Information Clearing House: CIA EXPOSED

Exposed : Secret CIA Base For Drone Raids

Google Earth Reveals Secret History of US Base In Pakistan

By Jeremy Page

The US was secretly flying unmanned drones from the Shamsi airbase in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Baluchistan as early as 2006, according to an image of the base from Google Earth.


CIA chief says Al-Qaeda disrupted, defends drones

AFP – ‎2 hours ago‎
LOS ANGELES (AFP) – CIA director Leon Panetta defended the use of unmanned aircraft to target Al-Qaeda militants on Monday and said President Barack Obama’s policies had severely disrupted the network’s leadership.


Obama exempts CIA ‘torture’ staff

US President Barack Obama says CIA agents who used harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects during the Bush era will not be prosecuted.

Amnesty International said the Department of Justice appeared to be offering a "get-out-of-jail-free card" to individuals who were involved in acts of torture.

Hear how the CIA murders by deception

 Spain court mulls US torture case

 Some inmates were subjected to controversial interrogation techniques

Spanish judges have agreed to consider charging six former US officials with providing legal justification for alleged torture at Guantanamo Bay. Human rights lawyers brought the case against the six, who all served under former President George W. Bush.

Among those named was former defence official Douglas Feith, who said the charges against him "made no sense".

Spanish courts can prosecute offences such as torture or war crimes even if they occurred in other countries.

The former officials – who include ex-Attorney-General Alberto Gonzalez – could face arrest on leaving the US if the courts decide to issue warrants.

UPDATE:  Spanish courts have declined to persue this case.

The West Should Feel Shame Over its Collusion with Torturers

I want to know why those complicit in Almalki’s ordeal are not tried in court

By Robert Fisk

". . . the Syrians quite recently complained mightily to the Americans as well as the Canadians. First, the West sent its prisoners to be tortured in Damascus – and then complained that Syria abused human rights! "

Report claims CIA used ‘torture’

CIA interrogation techniques used on al-Qaeda suspects "constituted torture", according to a leaked report by the international Red Cross.

I was told that they would not allow me to die but
that I would be brought to the ‘verge of death and back again’
khalid Sheikh Mohammed

MI5 telegrams ‘fed interrogation’


A UK resident detained at Guantanamo Bay has released alleged MI5 memos which he claims show government collusion in his interrogation.  Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed, 30, told the Mail on Sunday they were sent to the CIA in November 2002, at a time he said he was being tortured in Morocco. His claims of British collusion are being investigated by the government.

CIA destroyed 92 interview tapes

The Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has destroyed 92 tapes of interviews conducted with terror suspects, a US government lawyer has admitted.

The agency had previously said that it had destroyed only two tapes.

Ridge: We were wrong to torture

 America’s first homeland security secretary has accepted some criticisms of the US "war on terror" made in a recent report by legal experts.

The report the International Commission of Jurists said anti-terror measures worldwide had seriously undermined international human rights law.


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