“This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.” –  Plato – Greek Philosopher  – 428 BC-348 BC

Mexican Drug Gang? Lubbock County grand jury indicts 4 for allegedly torturing
A Lubbock County grand jury indicted four people Tuesday in a grotesque plot in which they are accused of torturing a man for money in June. … a shed at a residence in the 8500 block of Urbana Avenue where they tortured
  Lubbock residents accused of torturing man who owed them money 

There is an on going major drug investigation in Lubbock currently involving ATF, DPS, LPD, and DEA. A drug ring is about to go down. 24 hour surveillance caught the ring flat footed. Sources tell Gandalf the operation started last year… Alex Jones: ISIS IS WORKING WITH THE DRUG CARTELS …more to come… PERRY: ‘Very real possibility’ ISIS terrorists crossed border…  From Mexico to Chicago, Lubbock is the main corridor for the cartels, the terrorist, and their couriers. Gandalf has observed: Heroin Pushed on Chicago by Cartel Fueling Gang Murders … – Chicago had cartel drugs in the past but not cartel leaders, but Bilek says…. a clan of Chicago roofers who served as cartel enforcers by night, says. …  Gandalf asks: Could this be going on in Lubbock also?    

Drudge Report hints Obama has the backs of MS-13 gang .MEXICAN GANGSTERS  5 indicted, charged with aggravated kidnapping Updated:  Jaime Alvarez, Erica Guerra, Miguel Ponce, Fabian Zambrano and Adam Rico are accused of abducting Christopher Ruiz at gunpoint for the purpose of murder.

A look into federal documents show Lubbock County got $400K in military equipment
        War Against We the People?
HowStuffWorks “The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878?
by Josh Clark – In 1993, the Posse Comitatus Act was again waived, this time by President Bill Clinton. In Waco, Texas, an armed religious sect known as the Branch … Tanks used … burned children alive …Texas a police state …  LUBBOCK Police defend program to allow department to use military equipment … COLLATERAL DAMAGE
Cop Shot Cop’ In Lubbock SWAT Snafu – The Firing Line Forum
Anatomy of the Cover-Up of a Cover-Up – Free Republic   Texas unscrupulous prosecution used against Gandalf and  …   
Governor Perry Indicted!

WHO PAYS?  Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry hires high-profile legal …

 REPORT: Perry Grand Juror Was Active Dem Party Delegate During Proceedings… Developing… More lawyers join the fray as Governor Perry is  booked on two felony charges.   POWER ABUSE NYT: ‘Overzealous Prosecution’… DRUNKEN CORRUPT TEXAS DISTRICT ATTORNEYS Texas Chainsaw Prosecution… Such as we saw in Lubbock by trashy DA Travis Ware. PERRY FIRES BACK! A Travis County grand jury handed up the charges. Indictment of Perry Raises Debate Over Which Party Is Abusing Power   Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Turn Himself In… , a potential 2016 presidential candidate, was indicted on charges relating to his efforts to try and force a local district attorney to resign. Former Lubbock prosecutor Mary Anne Wiley, General Counsel for Perry, said in a statement following the indictment: “The veto in question was made in accordance with the veto authority afforded to every governor under the Texas Constitution. We will continue to aggressively defend the governor’s lawful and constitutional action, and believe we will ultimately prevail.” … Continue

Double shooting at 48th and Detroit leaves one woman dead and one man in critical condition has died.  2 dead following central Lubbock shooting Thursday .   LPD source reports.   

Critical Condition Woman seriously injured in officer-involved accident Cop Crash Turns Deadly   Woman dies from injuries following officer-involved accident Updated: A woman has died from her injuries after an officer-involved accident at Clovis Road and North Loop 289 on Wednesday afternoon. Friends remember TTU student killed in accident involving LPD Officer This intersection has poor visibility which is easily blocked by large trucks and has a bad traffic light control arraignment, making it an intersection to avoid. LPD says both parties in fatal wreck had a green light Gandalf notes  Police Officer Involved in Crash on Clovis Road  

     Murder Allegedly Over Woman
  Warrant says ‘jealousy’ led to Fabian Rios death Suspects apprehended

James Brady’s death ruled homicide … SHOT BY FORMER LUBBOCK RESIDENT John Hinckley, Jr. Reagan aide James Brady dies at 73   Former White House press secretary James Brady, who was severely wounded in a 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, has died, the White House said. Brady was 73. Brady was partially paralyzed in the shooting in Washington. He later became one of the nation’s most prominent gun-control advocates. Scroll down this page for more on Hinckley in Lubbock.

Updated   Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking

  Sheriff: Mexican immigrant gangs ‘in military fatigues’ marching through south Texas…  

Federal War on Lubbock and Texas.

Exclusive–Texas AG Abbott to BLM: ‘Come and Take It’
Apr 22, 2014 – BLM Eyes 90,000 Acres of Texas Land … Kornze, asking for answers to a series of questions related to the potential land grab. … the federal government has the authority to swoop in and take land that has been owned … “What Barack Obama’s BLM is doing,” Abbott continued, “is so out of bounds and so .

Update: Victim Name Released In Overnight Homicide On Lubbock’s Southside  Crime scene investigators, along with personnel from the Lubbock County Medical Examiner’s office, were called to the scene of a homicide early Wednesday morning. UPDATED 7/30/14 1:58 pm  LPD searching for overnight stabbing suspect 

  Baby Jesus Cross the Rio Nancy Cross the Chamber
Off-mic, Pelosi then approached Marino, crossing the aisle in view of cameras, …. Pelosi Chases GOP Lawmaker Across Chamber…
 It is baby Jesus swimming across the Rio Grande, Nancy Pelosi: Moses Was a Refugee Too, Just Like Baby …
This stupid grinning possum expects us to believe her? NANCY PELOSI HAS LOST HER MIND: Border Kids Are …    Gandalf writes:   In the last five years illegal aliens have killed 3000 Americans and sexually assaulted 8000 US citizens. Then the feds tell us these are children we must allow into the country. Our border is wide open but they took our liberty with the Patriot Act allegedly to protect us from those violent terrorist. But have no fear, it is only baby Jesus that swims the Rio Grande. Stupid lying Nazis need to be fired and the alien criminals run out of the country.  Lubbock National Guard soldiers may volunteer for border service


  Statue of Tim Cole to be unveiled The City of Lubbock and the Innocence Project of Texas will unveil the 10-foot-tall bronze Timothy Cole Memorial Statue … Read More

    What sucks about Lubbock is they tried to do to Gandalf what they did to Tim Cole. The Eyes of Texas on Tim Cole’s Pardon and Lubbock Tx Lubbock Texas sucks… Corrupt District Attorney,MOST DANGEROUS! CORRUPT PROSECUTORS , judges, police, DEA, the Sheriff and Task Force Texas scandal throws doubt on anti-drug task forces – USA ; but now we can learn more about it in Gandalf’s Blog. Cole’s family frustrated by lack of pardon Who, How, What, When, and Why. Note: not one person has been held accountable for their malfeasance in either of these cases. Tim Cole Texas Pardon Lubbock Shame  In Tim Cole’s case the prosecutor was promoted to judge. The Lubbock police detective was promoted to the district attorney’s office as an investigator. Tim had to die and national press pick up the story before they would even acknowledge this gross miscarriage of justice. Gandalf’s case is still to be recognized for the violation of civil rights and an illegal prosecution. Remember also that Gandalf’s bond was one million dollars. The sorry bunch of Nazi bastards are covering up their culpability TO THIS VERY DAY, WHAT LUBBOCK DID TO TIM COLE THEY TRIED TO DO TO ME Gandalf, I am livid! INJUSTICE ON THE HIGH PLAINS EXPOSED Gandalf’s seeks justice. Tulia drug busts: 10 years later – Amarillo Globe-News City of apathetic fools! Lubbock Drug Busts and The case of Timothy Cole >>>Tim Cole’s Case…ADIOS MOFOS
  Kendall Jones Makes Public Appearance in Houston
The Texas Tech cheerleader who caused a national controversy recently made an appearance in Houston at the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunting Extravaganza
by gs lbk,tx 063014 
  My parents taught me there is one prevailing rule in Texas. Never hit a female, Battle, Bethel altercation video  even when attacked or assaulted by one, restrain but do not harm.  TTU announces disciplinary actions for Amber Battle   I call it the John Wayne rule. Grand Jury clears Bethel, recommends reinstatement to football program  In Lubbock and West Texas that rule though unspoken, still prevails. Recently and sadly, we had a man shot and killed when he intervened in an assault on the woman he cared very much for, his wife. (See story below) TTU releases surveillance video of Bethel/Battle incident  Police Report Accused TTU Football Recruit of ‘Aggravated Assault’ Against Lady Raider     … Texas Tech police are calling it an “aggravated assault with hands, fists, feet.” Battle, Bethel altercation video    They say charges with the Lubbock County District Attorney are pending. Bethel dismissed from TTU football after altercation with Amber Battle.
         Updated   Grand jury to Tech: Reinstate Bethel or publicly exonerate him (VIDEO)   …   Gandalf notes: so when you see this story, you will understand why the judgment and any possible punishment appear to be so swift. Bethel reinstated, will serve 3-game suspension  Nigel Bethel III, an incoming freshman corner back, has been reinstated to the Texas Tech football team.  Nigel Bethel Reinstated to Tech Football
                             CALL THE SHOT SHARE THE POT  
Congressional Candidate Requests Nude Photographs of Tech Cheerleader     A self-proclaimed liberal Democratic running as a write-in candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District, Mike Dickinson, used his Twitter page to solicit the public for nude photos of Texas Tech cheerleader Kendal Jones. …$100K offer … …
   Kendal if you will let me take the shot I will split the pot with you. Gandalf sheepishly grins. LOL                 
                   HERE  KITTY  KITTY  BANG!  BANG!   Kendall Jones Slideshow
  I was watching TV France 24 in Paris when the Kendal Jones story came on. Gandalf notes: The story mentioned  death threats. Images for Kendall Jones Slideshow                                       
Gandalf asks: Could that be the face of a cold blooded kitty cat killer? Really? No Way! Really? Hmmm … Gandalf warns Bambi Texas Tech Cheerleader Kendall Jones Is Big Game Hunter   Gandalf notes: Yes, some of the Old West is still alive in Texas…  Annie Oakley
             Body Found by Horseback Riders in Ector Count    As a reporter I covered a lot of murders in Lubbock and have always thought we had at least one serial killer move through the area, perhaps more. Something lurking back in my mind made me think there was also a duo that might have killed a woman out at the airport many years ago. Gandalf sees the following …Family continues to seek answers 10 years after woman’s disappearance .
Criminal Bastards – Hedge Funds took down the US housing market. Now they are trying to take down area farmers. This is war declared on us by Wall Street Crooks
                            New York hedge fund sues South Plains farmers
Jul 18, 2014 – 05:34 GMT
LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Nearly 300 farmers, mostly from the South Plains, are being sued. It is over an ongoing issue with West Texas Guar in Brownfield. The farmers agreed to grow guar and ship it to the Terry County plant in exchange for a paycheck 45 days later. Farmers said 45 days came and went, but they reportedly never received a dime. Instead of being handed a paycheck, they … (continue reading)
Another One Bites the Dust Gary Zheng terminated as LP&L CEO  Updated: Takes the Money and Runs  Zheng Fired, Gets Roughly $700,000, McCalla to Be LP&L Interim Director   On motion from Clayton Isom, and seconded by Charles Dunn, the Electric Utility Board terminated Zheng without cause effective immediately. Lubbock Mayor praises EUB decision Lubbock Power and Theft Saga .LP&L Says Woman Has to Pay Massive Water Bill Aubrey Spear, with the Lubbock Water Advisory Board, said anyone in Bayse situation needs to know who to call.  Gandalf notes Step by step instructions are within the story     
                      Gandalf asks: Wonder where your money went?  .. 
 The Criminality of Lubbock Power and Theft Continues …     So if they did not steal enough already, Lubbock Power and Theft is now asking for a pay raise and a rate hike.  Council to consider taking LP&L pay raises, rate increase off the table No to all, and if any one the city council members votes in favor of it,  fire them. Gandalf knows how taxing and difficult LP&L utility bills have become  for the residence of Lubbock. We deserve better. We own LP&L. This has been causing those of low and fixed incomes a great suffering, unexpected and suddenly thrust upon them. Council to discuss Omni building, smoking ban, LP&L raises Gandalf is angry with the Nazis ….
 Lubbock’s Finest Back @ It Again and Again … Lubbock firefighter accused of harassment, posting explicit video of girlfriend A Lubbock firefighter remains on paid administrative leave Thursday, pending the results of a criminal investigation.
Former Lubbock Animal Services Director facing felony theft … Kevin Overstreet | LinkedIn Lubbock, Texas Area – …  Owner at Kevin W… Private Investigations / Legal Support; Law Enforcement Captain at Lubbock Sheriff. Education. Amarillo Police Academy …  Kevin W. Overstreet Investigations / Legal Support – Facebook Overstreet: Firing not about work – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal    FLASHBACK   City manager Lee Ann Dumbauld did not return a call for comment. City attorney Sam Medina declined to comment 364th District Court Judge Brad Underwood recused himself from the case on June 26.           This systemic corruption reaches back to the days of former Lubbock County Sheriff D.L. “Sonny” Keesee, colorful, controversial, outspoken crook, pulls his gun on Gandalf …  Lubbock County Sheriff Dies back in the days with his co-conspirator, former Lubbock DA Travis Ware. Do you see it yet?    Gandalf quaries Kevin you and Travis working together?  How did you pay for your gun Kevin? … Like Travis bought his?  With the people’s money!   Kevin Overstreet – Amarillo Globe-News | Breaking news Kevin Overstreet, a former law enforcement officer, said in his… kevin overstreet investigations – Better Business Burea   Ran for sheriff in Lubbock too .
Gandalf notes: In Lubbock the systemic problem within the legal and judicial system is shameful if not criminal and has been for far to long. Remember Tim Cole? Fools, when will you learn and heed my words?
TIME HAS COME TODAY       Time to address local corruption Gandalf declares in  open letters to all the local DA’s …see  below ….
                        Shocking! Lubbock Power and Theft  
            Lubbock is Being Robbed Lubbock should have never built Lake Alan Henry where it did. When the city was choosing a site for a water reservoir, Gandalf told Mayor Bill McAlester and the city it was making a mistake, at a town hall meeting on University Ave. If they had listened to Gandalf decades ago, we would not be facing the problems we have today. As a geology student at Texas Tech, Gandalf was shown scientifically why the lake needed to be built in the Rockies with a direct feed to Amarillo, where pipe lines to Lubbock were already in place. All of Lubbock’s water would be abundantly flowing down hill, clean and fresh.  Lubbock turned its back on Gandalf and science, so today we are paying for it dearly.  We the people got screwed and Gandalf is fuming over it. With just the taxes we are forced to  pay today, our water should be inexpensive and abundant. Lubbock should be a city full of and known for its water fountains, cooling her citizens on a hot summer day. Lubbock should be wet and green everywhere. It is neither and we are still being robbed to this day by Lubbock Power and Theft. Gandalf shakes his head in dismay. The criminal bastards took the money and ran.  Grrrrrrrr.  Lubbock Water Rates Likely to Go Up This Fall  The City of Lubbock’s Water Advisory Board suggests that water rates should go up 5 percent in the coming year and sewer rates should go up 8.75 percent.
Gandalf tells them NO! We will not pay for your mistakes.                                                              
 Jailhouse confession: Lubbock man accused of strangling wife tells his story    LubbockOnline.com Epifanio Guzman was indicted for murder and is being held in jail in lieu of a $1 million bond. Now Gandalf’s bond was $1 million too, and what was his crime? Catching the  Lubbock District Attorney Travis Ware cheating on his wife. Which is not that hard to do.  Just ask any doctor in town. Lubbock sucks. Corrupt through and through……more to come ….

                 LUBBOCK POWER & THEFT EXCLUSIVE: Former Lubbock City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld speaks out, a KCBD/Sandstorm Scholar Investigation Jun 23, 2014  Former Lubbock Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld is talking about invoices the city acquired that never showed up on financial statements.. FBI probe … closed door meetings … early adjourned session … cover-up …. more to come…. checked your meters lately?

  Medina family members report to jail, now out on bond KCBD-TV Sam, Erik and Velma Medina all turned themselves in to the Lubbock County Detention Center on Friday. All three are now out on bond. 
    Open Letter to Sam Madina, His Family and Rob Hobson: Gandalf reminds Sam of their conversation when he was seeking help, that all he wanted was to recover the negatives from a roll of film of his mother’s funeral, her friends and family, which LPD officer Glenn Osborne took from his camera and home. Sam, now you know how I felt when Ware, Osborne, Keesee, Turner and Freda sought to frame and destroy me and my family. Attempted murder entered this most destructive scene when Ray Freda threatened Travis Ware with blackmail. Ray Freda, snitch and heroine dealer, was investigated for murder himself. That story was covered in former LPD officer Bill Hubbard’s book, Substantial evidence: a whistleblower’s true tale of Sam. having been there and experiencing my family under attack also, I am sorry for what I know is coming your way. Perhaps you may now understand why I am continually  seeking justice, even after all of these years, in this town full of cowards, and one that sucks with corruption.
Sam, if you have any dirt on these evil bastards, dead or alive, I sure would like for you and Rob to get it to me. Maybe something good may come from all of this. Let us all collectively strive to clean up this town. Gandalf knows that there is more to come. ….
News for Sam Medina Lubbock Texas Medina family reports to Lubbock County jail Former Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina, his son and his wife … in medical programs at Texas Tech and Baylor University, according to … More news for Sam Medina Lubbock Texas
OPEN  LETTER TO:  The Lubbock DA Man or Mam  …   Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress – Give Rob Hobson the video footage and do it for the sake of justice. You may return my tapes, the ones  that Travis took while you are at it. I find it difficult to believe this public display of incompetence that has been continually streaming from the Lubbock office since the days of Travis Ware and Ralph Erdmann. Ripples of a Pathologist’s Misconduct In Graves and Courts of West criminally mishandled in autopsies performed by the pathologist, Dr. Ralph R. Erdmann, who worked as a contract medical examiner in Lubbock, Texas.   …    Gandalf notes that the people want to see justice, not another Tim Cole case.   Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking?

sam medina Archives | Sandstorm ScholarSandstorm Scholar Sam Medina, who recently resigned as Lubbock City Attorney, is accused of the … Would it not have been cleaner and more efficient to refer this to the Texas …. 

  Sam Medina indicted, charged with 10 counts of sexual assault KCBD-TV A Lubbock County Grand Jury has indicted former Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina on ten counts of sexual assault. The specially convened grand jury began deliberations on Wednesday and continued into Thursday. Related Sexual assault » Sam Medina indicted on 10 counts of sexual assault    LubbockOnline.com UPDATED: Former Lubbock City Attorney indicted on 10 counts of sexual assault MYfoxLUBBOCK.COM See all 11 sources » Related   Sexual assault »
KCBD EXCLUSIVE: Medical documents expand Medina accusation timeline    Angelina never reported the sexual assault allegations to police during that time, but according to the medical document provided to KCBD anonymously, she did confide in a medical professional in 2010 before the divorce was even filed.
EXCLUSIVE: Warrant reveals prescription drugs taken from Medina homes Police execute search warrants at Medina households Source: Erik Medina practicing medicine without license Is it not odd that the FBI would not investigate our now departed but at the time Lubbock sheriff Sonny Keesee and D. A. Travis Ware,Death Row Information for their complicit maleficence? However, … Lubbock dentist warns of ‘Big Brother’ as FBI investigates Medicaid billing see more below …
2 arrested in plot to murder Lubbock sheriff’s deputy KCBD-TV - U.S. Marshals have arrested a man accused of hiring someone to murder a Lubbock sheriffs deputy. Both men are now in custody. INTERESTING IN THAT  ….
When a deputy’s life is threatened, they can get the perpetrators quickly arrested. But when a former Lubbock deputy sheriff of narcotics, made arrangements to kill his rouge snitch Ray Freda. Hired and supplied the weapon. Having it delivered to a Mexican heroine dealer and hit man. They wanted it to look as if Gandalf committed the crime. No one gets arrested. Isn’t that interesting!
Learn more in this BLOG. Gandalf’s Staff notes….below!
Hostage standoff ends; suspect in custody   KCBD-TV A hostage situation in the 1500 block of 45th Street has ended peacefully after a suspect fired at officers and held people in a home there.

Gandalf sees that the Feds are trying to take us down. Armed militia sets up Texas command center to ‘fight for national sovereignty’…   The US Constitution  the 2 Amendment:  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,shall not be infringed.    Littlefield prison tapped to possibly detain illegal immigrant children   Gandalf reminds them of the fact that there are playgrounds already in place at the FEMA CAMPS. How about using them?     06-22-14  Mass immigrant graves uncovered in Texas cemetery… TEXAS Minute Man Alert Rick Perry Unloads… Known Gang Members Released… No room left for homeless Texans… ‘Homeland’ Paying For Illegals to be ESCORTED INTO USA… FLASHBACK 05/12/14 Feds Taking Down Lubbock Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts… REP: Obama supports ‘worst prison break in American history’… Impeachable? 36,000 criminals freed while awaiting deportation…  FLASHBACK:  Wanted in California, man shot dead by trooper in Lubbock.  Man killed by Texas trooper wanted on warrants – KFDA   DPS said Monroy was a documented Norteno gang member and had a long criminal history, including numerous felonies, read more below..

