American Hostages Still Alive

9:00pm CST Lubbock: Gandalf’s Staff …..
has learned 3 American hostages were
seen on captured tape. FARC reported
that they were shot down are believed
to be military and CIA.  American relatives
have long complained of their plight.
                That Other Freaking War              
         Colombia airs rebel hostage tapes

A sad image but a
sign Ms Betancourt was alive, her
family said

Colombian officials have shown videos and photos seized from captured rebels of 16 high-profile hostages, the first sign of life since 2003.

Among those on the five tapes are French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and three US nationals.

Officials said the video of Ms Betancourt, who has been held for five years, dated from last month.

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2 Responses to American Hostages Still Alive

  1. Zardicus says:

    The C.I.A. have been dealing drugs in the U.S.A. For a long time. There are actual Congressional records that people can read for themselves!http://

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