Chan’s Music Beds Part 1 & 2

  Here is Gandalf’s latest creation.  It is a music bed inspired by Chantal as aired on KRFE-580 AM in LUBBOCK, TEXAS on March 19, 2009.    Portfolio  Photo and Video Footage of Chantal Hanse / Chariko. Portfolio : Portraits
  Long have I searched the Earth for the glory of God’s creation, for there is no greater beauty in all of his creations than the human female, even beyond the flowers and the Monarch butterfly.  This creature is beyond all their glory, for she is the crowing jewel and I am so ever humbled by the beauty of this creation: it is a touch of heaven on Earth. Gandalf
  In the beginning God created man but that came with a prenuptial and her name was Karma. She is a bitch, get a load of this one: )  “A US man who thought he was dying and confessed to having killed a neighbor in 1977 has been charged with murder after making a recovery, US media say. “
Tooooo Funny heheh 😉  <ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ##~~~~~~
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