Vacation Mexico: Part Two

Mexico drug-related killings soar

Police chief steps down in Mexico

Guillermo Prieto was one of 22 police officers in
 Ciudad Juarez named on a hit list of drug gangs.
 Seven of those named have been killed in recent
weeks, and most of the others are said to have resigned.
More than 30,000 soldiers and police will spread out across the country

Gunmen kill top Mexican policemen

Mexico City saw several killings of police
officials this week
Three Mexican police officials have been shot dead in as many days while the country’s fight against drug-trafficking continues.

Assailants sprayed the car of the deputy police chief of the border city of Ciudad Juarez on Saturday, killing Juan Antonio Roman Garcia.

The head of Mexico City’s anti-kidnap unit was killed on Friday.

On Thursday, the director of national police operations against drug traffickers was shot dead.


Gunmen kill top Mexican policeman

Police are investigating possible drug links to Mr Millan’s shooting

Gunmen in Mexico have killed another top Mexican police official – just one day after the head of the national anti-narcotics effort was shot dead. Esteban Robles headed the anti-kidnapping unit of the Mexico City police department. He was shot several times outside his home on Friday. Mr Robles was flown to a nearby hospital, but died shortly afterwards. The news came as Mexico’s president was attending a memorial service honouring three other senior police officers.


Top policeman shot dead in Mexico



A senior Mexican police official has been gunned down in the capital, Mexico City, officials have said.

Edgar Millan Gomez was in charge of co-ordinating national police operations against drugs traffickers.

He was shot nine times outside his home early on Thursday and died later in hospital, officials said. Two of his bodyguards were wounded in the attack.


Gunmen were waiting for Mr Millan outside his home.

    Ranchers killed in Mexico attack   
Gunmen have killed at least nine people and injured six more in an attack on a cattle ranch in southern Mexico, authorities have said.

At least 40 people launched the attack outside the home of a prominent cattle breeder in Guerrero state, police said.

It was the second attack to target ranchers in as many days. On Saturday at least seven people died in another shooting in the same state.

Guerrero has experienced a wave of violence blamed on drug cartels.

In the past three years, Mexico has been the setting for a violent confrontation between drug cartels and government forces in which nearly 6,000 people have died.

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