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 Gandalf’s Staff 2007/09 water war  
Help prevent auto theft, register your vehicleThis may not be a good idea.  LPD officer Osborne and informant Freda planted cocaine in my car and then they tried to frame be for it. Gandalf Department of Public Safety hosts HEAT registration 
 DRUG Gang  Methamphetamine Deputies Busted
 Hockley County Wire – Topix   DEPUTIES BUSTED
 EDITORIALHockley County Sheriff’s Deputy out of jail  For decades I have warned you all that law enforcement was corrupt.MOST DANGEROUS! CORRUPT PROSECUTORS  I spent years investigating this and when I had collected enough evidence to expose Travis Ware our former district attorney, our sheriff, our LPD, DEA, DPS; THEY RAIDED ME AND TOOK THE EVIDENCE, MY BOND WAS ONE MILLION DOLLARS. While they held me in jail, they threatened MY WIFE WITH TAKING OUR KIDS UNLESS SHE WENT ALONG WITH FRAMING ME. They traumatized my children,they planted drugs on me,they ran me out of town with threats of more planting of drugs  and they planned a murder in my house to frame me.  The shooter showed up and would have most likely killed my family and their informant Ray Freda but their target did not show. They made my house a meeting house for DEA. .  I am so angry with those bastards.  They stole my property and now tell me they have no records of their theft;making it impossible to recover anything they took….LPD officer Glen Osborn threatened to kill me. For the record (Lubbock County Register: Sunday, January 6, 2008 LPD database released Lubbock City … Glen Osborn $54 grand+ Lubbock County Register: Tuesday, February 3, 2009…Glen Osborn – $26 hr.) and to think LPD wanted a pay raise!
We are not free…We live in a criminal police state. I have brought all of this to the attention of our current District Attorney and the FBI. They have yet do nothing about any of this for they are as corrupt as the rest, wishing only to cover up their misconduct. Police Misconduct Writer For A Day « Injustice Everywhere  Gandalf

Levelland residents react to drug bust

Ellis said the officer’s involvement didn’t surprise her either. “I knew Bohannon was crooked from the day I met him,” she said. 
            Peace to you and your’s
“Not Fade Away”
      from the home of Buddy Holly
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Don’s Gone? Lubbock arts, music patriarch Don Caldwell plans to leave the city to seek new opportunities for his business KLLL-FM’s “The News Brothers” (Johnny Walker, Richard Griffing and yours truly) made a record at Caldwell’s along with studio musicians from the Maines Brothers.”  The official website of the Maines Brothers Band.  That was fun. We are going to miss you Don.   Gandalf

Ellerbrook Files Lawsuit… city is defendant third emp.retaliation case
SWAT Shooting photos album above.
Mayor Discusses LPD Pay  Clean up our law enforcement Mr. Mayor and former police chief and by the way what was your part in the destruction of my family, Sir?
 Ralph Erdmann – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Who else did you guys frame and could we have another look at the Damon Richardson case?Texas Judicial – Court of Criminal Appeals Hand Down 03/13/2002 
Fight the Death Penalty in USA “If the prosecution theory was that death was caused by a Martian death ray, then that was what Dr. Erdmann reported.”Special prosecutor Tommy Turner
 Taos Daily – Horse Fly; The alternative news source for Taos, New … see  I believe Bill Hubbard  “Substancial Evidence”  A Whistleblower’s True Tale of Corruption, Death and Justice” in Lubbock, Texas

Change Coming: New LISD superintendent plans new focus for district When my grandson had to be pulled out of Atkins because he was continually being assaulted, I’d say we have a problem.  Gandalf
Tahoka school board member and city councilwoman arrested for …
   Veronica Taylor’s case   
Veronica was 13 when she was beaten and strangled. Her body was found the morning of March 26, 1987. She lay fully clothed with her slacks unbuttoned in a snow-covered field near FM 1729, about two miles north of U.S. 62/82.
   L P D the same M O ? 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) “Once you have a person who is already handcuffed on the ground, why do you have like ten officers then come back and keep hitting him in the ambulance while he’s already in there and then tased eight times? You tell me,” Mother of man convicted of assaulting officer speaks out