 … Music fans ecstatic that McCartney recovered from virus, having fun on stage 08/10/14 – McCartney films online message for fans, urging them to come see concert … show in Lubbock, Texas home of Buddy Holly October 2.
News for Paul McCartney Tour Paul McCartney returns “feeling great, rocking and rolling”  USA TODAY  Paul McCartney, set to resume his Out There tour after an illness-induced hiatus, has a cheery message for fans. Paul McCartney over his illness, returns to US tour Los Angeles Times Sir Paul McCartney to perform in Greensboro later this year
 Paul McCartney
Gandalf’s Staff June 9.   ” I’m sorry but it’s going to be a few more weeks before we get rocking in America again. I’m feeling great but taking my docs’ advice to take it easy for just a few more days. Look forward to seeing you all soon.”—Paul McCartney
Coming to Lubbock, Tx  October 2 – United Spirit Arena (re-scheduled fromJune 14)      Paul McCartney cancels Japan tour due to virus
   … Pine tree dedicated to Beatle is laid low — by beetles
CNN Los Angeles (CNN) — A tree dedicated to the memory of Beatle George Harrison, whose solo career included the hit “What is Life,” has met a grisly end to its life from the jaws of voracious bark beetles.
                                                 Discovering “Revolution #9″  an Interpretation…  Exclusive  Gandalf’s Staff Production   Rock and Roll Ghosts   Gandalf’s Staff Lubbock,Tx  For almost fifty years I have pondered the meaning behind the Beatles “Revolution Number Nine.”  Finally, I think I have found the solution to this riddle. By combining the cut “Revolution Number Nine”  to a radio play “Nameless Day” the pieces to the puzzle seemingly came together. This could give you chill bumps when you hear it,“Solution Number Nine” . It was like John Lennon‘s ghost had roused me in the middle of the night telling me, “You must get up and hear this now”.  Going to my computer half asleep I found it was on Old Time Radio staring the ghost of John Doe #9.  It was similar to that strange feeling I get at the radio station. Buddy Holly did his show in these studios.  Sometimes when alone working late at night, I get this strange feeling that I may not be alone. That something or someone is in the building. Once I thought I saw someone moving in the hall out of the corner of my eye. I dashed down the hall to a dead end, nope nothing there.  It was that kind of sensation I felt, if you catch my drift. But whatever it was that awoke me that fateful night, it caused me many more sleepless nights in production until this work was completed. I think perhaps it was John’s ghost, telling me, telling us, we must not leave his greatest works yet undone. Please give this a listen and see if you don’t agree with me.  Peace forever more, found by John Doe #9 in this radio play from Hermit’s Cave. Hear it now in  Solution #9 Final master.mp3
Gandalf Notes: By the way, does anybody know if Buddy was wearing a brown leather mid-length coat the night the music died?  The White Stripes – Walking With A Ghost Thanks goes out to Chuck for all the help in finding a hard copy of such a rare radio play “The Nameless Day”. For rare cuts, Encore in Austin, Texas rocks.
                                 Record Store Day boosts vinyl sales  
ENCORE SINGER Lana Dickson Townsend — sings with Lubbock band Encore — has, for almost 50 years, kept a secret  …   she firmly believes that the Beatles — George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr — flew from Dallas to Lubbock on a private plane to pay their respects at Buddy Holly’s grave….Musician believes father’s report about Beatles visiting Lubbock to see Holly Grave…
Walking with the dead in Lubbock White delivers exhausting, unpredictable and satisfying concert Related:  on C2C,  Rock Star Ghosts:  journalist and research writer at Penn State, Matthew Swayne , discussed true stories of rock star ghosts from renowned ghost hunters and researchers. He differentiated ghost folklore from ghost stories– stories are based on firsthand witnesses, whereas in folklore, the accounts’ sources tends to be more removed or vague. Because fans have a strong desire for their idols to remain and be part of their lives, rock stars might be more likely than other deceased people to stick around the earthly plane after their deaths, he suggested. Swayne shared reports of ghostly activity around the death of Rolling Stones member, Brian Jones. Marianne Faithfull was said to see his face in a mirror, and later when she went into a coma/NDE, Jones appeared to her and told her to go back. He also presented sightings and accounts involving such musicians as Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Mama Cass, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Sid Vicious. 
Also:  McCartney postpones Lubbock show to October Midland Reporter-Telegram 
    Related: Monterey students painting mural linking Buddy Holly, Beatles Young artists from Monterey High School in Lubbock have chosen Buddy Holly and the Beatles for the theme of a new project. These ten students are painting a mural in front of the Ice House Gallery at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts.
   …….. Gandalf’s Staff

Eat out at your own risk in Lubbock 28 eating establishments have health inspection violations
08/21/14 – 19 establishments have multiple critical violations.
  Food for Thought 8.15 Clarification: Fast Food Workers-Convention story

Reading these stories, it reminds me of what I observed going on at Jason’s Deli on South loop 289. Gandalf notes … This is what happens to those honest hard working Americans that can least afford it! Punk Lubbock Gangsters Two employees shot during robbery at Andy’s Ice Cream Big Texan Restaurant To Pay $800000 Following US Department Of KFDA Amarillo, TX – According to a news release from the U.S. … We made the compliance changes they suggested and agreed to pay the fines. Big Texan Steak House to pay $800000 following investigation ConnectAmarillo.com powered by KVII

                                                                What Sucks Warnings
33 restaurants have critical violations this week Related: Lubbock » Food » Restaurant » Eating out in Lubbock keep in mind another 18 eating establishments have health inspection violations Lubbock’s Jason’s Deli treats the help in such a way, you do not want to go there for any reason. Having worked there this reporter has the story posted below. THOUSANDS STORM MCDONALDS HQ… Fast Food Workers Strike Again for Higher Wages… …. The Glass Ceiling more below … Protests Spread Overseas… 05/16/14 Darden Restaurants to sell Red Lobster for $2.1 billion FLASHBACK Olive Garden/Red Lobster Parent Company Sued for Labor Olive Garden, Red Lobster hit with labor-law suit
LET’S START A RIOT `Lubbock named most boring city in America | Is Lubbock the most boring town in America? - Gandalf said it sucks.  Movoto,. recently rated Lubbock as the most boring city in America, and Visit Lubbock is still in the dark. Gandalf was way ahead of them on this one. :) more below …   Lubbock is a snooze fest.That’s according to a recent study by the Movoto Real Estate Blog, which used 2010 census data and a lot of math to……

MURDERS Is it just me or do we have a lot of dead women showing up around here? When did we get overrun by a bunch of murdering scum-bags?Police: Husband admits strangling Rachel Guzman How many females have been murdered in Lubbock and their cases remain unsolved? Gandalfs notes…..Body Found Near Big Spring Identified As Slain Lubbock Woman Missing woman found dead; husband arrested on unrelated charge Another Woman Murdered Remains identified as body of missing Lubbock woman; husband arrested Safety concerns for Lubbock woman, plea for help .Lubbock Police Ask Help to Find Missing Woman, 62 … UPDATE: Police working to identify remains found in NW Lubbock Another Female Shot Dead Local veteran laid to rest after Memorial Day murder West Fork homicide suspect now in custody Homicide investigators called to West Patricia Dennis indicted, charged with murder of ex-husband  Nuke Dust Alert UPDATE   West Texas site seeks to bury depleted uranium 05/31/14 Nuclear-waste facility on high alert over risk of new explosions 05/20/14 We were down wind when they tested the first Atom bomb and they did not care. The First Atomic Bomb Blast, 1945 – EyeWitness to History They want to store their waste near here and closer yet to the worlds most mystifying deep underground caverns and sources of water in the world.  This famous movie set is radioactive | AOL Features  The Army did classified maps, which we were not allowed to see, of the hot spots in this region. That being made known to me back in the 1950s and after many decades of dust storms since. The first atomic bomb is detonated – PBS The first atomic bomb is detonated 1945 in Alamagordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945 about the time Gandalf’s father put wheels down on a runway in Munich, Germany. Should the waste spill out and escape or burn, what would prevent it from getting into in the air and water?32 Texas water suppliers face water shortages It would be tough luck for us. They do not care. If they did, they would not have been depositing there and in West Texas in the first place.Texas nuke site increases monitoring of containers It’s all about money and the meter may be running for the next several thousand years. We are the dumping ground. From the chemicals the farmers spay on the land, to the radioactive substances leaking now, all have the risk potential of being in the air we breathe and the water we drink; and as a drought intensifies on the high plains of West Texas. New Mexico says 57 nuke containers could be threat… May 19, http://www.680news. Cached New Mexico says 57 nuke waste containers from Los Alamos could present radiation threat. Jeri Clausing, The Associated Press New Mexico says 57 nuke waste containers from Los Alamos … Suniga to be executed for Lubbock murder, victim’s father forgives him Lubbock man indicted for murder Tuesday afternoon    05/04/14    LOCAL WEST TEXAS CAUTION RADIOACTIVE LEAKCertain shipments of radioactive waste from New Mexico lab - CARLSBAD, N.M. — Shipments of certain kinds of nuclear waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory to a temporary storage facility in West Texas have been halted … from Los Alamos is not expected to resume until investigators know more. … The state of New Mexico pressured Los Alamos to speed up …  Certain shipments from Los Alamos lab halted – World News Lubbock Nazis &Brown AirOutside the air is brown with no real rain here in a month of Sundays. Lubbock endures 29 days of dust in 2014 Just like the Old West it takes true grit which is often found in one’s teeth. Nasty with everyone hunkered down nothing else moving but a whole lot of dirt everywhere. Drone Captures Live Footage of Tornado Destruction…    Now I figure God is about to bring them all to their knees, as I recall the Nazis I thought I left behind in Munich back in 1948. Oct_18_1922 Reflecting on all the warning signs along the way, while pondering the role that I play, I hear Thomas Jefferson whispering in my ear;   I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. UPDATE    American Commercial Colleges, Inc. and its president plead guilty to federal charges    05/17/14    American Commercial Colleges charged with Theft of Public Money      FLASHBACKS     Students return to American Commercial College after Wednesday’s closure  American Commercial College students in Lubbock and Abilene attended classes as usual Thursday after the schools were shut down Wednesday. TWC pulls certificates from American Commercial College American Commericial College Under State and Federal Investigation 11/3/11 Federal agents raid American Commercial College – KCBD … Wednesday morning, Federal agents raided American Commercial College in Lubbock at 2007 34th St and the corporate office on 8206 … American Commercial College students say they feel deceived While you are at it ask them how the Travis Ware case is coming along. LP&L CFO meets with FBI over consulting firm invoices, a KCBD/Sandstorm Scholar Investigation  05/13/14   Lubbock is in a Oil and Gas Boom yet Xcel asks regulators for rate increase 05/12/14 Feds Taking Down Lubbock Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts… REP: Obama supports ‘worst prison break in American history’… Impeachable? 36,000 criminals freed while awaiting deportation…   2 arrested in plot to murder Lubbock sheriff’s deputy KCBD-TV –   U.S. Marshals have arrested a man accused of hiring someone to murder a Lubbock sheriff’s deputy. Both men are now in custody. 2 in custody after dog attacks LPD officer SWAT KILLS LUBBOCK MAN Man dies in hospital after being shot by police in South Lubbock standoff LubbockOnline.com Lubbock police continue to investigate the house near Temple Avenue and 63rd Street after a standoff ends with the SWAT team shooting one man Wednesday. Quiet neighborhood shocked by afternoon SWAT callout DPS KILLS DRIVER AFTER TRAFFIC STOP IN LUBBOCK One Person Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting Sunday Morning DPS IDs driver killed during traffic stop in south Lubbock | Lubbock … Other Texas Shootings Update   Police officer who shot elderly woman fired from police force Texas police officer fatally shoots 93-year-old woman five … Hearne Officer Shoots 93-Year-Old Woman – kcentv.com … 05/02/14 Bushwhackers  George W. on brother Jeb Bush: ‘I hope he runs’ for president   MAY DAY   Benghazi Iran Contra Update 05/04/14 with William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee  Hear him here on the show …050414 William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee.mp3  . From busting the CIA in Lubbock to Benghazi and from Bush to Obama we tie it all together. Gandalf was there and has always put a spotlight on these Nazis.     Recall in Lubbock, Texas how we busted Bush Sr. and the CIA selling cocaine during the Iran-Contra deal. The way it happened was DEA decided to do their dope deal here because Lubbock citizens are gullible giving long sentences at the taxpayer’s expense with their drug convictions; the juries always accepting the word of the lying under oath agents of authority as the complacent prosecution, holding all the cards, advances his or her career. If these pigs said one did it, one got convicted. So don’t even bother showing the jury any evidence of these Nazis’ malfeasance.  True enough, but this time their little skeem backfired on them.  The facts are, the guy dealing the cocaine was CIA working for Bush, and that did not surface until the agent was being finger printed by our mole    If you went to:  http://www.infowars.com/   May 1st you heard a CIA pilot that flew that cocaine into the country.  William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee , a former CIA contract pilot who also covertly flew munitions for the agency, joined the show to break down the extensive cover-up of Benghazi…..Tweets —- The North Africa–Middle East—Benghazi Backlash Things are not improving here, and there is more as to why below, going back over the years.  See The Glass Ceiling below … 21 eating establishments have health inspection violations See why you should stay out of Jason’s Deli and more… KCBD        RIGHT AGAINST WRONG Witness says shooting victim died while trying to save a life 911 AUDIO: Multiple shots fired into home on 65th Drive 911 AUDIO: Victim calls for help after shooting on East Auburn $750 reward offered for information about missing man    The Gerald Myers saga I do not know about you, but Texas Tech football seems a whole lot less exciting since Leach left. Of course Lubbock Sucks, that is why the air is brown in this town.  Texas Tech chancellor Hance candid about firing of former coach Mike Leach 04/23/14 – 1:00pm    Hance: ‘I knew if you told your boss to go ‘—-‘ themselves, you were probably going to be dealing with your former boss’. Who hired him?…more dirt blowing in the wind …           Upwind Update:  Carlsbad Radiation Spikes Concerns Managers mishandled radiation leak at New Mexico nuclear – From Yahoo News: Managers mishandled a radiation leak at a New Mexico … during a public meeting in Carlsbad, New Mexico on Wednesday. Federal Investigators Issue Report on Radiation Leak at US Earthfiles.com Headline News April 18, 2014 – Crew Turns Back from Spiking Radiation At WIPP Site Near Carlsbad, New Mexico. “The more the crew went into panel seven, the more the radioactive contamination became more widespread.” …Tammy Reynolds, … How bad is it? .. tried going toward “Panel 7” to investigate the source of a radiation leak first discovered.. AP: Crews retreat after nuclear material found at WIPP … Published: April 18th, 2014 at 1:30 am ET … and chairman of the Carlsbad Mayor’s Nuclear Task force, WIPP Town Hall, Apr. 17, 2014  …. through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado, and IMO even up into the Midwest and the U.S. East Coast. …… The headline suggests that the workers turned back because of high . Gandalf now sees why they do not want us to see the daily air samples. …. see more of this story below> MORE RADIATION BOUND FOR TEXASFukushima Nuclear Disaster Updates | Fukushima Nuclear … Rare photos of Dust Bowl survivors on Great Plains…  I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; TX City to Re-Use Sewage for Drinking Water… ,  that his justice cannot sleep forever. Thomas JeffersonOn the High Plains of Texas  …  Drought now affecting two thirds of Texas…     You Better Think Again!   Experts soothe ‘Dust Bowl’ fears as drought conditions continue    Gandalf wonders where has this guy been! The cliché Technology Will Save Us is a misnomer. Nothing will save us but the grace of God. Gandalf knows that men today are walking as if they were in a dream. They now with the end near are soon to awaken. GS Avicii – Wake Me Up When it’s over     Timely Flashback from Gandalf Lubbock Head Shops Collecting Data for DEA Since Gandalf ran this story, many Lubbock smoke shops have ceased swiping their customers drivers licenses into the NSA/DEA data banks…MP3 D/L BELOW …. A Gandalf’s Staff exclusive: We are suggesting that it is high time we take a look at those that own and run those shops! The government has used gullible Lubbock and its citizens for Beta tests over decades. The government incarcerated Gandalf and put one of their agents behind the counter in his shop while holding him on a one million dollar bond. Long have they coveted the information shared between the shops and their customers. …See more by checking the headlines in our archives and by using the search box, upper right, for the complete story. MP3 D/L Hear how NSA/CIA/AT&T  Intercepted your phone calls…   http://1drv.ms/1jiavrI  SPOTTED NORTH OF LUBBOCK ‘Mystery aircraft’ over Texas draws speculation of spy plane…                         MORE RADIATION BOUND FOR TEXAS April 8, 2014 Coast Insider Audio Gandalf’s Staff Asks = JUST HOW SECURE IS CARLSBAD? ON C2C Nuclear Apocalypse: … author and publisher Bob Gleason discussed his extensive research into a possible nuclear apocalypse, and how current events are providing a real possibility for a nuclear event in the U.S.  …various countries and terrorist organizations that … attack, and the weaknesses in security at nuclear  waste storage, power plants and national laboratories. … groups in Pakistan … among the best armed and most professional terrorists, and have successfully mounted attacks on Pakistan’s fortified nuclear facilities. … it’s shockingly easy to steal nuclear bomb fuel in the United States. Mock tests are occasionally conducted at US facilities to see if people can sneak in and get materials. “When Rocky Flats was still in existence, the guys that would be the mock intruders that would go in and pretend to be maintenance men…would walk out with nuclear explosives, 80% of the time. Throughout our other weapons labs, it’s about 50%,” he lamented. Gleason believes that a nuclear power plant is like a “Trojan horse,” … a multi-city or multi-region attack could lead to an Armageddon as prophesied about in the Bible.   Nuclear waste still coming to Andrews as WIPP investigation continues      The NM plant stopped accepting shipments… the  nuclear waste is being temporarily stored at Waste Control Specialists in Andrews County, TX. That site is about two hours southwest of Lubbock. The investigation continues into a radiation leak at a nuclear waste plant in New Mexico. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency will . yes it is getting out above ground …So what difference does it make? They are a bunch of hicks and hayseeds out there anyway. Let em eat yellow cake …9 -11 –was an inside job. What building #7? Never heard of it. story developing

Empty nuclear waste shipping containers sit in front of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, N.M., March AP PHOTO

