Updated: Wed, 26 Dec. 2007, 10:00 GMT
Turkish jets in fresh Iraq strike
Turkish warplanes have again launched strikes on
 Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq, officials
say. There was no word onwhether there were
 any casualties from the strikes,which targeted
 "caves and hideouts" used by the rebel PKK,
 the military said.
  BBC 12:20 GMT    12-25-07
 Pope calls for end to conflicts
 Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for just
solutions to the conflicts in Middle East, Iraq,
He denounced terrorism and violence that
victimised children and women. He said he
 hoped the "light of Christ" would "shine forth
and bring consolation to those who live in the
 darknessof poverty, injustice and war".
   FROM  BBC:              12-24-07
Thousands are said to have fled the areas under attacks
Iraq Kurds warn Turkey over raids


Turkey ‘in new Iraq air strikes’

Ankara has stepped up cross-border raids on PKK bases
in Iraq

Turkish warplanes have again bombed Kurdish rebels across the border in northern Iraq, Kurdish officials say.

Jabbar Yawer, a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdish security forces, said the raid lasted more than three hours but "there was no damage or loss of life".

           CIA ‘kept’ tapes from 9/11 probe

The tapes are said to show
a simulated drowning

A leaked memorandum from the former 9/11 commission says it made repeated requests to the CIA for information on the interrogation of al-Qaeda suspects.

But ex-commission executive director Philip Zelikow says the CIA did not hand over tapes that have since come to light, the New York Times reported.

The CIA later erased the footage, which allegedly contains images of abuse.

FBI planned mass arrests in 1950

The FBI boss wanted
suspects held in military
 and federal prisons

Former FBI director J Edgar Hoover had a plan to arrest 12,000 Americans he deemed a possible threat to national security, declassified papers reveal.

The FBI chief sent his proposal to US President Harry Truman just after the start of the Korean War in 1950, The New York Times newspaper reports.

He asked the president to declare the mass arrest necessary to counter "treason, espionage and sabotage".

BP $50m blast fine ‘not enough’

BP says that it has apologised
and is paying a record fine

A $50m (£25m) fine being proposed as punishment for an explosion at a BP plant in Texas is too low, lawyers for the victims’ families have said.

Such an amount would be "part of the ordinary cost of doing business" and not punitive enough, they argued.

The Texas City refinery blast killed 15 people and

injured 180 others in 2003.

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