The Movie Tulia

This is the latest on the movie about Tulia, Texas and a crooked task force on the high plains. 
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Pakistan fury over ‘US assault’

Tension in Pakistan’s north-west has increased in recent months

Pakistan has condemned an alleged raid by foreign troops based in Afghanistan which officials say killed at least 15 villagers in a north-west tribal area.

The South Waziristan raid would be the first ever ground assault into Pakistan by foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Pakistan says the raid was a violation of its sovereignty. On Thursday a US missile killed at least five people in nearby North Waziristan, officials say.

US-led and Nato forces have said they have no reports of any troop incursion.

But off the record, US military sources confirm that US commandoes carried out Wednesday’s raid against a suspected al-Qaeda target – and say it could signal a tougher approach to cross-border militancy.

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One Response to The Movie Tulia

  1. Maria says:

    Why do they harbour the militants? In doing so they state their allegiance to them.

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