News for Carlsbad, New Mexico Radiation Leak Teams set to inspect New Mexico nuclear waste site after leak Reuters The unexplained leak of radiation, a small amount of which escaped to the … Located about 25 miles east of Carlsbad, New Mexico, in the …Radiation leaks force transfer of nuclear waste from New Mexic …STORY DEVELOPING …MORE BEL0W… Radiation Leak at Nuclear Waste Facility in New Mexico – ABC News Feb 28, 2014   New concerns now about a story we brought you yesterday. A radiation leak at the nuclear waste facility in New Mexico. Investigators now admit that the problem is serious. More than a dozen workers… See More     How about it Lubbock, are you ready to prosecute Travis Ware? Death Sentence Overturned – KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock In his application for a writ of habeas corpus, applicant alleges twenty points of constitutional error in his conviction for capital murder under Texas Penal Code, … Ex parte DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON – Court of Criminal Appeals  story developing with Damon’s soon release….  Innocent on Death Row … A new trial has been ordered for Mississippi death row inmate Michelle Byrom … sentenced to death for the 1999 slaying of her husband, Edward Byrom Sr. … has drawn national scrutiny — including a recent story on CNN.com — … Edward Byrom Jr., has said ,,, he was the killer. He later recanted… complete coverage CNN.com, …CNN’s original series, “Death Row Stories,” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Farmers Fear Return of ‘Dust Bowl’…  Tumbleweeds plague drought-stricken American West… BLOW SAND Brazil looks to ban Monsanto’s Roundup, other toxicity risks  Brazil’s public prosecutor wants to suspend use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s pervasive herbicide Roundup. A … Report says security officer who killed Lubbock native acted in self defense   KCBD-TV A report released by the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Lynchburg, Virginia says the security officer who shot and killed Lubbock native Joshua Hathaway will not face charges.  03/20/14  GS  Special Reports  Lubbock - RADIOACTIVE FLATLAND DUST     silent disasters 2nd radiation release indicated at NM nuclear dump site…     Since the publicly expressed  Concerns Over Measurements of the Fukushima Fallout, Gandalf has requested that Texas Tech, along with it’s physics department, in conjunction with the EPA; make available to the public daily atmospheric radioactivity levels for Lubbock, Texas. (Media Contact: chris.cook@ttu.edu) Never has the request been more urgent than today in making this information available. Yet all we hear is there is no danger. They are stonewalling us and revealing no data. Move along there is nothing to see. However this is a falsehood in that there is an ever present danger.  Knowing the daily readings will help inform the public and perhaps be a meaningful safeguard for us all. We want to be informed when we are exposed and we require this information on a daily basis.    Gandalf’s notes…. FUKUSHIMA UPDATE | Nuclear News from Japan   –update:  information … nuclear crisis, including Fukushima Daiichi radiation readings.   Faces From Fukushima     “We were told we could return by April 2016, but the clean up is getting nowhere. I am innocent, but because of the nuclear accident it’s like I am jailed, under arrest. We are not free. This is prison, I am very sad. All because of this nuclear plant.”         ELSEWHERE: SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The U.S. Navy plans to test hundreds of homes for radiation in a remote San Francisco neighborhood after an object containing radium was found beneath an unoccupied … city officials said on Tuesday. Navy to test homes for radiation on San Fran island… Japan to Let US Assume Control of Nuclear Cache New York Times    THE HAGUE – Japan will announce Monday that it will turn over to Washington more than 700 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium and a large quantity of highly enriched uranium, a decades-old research stockpile that is large enough to build dozens of To The North Of Lubbock We Find The  – Pantex Plant -   is America’s only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility and is charged with maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. Pantex Plant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                 Nuclear waste from New Mexico lab may go to Texas ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – The operator of the nation’s troubled nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico wants to temporarily store waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory in rural West Texas until it reopens. Waste storage at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad is halted because of a Feb. 5 truck fire and a Feb. 14 radiation leak that contaminated 17 workers.   Mystery Cloud Spotted on Radar Over New Mexico and West Texas A mystery cloud detected on radar over New Mexico is stirring up some concerns and even conspiracy theories. Related:  UP IN SMOKE Update 03/18/14  LUBBOCK – DOWNWIND – CARLSBAD RADIATION LEAK Seminole Sentinel Fed report slams safety lapses at New Mexico nuclear facility Los Angeles Times –  Workers at a New Mexico nuclear waste storage facility that suffered an underground fire and radiation leak last month lack Plant, or WIPP, near Carlsbad, for failing to maintain equipment and failing to correct procedures New Mexico nuclear repository mishap leaves Los Alamos waste quandary BBC News – The radiation leak site that wants more nuclear waste KCBD … Officials confirm, ‘no basis’ for Carlsbad evacuation rumors    RUMOR “….people should prepare to evacuate a hundred miles around Carlsbad due to a radiation leak … underground nuclear waste storage facility  … director for environmental radiation studies at Texas Tech …  NBC Midland spoke with the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center . Director Russell Hardy … continued monitoring has shown no health concerns: Monitoring conducted by Nuclear Waste Partnership of air, soil, water and vegetation are showing no radiation releases that would approach levels causing health concerns. Independent monitoring Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center …”                           03/07/14       THIS NUKE STUFF IS FOR YOU UPDATE: New Mexico radiation leak raises concerns… What could be in the dust? CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) – Residents and local officials voiced frustration Thursday with the amount of information being released by the U.S. Department of Energy about a radiation leak last month at the nation’s only underground nuclear waste dump. Residents frustrated at lack of nuke dump details Nuke dump leak raises questions about cleanup… Lubbock TX. We have been exposed to higher levels of radiation since 1945 with the first atmospheric A-Bomb test in New Mexico. And to this day we have not seen the dangers diminished. Gandalf notes … Tests show New Mexico nuke dump workers exposed… The local twist Could New Mexico radiation leak affect us here in Lubbock? Carlsbad (Reuters) – Underground sensors have detected excessive radiation levels inside a nuclear waste storage site deep below New Mexico’s desert, The facility, located in southeastern New Mexico near Carlsbad, … UPDATE: Excessive radiation levels detected at New Mexico military site… Inbound waste shipments had already been suspended at the plant since a truck caught fire there earlier this month in an accident that left several workers suffering smoke inhalation. 03/12/14    Police release name, details in false kidnapping case Updated: Mar 12, 2014 10:55 AM CST  The owner of the vehicle, 25-year-old Preston Washington, told police that his 6-year-old daughter was in the front seat of the vehicle when it was stolen. Lubbock police now say child was not in stolen car Similar story in Colorado today …   Carjacking suspect arrested after chase USA TODAY A man suspected of stealing an SUV in Colorado with a 4-year-old child inside and then carjacking two other vehicles and causing a multiple-car crash is now under arrest.      03/23/14  One Good for Lubbock —–  Having a world wide reputation for sending an innocent man to prison where he died,  WHAT LUBBOCK DID TO TIM COLE THEY TRIED TO DO TO ME , innocent until proven guilty may have  returned to a local court. Lubbock Co. capital murder defendant granted taxpayer dollars for clothes   LUBBOCK POWER &THEFT Report calls LP&L director ‘dishonest’; Mayor says ‘no trust in Gary Zheng’ Mayor says EUB wants to demote LP&L CEO Gary ZhengCity council accepts Medina resignation, Atmos rate increase   increase in natural gas … Read More 03/13/14 Lubbock residents are a step closer to seeing a roughly $3 increase in their natural gas bills   Gas rate hike gets initial council nod of approval; Medina resignation accepted  03/08/14  SAM QUITS   Sam Medina resigns as Lubbock city attorney Sam Medina met with Mayor Glen Robertson this afternoon and tendered his resignation as City Attorney. The resignation will be effective March 13, 2014.  Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking?    MORE BELOW ….     THEFT VIA LOCAL COURTS   This is nuts! And we the people are expected to pay for this nonsense. Do you have any idea what the cost will be to carry out this sentence? Man sentenced to 70 years for possession of cocaine in school zone  That’s our money! This is the definition of insanity, in that we keep allowing this to go on and expect a different outcome, when in reality it is propagating the circumstance not correcting them.  Doing so with our tax dollars. Fools! Gandalf is furious…  How can a Deputy Sheriff get so much less a sentence for doing far more and worse in Hockley and Lubbock County?   grrrrrr  ;) <ZZZZZZZ#~~~~ 1 killed, 1 injured in Thursday night shooting Two sentenced for roles in methamphetamine trafficking ring EXCLUSIVE: Warrant reveals prescription drugs taken from Medina homes    Warrant information obtained exclusively by KCBD reveals exactly what authorities were looking for when they searched two Medina family homes on Feb. 21… see more below …. Police execute search warrants at Medina households Think about this. These raids were on the son of Sam. Source: Erik Medina practicing medicine without license  Is it not odd that the FBI would not investigate our now departed but at the time Lubbock sheriff Sonny Keese and D. A. Travis Ware, for their complicit maleficence?  However, … Lubbock dentist warns of ‘Big Brother’ as FBI investigates Medicaid billing   see more below Sheriff says mother confessed to shooting, killing daughter while on drugs Neighbors of Post homicide location heard gun shots, screams when baby was killed CPS: Mother investigated for alleged neglect before 2-year-old daughter’s death Lubbock man sentenced to 45 years for 2011 murder Two caught up in meth ring sentenced to federal prison ‘You know you’re guilty,’ victim tells Hickman after jury convicts Feds charge 7 in big Lubbock-Odessa cocaine bust Written by  Walt Nett    LubbockOnline.com A federal grand jury indicted seven people late Wednesday, Feb. 12, on charges of conspiracy to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine following an investigation that started in Lubbock and ended in Odessa earlier this month.                  FIRE RANDY Let us see, in the last decade during this individuals tenure in Congress we have seen a steady decline; in the economy because of staggering debt, in our liberty, in privacy, in national security, in the well being of our fellow countrymen, in employment, in border security, in balance of trade, in foreign relations, in gross domestic production, in wars, in the value of the dollar, in the protection of national and industrial secrets, and in upholding the Constitution, which he has sworn to do. The man is clueless in both the cause or the remedy of this nations perilous situation. Yet we see our local newspaper is in favor of  … Our View: Neugebauer is best for West Texas LubbockOnline.com “These are extremely challenging times,” U.S. Rep Randy Neugebauer, R-Lubbock, said in a candidate interview with our editorial board. MORE … Madina  … Special prosecutor role isn’t new for Sims LubbockOnline.com Written by    Walt Nett    Randall Sims, recently named to investigate sexual assault allegations against Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina, has been a special prosecutor enough times he can’t quickly hit an exact number.   Council approves Medina request for unpaid leave KCBD-TV   The Lubbock City Council voted to put City Attorney Sam Medina on temporary unpaid administrative leave as authorities conduct their investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him. … more below Punk Culture Dairy Queen employees brutally beaten during robbery (video    Lubbock police released a video and 911 call from a brutal Saturday morning robbery of a Dairy Queen in …  Reward for information on Dairy Queen robber raised to $5000 THE INVASION  ….The truth is as long as there are prohibitions on drugs the motivating factor that propagates the smuggling and invasion of our country will continue. We as a people have lost our liberties and our basic freedoms because of the corruption of governmental agencies. As an investigator I have seen this for decades to be the case. We the people have been conned, set up and victimized. The cost is liberty lost. Continue to be stupid and we will be living under Nazi like conditions and 1984 will become a more staggering impediment to us all. Stupid idiotic numskulls have really tried my patience. It is moronic. We the people are under attack by both our government and the enemies of our nation.. Mexico vigilantes enter cartel city    …. The Chicago mob has used Lubbock as a conduit for their drug smuggling for decades … US-Italian mafia raids catch 26     See and read… The truth is in this Gandalf’s Staff blog …  MEXICO’S DRUGS WAR KCBD Investigates: Border Wars, Part 1 KCBD Investigates: Border Wars, Part 2 City Attorney Medina faces accusation he raped daughter-in-law by Bert Knabein 2,017 Google+ circles – City Attorney Sam Medina faces an accusation he raped his Lubbock police release report about Medina investigation – WAFB.com  City Attorney Medina faces accusation he raped daughter-in-law, report shows City Attorney Medina faces accusation… – Google  …  more  history below                  Hold the phone, This is starting to read like a Hollywood script….. UPDATE 2-Woody Allen denies adopted daughter’s renewed molestation … Reuters . By Eric Kelsey and Steve Gorman. LOS ANGELES Feb 7 – Film director Woody Allen defended himself on Friday from newly published accusations by his now-adult step daughter Dylan Farrow: Allen ‘a predator’ USA: Woody Allen denies daughter abuse claims in open letter much like another famous (He said She said) … President Bill Clinton, during his 1998 grand jury testimony on the Monica Lewinsky affair 1) “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss ..kept the evidence…..Rand Paul demands Dems return money raised by ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton    more below…. American Pie Hey guys, just FYI,  BUDDY’S  Winter Dance Party is going on now tonight and tomorrow night in Clear Lake, IA, the Buddy Holly etc annual event. Will be another cold one and tomorrow night will probably a lot like the night the plane crashed years ago. This time of year it is usually about the same weather like it will be this weekend, a lot the same as that night. Here is the Surf Ballroom page: http://www.surfballroom.com/wdp-schedule.html    And here is the local TV station in Mason City that will be doing several live shots from the Surf tonight and tomorrow night: http://kimt.com/ Wish I could be down there enjoying all the fun like I did some years ago but I can’t get away for it even though it is not that far away. Oh well. Just FYI… Larry Shaunce  Obama Admits US Hasn’t Been The Same Since Buddy Holly Died The Onion (satire) WASHINGTON—Saying that the time was right to come to terms with a difficult and enduring chapter in America’s history, President Obama admitted during his State of the Union address Tuesday night that the United States “just hasn’t been the same” since the death of music legend Buddy Holly. Clarence Hooker sentenced to life in prison for 2004 murder Clarence Lee Hooker gets life sentence in 2004 ‘Candy Lady’ slaying in East Lubbock 01/29/14 – 12:33am  Eligible for parole in 30 years. North Lubbock shooting suspect confronted, shot by officer Property Taxes and the Con Job Lbk. in More Debt Than Similar TX Cities Are they selling tickets yet? West Texas Schools Prepare for Shootings Officials tight-lipped on Medina case; son faces domestic violence charge    Law enforcement officials and attorneys were tight-lipped a day after Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina announced he’s been accused of …  Medina accuser releases statement   Sam you saw what those Nazis did to my family. You were there when it happened. Do you remember any of them getting in trouble for it Sam? Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking? No, because every one of you guys turned a blind eye to it, cowards both behind the bench and in front of it. The status quo, the don’t rock the boat attitude that has prevailed in Lubbock for decades.  …  City Attorney says sexual assault allegations are ‘absolutely false’ I see today you have been confronted with a most unpleasant and conflicting set of circumstances. A man of reputed honor now stands accused. I contemplate your disposition.  City Council places City Attorney Medina on paid leave after sexual   Monday afternoon, we saw Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina announce his decision to take a voluntary leave of absence. This, after he says a Lubbock city attorney faces sex assault allegations | Amarillo Globe amarillo.com › NewsLocal News    Accused of sexual assault by his daughter-in-law, “As often happens in these cases, she has made some desperate and false allegations,” he said during a news The accusations are absolutely false.”…  City Attorney on leave amid sexual assault allegations by family .. by Bert Knabein 2,010 Google+ circles – Accused of sexual assault, ..Whoa!. Could this be some kind of Karma? … Could it just be another one of those He said She said? .. or is this another Set-up, like we have seen so many times in the past?  Is their any real evidence like a tape recording perhaps?…  Gandalf thinks this could get real ugly. … see footnotes … footnotes:  Sam was Tommy Turner’s partner in a law firm and worked with Gandalf on his defense case. He was substituting for Tommy in court, back when Travis Ware tried to frame the wizard. Turner was Gandalf’s defense attorney and is the brother of former deputy D. Turner narcotics LSO and informant Ray Freda’s handler. This is the same Tommy Turner that became the special prosecutor of the Damon Richardson case, after a previously appointed special prosecutor learned the true facts from Gandalf and backed out of the case. We all had met at the Texas Spoon.   .. Ex parte DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON – Court of Criminal Appeals  Was that too part of a Cover-up?  Another Not fair? An Unjust?  …. like what happened to Tim Cole – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   These players seem to be void of character, save but a few. …  Gandalf ponders this new twist of fate which is now blowing across the high plains of Texas.  Next :)    City Council to take citizen comments off the air KCBD-TV The Lubbock City Council is making some changes to their meetings and these changes are leaving some residents furious. Lubbock City Council meetings air on the city TV channel and on the city website, and, until recently, included a portion of time … NO TRANSPARENCY …THE NAZIS WANT TO KEEP THE TRUTH FROM BECOMING PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE … THE MALFEASANCE COVER-UP….. Gandalf  “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” – Aquinas First Lubbock Murder of 2014 KFYO At around 3 a.m. on January 1st, Lubbock Police were called to a shooting at the Skool House bar at 1702 East 4th St. …second murder at this location …  One Good Man It would be nice if more real men did this too and throughout the year. Think how it would be of such great benefit for all.  Gandalf salutes one good man TJ Patterson spends 27th Christmas visiting inmates  If there were more men here like him perhaps the Tim Cole thing would have turned out differently.   Gandalf notes. Timothy Cole memorial statue revealed Tim Cole, Tulia and Gandalf   What They Have in Common   City Of Tulia Hires Jeffrey Yarbrough As Next Chief Of Police     Now what Lubbock did to Tim Cole was criminal. Tim Cole Texas Pardon Lubbock Shame | Gandalf’s Staff They removed, withheld, and or destroyed evidence of the real culprit at the crime scene while processing Tim’s case.  Tim Cole – The Austin Chronicle..   – Cached The new law, named for Tim Cole, who was wrongfully convicted of a 1985 rape in Lubbock and … Tim Cole, who died in prison while serving time for a Lubbock rape he did not commit ….  They framed him. Travis Ware and Lubbock law enforcement tried to frame me (Gandalf) and do to me exactly what they did to Tim Cole. After that and thinking they could do just about anything and get away with it, they did Tulia, Texas. Some of the same task force members operating down here were involved there. This is one of the reasons why the state legislature stopped funding the task force, the corruption crossed all agencies. THE FILTHY BASTARDS, no memorial will correct the wrongs do to us and our families.  Not one person involved has been charged or fired. Instead they have been promoted to higher positions! There has been no justice for our families or for the citizens of Lubbock. Those responsible still walk the streets as free men with salaries and pensions coming out of the people’s pockets.  Until we get justice there will be no relenting from this corner. I am coming after you filthy scumbags, so help me God, I WILL HAVE JUSTICE and it will be for the betterment of us all.  Gandalf is in a rage today!  Lubbock City Council Approves Tim Cole Memorial Park,… By Cole Shooter The lot at 19th Street and University Avenue will be designated as the Tim Cole Memorial Park. Tim Cole Memorial Park to be established,Tim Cole – The Austin Chronicle.. –  new law, for Tim Cole …. wrongfully convicted in Lubbock … The Kinder, Gentler Hang ‘Em High State – TIME.co –  By Hilary Hylton / Austin Texas’ Tim Cole Act to Help Wrongfully Convicted – TIME Lubbock’s level of guilt and shame is also on the jury, for not knowing that cops and prosecutors here in Lubbock do lie and hide the truth under oath in order to get a conviction. But here they deliberately left Tim in Prison when the guilty party confessed to the crime… Way to go Lubbock! Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba …  fools …  Your lack of anger and pursuit of justice shows Gandalf you are immoral cowards as well as unjust.  Scottsboro Boys get posthumous pardon in 1931 Ala. rape caseFLASHBACK   How about it Lubbock, are you ready to prosecute Travis Ware?  Death Sentence Overturned – KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock In his application for a writ of habeas corpus, applicant alleges twenty points of constitutional error in his conviction for capital murder under Texas Penal Code, …  Ex parte DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON – Court of Criminal Appeals Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office Asks for Help Finding Man Linked to Missing Smyer Woman   The Lubbock County Sheriff’s office is seeking any information regarding the last known activities of Michael Todd Ramsey. Reward for info about Zoe Campos raised to $5000 KCBD-TV – The family has raised an additional $4,000, bringing the total reward for information leading to the location of Zoe Campos to $5,000.     The FBI has now joined the search for missing Lubbock teen, Zoe Campos.  The 18-year-old was last seen on November 17th. Four days later, police found her vehicle at the Driftwood Apartments on Utica Avenue near 55th St.   If you see Campos or have any information that could help in the search for her, you’re asked to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000, or call the FBI at (972) 559-5000. Copyright 2013 KCBD. All rights reserved. Police: Missing Lubbock teen now listed as endangered Here we go again. Men it is time to defend the children and the women of this community. That means it should be well understood it is hands off. Should they ignore this unspoken law of the West, they may be very well lucky if the cops get to them first. Repeatedly and almost daily I hear police calls for “man beating women forced in car, blood seen …etc. Many of those calls the police are unable to locate, so the fate of the victims is unknown Gandalf remembers too many cases like this one that become murder cases, some solved and many not. Lubbock police say missing woman’s past behavior may have put her in harm’s way 12/02/13 Campos didn’t show after texting her mother on day she disappeared Lubbock police seek 18-year-old missing woman last seen Sunday, may be in danger Lubbock family asking for help in search for missing teen …Campos is 18 years old, 5 feet tall, weighing 100 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes. Lubbock family asking for help in search for missing teen    STRIKE  ‘EM HARD   14 eating establishments have one critical violation    What we have here is a peasant class in the land of the free, which is represented by  24% of the Lubbock population. We are, myself included, honest and hard working, but receiving sub-par wages; thus leading to an impoverished working class of individuals, being consistently abused by overlords that have established their fantasized and perceived fiefdoms. They look at us as slaves.  The lying cheating bastards are abusive in nature and truly have no merit or class.  10 Lubbock eateries cited for critical violations The need for our citizens to earn respectable and decent wages for their labor is imperative. When this takes place the safety in food consumed will be enhanced. And to all those lying abusive managers that I have worked for in the past; I have a big stick and I am coming to correct your arrogant pompous self-righteous authoritarian and sometimes deviant ways.  Gandalf grips his big stick. ;)  FAST FOOD STRIKES CALLED IN 100 CITIES…  more  31 Lubbock eateries cited for critical violations 18 cited with multiple critical violations …This manager is the exception and Gandalf salutes him .. Pizza Hut manager fired over Thanksgiving dispute 11/29/13 – Manager fired for refusing to open on holiday  -$15 an hour experiment: SeaTac voters approving minimum wage increase What’s in your food can kill you … FDA moves to take trans fat out of food FLASHBACK Fast-Food Workers To Stage Nationwide Strikes For $15/Hour Fast-food workers take to the streets for $15 an hour pay TREATED LIKE SLAVES @ JASON’S DELI Fast food strike takes over 60 cities… The Seattle Times …fast-food workers and union activists chanted slogans, picketed and sought to cajole co-workers into walking off their restaurant jobs Thursday to demand a $15 minimum wage. Man Working At Chicago MCDONALD’S For 21 Years Still Making Minimum Wage… SUPER-SIZED STRIKE! Detroit MCDONALD’S Forced To Close After Employee Walk Out… GREASE MY CHECK: Protests Expand to 50 Cities… Demand $15-per-hour minimum wage… ‘I’m not going to stay quiet’… Underlines big national problem… SUBWAY franchisees decry deep discounts… EATING OUT IS A HEALTH RISK IN LUBBOCK. A CONTAMINATED SALAD AT PEOPLES RESTAURANT CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEATH OF GANDALF’S MOTHER.      FLASHBACK  –  Restaurant chain says salad linked to virus no longer served (Reuters) – A salad mix linked to a severe stomach virus that sickened more than 200 people in Iowa and Nebraska has not been served at Olive Garden and Red Lobster in … FDA issues new rulelieds targeting improved food safety for imports + Never eat at Jason’s Deli. They stole money from Gandalf and lied about it when I worked for them. The manager and his assistant are nothing but Jerks @ Jason’s Deli. There is a reason they have a help wanted sign up outside the store and keep a help wanted ad in the paper year round. Amarillo restaurant says insulting sign was posted by former employee It is the way they treat their help.. This food for thought is that their Delis are over priced and the help is unappreciated, underpaid, used and abused by poor quality management. There is more on these Jerks at Jason’s Deli and other local restaurants that scam their help and their customers …..on this page…. way down below…See WHAT’S IN YOU FOOD. it could make you very ill or like Gandalf’s mother, worse… .37 Lubbock restaurants cited for critical violations Lubbock man, 31, pleads guilty to child pornography production   by Walt Nett – – A Lubbock man who was already facing state charges of sexually assaulting a child pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to producing child …  Monterey track coach admitted to viewing video of female student Spare the rod spoil the child.  Mom, Dad this kid is not to old for a good spanking, Such misbehavior could very well have caused her  great harm. Whew that was a close one. Gandalf   By KCBD Staff – email Alexandra Gutierrez SEMINOLE, TX  –  The Seminole Police Department has located a teenaged runaway that has been missing since Nov. 22. Police say 17-year-old Alexandra Gutierrez was located in Seagraves, TX. Texas prosecutor Ken Anderson jailed for convicting innocent man   US prosecutor jailed for misconduct A former prosecutor in the US state of Texas has been sentenced to jail for his role in the wrongful conviction of an innocent man 26 years ago. Ken Anderson agreed a plea deal that will see him serve 10 days in jail, perform 500 hours of community service and be disbarred. He was charged with tampering with evidence in the 1987 murder trial of Michael Morton. Morton spent 25 years in prison only to be exonerated by DNA evidence. Anderson, also a former state judge, agreed a deal on Friday in the same Texas courthouse in which he used to preside. He faced criminal charges and a civil lawsuit for allegedly withholding key evidence and making false statements to the court during Morton’s trial in the beating death of his wife, Christine. ‘Resolve the tragedy’ Lawyers for Morton said Anderson withheld a transcript of a police interview with Morton’s mother-in-law and reports from neighbours saying they had seen a man in a green van parked in front of the Morton home several times before the crime, according to the Texas Tribune. Morton was sentenced to life in prison for the murder but was freed in 2011 after DNA evidence tied the crime to another man. That suspect, Mark Alan Norwood, was found guilty earlier this year. “I don’t know if satisfying is the right word,” Morton said following Anderson’s court appearance on Friday. “When it began, I was asked what I wanted. I said, ‘The only thing that I want, as a baseline, is for Ken Anderson to be off the bench and no longer practice law,'” Morton told the Texas Tribune. “Both of those things have happened and more.” Anderson reportedly apologised to Morton for “failures in the system” but said he did not believe there was any misconduct, according to media reports. “In a case like this, sometimes it’s hard to say what meets the ends of justice and what doesn’t,” presiding District Judge Kelly Moore said on Friday. “There’s no way that anything we can do today will resolve the tragedy that occurred related to these matters.” 

