Updates: Gandhi 60 Years After plus Those Other Freaking WARS


     Gandhi’s ashes scattered at sea  


Top al-Qaeda leader reported dead

Libi is thought to have directed
recent suicide attacks

    US jails Colombian rebel leader  

Palmera said neither he nor the Farc supported terrorism

A Colombian rebel leader has been jailed for 60 
years by a US court, in connection with the
 kidnapping of three US intelligence operatives
in 2003 Ricardo Palmera, 57, is the most senior
member of  the Farc guerrilla movement to be
 captured in 40 years of conflict.
   Gandhi’s ashes scattered at sea     

Ashes of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi have
been scattered off the coast of Mumbai to mark the 60th
anniversary of his assassination.
An urn containing the ashes was opened and they were mixed
with water from the Arabian Sea by his great-granddaughter
Nilamben Parikh.
The ceremony was in accordance with Hindu rites.
Gandhi – called Mahatma or "Great Soul" – spearheaded a
non-violent campaign against the British Raj.
‘Come together’

Those attending the ceremony called for Indians to unite


Israeli War Commission Finds 2006 Lebanon War

 Marked by Failure 


By Jim Teeple A government-appointed commission

 in Israel says there were grave failings by Israel’s

 leaders during the 2006 war in Lebanon, but the

commission avoided direct criticism of Israeli Prime

 Minister Ehud Olmert.
Video: Lebanon War report blames Israel military

Video: Lebanon War report blames Israel military 


Winograd Report revives Israeli anger over

Lebanon war Christian Science Monitor
TIME – Reuters – Bloomberg – Forward
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