Spy chief defends Peru’s Fujimori
Peru’s ex-security chief has testified that former President Alberto Fujimori is innocent of human rights violations.
Vladimiro Montesinos, currently serving a jail term for arms smuggling, is alleged to have organised death squads in the 1990s during Mr Fujimori’s rule.  In 1991, La Colina raided a barbecue in a poor suburb of Lima known as Barrios Altos and killed 15 people. The following year, they kidnapped nine students and a professor. They were taken away from the campus and summarily executed. Their remains were later found in an unmarked grave. Details on link below.  Gandalf

AlterNet – San Francisco,CA,USA
Taguba writes, "There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be …
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A frail Mandela urged the crowd
 to take on his mission

Mandela joins stars at London gig

Nelson Mandela joined music stars on stage at a concert in London’s Hyde Park to celebrate his 90th birthday. As well as marking the former South African president’s personal milestone, the concert raised funds for Mr Mandela’s HIV/Aids charity 46664.

Mr Mandela told the crowd: "Even as we celebrate, let us remind ourselves that our work is far from complete – our work is for freedom for all."

We should all thank God for this man,  another wise man once said:  "Man’s character is his fate.": Heraclitus – (c.540-480 BC) Greek philosopher…..  Gandalfnote: the #46664 was his prison number and the total number of tickets sold.


Fenty Expresses Dismay at Ruling on Guns
Washington Post – 4 hours ago
By David Nakamura and Paul Duggan DC Mayor Adrian M. Fenty expressed disappointment today with the Supreme Court’s decision striking down the city’s gun law, warning that, "More handguns will lead to more handgun violence.
Video: Washington Mayor Disappointed With Gun RulingVideo: Washington Mayor Disappointed With Gun Ruling AssociatedPress

Smith & Wesson sees no big impact from gun ruling Boston Globe
Bloomberg – Chicago Tribune – Wall Street Journal –
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The US military base at Guantanamo

 has housed prisoners since 2002

US court backs Guantanamo inmate



A US court has for the first time rejected the classification of a prisoner held in Guantanamo Bay as an "enemy combatant".



US lawmakers pass wiretaps bill
BBC News, UK – 12 hours ago
US lawmakers have passed a bill to shield telephone companies who helped in the White House’s controversial warrantless wiretaps programme. …
US: House Passes Bill on Wiretap Powers
President Urges Quick Action on Wiretapping Bill NewsHour
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   Texas Republican Convention Hijacked
                Iraq not even mentioned!
 My daughter, a delegate to the Texas Republican convention called and said it was a sham. The voice of the people was muffled out via. the seat of the established power. There were bitter fights among angry delegates that were refused their seats and replaced with unqualified reps. The press was systematically screened and reporters not favorable to the status quo were removed under threat of arrest. Microphones were taken from those that tried to speak out for the people. Our governor told Ron Paul that his delegates were "unruly". He replied, "that’s freedom dude." I don’t blame them I would be angry as hell too.  Rulings were declared against the will of the people with Yes and No oral votes cast on motions before the convention; which were recorded on audio for anyone who cares to check.  It is my understanding rhe Ron Paul people recorded the entire convention.  Liberty was tread on and the voice of the people denied.
My daughter said as she left the convention the Veterans for Peace had lain a display of the boots of our fallen soldiers before them with notes attached. As Aurora read the notes she wept and a photographer from the Houston Chronicle got it and printed it on page five of Sunday’s paper.  Without LIBERTY man has no JUSTICE. "Man’s character is his fate.": Heraclitus – (c.540-480 BC) Greek philosopher 
          DON’T TREAD ON ME
Buy ammo. Happy fathers day to all.
"You cannot pass."…"I am a servant of the Secret Fire, Wielder of the Flame of Anor, You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun. Go Back to the Shadow! You cannot pass."
 The struggle for liberty is exemplified in a new book that is about to be translated into English.  The book is on Dark South Africa and her struggle for freedom and liberty.  The stories contained within are enlightening from the dark side of the human to the saints of the species, all are found within this book.  I am inviting you to listen to the author of "Rainbow in the Night."  Shocking and inspiring and a must read for all who cherish liberty.  Copy and paste the link below or go to my public file shares and d/l "Rainbow in the Night." ; then hear the author of this book tell you of his discoveries in the Rainbow country of South Africa.  The story begins with the Dutch and English discovering diamonds in South Africa and their plan to cut off the expected flood of millions of…    (Go to file shares lower right column)
source: franmce24
 Taleban jail raid frees hundreds
Police detain Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai again
Reuters – 6 hours ago
By Nelson Banya HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwean police detained opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday for the second time this week after blocking him from reaching a campaign rally for the June 27 presidential run-off vote.
Zimbabwe: Run-Off Doubtful As GNU Talks Gather Momentum
Mugabe turns the screw on opposition
United Press International – AFP – The Associated Press – Irish Examiner
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US: Zimbabwe using food as weapon
The Associated Press – 13 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) – The US ambassador to Zimbabwe said Friday that the government of President Robert Mugabe is using food as a weapon to try to retain power in the presidential run-off election scheduled for June 27.