Weed World Pilot and Passenger that crashed plane in Yoakum County sentenced to 2 years in federal prison   A pilot and his passenger, who belly landed their Beechcraft plane at the Yoakum County Airport on April 30, 2013, and subsequently admitted possessing with the intent to distribute 50 kilograms or more of marijuana, were sentenced ... News for Colorado Weed Why stoners should be stoked about Colorado’s new weed tax The Week Magazineby Keith Wagstaff Colorado voters have passed a 25 percent tax on legal marijuana. That is good news for smokers.

.FLASHBACK     Airplane drug traffickers plead guilty to intent to distribute, possession Gandalf reminds us pot is legal in Colorado…. Thursday, 48-year-old Michael Paul Gallanter and 31-year-old Ethan Wynne-Wade both pleaded guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Grand jury indicts 2 men arrested in April drug bust Crooks in Lubbock’s DEA tight-lipped about marijuana bust Pilot in airport drug stop denies knowing cargo contents From now on I would be gassing up in Colorado…if you get out of Lubbock alive. DENVER POT DAY BRINGS CROWDS

Denver pot holiday bringing crowds, tight security A crowd of marijuana smokers expected to swell to 80,000 gathered Saturday in Denver to mark the counterculture holiday known as 4/20 on the first celebration since Colorado and Washington made pot legal for recreation use.Legal pot draws tourists to Colo., Wash., for 4/2 LPD sends message with synthetic marijuana arrest We do as we please? Gandalf says ” This smells like a Communist plot, the dirty commies got one over on us, we may have to nuke them. <ZZZZZZZ#~~~ Gunfire at marijuana festival in Denver injures 3 – Washington Times Shots Fired At Colorado Marijuana Festival – Sky News

Lubbock police release video of brutal beating during Sunday tobacco shop robbery

After the local boom then what?  Could fracking boom peter out sooner than DOE expects?   USA TODAY   Surging oil and gas production is nudging the nation closer to energy independence. But new research suggests the boom could peter out long before the United States reaches this decades-old goal.

Lubbock Man Makes Top 10 Most Wanted List

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office employee caught in sting operation Lubbock Man Executed Top NewsU.S. NewsMichael Yowell Executed For Killing Parents In Texas HUNTSVILLE, Texas, Oct. 9 (UPI) — The state of Texas Wednesday executed Michael Yowell of Lubbock for the 1998 murders of his parents. Texas Executes Lubbock Man Who Killed Parents – ABC News Texas refuses to give back lethal drugs, proceeds with execution Death penalty states like Texas, which has executed 505 people since 1981, In Texas, attorneys for Michael Yowell, 43, had hoped to get a Execution drugs mixed by US pharmacies draw death row challenges Michael Yowell executed in Huntsville, TX, for 1998 murder of Supreme Court, Houston judge reject Yowell’s appeals Lubbock man who killed parents set to die  Pilot, passenger from Lubbock Aero drug bust sentenced to 37 months LOCAL: LUBBOCK POWER AND THEFT   Deep Throat says my big brother made me do it.  It was punishment for taking that photo of G. Gordon Liddy in a tutu with J. Edgar Hoover .. Lubbock police: BB gun used to shoot LP&L vehicle; city leaders call for calm 09/19/13 –  Police, city leaders say violence uncalled for  It is not the press nor the rhetoric that is causing the problems here in Lubbock today. It the way LP&L has treated our fellow citizens. It is about the theft of our money with all these hidden, extraordinary and demanding fees, causing hardship mostly too the poor and the elderly. It is criminally insidious, causing some to seek desperate measures. Suicide Rates Mirror Economic Crisis of 2008. It is about their disconnection with we the people, as well as their method of operation when it comes to their billing and disconnection tactics and re-connect fees all being demanded in one lump sum payment, before services are restored. Holding us hostage to their demands. There was a fee even for making additional payment arrangements. Ever hear of LP&L knocking on the door first, before suspending service? Of course not, that would defeat their authoritarian tactics . …. (tactics ,,,used with … verb) The military science that deals with securing objectives set by strategy, especially the …. in effective maneuvers against an enemy:).  In this case we the people are the enemy and the strategy is to take more of our money, by hook or crook. …    This backlash is from years of abuse and the cause ot events we see today.  Now I want to interview the alleged shooter of that LP&L truck please. Gandalf waits …LP&L vehicle hit by gunfire; employee was inside Updated: Sep 18, 2013   Chairman Kring reported to the LP&L Board, and to members of the Lubbock City Council who were present, that an LP&L vehicle had been hit by gunfire, with the LP&L employee inside, in recent days.  …  Gandalf comments…  Where the hell has this guy been?  Electric Utility Board chairman blames news media for ‘negative image’  Where the hell did he come from? Better get him off that board, it is obvious he is out of touch with the rest of us struggling to survive.  FLASHBACK:   LPD: Man pulls shotgun after LP&L employees cut power …a man pulled out a shotgun when Lubbock Power…said a 74-year-old man came out of his house holding a shotgun when two LP&L employees were…don’t believe the man pointed the gun at…When police arrived on scene, the man had… Lubbock police: Man pulls shotgun after LP&L employees cut power …wife’s reliance on an oxygen…74-year-old man known as…employees with a shotgun when they…his house on a 100-plus-degree…I didn’t pull no gun…power was back on late Wednesday…holding a shotgun when two LP&L employees…reports a man might be holding.. Let’s See, No Rain, No Water, No Crops, No Wine, Before Any Other Time, from one season to the next, could we be getting the message late?  Local Grape Crop Down By 80%   Llano Estacado Winery says they’ve seen a huge decrease in their grape crop this year due to a late spring freeze. Retired LPD officer arrested in prostitution sting Lubbock police introduce body cameras  Pipeline project could reach groundwater supply Canadian River Municipal Water Authority proposes $200-300 million pipeline project to reach groundwater supply.      Citizens of Lubbock have been saddled with a $1,100,000.000. debt and you want to give out pay raises? Mr. Mayor, have you guys down at city hall lost your minds?  Clean up your mess first, get efficient and progressive, then we will see about spending more money with long term obligations sir. Gandalf Lubbock City Council approves property tax increase Screwed Again Where have I heard this one before? United reassures community partners, commitment will not change  When big money buys up our banks, land, and business it is too the determent of the locals. In this drought the parasites have come to suck us dry.  Gandalf knows that this is weakining our political power base eroding as well ….  City leaders say employee 3 percent pay raise and retirement matching are worth expense Lubbock ISD Employees to See A Pay Raise for the 2013-14 School … April’s pay raise incorporated into 2013 Lubbock County budget City leaders offer explanations for $1.1 billion debt   The problem is our city leaders have not had the sense to know what runs down hill and then we get the bill for it.   New report reveals City of Lubbock more than $1 billion in debt   Gandalf spits and a single spittoon sounds the alarm! Local merchants report a rush on hemp rope, tar and feathers, along with  swastika branding irons. DEA:  DATA TAKEN BY LUBBOCK HEAD SHOPS  DEA Has Access to Billions of AT&T Phone Call Records – Mashable  The United States Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) … New York Times report, …       It is breaking news today but years ago in June of 2010, Gandalf published …  FLASHBACK  Lubbock Headshops collecting data for … DEA … has your phone data going back to 1987,  Gandalf was raided in 1988. DEA using an illegally tapped phone call to Gandalf’s as grounds for their warrant. Orchestrated by Travis Ware, claiming that a call placed to Gandalf’s Staff at 1311 University Ave. was grounds for the task force raid. F…. This raid was Chapter 1 in the Tulia story with most of the 50 plus people being arrested during the Lubbock operation Negros. There also was one Hispanic and one White wizard captured and that was yours truly. The bond was set at one million dollars and they wanted to get life according to LPD/DEA Glenn Osborne. The crime was taking that order on the phone for those coin sized zip-lock baggies. A legal item to this day. Those fucking evil bastards!  Gandalf gets angry, seeks justice, clutches his big stick ..THUMP…rumbling sounds from deep in the ground…precious! .. more to come … Continue reading Recovering addict says synthetic marijuana is still being sold in Lubbock. With Labs Pumping Out Legal Highs, China is the New Front in the Global Drugs …   Justice working with banks on how to do business with pot sellers…     Legal Pot  Dr. Gupta reacts to Justice Department’s weed announcement      Man shoots arrow wrapped with marijuana into county jail…  Daniel Chong, forgotten in DEA BUST … Continue reading                               Local Violent Jackass Assessments Family members say … Daniel ran full speed at .. Pool shot him twice. Daniel … passed away … KCBD reports LSO: Stepfather killed son in self-defense  came to a head … he was on synthetic marijuana.  Shepard Pleads Guilty to Murder of Dr. Joseph Sonnier Shepard pleads guilty to murder of Covenant doctor Kenneth Ray Dunn sentenced to 25 years for 2012 murder Jury returns guilty verdict in Kenneth Ray Dunn murder trial Dunn Found Guilty Dunn convicted in murder of Stephanie Williams Competency hearing scheduled for double murder suspect Joshua Bulls  THE OMINOUS  LUBBOCK LIGHTS LIFE Magazine – Have We Visitors From Outer Space? – Nicap LIFE Magazine, April 7, 1952 by H. B. …. The Lubbock Lights, flying in formation, are considered by the Air Force the most unexplainable phenomena yet observed. …. It was a clear moonlight night and both men got a good look at the object. Lubbock Lights’ have lost luster since celebrated UFO sightings’ one … Mar 1, 2009 – More than 50 years later, the mysterious “Lubbock Lights” have faded into … Time and Look magazines quoted Donald H. Menzel disputing the reports, … A few months earlier, Life had reported, “The observations were too ...   Physician who told of handling Roswell debris dies – Yahoo! News Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., who claimed he handled debris from the 1947 crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, has died at the … his father (pictured) , who told him that he had brought something ‘not of this Earth’ Physician Who Told of Handling Roswell Debris Dies – ABC News Physician who told of handling Roswell debris dies | CNS News Judge defends 30-day sentence for teacher who raped girl, 14 USA TODAY   BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – Faced with growing backlash, a Billings, Mont., judge who sentenced a man to 30 days for raping a 14-year-old girl is standing by his decision and comments that the girl …  SWAT TEAM KILLS 107-YEAR OLD IN SHOOTOUT    and in Lubbock we see they called out SWAT…Grand jury indicts 4 on charge of sexually assaulting 15-year-old Amarillo girl 3 Lubbock men charged with sexual assault of a child Police identify men in sexual assault of child case SWAT For Justice or Just for Show and Tell? This over a yarn from a scared and confused 15 year old kid, so they called for SWAT? Do you remember Waco?  FAQs | Waco – The Inside Story | FRONTLINE | PBS German SS doing a Jewish raid with a free ride In a boxcar train to hell is what these scenes remind me of …Nazis …it reminds me of the WW2 Nazis when I see it. … related photos and stories below… Details of 15-year-old Amarillo girl’s plight detailed in police warrant Hernandez allegedly coerced her into prostitution …   Hang ‘em High  BOSTON WRONG: Residents Ordered Out Of Homes At Gunpoint By SWAT teams… Amarillo girl returned to parents after weekend SWAT raid – KCBD.com  The girl has been released into the custody of her family in Amarillo. … The Lubbock Police Department did file sexual assault against five men…..  SWAT team piled onto an armored This is troubling remembering how SWAT shot their own Kevin Cox Sergeant Kevin Dale Cox, Lubbock Police Department, Texas and tried to blame the unarmed resident for the killing.  SWAT concerns raised before fatality – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal  They were shooting at themselves, Officer fired in SWAT aftermath – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal spraying the neighborhood with bullets, having live rounds go through the kids bedroom, had they been in bed they would be dead; and actually said they were going to be in need of more ammo, over their radio traffic. … Just look at this circus that is going on and on and. ….. Police say Amarillo teen fabricated abduction report – KFDA … – Lubbock, Texas – Police are now reporting a 15 year-old Amarillo girl … A SWAT team served a search warrant on the home where the girl says ….      Amarillo 15-year-old not believed to have been kidnapped  Police still believe victim was sexually assaulted multiple times New Details in Teen Kidnapping Claim Lubbock police say they no longer believe a teenager was kidnapped.  Read More» Hello Boston Lubbock can do it too. Punk N Boxer Shorts Swings in the Breeze GS Lbk,Tx 08/34 2013     On the streets we see your stereo typical Lubbock gangster, wearing no underwear, nothing but his boxer shorts. This individual being a really cool dude, stuffs his gun in his shorts, only to have his pants fall down to his knees, in front of a cop, as he stepped out of his car. This is a felon in possession of a gun as it turns out, and is on his way to jail…….Gandalf’s man on the street reports… There is no business like the small quantity of drug business.  Gandalf wonders why they even bother with prosecuting it. But this poor fool was holding a small amount and too his misfortune, he got stopped in a restricted drug free school zone, so this will go enhanced, It is like a game on Monopoly, to bad if one lands on the wrong square.  All of a sudden this becomes the burden of the tax paying public and will continue for some time to come. Just add rain  Can super absorbent gels and powders fight drought? Just add rain  Can super absorbent gels and powders fight drought? When they go missing  Person of interest named in case of missing Smyer woman Gandalf and Richard Griffing solved one missing daughter case with the help of the community, when we worked for the KLLL AM and FM in the news department.  Dawn Michille Stanley age 10 named her killer in her diary. She was murdered by Jody Oliver, a former bodyguard for T Cullen Davis.  All about T. Cullen Davis: The Best Justice Money Can Buy, by Mark …. But today there are far too many cold unsolved cases to give me any hope. Our best hope is that we all work together and help solve them.  Mother of missing Smyer woman says ‘never give up hope’ Updated:  The mother of a missing Smyer woman is sharing her grief after investigators announced a person of interest in the disappearance of Meagan Hembree. Family still searching for answers, 5 months after woman found dead in park FLASHBACK    Family pleads for information in Lubbock woman’s disappearance This tragedy just got worse… Police investigate dead body found in Mackenzie Park   Great harm is done here for no mother wants to be separated from her children. Women understand that being separated from their children disturbs them greatly.  She is missing and I suspect foul play.Family: Body found at Mackenzie Park is missing Lubbock woman  There are many unsolved murders here that are of women who’s bodies have been found on dusty roads outside of town.   Husband identifies wife, even though police stay tight-lipped   So this family is suffering and at the same time one knows that in cases like these, detectives look at family members as suspects. Let us hope and pray all will turn out OK for those that are suffering now. Gandalf’s Notes….  Also: ‘I wish we knew what happened’ 03/10/13 – 8:52am  Jennifer Wilkerson has been missing since 2004…  Search efforts expand for missing Smyer woman  Apr 09, 2013  A Lubbock organization has joined the search efforts to find Maegan Hembree, and on Monday volunteers made more than 2,000 fliers to go out across Lubbock. Andy Burcham hired as new Chief Financial Officer for LP&L Floyd Price Recall Petition Declared Invalid Floyd Price recall petition declared invalid…again City to Hold News Conference on Floyd Price Recall Petition WATER WARS  Klein: Water rate reform promotes conservation, enhances fairness 08/22/13  Council will consider councilman’s water rate resolution during meeting Thursday, Aug. 22 Article Says Lubbock Running Out of Water, City Says That’s Not True   An article on 24/7 Wall Street claims the City of Lubbock is running out of water, but the city says that’s not true. Disaster, Part One: Lubbock | Texas Monthly That agricultural wealth is based on irrigation from an immense underground reservoir called the Ogallala aquifer. That reservoir is running out. Without its water Nine Cities Running Out of Water – Yahoo! Finance Nine Cities Running Out of Water – 24/7 Wall St. Where did the money go?  Man Pays LP&L Only In Coins        Homeowner demands ‘accountability’ after LP&L damage claim denied Why is LP&L Doing Poorly?   Xcel unveils new power plant generator upping capacity by 150K and Xcel Just the Opposite?  Xcel Energy’s TUCO 345 kV transmission project now under construction Xcel Energy turns out lights in Lubbock | Amarillo Globe-News XCEL ENERGY, INC. Business Review in Lubbock, TX – South …

LP&L Summer Trick or Treat?   Citizens challenge Mayor on timing of LP&L rate increase Councilman Gerlt faces the public at Monday night meeting    The agenda included a potential increase in local water bills and other changes on the city budget, but of course the hot topic of the night was LP&L. Citizens grill LP&L during Gerlt town hall  Citizens grill LP&L during Gerlt town hall Monday, Aug. 5, at Bacon Heights Baptist Church  Remember that refund check that went out to the “owners” of LP&L for the first time since God only knows when? Remember how as a resident you got that check in the mail, and at the same time, they were picking your pocket by installing a new water rate plan? They sent us checks when they could have just credited the account and saved all that expense. How sweet of them. Have you noticed that since then they have learned something that they did not seem to know before. That water runs down hill,  Lake Alan Henry  That lake is also another reason they have come back for more and more of our money and will continue to do so… By the way I was on X-cel and got short changed on that refund all the way around. Although when I was with X-cel, it was worth every penny spent compared to being on LP&L ..Gandalf fumes …  LP&L asks council to suspend payment arrangement plan fee    Utility admits misstatement about payment option during special council   LP&L board recommends 90-day suspension of payment plan fee   Lubbock is touted as a great place to retire, but just look at what they have done to our senior citizens.
      Lubbock Power and Theft This is where the rubber hits the road; all the taxes and skyrocketing utilities, escalated appraised property values, fuel and food cost is most merciless to those that deserve it the least. It is insidiously  cruel. Cruel and Unusual Punishment under the Eighth AmendmentIt is extreme suffering in one mean hot and dry three year drought. Gandalf says. find another way today,,,the suffering has gone on long enough…. Citizens on fixed income struggling with high electric bills
         Lubbock Power and Theft Somebody please remind Lubbock City Councilman Todd Klien that Gandalf at KRFE told him about Lubbock Power and Theft years ago, where he too had his radio show. To hell with stay the course Todd, let’s get if fixed. It has been long enough for this crap to still be going on. Fix It Damn It! Take me to lunch and I will even tell you how. City Council rejects motion to push back rate increase  Fire the Bastards and bring in the competition, like it used to be. Do that for starters. Gandalf fumes ….Lubbock City Council votes against LP&L waiver

George P. Bush addresses Lubbock Republicans, These guys and the CIA have done enough damage to Lubbock and the USA. George P. Bush to host fundraiser in Lubbock Remember Bush Sr.was caught here in Lubbock by DEA when a CIA Contra working for him was arrested for selling a quantity of Cocaine back in the 1980′s…. We don’t need another Mission Accomplished  Iraq’s uncertain future amid wave of violence  Database – Iraq Body Count  Also Iraq is on the verge of a  Iraq hit by wave of coordinated bombing attacks – Telegraph   bloody civil war   Iraq general survives blast as attacks kill 24 ..see News2day 19-year-old Abernathy man gets 60 years for 2012 murder Man wanted in NM beheading attempt captured in Lubbock Family Identifies Mother As Female Found Dead in Plainview Friday

 EATING OUT COULD BE A HEALTH RISK IN LUBBOCK  Restaurant chain says salad linked to virus … served at Olive Garden and Red Lobster …  + Never eat at Jason’s Deli. They STOLE money from … their help..  food for thought  WHAT’S IN YOU FOOD. it could make you very ill or worse…SEE STORIES BELOW,,,