Former Agents Say Stop Picking on the CIA  They can dish it out but they can’t take it. Gandalf
AP sources: Cheney told CIA not to discuss program Hang the bastards for treason, all of them.  Gandalf

BBC NEWS | Americas | CIA ‘often lied to congressmen’  Secret Program Fuels CIA-Congress Dispute

  Gandalf’s Staff has learned that after the riots the army came in at night and killed thousands.  Protesters are pleading for the UN to come in and get an accurate body count.  A plea went out to Obama to bring pressure to bare on China.  I am calling for a boycott of Chinese goods. Gandalf


Xinjiang people donate money, blood for riot victims

Death Toll Debated In China’s Rioting 

2 dead, 60 injured in Honduras anti-coup protests_English_Xinhua Serial killer dead after shootout with police, SLED says LAPD Detective Pleads Not Guilty To 1986 Murder – Fatal shooting at sheriff’s station Teen survives jet’s sea crash  CAMBODIA   Khmer Rouge tribunal hears first survivor testimonyNew drug strategy focuses on technology –  



Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reminds world of the Waco Siege (also known as the Waco Massacre Petzal: Waco According to   Herbert ) as seen live on our france24 stream Friday morning…then things got brutal…..gandalf        

Iranian Police, Militia Attack Opposition Protesters

Iran: the death of Neda

Media Matters: ‘We are all Neda’ Jerusalem Post

Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda’s shooting? CNN

Los Angeles Times – Times Online – TIME  – Wikipedia: Death of Neda Agha-Soltan

all 1,523 news articles »

Rafsanjani Casts Doubt on Iran Election

Thousands protest in Iran, defying crackdown

Iran to Try UK Embassy Staff Accused of Incitement

Mir Hossein Mousavi calls Iranian government illegitimate

Mousavi pledges new rights group in Iran

Iran Confirms Ahmadinejad Win After Partial Vote Recount

Thousands of Iranians ignore threats, march in rally

Iran Escalates Its Fight With Britain; New Clashes Erupt

Iran ‘must free UK embassy staff’

Ahmadinejad Slams Obama’s Protest Comments

Mir-Hossein Mousavi slams Iran’s leaders all 11,213 news articles »

News results for iran demonstration neda 

   N. KOREA    

Analysis: Bill Clinton as a diplomatic fix-it man   North Korea calls Clinton vulgar, unintelligent N Korea’s Kim ‘has cancer’ US condemns N Korea missile launch North Korea missile tests defy UN  North Korea raises stakes with new missile launch North Korea may fire more missiles: report Could a North Korean missile reach Hawaii? Brimming with Nuclear Bombast, North Korea Warns Foes  Official: N. Korean ship carries weapons to Myanmar  North Korea chemical weapons threaten region: report  Highlights of North Korea Resolution  UN sanctions on NKorea may be futile


Ex-congressman Jefferson receives 13 years in prison  Wider Ethics Inquiry for Rangel Texas: Former Official Found Guilty   GOP Senate leader stays mum on Ensign’s troubles  Assemblyman Mike Duvall resigns after his sex comments are broadcast  A Vindication for Iglesias?  Jury convicts ex-congressman in bribery scheme Second accused mayor in NJ corruption probe resigns  NJ mayor’s arrest puts spotlight on historic city Hoboken Mayor’s Fall From Reformer to Defendantall 1,567 news articles » 4 Are Arrested in New Jersey-Focused Corruption Inquiry  Frugal’ SC Gov. Sanford Flew in Style  Sen. John Ensign enlisted his parents to help pay off ex-mistress  South Carolina Finds No Misuse of State Funds Court declares Franken the winner of Minnesota Senate race Official trip included meeting with mistress US Attorney’s statement on Conyers’ guilty plea Detroit Free Press IN FOCUS: The Sanford affairNewspaper calls for Gov. Sanford to resign   Sanford Case a New Dose of Bad News for Republicans Live on Television: US politicians confess sins SC Governor Admits Extramarital Affair National Briefing | Midwest Ohio: Ex-Attorney General Fined Ex-budget chief in NY’s Hamptons faces charges House Ethics panel looking at allegations of misconduct 


 ‘Stoned wallabies make crop circles’
Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around “as high as a kite”, a government official has said.
CENARIOS-Children go to front of flu vaccine line
  Of Family Interest
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