Feds to Probe Police Brutality Charge
Police chief Henry Whitehorn said Wednesday the district attorney
and the Justice Department will investigate the case of a woman
who is seen in a police department video lying in a pool of blood in
an interrogation room. Angela Garbarino, 42, said she was beaten
 after her Nov. 17 arrest on a drunk driving charge.Wiley Willis,
the the police officer who was fired Feb. 5 in connection with the
case, said through his attorney that Garbarino fell. Excerpts from
a police video tape show Garbarino struggling with an officer in
the interrogation room. But the camera was turned off for a time.
When it was turned back on, Garbarino is seen on the floor in a pool
of blood. 
 Claude Jones was in narcotics when the
 task force planted drugs on Gandalf!*
Police Chief Accused of “Cover Up” In Nunez Death

By: James Clark

A document was destroyed and witnesses were instructed

to keep it secret, according to court records. Lubbock
Police Chief Claude Jones is accused of destroying a
document as part of a cover up in the death of Juan
Nunez. Nunez died in April 2006 after officer Matt Doherty
tazed him. Police said at the time that Nunez was drunk
and belligerent. Nunez fell and hit his head as his
shocked b the tazer. He had trouble breathing from that
point on and died a short time later. The family has since
 filed a lawsuit. Court records now say Sgt. Tony Gribben
prepared a memo for officers that use tazers. Court
records also say that Police Chief Claude Jones admits he
 wadded up the memo and threw it away. The police chief
 is quoted as saying, “We don’t want to leave any paper
trail.” Documents filed recently say it is not known what
was in this memo, because all copies have been
*bob beall
Crooked Narcs Destroy Family Lives
Survivors of the first Texas man exonerated after death want to know what erroneously convinced police their son.
Coleman appeal upheld
Posted: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 at 5:37 p.m.
TULIA, TEXAS — The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the

highest criminal court in Texas, has upheld Tom Coleman’s

conviction for aggravated perjury.

Coleman is known for the role that he played as the

undercover agent in the Tulia drug bust back in 1999.

In 2005 Coleman was convicted of lying during an

evidentiary hearing and sentenced to ten years probation.

His appeal was based on many things but the biggest is

whether or not the state had the right to use special

prosecutors in Coleman’s trial.

The case went before the 7th Court of Appeals who also

upheld the conviction back in November of 2006.

The drug bust resulted in all of the cases against all 46

people arrested being thrown out and a full pardon by the

governor of Texas.

 KLTV 7 Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville, TX: Appeals court upholds …
Appeals court upholds Tulia ex-agent perjury conviction … The Texas Court of
Criminal Appeals today upheld the conviction of Tom Coleman. … – 60k –
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Appeals court upholds ex-undercover agent’s Tulia conviction …
AUSTIN — The former undercover agent in the discredited Tulia drug busts on
Wednesday … The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Tom Coleman’s
aggravated … – 43k –
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Corpus Christi, TX | KRISTV.COM |Appeals court upholds ex …
Appeals court upholds ex-undercover agent’s Tulia conviction …
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Tom Coleman’s aggravated
perjury conviction in … – 61k –
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Common Sense for Drug Policy: Tulia, TX — Drug War As Race War
That led, he said, to poor supervision of Mr. Coleman in Tulia, … ago cleared
the way for the defendants’ release while their cases were still on appeal. … – 58k –
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Policeman indicted for failure to stop, render aid

By Andre L. Taylor | Avalanche-Journal

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Story last updated at 2/6/2008 – 2:23 am

Albany Times Union
the Beatles’ Spirits, Is Dead
New York Times – 1 hour ago
By LILY KOPPEL Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced
 transcendental meditation to the West and gained fame
 in the 1960s as the spiritual guru to the Beatles, died
Tuesday at his home and headquarters in Vlodrop, the

Patricia Carman

50 years for questioning the ability of the EMS

"We were however unaware that the local
District Attorney, Travis Ware,

(who later was convicted
on RICO charges)

and both the current pathologist,David Hablet and

the previous pathologist, Ralph Erdman. (Who later
went to prison for falsification of autopsy reports;)
were in co-hoots…to convict people based on
falsified autopsies."

Second detention center officer arrested

By Rick White: CNJ Managing Editor

February 4 2008 6:02 PM

A shift supervisor at the Curry County Adult Detention Center was

 arrested Saturday after agreeing to smuggle drugs into the jail,

 according to a press release from the Curry County Sheriff’s Office.

Review ‘backs intercept evidence’

Phone tap evidence is not
admissible in court

An independent review into the use of intercept evidence in court cases will conclude that it can and should be allowed, the BBC has learned.

The UK is one of a few countries that bans such evidence and the security services are opposed to its use.

Gordon Brown will make a Commons statement on the issue…

gandalf 02/13/08 update WORLD WIDE MOFIA BUST 

The recent Mofia bust…report on it’s effects…

France 24  audio report click link below|4S%20MAFIA/MAFIA%20TODAY.mp3

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