Memorial fund established for family of shooting victim    Witness says shooting victim died trying to protect ex-girlfriend This is heartbreaking to hear. Men it is time we stood up and protected our women in Lubbock, Texas. Only a low life thinks he has license to harm our Wives, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters. It is time for us to weed out the Scumbags. Lift one hand against any woman and pardner I will be all over your ass too.  This makes the second person to be killed trying to protect a female friend…. see NOT AGAIN story below  Gandalf’s Staff   AUDIO: 911 call from Wednesday morning shooting at Mission Apartments  Lubbock police arrest suspect in early morning homicide  Jul 24, 2013  Lubbock police have arrested a suspect in an early morning homicide that happened inside a west Lubbock apartment on Wednesday.     Next time gas up in Colorado and happy landings… Most of the Time  Pot VS Meth   A Press Room Bet PIlot and passenger in airport drug bust plead guilty . No worries Ex-deputy pleads guilty in meth ring – Amarillo Globe-News  The drug dealing deputies got no time at all, so to speak. Ex-deputy receives 10-year sentence – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Knowing Sam he would have been making an example of any crooked law in his court.Belly landing  Duo Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges It was pot, Sacramento, California …Thomas, 55 – pilot … Dorothea – 66 Cangelosi of Waller, Texas, each pleaded guilty… possession with intent to distribute 50 kilos marijuana … On April 30th, 2013, deputies …to a plane crash … Yoakum County Airport in Plains, Texas.  and so what? FBI — Former Hockley County Chief Deputy Sheriff Pleads Guilty in …  Let’s see who gets the most time, the Duo with Pot compared to what the Hockley County Sheriff Deputies got for Meth.  .Meth ring leader and former Deputy Sheriff sentenced … – KCBD.com Sam the ball is in your court dude. ..Former Chief Deputy of Hockley County sentenced to 10 years …..Gandalf refelects. Pot is legal here in.Colorado Marijuana Exports Quadruple… Hello Boston Lubbock can do it too…   SWAT officers arrest armed, barricaded subject at 33rd … – KCBD.com A Lubbock Police SWAT call-out ended peacefully. Officers blocked off streets surrounding the 2200 block of 33rd Street for almost two hours Monday evening. SWAT standoff ends peacefully|myFOXlubbock.com | FOX 34 News …    Hang ‘em High  BOSTON WRONG: Residents Ordered Out Of Homes At Gunpoint By SWAT teams… Citizen’s Fear and Outrage  Consumers bring LP&L frustrations to council 07/23/13 –  Consumers stunned by whopping bill increases demand action. Lubbock residents protest LP&L 07/23/13 –  Utility customers call high utility bills unfair Lubbock citizens challenge city council over LP&L rates     Updated: Jul 23, 2013 7:50 PM CST    Lubbock citizens challenged the city council Tuesday night, expressing their frustration over “outrageous bills,” criticizing LP&L policies, and worrying about consequences for citizens who are at risk of having their power shut off. LP&L Outrage Payback? .LP&L board votes to ‘recover under-collected billing’ over 6 months Updated:  Council members and LP&L representatives faced a hostile crowd on Monday as the Lubbock City Council and LP&L’s Electric Utility Board met for a joint special session in response to public outrage over billing errors, poor customer service, and high bills. LP&L apologizes for billing error BBB addresses LP&L complaints LP&L explains high bills LP&L apologizes for “unfortunate and regrettable” billing glitch LUBBOCK POWER &THEFT LP&L disputes mayor’s allegations; Robertson calls for special session more…. I hate Lp&L | Facebook Because we can … Lubbock Mayor says City Council were ‘misled’ by LP&L staff LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – We have received …calls from LP&L customers … their utility bills skyrocketed this month as much as 250 percent rate increase from last month. The City is in the center of a natural gas and oil shale fracturing boom. Yet our idiot council gave LP&L a rate increase. “I’m having the same issues everybody else has,” Mayor Robertson said. “I’m getting rate shock when I open my LP&L bill.”Lubbock mayor ‘rate shocked’ by LP&L bill We are being ripped off and in the past money has been turning up missing with these bastards. The disconnection policy is a ruse and has nothing to do with customer service. It is a way for them to take more of our hard earned money… They do not come to your door to give a notice of termination because they know they can do a quick cut off and then are able to collect extra fees and reconnect service charges in a lump sum, through denial of service.. Gandalf fumes as locals hate Lubbock Power &Theft…. Fire the bastards.. It is our company is it not?… City selects James Loomis as interim city manager Council appoints airport director Loomis as interim city manager HANDING OUT DEATH IN LUBBOCK, TEXAS       Gandalf reflects that there was something unusual  that happened when this investigation was originally initiated. Vaughn Ross executed for 2001 double murder Richard Griffing of the San Antonio Lighting pointed it out to Gandalf. I would look at the crime lab on this one.   The potentially embarrassing situation with the local university raised speculation of misdeeds much reminiscent of the Tim Cole case.  Tim Cole, Convict Exonerated After Death, Gets Texas Historical … This too got a Gandalf’s Staff Red Flag …..Ross executed: last words a claim of ‘lies’ in court updated 9:07pm Last statement: “We know the lies that was said against me.”  Death row inmate with Lubbock ties faces execution Thursday for …    Ross convicted 2002 , murder Douglas Birdsall, a Texas Tech administrator, Viola Ross. 18 year old female…  Shame on Lubbock… Police still investigating Sonnier murder, one year later DA Says Final Pieces Being Put Together in the Case of Slain Doctor Lubbock man arrested in connection with fatal shooting in Midland Officials say the shooting could be connected to a custody dispute involving a child the two shared. Lubbock Police Search for Suspects of Violent Home Invasion NOT AGAIN! Gandalf’s Staff Lbk,Tx June 26     Never rely on LPD, LSO, or DPS  for your protection. I covered two other stories that ended just like this.  Shooting victim detailed long history of abuse   A court order will not protect one from a person out of control. Shooter, victims identified in double homicide   It gives one a false sense of security and should never be relied on. Court orders may only exacerbate an already volatile situation and could get one killed, as we have again seen.  Sheriff’s office investigating double homicide, suicide   A gun and a well trained dog are better than relying on state, local, and county law enforcement. Better yet, go fishing, just disappear for a while. Records show mother asked for protection prior to shooting death Lubbock police arrest two men for game room robbery, assault  Police Looking for Armed Robber Suspect Found Dead 14-year-old impaled by steer statue at Ranching Heritage Center OOPS on closer inspection City secretary’s office deems Price recall petition invalid .  .  .  Price responds to recall petition District 2 City Councilman Floyd Price addressed the attempt to have him recalled on Tuesday.  Councilman Floyd Price Responds To Recall Petition    Hernandez recall  Councilman’s recall election set for November    THE LUNATIC FRINGEWoman in critical condition following shooting  Police: No criminal charges expected in attempted murder/suicide Domestic dispute at motel leads to attempted murder/suicide Council terminates City Manager Dumbauld in 4-3 vote…with or without cause? This does not add up! Cover up? Council votes to terminate City Manager Dumbauld … It’s about money! This is like a family fight over who controls the purse strings. Gandalf observes… With a redhead no less … City secretary says petition valid, Victor Hernandez recall election likely in November 06/04/13 — 3:42pm Hernandez says he won’t resign, petition results to go to council June 13…as a community Gandalf thinks our first priority after water should be justice’ Let’s clean house. Trump them “You are fired. All of you.”      Gandalf IS SHE HOT OR NOT?   The 20 Hottest Redheads  WE ARE LOOKING FOR BIKINI SHOTS, SOURCE SAID,she hired a lawyer…    City Council hires attorney to examine internal issues …calls for TSA body scanners… True Confessions,  “I am a redhead” .Redheads are special! Find out the unique ability redheaded women have that others do not. ..under her desk … do you want to get sued? … (Secret Service Columbian hooker gives Gandalf advice and he agrees) … under his hood … chicks dig me …Hernandez says turnout at ‘No recall’ event confirms community support  …  Petition started to recall Councilman Hernandez THIS IS HILARIOUS! Ysidro Gutierrez submits recall petition on Victor Hernandez to city Friday afternoon Stalemate Saves Dumbauld From Administrative Leave; Council Votes To Hire Attorney  It reminds of the days (Bill Clinton–“I did not have sexual relations with that woman …) and also when Travis Ware was banging one of his staff, back when he was DA and married; but not for much longer after that. . . It took the Dallas Morning News to be the first to start exposing Ware. Fear of the press, but not of the local press, was one reason why Ware tried to frame me; to get the tapes that I had of him and Crystal. County Commissioner Randal Carpenter tells the Staff that Travis Ware bought a $2000.00 fully automatic gun with county funds. The commissioner found the check.  Ware likes to carry our gun, we paid for it, in his sports bag, sources have said. This town is such a joke, a joke paid for by ever increasing and staggering property taxes.Lubbock City Council to Hold Another Special Meeting on Complaints Against Victor Hernandez, Lee Ann Dumbauld. Our money Council hires outside attorney after Sam Medina accused of having … Sam Medina is getting paid to do what? City approves outside legal counsel in Hernandez-Dumbauld dispute Just look at what they vote into office! Criminals and idiots, be all pretending that they don’t see. Former Lubbock County Commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez Reportedly Inquires About Creating Recall Petition Against Lubbock Councilman Victor Hernandez Gandalf figured this guy out a long time ago when he Posted on November 28, 2007Sam Madina! What the Hell Were You Thinking? It is no wonder that here on the plains we are in dire straights. Gandalf spits as the horizon splits and begins to turn an ever looming dusty brown … Split council rejects call to put Lee Ann Dumbauld on paid leave  Hit Put on Damon Jerome Richardson?   What about Damon Richardson and that triple homicide professional mob hit? Where did the money and cocaine go? Witness: The sheriff and the DA were fighting over who gets 1 kilogram of cocaine and two hundred thousand dollars. How does Louisiana’s mob come into the Lubbock case? Who were the Colombians paying off? They kept us from knowing the truth by not having a second trial.  Three dead citizens and no straight answers…..no justice in Lubbock,,,, enter: Damon Richardson blog search box… Death row inmate with Lubbock ties faces execution Thursday for 2001 double murder. Never understood why.  Oct. 9 execution date for Yowell  Sentenced for killing parents in 1998.  …  Gandalf knew Yowell’s parents and even made deliveries to their house. They were the kindest gentlest people. …  2 inmates scheduled for execution for Lubbock murders   Updated:  gs.lbk,tx May 2013  — Lubbock’s criminal Justice and  Death the  Ultimate Punishment | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal   Criminal at large and former Lubbock district attorney Travis Ware set Damon Richardson up for trial and got the death penalty, leaving Damon on death row for almost two decades. Then came a movie deal that gave Damon the cash he needed to finance his appeal.  Texas Court of criminal appeals rules on the Damon Richardson case.  Damon is off death row now and should be coming home soon. Sources tell Gandalf that Richardson is now living in fear for his life if and when he comes back to Lubbock.  Travis Ware and his cronies also tried to frame Gandalf as they were seeking life in prison for the high plains wizard. There is still talk about a movie about the Damon Richardson story and the role Gandalf played in all of this. story developing  A+ Gandalf   Also, see the Tim Cole Case story below… and find more on injustice … Lubbock, Texas style.… Citizens of Lubbock, you should be hanging your heads in shame. — Gandalf strikes a blow for justice…. . Ex parte DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON – Court of Criminal Appeals Richardson hearing ends after two weeks | Lubbock Online … FindACase™ | DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON v. STATE TEXAS … RICHARDSON v. STATE – December 8, 1993. – Leagle.com The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence – Page 78 – Google Books Result Farmers With Damaged Crops Facing Tough Decisions THEY STOLE MY MOTHER’S BODY  Missing body at Lubbock Cemetery.  Who’s body is in my mother’s grave? Victim asks Gandalf, “I cannot find my mother’s body, can you help me?”  How can I find her?  Local hospitals stealing and selling body parts? All these questions and many more can be found here >>> .www.wasthisright.com.. Another Travis Ware botched case or perhaps something far more sinister… In Lubbock this could happen to you.   Police Investigate Dead Body in Southwest Lubbock Lubbock police conducting death investigation on 110th Street Man faces capital murder charge in 2 men’s deaths – KTBC Channel 7 Class of 1963 50th Joint Reunion   “When I heard it was a JOINT reunion, I just had to go.”  Luckily our 50th reunion was over before the Derechos came to town, Gandalf  ;)Facts About Derechos – Very Damaging Windstorms .. Reports of damage after wind storm tore through Lubbock, Texas … NWS Lubbock, TX, March 23, 2013, Wind and Dust Event  Gandalf. Lubbock High and Monterey High class of 1963 celebrated their 5oth reunion. Monterey High School – Class of 1963 the year that touched the life of every living American and changed the course of  history. Freeing the JFK Files – Mary Ferrell Foundation …. To this day we do not know the whole story about the events that occurred in 1963. Legacy of Secrecy | The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination Kept top secret from we the people. David O. Russell to Direct JFK Assassination Film ‘Legacy of Secrecy’? May 17, 2013 – In the fall of 2010, news surfaced that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to star in and produce Legacy of Secrecy, an adaptation of Lamar Waldron …  Top News Stories from 1963 | Infoplease.com  Lubbock citizens are so gullible the government  uses them as guinea pigs…. Since 1996, this group of 1-inch bugs, in wingless nymph form, has been a few feet underground, sucking on tree roots and biding their time.   From one plague to  another  …   past and present  …  NOW COMES PLAGUE —-   Ten Years After a Lubbock Professor was arrested by the FBI —Texas Tech Professor Arrested In Plague Scare – Rense   Recently…a vial of hemorrhagic fever has gone missing from a research facility at the University of Texas Medical Branch.  What is striking is that the school has simply said that the vial was probably lost in a cleaning process.  USATODAY.com – Former professor sentenced in case of missing … I represented Dr. Thomas Butler who was charged with numerous national security counts for the loss of vials of plague. I was brought into the case by the National Academy of Science members who were alarmed by the abuse of this esteemed scientist by the Bush Administration. Case of the Missing Vial of Hemorrhagic Fever In Texas Brings Back … –One Must Note Gandalf ‘s Staff is on the move—   the governments case against the good Dr. was much like the  Why did Gandalf know better? Because each year of the Cicada, which happens every 17 years, was worse than the previous.  Gandalf noticed the silence in the summer nights. Each cycle getting quieter than the last. There was a time on a summer’s night that the singing of the insects, in harmony with the planet, would place a man’s soul in tune with nature’s mother earth.  On this summer night all is quiet. To me this is most alarming,  for it smacks of extinction of the species, ours and theirs.   GandalfCicada Bust: Invasion Not Living Up To Hype…   CPS whistleblower says death of Baby Leah could have been prevented   Crosbyton woman indicted for murder of Baby Leah RELATED ..Leah Aguirre found dead in caregiver’s basement The FBI has found the dead body of missing 2-year-old Caregiver charged with capital murder in death of 2-year-old          Fracturing Hydrology? Hydraulic fracturing, widely known as “fracking,” is a relatively inexpensive way to tap into what were previously inaccessible natural gas resources. Vidic et al. (p. 1235009 ) review the current status of shale gas development and discuss the possible threats to water resources. In one of the hotbeds of fracking activity, the Marcellus Shale in the eastern United States, there is little evidence that additives have directly entered groundwater supplies, but the risk remains. Ensuring access to monitoring data is an important first step toward addressing any public and environmental health concerns. As Fracking Increases, So Do Fears About Water Supply CARRIZO SPRINGS, Tex. – In this South Texas stretch of mesquite trees and cactus, where the land is sometimes too dry to grow crops, the local aquifer is being strained in the search for oil. New York Times WHY WEST TEXAS WIND POWER IS GOING BUST Squeezing the Shale: Tight shale formation may hold answers to fuel needs DEVELOPING Anticipated Cline Shale boom prompts town hall meetings HOWLING WINDS Wind Industry’s Roar May Diminish in 2013 – WSJ.com NO MORE TAX BREAK Pay dirt: The demand for land in the Cline Shale region MARKET BOTTOM? Global wind turbine market can continue to expect turbulence ON THE PLAINS WE GET THE TOWER, THEY GET THE POWER wind turbine facts OBAMA’S SHORT CHANGE wind turbine cost “Could God be angry? ”  Late Spring Hot Summer ALL-TIME HIGHS COULD BE SMASHED… DEATH VALLEY 129°… VEGAS TO 117°… LIVE TEMPS… FREAK HEAT: PHX SET FOR 119° Temps To Reach 120 Degrees In West… Western Europe wallows in wintry weather YouTube  May continues to bring scant springtime sunshine across western Europe. Instead, unsettled and unusual weather conditions have hit large parts of the continent. Heavy rain and melting snow has caused rivers to overflow and …See all stories on this topic »  Fall-like Conditions Frustrate Beleaguered Business Owners… ‘I am cursing Mother Nature’… FREAK COLD TEMPS HIT NORTHEAST… Two believed dead as San Antonio floods… 10-inches of rain…   Oklahoma tornadoes: Moore tornado was ninth deadliest in Oklahoma history Service for 9-Year-Old Is the First for Two Dozen Tornado Victims  Here in Lubbock many of us are finding it harder and harder to breathe,‘Apocalyptic’ sandstorm hits Nevada… something is going around. California Plans for Severe Fire Season as Dry Lands Burn… Besides dust in the air we also find   Fever hits thousands in parched West farm region  The fungus is sensitive to environmental changes, experts say, and a hotter, drier climate has increased dust carrying the spores.  HARDER TO BREATHE Lyrics – MAROON 5 – eLyrics.net  Why would God be angry?  Hurricane season fears as warning satellite fails… We do send innocent men like Tim Cole to die in prison, struggling for a fresh breath of free air. Tried to do the same to Gandalf. The bastards that they are.  grrrrrrr Then there is the infamous SWAT shooting. The killing of LPD officer Kevin Cox ,  a good man and a great loss. We saw them try to blame a fellow  citizen, when he had no weapon. They even sued the TV station over their video tape, recorded at great risk, of the fatal incident. Who the hell do they think they are? ‘Cop Shot Cop’ In Lubbock SWAT Snafu – The Firing Line Forums  The real unspoken victim, the innocent citizen has a bullet in his back to this day and what they did to him after they shot him was criminal. Do you know they requested more ammo? Plainsmen the land thirsts, so think about this, we send our sons to die in phony wars predicated on lies and killing the innocent. Collateral damage they call it. Well I say collateral them. … “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever: …” Thomas Jefferson.  Now look at what is going down. — MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: SNOW?  — Arkansas sees first May snow since records began in 1819… Our air is dusty brown as God’s blessed rain falls on other lands.  In parched parts of Plains, fears of 3rd year of drought: ‘We can’t take much more …  … brought on us all. Coldest Spring On Record…Take Your Climate Change And Shove It   Gandalf is very angry, this will take years for Texas herds to recover, it they ever have the opportunity again. U.S. Meat Processor in $4.7 Billion Sale to Chinese Company…Cargill to idle Plainview meat-processing plant, cut 2,000 jobs …  Agriculture.com   .. Beef prices set new high…  — I think it would be good to discuss on how is the best way to protect your families stored wealth and not let the Federal Reserve’s current money-supply expanding policy damage what many of us have worked hard over the last 25 years to achieve in … The Federal Reserve current Economic/Money Supply actions and how to …  Could God Be Angry?           ‘IS THIS STILL AMERICA?’ Help us find her killer  Body of missing 13-year-old cheerleader found near a … – Daily Mail Grandmother wants justice for Hailey Dunn Dunn Family Devastated About Remains ID’d as 13-year-old Hailey Hailey Dunn Timeline FBI: Remains Identified as Hailey Dunn The remains of an unidentified person were found Saturday in Scurry County. Investigators will have to wait for answers (Unidentified body in Scurry County causes anguish for Wilkerson family) to move foward with their investigation.

03/19/13 – 9:21pm Investigation continues on human remains found in Scurry CountyFBI, Texas Rangers working to identity skeletal remains found Saturday south of Snyder...Investigators examining body found south of Snyder Investigators couldn’t say just how long the body has been there and are unable to identify the body’s age or gender at this time. DPS: Decomposed Body Discovered in Scurry Co. Law enforcement personnel from three agencies have been at the location attempting to recover the body since Saturday afternoon and were back at what they are treating as a crime scene on Sunday.Hailey Dunn’s family: We hope it’s not her Texas Rangers, Scurry County Sheriff’s deputies and agents from the FBI have joined forces on this case FBI, Texas Rangers seek to identify body in Scurry County

World News,     THE TIM COLE CASE  GS 050213  lbk,tx  Legislature considering Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission      “We are the No. 1 state in the country for wrongful convictions,” said McClendon, the bill’s author. In Lubbock it was a natural for a case like Tim Cole to happen. The city has yet to clean up the mess. No, Incapable is closer to the truth. That is because there is a systemic level of corruption  in Lubbock which the Tim Cole case shows and Gandalf did affirm.   04/22/13 –  Commission named after Texas Tech student wrongfully convicted of a rape…now I wonder how that happened? GS…  Texas House proposes Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Board  Here is a clue or two for you.   Tim Cole’s Case…ADIOS MOFOS  …  Tim Cole Texas Pardon Lubbock Shame 8 January 2010  … Lubbock police Family Of Man Cleared By DNA Still Seeks Justice : NPRMOST DANGEROUS! ….CORRUPT PROSECUTORS AT LARGE… Timothy Cole – The Innocence Project   The Travis Ware deal and Gandalf’s Staff   WHAT LUBBOCK DID TO TIM COLE THEY TRIED TO DO TO ME…   Lubbock do you even know those responsible for this … have they been brought to justice? Gandalf asks….  Clipboard Richardson deal could bring parole – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal 7 South Plains convicts executed in electric chair era updated 12:27am South Plains courts seldom sentenced men to death in the years before a landmark 1972 U.S. Supreme Court decision temporarily struck down executions as unconstitutional. South Plains executions since 1976: Who, what, when 05/05/13 – 8:58am 14 from area executed over the last 37 years Courts granted relief for 7 men once condemned 05/06/13 – 9:24am Appeals challenged elements of capital murder law The Eyes of Texas on Tim Cole’s Pardon and Lubbock Tx 1 March 2010 … says Texas should pass racial justice act See the Tim Cole case below..Gandalf finds Fools, 1984 was a long time ago and you had … INJUSTICE ON THE HIGH PLAINS OF TEXAS continued1 July 2008 … the District Attorney’s office at the time the Cole case was on. I found nothing but corruption in that office here in … INJUSTICE ON THE HIGH PLAINS EXPOSED 7 February 2009 … THE TIM COLE CASE … on a one million dollar bond. I have suffered much as Mr. Cole and there has been no effort on their part to correct the wrong done to … this morning that “pay special tribute” to Tim Cole and expressing …Cole cleared of ’85 rape … Not So Soft Microsoft! 8 June 2010 … Lubbock Drug Busts and The case of Timothy Cole | Gandalf’s Staff exclusive Lubbock, Texas: Texas: The Kinder, Gentler Hang ‘Em High State – TIME.com By Hilary Hylton / Austin Texas’ Tim Cole Act to Help Wrongfully Convicted – TIME Lubbock’s Level of … Topics:  post-format-gallery              Airplane drug traffickers plead guilty to intent to distribute, possession  Gandalf reminds us pot is legal in Colorado…. Thursday, 48-year-old Michael Paul Gallanter and 31-year-old Ethan Wynne-Wade both pleaded guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Grand jury indicts 2 men arrested in April drug bust    Crooks  in Lubbock’s  DEA tight-lipped about marijuana bust  Pilot in airport drug stop denies knowing cargo contents  From now on I would be gassing up in Colorado…if you get out of Lubbock alive. DENVER POT DAY BRINGS CROWDS Denver pot holiday bringing crowds, tight security A crowd of marijuana smokers expected to swell to 80,000 gathered Saturday in Denver to mark the counterculture holiday known as 4/20 on the first celebration since Colorado and Washington made pot legal for recreation use.  … Legal pot draws tourists to Colo., Wash., for 4/2     LPD sends message with synthetic marijuana arrest  We do as we please?   Gandalf says ” This smells like a Communist plot, the dirty commies got one over on us, we may have to nuke them. ;)  <ZZZZZZZ#~~~   Gunfire at marijuana festival in Denver injures 3 – Washington Times Shots Fired At Colorado Marijuana Festival – Sky News Another Summer of Drought Looms for Texas and … – Climate Central  Its all About Water…. Water levels providing challenges for anglers at Lake Alan Henry …  “I call it the rise and demise,” says Erik Atkins, an avid fisherman who has frequented Lake Alan Henry for the past eight years. Norman Clayton Gandalf’s grandson was continually assaulted at Atkins Jr. High and had to be removed form the public school for his own safety.  Taxes paid for a worthless and dangerous public school system. Here we see nothing has changed  Cell phone video reveals brutal fight at Cavazos Middle School      The problem is the cost of using these facilities. Lubbock group unveils plan for $85M performing arts center   At the civic center the fix is in and cost makes it impossible for the common artist to rent. All the additional requirements, above the rent, drives up the cost of each ticket, with most of the money going to the operator and little going to the artist. Of eight shows in the past two years that Gandalf has been involved with, not one made money. Sorry but its a no win deal.  The cost is too much and the potential for a good turnout with a profitable return too slim. I think these folks do not understand the Lubbock market.  Just curious about the proposed performing arts center – Lubbock … GS Lbk.Tx    Lubbock Named City with Toughest Weather in America With this deep Drought that ravaged US crops likely to worsen in 2013, forecast warns and with 25% of our citizens living in poverty,  great evils have cast dark shadows over the high plains. Our children are being abused Mother speaks out about alleged abuse of daughter , our women are being beaten and murdered, our law enforcement has been engaged in framing the innocent, our homes invaded by both cop and crook. Gandalf notes Summit to address disturbing child abuse numbers in Lubbock County Updated: Mar 21, 2013 1:09 PM CDT Lubbock County has the highest child abuse rate in the entire state. It’s a statistic no one is proud of, Thank you KCBD for doing this story ..together we will…. lower the numbers. World Book ClubJohn Grisham – A Time To Kill Business Owners Fed Up With Dangerous Intersection; Wants City to ActCity Manager Claims City Councilman Hernandez is Stalking Her; Files Complaint Fools, it is no wonder that this place is totally out to lunch. Council faces ‘million-dollar question’ investigating Hernandez, Dumbauld

