CIA Worried- Video From Guantanamo.

Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance
Plans Fund Defense In Anti-Terror Cases

By R. Jeffrey Smith
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, September 11, 2006; A01

CIA counterterrorism officers have signed up in growing numbers for a government-reimbursed, private insurance plan that would pay their civil judgments and legal expenses if they are sued or charged with criminal wrongdoing, according to current and former intelligence officials and others with knowledge of the program.

Omar Kahdr’s Interrogation Video From Guantanamo.
Help Me – Help Me – Help Me
 Another proud moment in US history
Here is a blast from the past on my blog. Gandalf
  The CIA destroyed the tapes while   
being scrutinised over secret prisons
The US justice
department is to launch a criminal
investigation into the CIA’s erasingof videotapes of
interrogations of two al-Qaeda suspects. It follows
last month’s preliminary joint inquiry with the CIA
into whether a full investigation was necessary.
Critics have accused the CIA of a cover-up to hide
evidence of possible torture and abuse of detainees.
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