Warrick, Peter Finn and Julie Tatehttp://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23387.htm

 Closing In on the Torturers By Ray McGovern

Do you think the wardens will let George Tenet wear his Presidential Medal of Freedom over the orange coverall?

 Torturing Morality By William Pfaff
 Let us honor Eric H. Holder, Jr. – the only responsible official in two administration to say that torture is evil, criminal, and in a nation governed by law must be prosecuted, if the national integrity is to be vindicated.

Argentina court ruling would allow personal use of pot 

The Associated Press: Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug …

Scientific proof of treason on September 11 sent to Congress

Maria Elena open to new Holly festival in Lubbock

 Decade of Debt: $9 Trillion They are stealing our grandchildren’s future. Gandalf

Artificial life will be created ‘within months’…

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK I saw an in-depth report on how we tortured a 12 year old boy for 7 years at Gitmo and also noticed that in Lubbock we are having a torture case currently being prosecuted.  Now when one looks at these two cases, one sees that allegedly this step Mom committed lesser inhumane acts than those of the CIA, yet she is on trial and  the CIA is not. Jury sees photos in Lubbock woman’s torture trialt.What one sees is that the law does not seem to apply to the authoritarians Gandalf Young Guantanamo Afghan to sue US

The American Way Of Torture 

 Thomas Paine v. the Right’s Torture Defenders By Glenn Greenwald "It’s bullshit. It’s disgraceful. You wonder which side they’re on.  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23364.htm

Cheney lashes out at Obama administration  Full Circle: Move to Shift Interrogations Away From CIA Draws Pre …    Lithuania probe into ‘CIA prison’   Holder opens investigation into CIA interrogations  ‘Inhumane’ CIA terror tactics spur criminal probe  Officials: Obama to tap FBI to interrogate terrorists   Justice Dept advises pursuing CIA abuses: report  Sources: Report to detail alleged abuse inside CIA secret prisons  CIA report has new details of prisoner abuse: media  CIA Officer Disciplined for Alleged Gun Use in Interrogation

Lawyers can question 9/11 suspect in writing 

Afghan election fraud allegations mount as Hamid Karzai extends lead

Afghanistan War ‘Serious’ and ‘Deteriorating,’ Mullen Says 

 UN: Israel had ‘impunity’ in Gaza 


 BAD COPS: RODNEY KING VS THE POLICE: ROUND TWO…     Cop in twin sex-swap scandal resigns from Orange post – The      Lesbian couple alleges SAPD harassment     Diss the Cops, Get Shot in Court    Current, former Ambride police officers indicted
By Brian Bowling One current and one former Ambridge police officer pleaded not guilty today to federal civil rights and obstruction of justice charges. …
Levelland deputies drug trials moving to Dallas? related stories>>> THE BEAT GOES ON Lubbock Drug Bust #4 Suspended sheriff says he will not resign  

State school death a homicide  Merimon suspect caught  Murder suspect returns

Three LISD high schools fail in federal rating When my grandson had to be pulled out of Atkins because he was continually being assaulted, I’d say we have a problem.  Gandalf
LISD gives $5 million in pay raises 
Fire the bastards, do not reward a failed system with my tax dollars.    One in five children on the South Plains didn’t graduate  Lubbock falling behind Moms and dads and those that pay property taxes, get active, be angry, seek justice, our schools are unfit.  What is good for the future and for all, begins today.  Gandalf

City to fight AG text message ruling What are they hiding? Gandalf   

 Area scum other than Travis Ware: Man stabbed during robbery near Lubbock bar Serial arsonist pleads guilty LPD investigates double homicide Levi King trial continues Lewis indicted for manslaughter in DeLeon death Two hospitalized and three arrested in Thursday morning accident another hit and run Lubbock armed robber sentenced to 20-years in prison  Suspect in 2001 Lubbock murder extradited from Mexico  Two people hospitalized after being hit by two different cars hit and run  Murder Unsolved  Suspect charged in hit and run  String of aggravated robberies hit Lubbock  Lubbock police search for dead man’s identity  Man critically injured in Lubbock pool hall fight two people ran over his chest and head Drive-by a close call for disabled vet  Lubbock couple shot in drive-by  Report: 2 men accused of dragging deceased housemate near Lubbock  Drive-by shooting injures Lubbock man 

  Russian press allege Mossad connection to ‘Arctic Sea’ – Summary : Did Israel hijack Russian ship to stop Iran arms shipment …

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