FBI investigation could touch Lubbock Power & Theft

Updated 040113 TAKING DOWN TRAVIS WARE (BBC )  Snitching in the USA     THE DANGERS OF USING LYING CRIMINAL INFORMANTS THAT FRAME THE INNOCENT. Listen now  This is something that Gandalf’s family suffered at the hands of former Lubbock District Attorney Travis Ware, DEA, LPD and LSO.  They attempted  to frame Gandalf, using a mob connected and convicted low level pimp, a heroin pusher from New Jersey, snitch Raymond Freda.  It was not long after that and assuming that they had finished Gandalf off with no repercussions, Ware and the task force having incarcerated him on a one million dollar bond; the task force members  focused their efforts up north, in a little town on the high plains, Tulia, Texas. Common Sense for Drug Policy: Tulia, TXDrug War As Race War  … Pigs and a snitch gone hog wild!  The evil bastards need to be imprisoned now, today, yesterday was not soon enough! What a bunch of scum bags, … They also decided to murder one of their snitches gone rogue (Ray Freda) and frame Gandalf for the murder, doing so by killing Freda in Gandalf’s home using his gun. Freda had threatened them, claiming to have Gandalf’s tapes known to them as “Gandalf”s ace in the hole.” Ray had threatened to go public with the tapes and their scam to eliminate Gandalf “one way or the other.”  Freda went so far as to stage his own shooting and went on local television with his fabrication and was working with narcotics in the Lubbock Sheriff’s department at that time. This made Freda most dangerous in their minds. Frame Gandalf and kill Freda was the conspiracy that was set into motion. The hired heroin distributor, a Mexican cartel hit man with Gandalf’s gun and a getaway driver standing by, did gain entry into Gandalf’s house, a witness said. But not Freda. He was a no-show and at the time getting involved with the OD of a female heroin addict. In the drug world it is known as “giving a hot shot.” (Detective Bill Hubbard, worked the case for LPD, as well as discredited forensic pathologist Ralph Erdmann. Bill covers this homicide in his Book: Substantial Evidence: A Whistleblower’s True Tale of …)   Their plot once foiled by Ray’s no-show, the would be killer left  the house and headed down the alley to the waiting car and driver.  A neighbor reported seeing DEA agents going in and out of the house during the next few months around lunch time with officer Glenn Osborne and another lying snitch Robert Trent Taylor.. Error and Terror   NOW Follow this in-depth report filed by BBC   Listen now Snitching in the USA  Why are there calls to reform the way police use informants in the USA? Snitches an Endangered Species  I am one angry as hell citizen and seeking justice. There is no statute of limitations on conspiracy to commit murder. Gandalf notes  Gov. Scott vetoes sheriff’s $1 million ‘snitch on your neighbor … Search efforts expand for missing Smyer woman  Apr 09, 2013  A Lubbock organization has joined the search efforts to find Maegan Hembree, and on Monday volunteers made more than 2,000 fliers to go out across Lubbock.  Family pleads for information in Lubbock woman’s disappearance This tragedy just got worse… Police investigate dead body found in Mackenzie Park   Great harm is done here for no mother wants to be separated from her children. Women understand that being separated from their children disturbs them greatly.  She is missing and I suspect foul play.Family: Body found at Mackenzie Park is missing Lubbock woman  There are many unsolved murders here that are of women who’s bodies have been found on dusty roads outside of town.   Husband identifies wife, even though police stay tight-lipped   So this family is suffering and at the same time one knows that in cases like these, detectives look at family members as suspects. Let us hope and pray all will turn out OK for those that are suffering now. Gandalf’s Notes….  Also: ‘I wish we knew what happened’ 03/10/13 – 8:52am  Jennifer Wilkerson has been missing since 2004… Man Dead At Lone Star Amphitheater Identified  LOOP SHUT DOWN 02/25/13 Gandalf Staff Lbk.Tx …  It really sucked here after the sun went down, Loop 289 overpasses glazed over with black-ice.  Every overpass became a trap, wielding violent accidents and many injuries.  Ice trucks were not able to get to their duties as a result of a cascading accidents that shut down Loop 289. “TX DOT should have treated the overpasses well before sundown,” Gandalf observed. “With 33 degrees and 45mph. winds at sundown, it was obvious that the melt off would turn to ice rather quickly.”   Ambulance flipped on S. Loop 289 and Slide  One EMS unit was involved in a crash at Slide and the South Loop trapping two paramedics that suffered injuries as their unit rolled over. Wreckers at the scene are attempting to right the mangled ambulance.   At 9 PM and ice trucks are reloading salt for another run on the loop overpasses and the interstate.  At 10 PM West bound traffic was open on a portion of the south loop.  Wreckers are demanding cash in advance. Wrecker Services Say First Come First Serve 19 INCHES IN AMARILLO...….White Out at Lubbock Airport Grounds Planes Florida-based construction company fined by feds for wage and hour violations during Lubbock project Cost added to a poor boy’s education  Texas Tech System Invests Nearly $2 Million in Public Art :: Texas … Bath Salts to Blame for Friday Morning Wreck City Prosecutors And Nothing Butt Smokes Come to Agreement on Synthetic Marijuana Never bath when driving and smoke only real pot.....   Lubbock City Council makes final vote for synthetic drugs ban   TYPICAL LUBBOCK  Mayor Glen Robertson Talks About Synthetic Marijuana Ban and His Return to the Council [AUDIO] LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -Police are warning… Lubbock. LPD received an alert … criminals are giving away free key rings with tracking chips at gas stations and parking lots. … key rings allow criminals to track and follow you… defrauders will present themselves as sales promoters .. very convincing.

01/25/13  Two names come to mind when it comes to Lubbock justice, more like incompetence, Tim Cole and Damon Richardson. Gandalf is going somewhere with this…to be continued. Dallas district attorny says Texas should pass racial justice act

  WHAT’S IN YOUR FOOD? CDC: 3,000,000 lbs. of frozen pizza, cheesesteaks recalled in 15 states...     Mom to Kraft: Take Yellow Dye Out of Mac and Cheese – ABC News Mom don’t feed this to your children!

JASON’S SLAVES   STRIKE BACK !  Fast-food workers strike, citing low wages…  “TARPLEY  CALLS FOR $15 hr”… Demand Respect…  see … POVERTY’S GLASS CEILING BELOW …  Earn a decent WAGE listen to World Crisis Radio « TARPLEY.net.  Until the quality of management improves, with a totally different mind set, and the pay becomes a livable wage, with benefits, and the employees receive sick pay, the public health will always be in jeopardy.  You would not believe the filth you are being fed by the poor, sick and desperate.  My mother ate contaminated food from Peoples restaurant and caught hepatitis, and that hastened her death.   Gandalf fumes.  see more on >>JERKS @ Jason’s Deli >>below >POVERTY’S GLASS CEILING> Critical violations discovered in 33 Lubbock food service establishments below >20 Lubbock food services businesses found to have multiple violationsCritical violations discovered in 14 Lubbock restaurants 12/27/12 – 8 restaurants have multiple violations…Jason’s Deli steals from their employees as discovered by Gandalf …more under the following… related see below: JERKS @ Jason’s Deli 

IHOP HORROR: Manager Shot Dead, 2 Hurt After Fight Breaks Out…  Those that work in local restaurants are under paid, mostly jobs are part time, and many workers are subject to being abused and ripped off by the company they work for.  Such was the case when I worked for Jason’s Deli. The jerks in management do not care about their staff because there is always another warm body needing work, ready to be another slave on the assembly line surving up horse and donkey meat Taco Bell joins Europe’s horse meat parade- MSN Money  It has always been a thankless no future job, void of any fringe benefits.  The working poor, these souls deserve to be treated better and paid at least $15.00 an hour. More on this below…

Corruption in area law enforcement reigns supreme and has for decades according to Gandalf’s Staff. Littlefield Police Chief Abel Cantu resigns  See more by going to the archives in the lower right hand column…Littlfield Police Chief Suspended, Resigns and Gets New City Job..

Man found dead in home on 32nd Street; police investigating Lubbock Grand Jury indicts suspects in high-profile cases Danny Ray Martinez, 23 is indicted for murder. Zacorey Price and Nathan Sproles, both 17, were also indicted for murder. Kenneth Wall, 33 and Patrick Corbin, 31 have been formally charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Jason Chad White, 19, was indicted for intoxication manslaughter. Peter Keltz, 23, stands indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 19-year-old charged with murder of 4-month-old daughter

 Crosbyton woman indicted for murder of Baby Leah  RELATED ..Leah Aguirre found dead in caregiver’s basement   The FBI has found the dead body of missing 2-year-old  Caregiver charged with capital murder in death of 2-year-old Neighbor recounts exact events leading up to murder/suicide Shooting in Central Lubbock Leaves Two Dead Breaking: Shooting victim pronounced dead Police investigate shooting near Christ the King Cathedral Shooting Suspect Dead Outside of Lubbock Church Shooting on 60th Street leaves one dead, one critically injured Murder Update: Warrant offers new details in South Lubbock murder Neighbor arrested, charged with murder in suspicious fire death Police seeking tips to solve 3 murders from 2012 Man found dead in home on 32nd Street; police investigating Elderly woman dies in Autumn Ridge apartment fire Developing Story: Firefighters respond to blaze in South Lubbock, find body

The Avalanche-Journal’s top 10 stories of 2012 as determined by the readers    Some apathetic idiots are more than out of touch, they are subjects of an on going tyranny and do not even know it.  If one looks at this meaningless list of top stories, one sees many of them relate in one way or the other to football. It is a diversion, scarcely noticing that this is nothing but a game with big bucks attached to it, and by the way; do not let the coach take your children to the showers. NCAA calls Pennsylvania suit an affront to Sandusky’s victims Wed Jan 2, 2013 1:13pm EST. (Reuters) – The National Collegiate Athletic Association on Wednesday said a lawsuit by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett appeared “without merit” and was “an affront to all of the victims” of convicted child molester Jerry … If you please, scroll down this story and see what is wrong with Lubbock, and this is only a portion of it. But football takes the top slot of our citizens concern. Fools, ignorant over dosed with fluoride fools. There is a reason our teeth are stained brown, it is the crap in our water….read on.  Gandalf unlocks his war chest….more to come.

.LPD searching for suspects in Sunday night shootingPolice: two Lubbock bank robberies could be connected 12/27/12 –  Robberies happened Sept. 14 and Dec. 8 at Lubbock banks

       ANOTHER AREA COP KILLS  Excuse me Mr. Pig officer, disgrace to the uniform sir, but you took this man’s life because he did what exactly? Gandalf asks real serious like.That is some Christmas present for HIS family with six children to be handing out..   City of Tahoka Places Officer Involved in Deadly Stand-Off on Administrative Leave The City of Tahoka announced this morning that they have placed the officer involved in yesterday’s shooting on paid administrative leave  

Police investigating possible homicide in Lubbock Lubbock firefighters have extinguished a blaze at 58th Street and Avenue S. Lubbock police investigators are on the scene to probe into reports of a man emerging from the house, covered in blood with a knife in his hand.Body found in burning duplex identified

Lubbock Punks are the result of dysfunctional parents 3 arrested in East Lubbock homicide >>>Hey mom and dad, where the hell were you?

Breaking: It is 10:30 AM 12/16/12 and another dead body, that of an adult, has been discovered on the 2700 block of  Cesar Chavez Road . a white male reported floating in the water .Police not investigating body found in Hodges Park as homicide. That makes two possible homicides this weekend. stories developing…Police identify man whose body found at Hodges Park

12/15/12 Body Found in Central Lubbock; LPD Investigating as Homicide>>>According to autopsy results, 34-year-old Eddie Moreno suffered blunt force trauma to the head.Man arrested and charged with murder in Saturday homicide

A Ray of Hope  Lubbock Police Dept.  What I heard tonight, 12/12/12 and freezing cold, our police department sought shelter for a stranded woman with only her coat to brave the weather.  They called the Salvation Army but they could not take her, they were full and it was after dark. Then they called Women’s Protective Services and they said no, it has to be battered and domestic.  They called a local church and they said no, they were daytime only.  Calling LPD to check on this poor woman’s situation; the dispatcher assured me that they, the police officers, would continue trying to find her a place to stay for the night. Good for them. Now I ask my fellow citizens; should we not have a place or places, with weather conditions being what they are, for those seeking refuge, no matter the reason they have found themselves stranded out in the cold? I think so. Gandalf  notes: Christ got a manger. Merry Christmas everyone. Within 24 hours of posting the above story Gandalf finds that…red cross opens warming centerIn the wake of today’s dust storm and thunderstorm, the Lubbock Chapter of the American Red Cross is conducting relief efforts.

City of Lubbock settles lawsuit against two officers accused of excessive force Updated: Dec 11, 2012 8:16 PM CST The City of Lubbock will pay $425,000 after settling a lawsuit against two Lubbock police officers accused of using excessive force and beating a former special duty U.S. Marshall. Both Officers Lewis and Simpson are still currently employed at LPD.  With the  LPD’s union making it dificult to terminate bad cops, our taxpaying citizens are suffering. Snitches an Endangered Species | Gandalf’s StaffNov 22, 2009 – More on this as investigation  continues.

1210/12 6:13 pm  Another armed robbery has just occurred..  This one by a black male with a gold tooth, 5’9″ tall 40 years of age.. The robbery at knife point took place at the Hickory Tree apartments… developing.

.WTMPA Moves to Secure Wind Power for Member – City of Lubbock.

BREAKING NEWS   Damon Richardson has been granted parole and will be coming home next year. Soon all will know the truth about Lubbock and its crooked former DA Travis Ware…Case Information – Court of Criminal Appeals – Texas Courts Online RICHARDSON v., No. 74,221., March 13, 2002 – TX Court of … LEVELLAND DEPUTIES GUILTY PLEA EXPECTED | Gandalf’s Staff Oct 26, 2009 – To me this smacks of the Damon Jerome Richardson case. Did they offer a plea … Texas Judicial – Court of Crimina Appeals Opinion #74221 … DAMON JEROME RICHARDSON v. STATE TEXAS (12 … – FindACase

Attentional* Lubbock Crooks.   Travis Ware is desperate and advertising for clients on KFYO 790.  They do not seem to mind running ads for Lubbock’s former DA (Dumb Ass).  According to them, (doesn’t it make more sense to hire an attorney that has a reputation such as he?)Who is Travis Ware « In the Interest of Noah Kubik  Just look at the Damon Richardson case. Travis Ware’s Reign of Error and Terror – Innocent Inmates … By the way, let the jury know you are a crook by using him for your attorneyWare denies secret deal in murder case – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal and be sure to have plenty of women on your jury.Jay Van Story Do this and there will be a cell in the county caboose waiting for you….. Gandalf *Several types of cognitive bias occur due to an attentional bias. One example occurs when a person does not examine all possible outcomes when making a judgment about a correlation or association.

12/10/12 GOING GOING GONE  It looks as if  Tommy finally figured it out… ; )  Tuberville leaves stunned Texas Tech for Cincinnati – CBSSports.com

12/09 Armed robbery this morning at the 7-11 on Ave. Q. The armed black female was apprehended.Police arrest woman in connection with armed robbery at Avenue Q convenience store

12/08/12 Plains Capital Bank at the Mall has just been robbed @ 5:00 PM.  The suspect  is a white male between 20-30 years of age, 180 lbs, Blonde hair, with a goatee. The parking lot and the roads around the mall were packed with traffic. How this guy got-away is beyond me.  Gandalf..>Police searching for South Plains Mall robbery suspect>> ….developing

12/08/12 Drug load delivered to Lubbock and tracked by DPS … reported  at a local motel waiting for distribution.  This looks like more of get the cash forget the stash operation. (22;40 hrs  out heading clnm/elpt)

12/07/12  Severe case of the dumb ass strikes in Lubbock again.  Drink booze and get stupid, go to jail, as crash victim dies. >POSTS BAIL AND NOW OUT OF JAIL>> 19-year-old Texas Tech student Meagan Rough, who was ejected from a car during an accident on Glenna Goodacre Thursday, died from her injuries today.  She was the passenger sitting in a parked car when hit. Parents teach your kids how to drink and how to handle drugs.  Teach your children well, because if you do not, things like this will happen again and again.  ..Three injured in violent overnight accident  Fools……Gandalf ponders the dangers of deferred cognition…..Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced ? (Official Video) – YouTube..

12/03/12  Lubbock CREEPS and MURDERERS roam city streets.  Another shooting at 02;00 EMS has transported a shooting victim to UMC with life threatening wounds..there was also a traffic accident that is related to this incident..  The shooting took place in the parking lot east of the Thunderbird nightclub (saloon)..EYE WITNESS HAS IDENTIFIED THE SHOOTER …another player may have been transported by EMS to Covenant hospital from a different location….shortly after the first shooting ten shots were reported in another part of the city.  SOURCE: ..LOOKS LIKE THE SHOOTING VICTIM David Jackson, 24, MAY NOT MAKE IT..43492 … as story is developing Jackson’s condition is improving…Police seek suspect in overnight shooting at Lubbock nightclub …..the violence continues  Lubbock police investigate overnight stabbingPlainview Police Officer Indicted for Felony Assault..  Convicted Killer Mickey Patterson Dies in Prison…  Lubbock Father Arrested for Injuring Infant Son

Murder rate here in Lubbock just got worse than New York city .. Neighbors Offer New Insight into Lubbock’s Latest Murder Cases  more…Facebook Links Lubbock Murder Victims more…. . Woman speaks out about witnessing friend’s violent murder …. Police Identify South Lubbock Murder Victim Police investigate second homicide in four hours – One Dead in Central Lubbock Stabbing Lubbock, Texas man stabbed in throat, has apparently died but there has been no confirmation sources say @ post 20:02 hrs. residence allowed back in their homes @ 21:00 hrs. 2800blk. 35th ..   LPD Investigating Central Lubbock Stabbing One person was rushed to UMC with life-threatening injuries after a stabbing Wednesday afternoon. KAMC’s Nick Ochsner reports.  Gandalf also noticed that SHOCK: No one shot, stabbed or slashed in New York City on Monday…

THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW  Citizens pack City Council meeting to call for synthetic drug ban  >>>STONED IN SEATTLE! Hey Lubbock, did the thought ever occur to you that it would be far better just to legalize pot? Councilwoman Karen Gibson Making Moves to Ban Sale of Synthetic Marijuana>>When it comes to Liberty…> States back recreational use of marijuana…  > Seattle police produce a user’s guide to pot  We do not need any more laws that take away individual liberties. In a contest with alcohol and tobacco, marijuana wins The synthetic pot would just disappear if one could buy, or better yet,  grow the real thing. The soil out here on the plains is ideal for growing it and it could be a boom for the economy.  The combination of cotton and hemp fiber makes for a tough, ever enduring, pair of jeans… the best, longest lasting jeans in the world… Gandalf cannot believe how far back in the woods some folks are. Even here in Lubbock, where there has never ever been a woods…Lubbock woman gets national support in her fight to ban synthetic pot  FOOLS!  What we see here is the rant of intellectual pigmies, totally devoid of the real dangers and root causes, the consequences and ramifications of such and are victims of  the government’s prohibitionist propaganda.  Gandalf notes….Globalist Hillary Clinton says – “We Are Losing The Information War”!  Gandalf asks: “What was your first clue? And your source? Did it come from the Oral Office?”

