STOP Sarkozy’s ‘non’ to France 24



President Sarkozy

President Sarkozy said a French  channel can only speak French
President Nicolas Sarkozy has said his country will stop
broadcasting its English- language 24-hour news channel,
France 24. The French premier has called for a French-only
network to replace it."With taxpayers’ money, I am not
prepared to broadcast a channel that does not speak French,"
he said. Launched in December 2006 by Mr Sarkozy’s
predecessor, Jacques Chirac,France 24 now broadcasts around
the world in French, English and Arabic. The channel aimed to

challenge the dominance of English-language market-leaders
BBC World and CNN.

The English broadcast is one of the best things
France could have done to help bring the world
together. Please e-mail everyone, anyone you
can and perhaps we WILL be able to help save
this VITAL NEWS feed!
Ps. Why as I try to bring the beauty and breath
of the French culture along with a different
perspective of the news would he deem it
necessary to close this channel of
communications? I am of the fear his concept
of our new universal world is lacking and the
nature of the patterns of his behavior tends me
to believe he cares more about himself that of
France or the World.
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