For Weeks of WORLD NEWS

Pakistan nuclear sites on alert

Pakistan insists its nuclear armoury
will not be compromised
Pakistan has raised the state of alert around its
nuclear facilities amid concerns they could be targeted
by Islamist militants.
A US spy satellite has gone out of control and is due
to crash to Earth within two months, US sources say.
Palestinian radical founder dies

Egypt invites the Palestinian group Hamas to attend
talks in Cairo "promptly" on resolving the border crisis.
Are we Winning the Financial War on Terror?

US opens personnel files on al-Qaeda recruits

The War of a 1000 Lies
The man who can fix it.
Iraq War
Two nonprofit organizations have tallied up the
number of false statements about the threat from
Iraq made by Bush administration members
The Associated Press
New York Times
CIA boss names Bhutto ‘killers’
Chess legend Fischer dies at 64
Medical plants ‘face extinction’

  Bodies found after Mexican raid  


Mexican soldiers and police battled
the heavily-armed drugs gang

   Stones sign one-album record deal

  The Rolling Stones’ deal with
EMI comes to an end next month
US team makes embryo clone of men


The Serena is the main hotel for international visitors
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