 POVERTY’S GLASS CEILING  Fast food workers demand $15 per hour salaries… >Listen to how to get it and crash through the glass ceiling and stop being  SLAVES>>>>  { http://tarpley.net/audio/WCR-20121201.mp3 } This will take a community effort…  Food for Thought Report 11.22    Updated: Nov 23, 2012 3:25 PM CST Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 10/27/12  related see below:  JERKS @ Jason’s Deli TACO HELL TACO BELL Linked To Salmonella Probe after 68 People Fall Ill in 10 States… CHICAGOLAND: Restaurants Refuse Orders Called in from Cell Phones after Rash of Delivery Robberies… Deadly robbery raises concern for local restaurants Two suspects arrested in fatal robbery at One Guy restaurant Brian Suniga (left) and Sesilio Lopez Police investigating leads in One Guy From Italy shooting Fatally shot … in the 4300 hundred block of 50th Street… 26-year-old David Grand jury indicts One Guy suspects on capital murder 02/29/12 – A Lubbock County grand jury on Tuesday indicted on capital murder charges two men accused of slaying a pizza parlor employee during a robbery late last year. Restaurant Violations Lubbock County Court Residential Treatment, 3501 N. Holly Ave. – inaccessible handwashing facilities. Food contact surfaces found soiled. MCDONALD’S Cashier Who Beat Customers Claims Self-Defense… Cashier Savagely Attacks Customers at MCDONALD’S… DETAILS… Cheddar’s ordered to pay back wages, plus child labor penalties Cheddar’s Casual Café Ordered to Pay More Than $161,000 in Back Wages and Damages Cheddar’s will pay just over $99,100 in back wages, and nearly $62,500 in liquidated damages to 268 current and former employees of Cheddar’s restaurants in Lubbock and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hepatitis scare escalates health department debate Monday final day for city Hepatitis vaccine clinic Working-age poor population highest since ’60s… Over 1000 diners come out for precautionary vaccine…to the Lubbock Civic Center to get a hepatitis A vaccination Hepatitis scare escalates health department debate on Friday after a scare at a local restaurant. Hepatitis A alert for Cheddars on the south loop Hepatitis A symptoms to look for if exposed to the outbreak Lubbock Health Department’s Bridget Faulkenberry said, “Symptoms include fever, … The state of Texas recommends a two dose vaccine to protect against …Possible Transmission of Hepatitis A at Cheddar’s Casual Café in … – Food Poison Journal all 12 news articles » Keeping the poor in slave wages is a public health risk…Gandalf FYIRed Lobster paying back wages to 109 servers The owner of Lubbock’s Red Lobster restaurant has agreed to pay 109 current and former servers more than $27000 in back wages because of improper timekeeping practices, the US Labor Department. Something to note: this does not imply that only Red Lobster is guilty of abusing their employees. Having worked for Jasons Deli as a delivery driver, I got ripped off too. The way it was done, I made a delivery to a collective group of people all paying separately. Among the many that paid by check, credit card, debit card and or cash, I was given a personal check by one of my customers. When I got back I was told that the company does not take personal checks which is not completely true. They took my money making me pay for the check with my cash. I asked them to endorse the check so I could cash it, they refused. Jasons Deli steals from employees. This issue was brought up during a staff meeting before all the delivery drivers by me, so that this theft could be made public. at risk of my own job…….. more to come on this as I am waiting on a response from Jason’s…Update No responce or return from Jason’s and Gandalf stands by this story. When dinning out pay attention to the staff. Is it new faces all the time? Is the “Now Hiring” sign up all the time? Do they have help wanted ads in the paper continually? These are indicators that the below poverty scale worker is being stiffed and taken advantage of by the employer. Things to do. If you want to help the busboy, hide a tip under a plate. When tipping the wait staff give cash confidentially. And thank you to all who were so kind to do just that for me, in my time of need. Never use your credit card to tip. By doing so there is a good chance some of that tip will be taken from them. But the best thing you can do is take your business elsewhere. Gandalf more… Did You Know?: Jason’s Deli May 8, 2011 … I wonder how much money Jason’s Deli takes (steals) from customers every year. Believe it or not we said something to one of the employees … CachedSimilar String of identity thefts linked to East Memphis Jason’s Deli – Action … Aug 21, 2010 … Secret Service investigates Jason’s Deli identity thefts BLOG I will NEVER go back to Jason’s Deli again Gunman unloads inside IHOP… Madman behind IHOP massacre targeted troops: 5 were National Guardsmen Death toll rising 5 Die, Including Gunman, in Nevada HOP Attack …and six others wounded Tuesday in a shooting at a Carson City, Nevada, IHOP restaurant, police said. 9 shot, 3 killed… The suspected gunman was found with a self-inflicted wound and is not expected to survive, said Ken Furlong with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. 911 calls capture horror of Nevada shooting Some of the victims “appeared to be military folks,” the sheriff’s office said. The Nevada highway patrol said it could confirm two dead in uniform. 2 dead National Guardsmen in uniform… IHOP Hires Bouncer To Control The Rowdy… Man returns with shotgun after TACO BELL worker forgets hot sauce… Atlanta cop, woman in beatdown at IHOP… VIDEO… Rally planned to condemn MCDONALD’S beatdown… 2nd Victim Details MCDONALD’S Beatdown…Community rallies around victim… Victim Describes The Horror… Attacker accused her of ‘looking at my man’… Two teens charged… Suspect busted before at same MCDONALD’S…

 KEEP IT HOME gs 11/22 LBK,TX  >>>  As the economy collapses nationally, the plains of Texas, being one of the nations few productive regions not affected, will look like a delectable Hostess cup cake, ready to by gobbled up by the big money boys.  Our oil, farms, homes, water and economic productivity are primed, all ready to be devoured like the last Twinkie on earth. Twinkies | Products | Hostess Cakes We must not let our resources come under the brutal hand of those on Wall Street that have brought down our country economically, exporting jobs and repossessing homes, many of which were taken illegally.  Warren Buffet backing will bring new opportunities to Lubbock real estate market  Thanksgiving day Gandalf finds that…Court gives Twinkies maker go-ahead to liquidate – CBS News

URINE FOR FOOD ?   Gandalf  groans knowing it is people like these he must stand against.  To advocate the usurping of constitutional rights in order to receive a helping hand in one’s hour of need turns my stomach. To require that one give up private liberty for food, I will fight you.  Don’t tread on me.  In Germany at the close of WW2, I gave bread to starving Germans.  I did not require them to piss in a cup or to prove to me they were not Nazis before I gave them bread. Some of them were Nazis and one even gave me his card which was signed by Hitler. States back recreational use of marijuana…  I say let the author present his case to the citizens of Washington or Colorado, they understand.    Consider This…No drug test, no handout  and just look at some of the comments. Fools!  It is the government that placed many of these poor souls in the jam they are in today, turning the middle class homeless just as Hitler did to the Germans. Record Number of Americans Will Use Food Stamps For Thanksgiving… The only difference between the two is that in our current state of tragic circumstance, things have not turned violent, yet. When I returned to the states in 1948, Operation Paperclip came along with me; first to Dayton, Ohio, then to Alabama, and on to Texas Operation Paperclip Casefile: New World Order and Nazi Germany. This drug war has transformed from a failure to a Nazi police state racket…Issa-Grassley report links Fast & Furious to ‘widespread’ Justice   Prohibition does not work and those that advocate it are poorly informed and or educated as well.  Those that do not know history are doomed to repeat it. But what we see here is called deferred cognition. They know better but they do not want to face it, preferring to say what they perceive to be politically expedient. only to exacerbate the loss of  public liberty. I will not be deterred on this, liberty will prevail on the high plains of Texas  Gandalf …”Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) TO BOIL OR NOT TO BOIL?  THAT IS THE QUESTION. Boil water notice continues; test results expected Sunday – Kcbd.com UPDATED: Boil notice lifted for city of Lubbock water|myFOXlubbock Lubbock not under a boil water notice – Lubbock Avalanche-Journal City of Lubbock Issues Update Concerning Boil Water Notice

New Female Cops Play Hookers.  That hooker on the street is probably a cop. Recently we have heard a lot about prostitution here in Lubbock.  The truth is, it is hard for the hookers here in town.  They tell Gandalf it’s all the Texas Tech coeds giving it away that makes it tough.  So they do not take it out on the streets.  They take different avenues of approach.    Consider This…Prostitution is simple supply and demand  and that gets into organized crime with protection even from those in authority.  SLIDESHOW: LPD Prostitution Arrests – 2012 Lubbock police investigating string of prostitute murders | Dallas-Fort LPD Posts Prostitution Mugshots on Facebook – Everything Lubbock

10/28 3:00 AM Another shooting, one female victim transported to UMC, possible other vitims… story developing…

3 shot at Marshall Street party; suspect in custody>This started with a brain dead gunfight out in the yard. Shooter said. “He pulled a gun and I got mine.”…Three shot after party on Marshall Street

Update: No evidence of foul play with this case..Police investigate body found in Lubbock apartment .What Gandalf found at this location in 2001 was a lot of illegal aliens, drugs, children in a dangerous environment,  broken glass and used syringes scattered around in the parking lot, irregularities in the housing across the street and today what may be a second homicide.  Today we find..Possible Homicide in North Lubbock Apartment.The 2001 murder was traced to a man later found in Mexico.

8 Years Later, Cooper Murders Still Unsolved


If this be the case, it is truly heartbreaking. Gandalf notes: Eyewitness Details Hailey Dunn Sighting in Jailhouse Phone Call Sonja Renee Callahan describes what she calls the abuse of Hailey Dunn in the days immediately following her disappearance in a phone call from jail.  Police Investigating New Leads in Hailey Dunn Case

 SUCKING  WIND    How the state legislature put the screws to Lubbock.  This renewable power source does not go to those of us on the plains, it goes to the heavily populated areas.  Where we could benefit from sharing this power source it is not going to happen.  These state regulations are also the cause of Xcell pulling out of the city. Xcel finishes transmission line project  Leaving the locals under the thumb of one monopolist Lubbock Power and Theft. Also ponder the cost and power loss when transmitting eletrical power over these long distances.   Gandalf’s Staff has more in this Blog Transmission project using area wind power set for completion in 2013  RAIDS CONTINUE > Lubbock By: Nick Ochsner Updated: November 21, 2012 An Amarillo man is behind bars after an LISD K-9 sniffed out a package of crystal meth being send from Lubbock. A federal criminal complaint shows the K-9 detected the drugs while working with a postal inspector at a mail processing facility in Lubbock. The complaint says once the postal inspector obtained a warrant to search the package, authorities discovered 16 ounces of methamphetamine inside the box. Investigators repackaged the box and the postal inspector went undercover as a mail man to deliver the package to its intended address. When the postal inspector arrived at a house in Amarillo, the warrant says, Jaime Caraveo-Chacon took the package and then left the house in his car. DEA agents followed Caraveo-Chacon, who led authorities on a high-speed chase before he bailed out of his car on foot and was arrested. >>>> There was a raid this afternoon which local media reported 10/26 in the Tech ghetto but when asked the nature of the search, the detective replied, “We won’t tell you.” Police Raid Downtown Lubbock Apartment Complex Typical for the law here as they are contemptuous of local press. By the nature of the items observed removed there appeared to be paper records within folders. This is not typical of a drug bust but may well be. We will keep on this on Monday.(no followup) Gandalf>>10/25 not much going on this morning…afternoon activity slow and continuing….LOW KEY activity during the evening hours.. late evening they did at least one buy which was not pot… 10/24 morning DPS units were busy and after lunch picked up with the activity. The war against a minority segment of the people continues. They call it a drug war but it is in reality a war against drug users. Like terrorism it is an ambiguous ploy to deprive those people of their constitutional and God given rights and over decades has evolved into a Nazi type police state. The drug war is a racket, Prohibition is detrimental to the well being of the nation. Gandalf calls for information as narcs freak over leaks …more… surveillance, drug buys and busts through the day are after-effects from yesterday’s bust …15:45.cst…. ( gs 10/23/12 GMT) This drug operation is still on Gandalf notes on 10/21-22 /12 and has been placed under higher security wraps. The public is in the dark. Update: Bust has gone down @10PM near 82nd and MLK> details soon.LPD Makes Drug Bust in Southeast Lubbock Police released few details … .. From sources, what Gandalf has gained; the surveillance is directed toward shipments of pot followed from Mexico to Lubbock. The resulting busts over the past few weeks have netted new informants which in turn has extended the investigations. WHEN LOCAL MEDIA LIES it is parroting what it has been told. So far this story unfolded just as I said it would. See post directly below the following DPS statement. “The Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division executed a search warrant based on a tip from the public. During the Tuesday morning search, 122 pounds of marijuana, along with $23,018 in currency, were found at a house in the 1800 block of 49th Street.” Two Lubbock men arrested in drug bust >David Gutierrez, 33 – <David Cervantez Jr, 22<… after reading that, here is….THE REAL STORY First let us look at the recent record… Gandalf’s Staff: Lubbock… previously posted Logs: 10/03/12 >>>About 12 noon last Wednesday a drug operation started for the purpose of rounding up suspects in Lubbock. DPS assisted the narcotics units with their helicopter and LPD units assisted by transporting those arrested to jail.>>>Sidebar: Armed and dangerous like a chapter out of Nam Gandalf also sees;Trooper fired from chopper to stop truck, kills 2 continuing… Some of the activity was in south Lubbock on 91st street in the southeast and in the northeast portions of the town. One black subject ran, resulting in a manhunt in the vicinity of east Colgate. This drug operation may extend through the week. While all this was going on, there were many traffic accidents on and around the loop to catch the 5 o’clock rush. Late in the evening, a dark night flight drone appeard on the scene and at 10PM was circling the central part of the city. This particular aircraft has been spotted here before and so noted in this Blog. 22:38 10/03/12 Gandalf’s Logs as of Monday 10/08 the operation continues with one more raid this late afternoon. This operation continued through this day Monday 10/15 with warrants being run. This continued with one late afternoon search and apprehension of one subject, sources said around 10/16 5:30 PM. GS however could not confirm and one target may still be at-large as surveillance continues. Perhaps not, in that there will be a raid on a house that may or may not be involved. What we see about to happen may be lacking in probable cause with a new confidential informant, working a deal, with a rubber stamp search warrant. The purpose of this style of operation is to let the drugs be sold and go for the cash. One never knows, they might need all that cash to buy more guns, guns going to gangs in Mexico, News for Fast and Furious instruments of death, in exchange for drugs to be sold here. Mexico’s Drug Death Toll Double What Reported, Expert Argues … Assuming that a similar rate of murder continues through the remaining months of this year, the homicide toll at the end of Calderón’s presidency will add up to 110,061 victims ..story developing…. 101812…1834hrs continued Wednesday morning. Busy all day and county jail records will interesting. Missing child report at @ 1700 … child located and…surveillance continue moving to the western portions of the city in the evening hours….If this progresses as it seems to be….then look for headlines such as “Major Drug Ring blah blah …” just before elections for the PR and the want of a bigger budget next year. …other related subjects. Nazi Police State News.VIDEO: Philly cop punches woman in face… Former … Continue reading ?

 Trial postponed for former LPD officer accused of sexual assault

Republic Power offers to keep talking with legal adversaries If this goes south, do you worry it will show up on your utility bill? What next from Lubbock Power and Theft?  Municipal power agency hires Sen. Robert Duncan as legal counsel for ongoing …  Two Power-Plant Deals Unravel In West Texas Municipal Dispute Republic Power sues WTPMA, city of Lubbock for $8.9 million  Lubbock’s inclusion in demand for payment perplexes partner seeks nearly $9 million from West Texas Municipal Power … West Texas Municipal Power Agency says no to $9 million demand letter

DASH CAM: Car stolen with toddler still inside

Lubbock Museum Puts Down Mules For Display Express-News

Police: Levelland homeowner kills intruder with shotgun blast COIN SHOP RIPS ELDERLY AND RETIRED More than 20 people with claims against a defunct Lubbock rare coin business will share some $533,000 recovered from the shop’s liquidation, a District Court judge has ruled. Back in the early sixties this creep would make his money by ripping off little kids for their coin collections. REMEMBER THE BLUE COIN COLLECTION BOOKS?  He ran ads in the back of comic books BUYING THOSE COIN COLLECTIONS, some of which contained rare coins, and was doing quite well by the time he was in high school.  Gandalf got into a fight with Chauncey at the Hi-D-Ho on 3rd street and College Ave. (now University Ave), after Chauncey said the wrong thing to him. Hi-D-Ho was the place to hang out – The Lubbock Centennial 1909 ..

    Now, so many years later, we find this jerk was ripping off the old folks too.  Gandalf closes another story in his “Exposed Bastards” journal, which took almost a half century.  Judge orders settlement payments to people in Chauncey coin suit 09/24/12 – 12:39am  Of course it was over a girl.  Kind of like this poor fool below.. LOL Littlefield robbery suspect admits to attempted bank heist to cover girlfriend’s bad check A man charged with trying to rob a Littlefield bank Friday admitted he did it because his girlfriend paid for a car with a bad check, and he didn’t want her to get in trouble, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit. Billy Ray Wood Jr. $4 million dollar repair job needed at Lake Alan Henry JERKS @ Jason’s Deli But New Restaurant has… Business booming for Chuy’s as Lubbockites await more restaurants “The economy is on the rise here. It’s been overwhelming. It’s going to be unbelievable once this development is up and running. This is going to be a hotspot here in Lubbock,” Estes said. JERKS @ Jason’s Deli on south loop 289 in Lubbock, stole money, by way of a check, from Gandalf when he worked for them as a delivery driver. Gandalf called them on the theft, after requesting that they endorse the check and give it to him, when he gave them cash money for it. They refused, keeping the money and the check. They then found a contrived reason for firing him. But not before he brought the issue up in a staff meeting with the other drivers. Those responsible are still there. Gandalf has repeatedly asked Jason’s Deli to respond to his charges and there has yet to be any official response from the Phoenix Corporate office.Phoenix Dust Storm: Arizona Hit With Monstrous ‘Haboob’ (PHOTOS … … ATTENTION JASON’S EMPLOYEES: Want a BETTER JOB?…. more restaurants are coming to town… Feds claim wage and hour violations at Lubbock restaurant By James Clark – Federal regulators have filed a lawsuit with allegations of wage and hour violations against Copper Caboose restaurant, 5609 Avenue Q in Lubbock. Red Robin sues former Amarillo franchisee for retaining menus, deco,,,  CHUY’S Help Wanted UPDATE…taking apps… New Restaurant in Lubbock Ready to Hire More Than 150 Team Members …Applicants ….KCBD INVESTIGATES: What’s on your Plate? For more on Restaurants and Pink Slime, see Gandalfs investigative articles in POVERTY’S GLASS CEILING …click here scroll down TEXAS RADIO First United Bank branch on Indiana Avenue target of hold-up (video) Shooting at bar sends two men to hospital Gandalf has learned two men went into surgery. One with a gun shot to the throat and another gun shot to the arm. The third victim was just grazed. The shooter jumped into a pickup truck and fled with three women.  The passengers abandoned the vehicle in the 4300 block of 38th street fleeing on foot down Peoria Ave.  Police did set up a rapid expansive perimeter, did a search of the area and arrested the suspect. The driver had either remained with, our was picked up near the vehicle. Gandalf observed the police did an excellent job on this last night, using all available units. Search intensifies for Lubbock missing teen Mark Ysasaga LOCAL BANK SOLD Hilltop Holdings buys PlainsCapital for $735M – Dallas Business … Dallas-based Hilltop Holdings Inc. will buy PlainsCapital Corp. in a cash and stock deal valued at more than $735 million,  The merger will require regulatory and shareholder approval, but the companies expect to be completed by the end of the year. Long have we as Americans envisioned a better life for future’s prosperity. The current state of affairs seems to dim that vision. Here on the plains, we endeavor to feed and clothe the masses. It is imperative that we keep the ownership of the land in our hands and not that of the bankers and corporations on Wall Street. As we have seen what they have done to the home owners and honest workers of this great nation, we well perceive the danger of an absentee ownership of debt and life long savings. Yes, that too and all that our local banking entails, we must keep our monies local. Here is the issue. The family ranchers and farmers have an inherent standard of morals and ethics, the bankers, obviously have not. If this nation continues on the path our fathers set for us, we must not let our debtors become our slave masters. Now we find that this city’s biggest bank has been sold with the announcement coming around Christmas. This will not help us in our endeavor to form a more perfect union. The more productive we are, the more others will seek to take this financial and political power base away from us. Story developing…PlainsCapital Bank

Child dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound Updated: Sep 02, 2012  Lubbock police are investigating a shooting death that occurred in the 1800 block of 76th Street Saturday night.    Lubbock toddler dies from self-inflicted gunshot|myFOXlubbock.com …THREE BLOCKS OVER 09/01 GMT GS Lbk,Tx  Earlier Gandalf mentioned the narcotics operation  had heavy surveillance in Lubbock .  The other night  we saw  Police search house on 79th between Avenues S and T for drugs … The reason for the ski masks and terrorizing the neighbors, — (“We went outside, and all these masked men were everywhere,” she said. “We thought the car was being robbed.”) — there was an informant, undercover cop,  and other  secret police involved, perhaps military involvement too, much like Nazi Germany back in the 1940’s   ….  The raid had been put off for a few days waiting for drugs to arrive but soon enough to take the weekend off early and resumed after Labor Day; reliable sources say.  So far we have no conformation of any drugs found nordo we know what was taken from the unoccupied residence at the time . Keep in mind these narcs are criminals too, as I earlier reported, they planted drugs on me in collusion with Travis Ware. Came into my home when I was at work and hid the drugs. But I caught them, knowing that they were coming, and their plan went to hell in a handbag. They have good reason to wear masks and hide their faces like criminals.  That is what they are.  Gandalf’s Staff more below see…Hotel Clank Truce called on LP&L budget battle, rate-hike battle Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez Proposes Conference…

LUBBOCK POWER AND THEFT rate hike … between the LP&L Board and Lubbock’s city staff…. LP&L rate hike: behind the scenes power struggle WHAT JUDGE HEAD SAID Gandalf backed Judge Head on AM580 BECAUSE “All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.” – François FénelonCivil war preposterous you say? Consider This..County Judge will be judged When as too the taking of a man’s job and his home, millions of them lost Home Foreclosure Statistics | Statistic Brain ; through corrupt practices of bankers coupled with the country’s failed industries and exported jobs, that brings the number of unemployed persons to (12.8 million), 46.5 Million Americans, Record 22.3 Million US Households, On … food stamps, Breaking News FOOD STAMP USE CLIMBS TO RECORD 46.7 MILLION, and too have our borders wide open with military treaties that circumvent our sovereignty; yes, this will indeed breed up a storm of discontent, dissent and resistance. With foreign troops, Canadian, Mexican, Russian and German, on American soil and training as I write. With government agencies having purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammo along with a large quantity of high powered C4 explosives, and to be directed at whom I ask? Us! Got a better explanation? And what of these FEMA camps? With the current hurricane Isaac evacuations, how is it that none of the camps have been availed to the people? That is what they claim the camps are designed, emergency relief. Evacuations ordered near New Orleans as Isaac water threatens river lock Think about it. List: POD, cooling shelter locations – Local News – New Orleans, LA … Then there is the exploitation of never ending wars with new wars underway as Iran and Syria are on the horizon. Let us also consider our Mexican Drug War down south and the 50 thousand men, women and children killed. Fast and Furious! Prohibition Fools! This is all pretty damn violent, to say the least, and that civil war has already begun because of it. Then there is the the ongoing violation of our civil liberties. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are almost dead. The bastards have put us in a debt that our grandchildren will not be able to pay. In a debt that is increasingly held by countries such as Saudi Arabia and China. Shall our descendants be held in such bondage? God forbid, this shall not pass! I tremble for my county, our USA is being carved up like a turkey for destiny’s dinner. Judge Head might be on to something and know a little bit more than our friend at channel 11. This is not just about taxes, and I sure as hell don’t mind telling our readers all about it. Gandalf County Judge’s remarks on potential ‘civil war’ spread far and wide as Lubbock County Judge Tom Head Responds to Statements… “Judge Head’s remarks have once again embarrassed Lubbock on a global scale, and he should do the right thing and resign immediately.” Lubbock Democrats Respond to Judge Tom Head’s Controversial Comme… Obama has been an embarrassment to the nation, perhaps he should resign and the judge has a right to speak his mind…U.N.-backed Agenda 21 angers many in Texas Gandalf Democrats to discuss removing Judge Head from office Gandalf is thinking, “So what is the problem here?” Shall we not all join together if the Judge’s worst case fears turn out to be real? Texas Judge Preparing For ‘Civil War’ If Obama Re-Elected… A distrust for the government permeates our daily lives. Tax hearing held, Judge Head addresses revolt comments see Video The fact that an ever increasing dark shadow covers this land can no longer be ignored. Get a grip! County officials, Sheriff react to Judge Head’s remarks It is here we shall draw our line in the sand. We are the heart of the country, and the bread basket. As we go so goes the country. Our daily fruits, in this land, come from the blessings of Nature and Nature’s God. And it is by the glory of God that we shall take that stand. County Commissioners meeting turns ugly Updated: Aug 22, 2012 5:03 PM CDT The County Commissioners had a public hearing this morning that took an ugly turn when controversial comments made by Judge Tom Head were discussed. County judge is no stranger to controversy  Century’s worth of water in doubt 09/03/12 – Water supply plan to be presented to city council in fall    LUBBOCK POWER AND THEFT… Those dirty crooks.  I just got my water bill!  You guys are a bunch of G. D. thieves.  Now I am fighting angry. LP&L this means war! You will not steal from me or my fellow citizens, especially those on fixed incomes.  You heartless bastards.  Grrrrrrrr…..   I will take you on and take you down.  Don’t believe it? Just watch me. Gandalf wields his big stick…coming to a radio near you…. Councilman questions legality of LP&L budget    THE WATER  TAX INVERSE PROPORTION “The more water you use, the more you pay,” Robertson said.   Gandalf thinks…. Fools, you built your city reservoir and in the wrong place.  Had you not done this water would be abundant and cheap! Mayor Glen Robertson proposes new water rate, fee plan aimed at conservation Gandalf’s  site was established addressing The Water War. Go back to my earliest post and you will see I started this fight long ago…use search window upper right…. Dear God in heaven I am so angry with these fools…. use the search box upper right to explore this site… Please father, help me contain that anger.  Gandalf  fumes…..Lying Incompetent Crooks!…. fire them…%@&$!@#!

