South American Uncertainty

 3/24/08 Update
Ecuadorean death report confirmed

Ecuador broke off diplomatic
ties with Bogota after the attack

Colombia has confirmed that an Ecuadorean was killed when its troops attacked a rebel camp inside the neighbouring state three weeks ago.

Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos said his body was taken to Colombia

after the raid along with that of top

leftist Colombian rebel Raul Reyes.

Ecuador’s president earlier warned of diplomatic

tension if an Ecuadorean was proven to have died

in the attack.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday ordered
10 battalions of military forces to the country’s border with
Colombia, and ordered the closure of Venezuela’s embassy
 in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota.

Ecuador has expelled Colombia’s ambassador following an
attack on left-wing rebels on its territory. Ecuador’s President
Rafael Correa announced the expulsion on television and said
 he was sending more troops to the border with Colombia.
Hugo Chavez sends troops to Colombia border Reuters
Chavez orders troops to Colombia border
CNN International of AmericaTimes Online
Colombian hostages freed by FARC, Gandalf has learned that the
American CIA agents held hostage are still alive. For up to date info.
click on Media Player for France 24 live news.  Peace, Gandalf

Four hostages held by Colombian left-wing Farc rebels

have been released, in a deal brokered by Venezuelan
 President Hugo Chavez.


 Jagger ‘escaped gang murder plot’

A fan was stabbed to death at the Stones’ notorious
Altamont concert

Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger escaped an

assassination attempt at the hands of Hells Angels in 1969,
 a BBC Radio 4 documentary has claimed. A former FBI agent
 told The FBI at 100 series the gang tried to reach Jagger’s
 home in Long Island, New York, by sea, but a storm
 almost sank their boat.

 Waterboarding not authorized under current law:

DOJ to House panel

Protests in Pakistan


Election delay
Who benefits as elections put back to February

Bhutto obituary
Heir takes centre stage
Tough challenges for successors
Murder inquiry: the key questions


Decades of rivalry
A look at tensions between Pakistan’s recent leaders
Musharraf’s parting message
One day in Pakistan
US policy in the balance
How the 1999 coup unfolded
Pakistan’s circular history

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