Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking?

    Updated 08/09/14      SAM!
Knowing what you know about my case and what was done to my family and me, having been a partner with Tommy Turner my defense attorney, I am asking you straight out dude; Sam Medina what the hell were you thinking?* See footnote below. Gandalf.
  The Seventh court of appeals in Amarillo reversed the dismissal of a suit against Blake Littlejohn a former Lubbock Police officer. Littlejohn is accused of assaulting a 20 year old woman and forcing her to perform sexual acts on him in the back of his squad car. Littlejohn pled guilty to criminal charges and was then faced with a civil law suit which was dismissed. The court held that Judge Sam Medina of the 237th district court should not have dismissed the suit and that he committed an error when he did so. Littlejohn plead guilty

Rebecca Hernandez v. The City of Lubbock and Blake Littlejohn–Appeal from 237th District Court of Lubbock County
This is in reference to an incident involving Littlejohn(LPD officer) and Hernandez that had Littlejohn being arrested for soliciting sex to tear up a traffic tickets and ignore outstanding warrants on Hernandez in summer of 2004. Littlejohn resigned and Sam Medina took it on himself to dismiss civil suit against city and Littlejohn filed by Hernandez. Medina is (R) and may have thought David Miller(R) needed off-the-hook on this “sleazy” conduct of LPD officer. Appeals court did not buy into the county judge lending a hand to both City of Lubbock and Littlejohn. Suit against Littlejohn has been reinstated BUT City of Lubbock has been given “free-pass” on civil liability thus getting City of Lubbock dismissed from this suit.

  >>>      *Footnote: Lubbock Sheriff Narcotics Deputy Turner contracted the murder of his rogue informant Ray Freeda whom at the time was threatening Lubbock District Attorney Travis Ware with blackmail. Freda was claiming to have the tapes that Gandalf had recorded of the Lubbock district attorney talking to his mistress Crystal on a cell phone and making arrangements to purchase cocaine. The deputy gave his messenger a gun believed to be Gandalf’s and it was to be passed on to the Mexican cartel hit man and heroine supplier. Freda was purchasing the heroine from the cartel to sell for profit and to set up future drug busts. Turner gave instructions to his go-between that he should inform the cartel that Freeda was a snitch working for Travis Ware and the LSO and must be eliminated in Gandalf’s home; even if Gandalf’s family was present. They were assuming the murderer would kill any witnesses. The assassin was driven to Gandalf’s home where Gandalf’s estranged wife let him in, but Freeda did not show for the arraigned meeting. Unknown to all at the time, Gandalf was in Austin, Texas working for radio stations KEYI – FM, iconic KOKE – FM, and in nearby Lampassas KCYL-AM &FM. The plan was to frame Gandalf for the murders, thus ridding themselves of the rogue informant and to them, a very dangerous reporter AKA Gandalf.

Appeals court reverses Lubbock court’s decision
The Seventh Court of Appeals in Amarillo this week reversed a dismissal of a lawsuit against a former Lubbock Police officer. The appeals court held that Judge Sam Medina, of the 237th district court, should not have dismissed the suit against Blake Littlejohn and that he committed error when he did so.  KFYO and Lubbock County Register used as sources.  Gandalf     Appeals court reverses Medina’s ruling | Lubbock Online …  Nov 29, 2007 –

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5 Responses to Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking?

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  3. Monty Lamkin says:

    For a self proclaimed Fine Christian man, Mediner is just another crooked judge and attorney.

  4. Thomas B.F. says:

    Justice for the cops huh?.. Nail them Fascist & hang em’ high! ! – get the rope for Sam.. O_o
    A 2005 Supreme Court decision declared it’s NOT the duty of any police officer in the U.S. to protect citizens, but rather to just enforce laws.. “Littlejohn being arrested for soliciting sex to tear up a traffic tickets and ignore outstanding warrants” woew, breaking laws too, what a country this is ;]

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