Vacation Mexico Part 3

Mexico probes online ‘hitmen ads’

Just a click away: Online ‘killers’ boast a professional service

Mexican police are investigating a number of classified ads on the internet which purport to be from hitmen offering the services.

The ads can be found alongside ones for private tuition or domestic help.

In one of them, a person describing himself as an ex-military killer offers "discreet, professional services" for $6,000 (£3,000).

Hired killers are a problem across a country which has seen at least 1,400 killings this year.

Most of the killings are related to drug cartels battling for control of the illegal drugs trade to the US. Reports say the cartels have camps to train killers.

 Mexico’s long forgotten dirty war

Decades on, the first suspected
mass grave is now being excavated

Here now on our border is another Iraq or Columbia that US policy has created, scroll down my blog for the real story.

BBC News, UK – 21 hours ago
The officers were killed during a raid on a home in Culiacan, in north-west Mexico, police said. Arriving at the house to search for weapons and drugs, …
5 Mexican officers killed in drug raid CNN International
7 Police Officers Killed In Mexico Drug Raid AHN
Mexican Federals Killed in Drug Raid
KRGV – Lew Rockwell
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