From earlier this week @ Gandalf’s Staff

Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai freed after detention
Reuters UK – 1 hour ago
By Nelson Banya HARARE (Reuters) – Police released Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday after holding him for more than eight hours, his lawyer and party officials said.
Tsvangirai seized on way to election rally
Times Online
Tsvangirai arrested, freed in Zimbabwe United Press International
Aljazeera.netAFPWashington PostReuters
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China’s agriculture minister says food security guaranteed after quake
Xinhua – 1 hour ago
ROME, June 4 (Xinhua) — Food security in China is guaranteed despite the recent major earthquake and heavy snowfalls earlier this year, China’s Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai said in an interview with Xinhua.
Food summit seeks "green revolution" for Africa
UN Chief Says Global Food Crisis Needs Quick Response
Voice of America
AFPAllAfrica.comRedOrbitWall Street Journal
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China dissenter retains high hopes for democracy
Reuters – 1 hour ago
By Paul Eckert, Asia Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 4 (Reuters) – Despite surging pride in China over the upcoming Beijing Olympics and anger at recent anti-Chinese protests, exiled democracy activist Yang Jianli retains high hopes for a movement …
The Starting Line: The Tiananmen Square Protests, 19 Years Later
New York Times
Hong Kong vigil for Tiananmen Square protesters low-key this year
International Herald Tribune
The Associated PressMonsters and Critics.comRadio AustraliaAFP
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Boston Globe Thousands remember China’s Tiananmen Square massacre
Radio Australia, Australia – 1 hour ago
Thousands of people have gathered in Hong Kong for the city’s annual candlelight vigil to mark the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing. …
Tiananmen Square still an almost taboo topic
Sydney Morning Herald
Taiwan president raps China on Tiananmen Square anniversary
Monsters and
Newly Uncovered Tiananmen Square Video Inspires SJ Filmmaker
Reporters without borders (press release)Las Vegas Sun
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New York Times The Starting Line: The Tiananmen Square Protests, 19 Years Later
New York Times, United States – 6 hours ago
By Jeff Z. Klein A vigil today in Hong Kong marking the 19th anniversary of the government crackdown at Tiananmen Square. (Jerome Favre/Bloomberg News) …

China urged to release Tiananmen Square prisoners, UK – 14 hours ago
Shao Jiang, a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, stands in front of a tank during an event organised in London by Amnesty international to …

Hong Kong vigil for Tiananmen Square protesters low-key this year
International Herald Tribune, France – 12 hours ago
He marked the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square killings then, three months after becoming cardinal, by standing in a hall next to Hong Kong’s Catholic …

Guardian Unlimited Tiananmen Square, 1989 Photo: Jeff Widener/AP, UK – 8 hours ago
For some, the events that occurred in Beijing 19 years ago today have been pushed towards the sidelines of history. The Great Leap Forward and the …
CHRONOLOGY: Changing China: Modern milestones since 1978
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Protests mark Tiananmen Square anniversary
Radio Australia, Australia – 18 hours ago
Amnesty International has held a demonstration in the eastern Australian city of Sydney to commemorate the 19th anniversary of China’s Tiananmen Square …

Pelosi: 19 Years Ago Today, the Tiananmen Square Massacre …
Earthtimes (press release), UK – 5 hours ago
"Nineteen years ago, Chinese students, workers and citizens marched in peace in Tiananmen Square. They raised the Goddess of Democracy in the image of our …

Annual Tiananmen Square Vigil Draws Thousands
New York Sun, United States – 2 hours ago
By CLARE CHEUNG and BEI HU, Bloomberg News Hong Kong — Hong Kong’s annual commemoration of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown drew tens of thousands of …

Tiananmen Square Anniversary Passes Quietly; Olympics
TransWorldNews (press release), GA – 8 hours ago
The 19 th anniversary of a human rights protest that turned deadly in Beijing ’s Tiananmen Square passed quietly Wednesday as security forces kept a close …

Tiananmen Square, 19 years on
Channel 4 News, UK – 15 hours ago
Nineteen years after the Tiananmen Square crackdown, Lindsey Hilsum reports on the fate of one political dissident in China. Today marks the nineteenth …

Tibetan exiles commemorate Tiananmen Square massacre, Italy – 13 hours ago
New Delhi (AsiaNews) – Tibetans in exile in India are commemorating, this evening, the 19th anniversary of the massacre in Tiananmen Square, and are drawing …

China human rights ‘worse than before Tiananmen Square’, UK – 19 hours ago
Full Story China’s human rights record has deteriorated since the Tiananmen Square protests, a survivor of the massacre has said. The claim comes exactly 19 … Tiananmen Square Massacre, UK – 22 hours ago
The Tiananmen Square protests continue to divide east and west, nineteen years since the peaceful demonstrations were crushed. The Tiananmen Square protests …

US lawmakers criticize China’s human rights
Economic Times, India – 5 hours ago
Hundreds, possibly thousands, were killed during the June 3-4 military assault on protesters at Tiananmen Square. The Communist leadership labeled the …

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