More Than Three Billion People Condemned To Death From Hunger And Thirst

By Fidel Castro

THAT is not an exaggerated figure, but rather a cautious one. I have meditated a lot on that in the wake of President Bush’s meeting with U.S. automobile manufacturers.

World Bank echoes food cost alarm

Mr Zoellick called for a "new deal" to help ward off a food crisis

The rapid rise in food prices could push 100m people in poor countries deeper into poverty, the head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, has said.

Finance Ministers Emphasize Food Crisis Over Credit Crisis New York Times
Economic Policy Makers See Food Crisis as Major Problem
Voice of America
International Herald TribuneThe Associated PressBBC NewsPakistan Dawn
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David Beckmann: Bread for the World
Bill Moyers talks with the president of Bread for the World about the challenges of combatting hunger.
Watch Video Transcript
Topic(s): agriculture, Congress, consumerism, humanitarian aid, hunger, money and politics, social services

EXPOSÉ: Cash Cows and Starter Cowboy Kits
BILL MOYERS JOURNAL teams up with the PBS series EXPOSÉ: AMERICA’S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS to follow the trail of Washington Post reporters who uncovered more than $15 billion in "wasteful, unnecessary, or redundant expenditures" that have flowed from Washington to America’s farmers
Watch Video Transcript
Topic(s): agriculture, Congress, environment, hunger, money and politics, social services

Hunger in America
Why are America’s food banks suffering shortages? Find out what you can do to help.
Watch Video Transcript
Topic(s): economy, humanitarian aid, hunger, inequality, social services

The Farm Bill
What’s in the farm bill? And, what’s behind the debate over its passage.
Topic(s): agriculture, Congress, economy, environment, government, hunger, lobbying

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