Alarming: 2 major water supply lakes for Lubbock area now at 0%

UPDATE 08/06 GMT   LUBBOCK POWER & THEFT   After the Mayor did an interview on AM580 KRFE supporting Gandalf’s contentions, although unbeknownst to him, the mayor did received phone calls with threats, while attending a meeting in Dallas this weekend.   Gandalf ups his pressure on the corrupt that run our city….. Mayor says LP&L Chairman not the source of political threat Lubbock home burglar gets 50-year sentence Society pays the crime. That is $14,000 Per year which comes to $7000,000. taxpayer’s total cost. Your grandchildren will be paying on this one.  No wonder they are robbing us blind. Gandalf Robbing Us Blind  Lubbock City Council approves property tax increase How long will you let this go on Lubbock?  Gandalf  Oil company proposes using Lake Alan Henry water    BLOOD ON  82nd STREET   It was a gruesome scene, one dead idiot ejected …high speed explosive wreck….hero pulls victim from flaming……that was a BMW…This reminds me of the Travis Ware deal where a woman was hit and killed on 82nd street … also …with one of his assistants.  An event when he was in office That too was a …high speed and running of red lights but at night…eye witness source..  Police: Sherry Patton Swann had nearly run over officer trying to evade arrest earlier this year Police seeks tips in fatal hit-and-run accident Gunfire into Lubbock businesses not confined to McDougal Indictments unsealed in 1987 Amarillo homicide case Texas panel suspends indicted North Texas judge Just because the city historically ignored storm drain water, preferring the dip in the streets surface drain approach, and just because it has not rained here in a month of Sundays; you’re going to pay that fee. Equity &fairness of Lubbock storm water fees to be examined Take Another Hit   Drought deepens worries about food supplies, price Last year, 3rd worst decline in local groundwater supply Gandalf notes that we need to build another dam northwest of Amarillo, this will allow us to recharge Lake Meredith, Amarillo, Texas  geologist confirms …Lake Alan Henry pipeline project dedicated; Stage 2     Again it looks like this region will take an economic hit as the drought tightens its grip on the high plains of Texas  Texas Crop Report: South Plains dryland cotton moving into cutout Sonnier homicide investigation proceeds — but quietly …more below The DVD is called “Stop Snitching” … shows alleged drug dealers talking about what happens to people who cooperate with the police AS ..Obama  HAULS MONEY WITH ‘STOP SNITCHIN’ STAR also see Gandalf’s Snitches an Endangered Species Hotel Clank Lubbock County Detention Center bookings for Oct. 21, 22 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Sept. 11, 12 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Sept. 4, 5 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 28, 29 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 22, 23 1:41 a.m. — Charles James Bouscher, 25, 4822 36th St., failure to display driver’s license, possession of marijuana. 7:12 a.m. — Doyle Kevin James, 50, 4212 38th St., possession of controlled substance, prohibited substance in a correctional facility. 6:45 p.m. — Lottie Mae Presley, 43, 4212 38th St., possession of a controlled substance, possession of a dangerous drug. 10:36 p.m. — Troy Glen Donahoo, 60, 4212 38th St. possession of a controlled substance, possession of a dangerous drug. 7:34 p.m. — Juan Gabriel Chavira, 30, 610 Haze, Amarillo, cruelty to animals-torture. Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 20, 21 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 19, 20 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 16, 17 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 14-16 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 13, 14 Lubbock County Jail bookings for Aug. 12, 13 Lubbock County Jail bookings for August 9, 10 Lubbock County Jail bookings for August 7, 8 Lubbock County Jail bookings for August 5, 6 Lubbock County Jail bookings for August 2, 3 Lubbock County Jail booking for July 31, August 1 Lubbock County Jail bookings for July 30, 31 . Lubbock County Jail bookings for July 29, 30 Lubbock County Jail Bookings for May 28, 29 Lubbock County Jail bookings for July 26, 27 Lubbock County Jail bookings for July 25, 26

Federal grand jury hits Gunselman with 79-count indictment

  Judge grants Gunselman lawyer two months more to prepare defense   Lubbock judge orders Absolute Fuels CEO jailed while magistrate’s release order appealed  Lubbock man accused of stealing 50 million  Absolute Fuels CEO arrested near San Antonio   Houston defense attorney Dan Cogdell, the lead defense attorney in the Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari terrorism case, to represent him.  Lubbock businessman pleads not guilty to $40-million wire fraud case Lubbock Police Are Seeking Information on a Fatal Hit and Run    Power surge blamed for rolling blackouts Updated: Lubbock residents still feeling aftermath of power outages More power outages were reported across the city half the city Monday … west and southwest portions of town.   The former Xcel customers that were on their power grid when they left town, did not suffer power outages on my block.  This is another reason Lubbock should have preserved the two power company system.  We now deal with a monopoly much to the city’s detriment, Lubbock Power and Theft.Few options exist for Lubbock residents claiming damage from blackouts   Gandalf Reports    LP&L to start investigating power failure today Around 2:21 a.m. Saturday, the failed lightning arrestor went out, causing 14 other arrestors to fail and plunged the city of Lubbock into near total darkness. Republic Power lawsuit against city, power agency could linger

Brownfield police sued in civil rights case

Unemployment Numbers Climb for Texas, Lubbock  JERKS @ Jason’s Deli on south loop 289 in Lubbock, stole money, by way of a check, from  Gandalf when he worked for them as a delivery driver. Gandalf called them on the theft, after requesting that they endorse the check and give it to him, when he gave them cash money for it.  They refused, keeping the money and the check. They then found a contrived reason for firing him. But not before he brought the issue up in a staff meeting with the other drivers. Those responsible are still there.  Gandalf has repeatedly asked  Jason’s Deli to respond to his charges and there has yet to be any official response from the Phoenix Corporate office.Phoenix Dust Storm: Arizona Hit With Monstrous ‘Haboob’ (PHOTOS ….The players in this theft are: the manager Chris, the assistant manager Kim, and the regional manager Steve…more to come.  Feds claim wage and hour violations at Lubbock restaurant  By James Clark - Federal regulators have filed a lawsuit with allegations of wage and hour violations against Copper Caboose restaurant, 5609 Avenue Q in Lubbock. KCBD INVESTIGATES: What’s on your Plate? For more on Restaurants and Pink Slime, see Gandalfs article on  POVERTY’S GLASS CEILING …click here…TEXAS RADIO Lubbock community working to find Mark Ysasaga Updated: Jul 19, 2012 8:52 PM CDT  The Lubbock community is banding together to help find missing teen Mark Ysasaga.   Police still search for missing Lubbock teen Updated: Jul 17, 2012 11:16 PM CDT Tuesday morning around 10 a.m. Lubbock police were seen on horseback searching a field because of a tip saying the body of missing teen Mark Ysasaga could possibly be found there. Teenager missing; family says he didn’t run away  By ANDREA SINCLAIR- Mark Anthony Ysasaga usually returns calls to his cell phone. But he hasn’t since Wednesday, June 13, leaving his family to believe something is wrong.Missing Lubbock teen added to national web site   This shall not pass!  Abused, confused … &cared for: Lubbock’s place as city with highest rate of child abuse means children need support  “I was dumbfounded when I found out that we had the highest abuse rate per capita,” said Michelle Spitzer.   Gandalf  notes:The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp I have seen some irregularities with CPS and I am of the opinion there should be lots of oversight on this as well.Department of Child Protective Services to report on foster care system changes  If  I could see God’s houses of worship and other local organizations get involved, that would be most pleasing.. . Abuse, Neglect Plague State Schools For Mentally Retarded … .. Jul 24, 2007 – We knew about the problems at the Lubbock State School. So did Governor Rick Perry. Yet, like the Texas Youth Commission scandal that has .KCBD INVESTIGATES: Children sold for sex in Lubbock Flashback Senator Exposed CPS is Gunned Down – Gandalfl’s Gallery .Report: 24% of Lubbock children at risk of hunger Gandalf’s Staff 11/16/12 GMT    Stop Body found in Miller Park lake identified as Michael Wayland, 46  The LPD did not confirm a cause of deathBody found in Miller Park lake identified as white male updated 8:51pm Another Body Another Lake Officials said the body pulled from a lake in Miller Park on Sunday was a white male, but declined to identify him.    Body Found Floating in Playa Lake Identified… last report… no new witnesses …  Police seek public’s help in probe of Reynolds’ death       Two men indicted for capital murder in death of Covenant doctor   Records: Amarillo doctor has long history in city’s medical community   By KAREN WELCH AND KEVIN WELCH Until he was arrested to face charges he ordered the killing of a Lubbock doctor, Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon was involved in numerous Amarillo businesses, was immediate past president of the Potter-Randall County Medical ..     AS KILLERS ROAM LUBBOCK  STREETS     Alleged hitman in Sonnier murder moved to Lubbock jail  Look at this please and think about it.  The following story is tragic, but so too the murder stories posted under and above this one.  How is one murder more deserving of a thorough investigation than another? Police continue investigation into doctor’s death   Do you think the other homicides got such a detailed extension of man hours?  Police believe love triangle involving Sonnier contributed to his murder for hire A look at suspected murderer David Neal Shepard A look at suspected murderer Dr. T. Michael Dixon Covenant mourns loss of Sonnier Read arrest warrant affidavit in Sonnier case 3 days processing scene, still no arrests in doctor’s murder Updated: Jul 13, 2012 6:54 PM CDT It’s been three days since Dr. Joseph Sonnier, 57, was shot to death inside his home. So far, no arrests have been made and investigators have remained tight-lipped about the details.    Covenant chief pathologist victim of apparent homicide : Dr. Joseph Sonnier III’s children deal with murder of father on 2nd anniversary of mother’s murder   more  Husband and ex-wife murdered 2 years apart Updated: Jul 12, 2012 5:49 PM CDT Doctor Joseph Sonnier left behind three sons when he was murdered Wednesday, but the family is still mourning the loss of his ex wife, 55-year-old Becky Gallegos, who was murdered exactly two years ago on July 12, 2010.  Police investigate suspected homicide in Lubbock house City of Lubbock still trying to fire accused officer Lubbock citizens have for decades been subject to LPD abuse.  For example the attempted framing of Gandalf  by Travis Ware and this cop, Glen Osborn. They should be trying this cop again, the criminal bastard got his job back!  Fired police officer wins reinstatement, back pay | Lubbock Online How is it we cannot fire crooked, dope planting, framing the innocent, crooked cops? … COP ON THE RUN WARNS FELLOW COPS!  Listen now from BBC Outlook on  17/07/2012 More:programme informationrelated links (28 minutes)  The corrupt American police officer who spent 22 years on the run. Undercover snitch didn’t snitch; instead took the money &ran…. can you say Raymond Freda you bastards?  Snitches an Endangered Species | Gandalf’s Staff  This shall not pass…  Gandalf addressing the crooks and the crooked lying thieving cops as well…..City’s legal efforts to fire officer now on two tracks   By Walt Nett Attorneys at Lubbock City Hall are preparing to appeal a three-month-old District Court ruling keeping a city police officer on the job even though the department’s former chief fired him. Mayor authorized to settle pending lawsuit Mayor Glen Robertson has the OK to come to an agreement in a lawsuit against a Lubbock police officer accused of shooting a 90-year-old man as officers responded to a confusing early-morning burglary call-out in 2011.    Gandalf notes another bites the dust… City to settle lawsuit after elderly man shot By James Clark - If all goes to plan on Thursday, the City of Lubbock will settle a lawsuit out-of-court with an elderly man who was shot by Lubbock Police.  Again as you read through this you will see Gandalf’s Staff got it right on…. Judge refuses to toss out elderly man’s lawsuit against Lubbock police It’s about time…Gandalf notes the federal bench. 90-year-old who was shot by Lubbock police sues officer  bailout elderly man shot by Lubbock police …Elderly man sues LPD officer, for shooting and ‘cover up’ An elderly Lubbock man filed a civil rights lawsuit against a Lubbock police officer Friday afternoon. Back in late September, police were investigating the report of a burglary next door to the residence of Willie Williams, 90, at the Parkridge Place … This story unfolded just like I thought it would…Gandalf… 90-year-old charged in Sunday morning shooting By Robin Pyle Authorities have filed charges against a 90-year-old man they say fired at least three shots at Lubbock police officers early Sunday morning. Lubbock Police Shoot 90-Year-Old Man Who Shot at Them Albuquerque Journal 90-year-old shot at, then by police Confused self defense?… Neighbors described the 90-year-old man who shot at and was shot by police early Sunday in West Lubbock as a friendly but sometimes forgetful older man. This man has been charged….Gandalf Grand jury declines to indict accused elderly gunman A Lubbock County grand jury on Tuesday declined to indict an elderly man who allegedly shot at police last month. Willie John Williams, 90, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault against a public servant for allegedly shooting at Lubbock … Gandalf .. It seems to me our senior citizens in the face of tyranny know first what to do. Get their guns like the true West Texans they are. LUBBOCK POWER AND THEFT   Breaking down the bill: A look at the fees and rates that make up Lubbock …    Where does the theft come in besides the hidden taxes on the bill one might ask?  Well, it’s in the collection department.  Even though we allegedly own this so called company, there is the fine print that allows them to cut you off if you are even one day late with your payment.  Now Atmos and Xcel both will come and knock on your door and if not in, hang a tag on it notifying you that you are about to be disconnected, giving time to make arrangements.  The city however sneaks around doing a hit and run, disconnects you with no notice. They want that outrageous reconnect fee.  I have watched them do it to entire neighborhoods and it does nothing but piss me off,,,Gandalf fumes Border Patrol to close local posts By AZIZA MUSA US Border Patrol stations in Amarillo and Lubbock will close in six months and the agents who work there will be shipped off to border areas, officials said Friday.update Border Patrol fighting back against relocation orders FRESH KILL  Murder roams Lubbock streetsPolice say Ward, 23, was shot and killed at 1905 66th St. at about 12:27 a.m. Saturday. Lubbock police searching for murder suspect Nicole Hicks convicted of theft of between $20K and $100K Son charged with arson in attempt to burn dad’s apartment Police search for two suspects in two separate shootings UNSOLVED CASES  One out of two murders solved AT THIS LOCATION but still no justice for Stephanie Hill.”One thing that the …homicide at the apartment complex did was folks tried to correlate that see if there was a connection,” said Lt. Jon Caspell of the Lubbock Police Department. “There was not a connection, but it did get people thinking about the Stephanie Hill homicide again.”On May 29, 2000, the Texas Tech junior came home from work at the Outback Steak House.Less than an hour later, a fire crew found her dead inside her her apartment.Hill died of several blows to the head, and police say her killer lit a fire to destroy the evidence. Unsolved murders are top priority for every detective | Lubbock … Part 2: Unsolved murders are top priority for every detective (with video) Part 3: Families of unsolved murder victims keep hope through yearsDWI leads to Missouri man’s arrest in the 1989 strangulation, assault of a 20 …   Kansas City Star  Guy Shannon Jr., 43, of Odessa, faces charges of first-degree murder and forcible rape… accused of strangling and assaulting Marcia Lynn Davis, 20, of Independence, in March 1989…. In the early 1970s, Kansas City police started more carefully archiving physical evidence from hundreds of unsolved homicides, rapes and other crimes, often storing it in a giant freezer in the city’s crime lab. Ensuing technological advances made the practice pay off, with numerous cold cases solved with the old physical evidence.….In Lubbock what Kansas did we cannot do.  Why one might ask?  Ralph Erdman Lubbock, your crooked forensics pathologist.Ripples of a Pathologist’s Misconduct In Graves and Courts of West … Error and Terror POLICE BOOKS – Bill Hubbard   Books by Lubbock Police Department law enforcement official Bill Hubbard. … Substantial Evidence: A Whistleblower’s True Tale of Corruption, Death and …Lubbock’s willingness to tolerate corruption within the system, has brought much suffering to members of our community……Gandalf  is pissed….story developing… COP KILL  Yet another one…  LPD Officer Curtis Fish …For the second time in his two-year career, ….His Second shooting…first shooting was of a 90-year-old man that is now suing the city…..The second shooting. — this time deadly…. Fish used a stun gun to try to stop Begay. Why did it fail?  Shot dead …this guy will not be suing. Rule of thumb, shoot to kill and they won’t be back suing.  When did Fish draw his weapon? …shooting left 27-year-old Julian Begay dead. Julian Begay shot by police officer during confrontation Cop Kill   Man Shot Dead  Let me get this straight.  They had at their disposal a K-9 dog, mace, high voltage stun guns, batons plus of course guns.  The victim somehow evaded the K-9 dog that was released?  I have trained guard dogs and never have I seen anyone evade a well trained attack dog.  So what is with that?  Why was deadly force the last of their options used when it was obvious this was a suicide by cops set up?  This gets a Gandalf’s RED FLAG  Pepper Spray, Mace, Red Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, Self Defense Lubbock Police identify shooting victim as Anthony Nichols An investigation into whether the shooting was justified and what its outcome will be is ongoing. There is no clear motive and no gun was recovered from the scene.  Man shot by police had criminal record, troubled past Police kill Lubbock man in late night call out – KCBD NewsChannel … Police say there may be ‘additional responsible persons’ in Dunn case June 13, …”Although there have been two convictions in this case, the department is concerned there may be additional responsible persons … discovery of new evidence.”…body found… not even 100 feet from where he lived.  Medical Examiner concludes human remains are Scott Dunn Buried remains may be key to 1991 murder mystery Human remains discovered outside Lubbock apartment Maintenance men suspect bag of human remains connected with murder two decades ago   This is not the first time for Lubbock PD to have a crime scene failure.  I can think of another failure and that was the Jody Oliver case where he murdered a 10 year old girl and hid the body under her house.  That was back when I was doing news for KLLL in Lubbock and John Montford, was the Lubbock County district attorney then later a Democratic state senator from 1983-1996. Gandalf’s Staff reports  Family man finally get answer in 1991 disappearance The words engraved on a tombstone in Lubbock Cemetery said it all for the Robertson and Dunn families, especially Venda and John Robertson of Hale Center who waited for years to learn what happened to their grandson, Roger “Scott” Dunn after he …Investigators begin autopsy on human remains found in West Lubbock Innocent Lubbock Man Left to Die in Prison   Lubbock City Council Approves Memorial for Timothy Cole By Cole Shooter The memorial, which will be located at 19th Street and University Avenue, will be paid for by the law firm of Glasheen, Valles, and Inderman. A bronze relief of Cole will be donated by local sculptor Eddie..Lubbock Planted Cocaine on Gandalf but he got one up on them.  Ray Freda, Travis Ware and  “HUGH GLEN OSBORN” | Search Lubbock, Texas | Lubbock Online … (Glen Osborn, an officer with the Lubbock Police Department who was assigned to the DEA,)  … among others, failed in their vain attempt to frame Gandalf but they did get away with their malfeasance.  Those that were involved in the Tim Cole case got away with their malfeasance too. And that good man,Texas Tech student and US ARMY veteran Tim Cole, died in the worst imaginable way, because of Lubbock’s failure to defend our American heritage…..Lubbock council approves Tim Cole memorial Cole’s brother helped sway the City Council to support the memorial to his brother who died imprisoned in 1999 after being wrongfully convicted in the 1986 sexual assault of a fellow Tech studentTim Cole memorial fountain to be considered by Lubbock City Council Not one person has been held accountable for this miscarriage of justice in Lubbock.  Tim Cole, Convict Exonerated After Death, Gets Texas Historical Marker Huffington Post By Marice Richter FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb 12 (Reuters) -The first person in the United States to be exonerated posthumously on the basis of DNA evidence received a lasting tribute in his home state of Texas this week….WHAT LUBBOCK DID TO TIM COLE THEY TRIED TO DO TO ME  The truth about Lubbock corruption is posted below…see Tim Cole photo below..investigation by Gandalf’s Staff Lubbock City Council Approves Settlement in Martha Ellerbrook… By Cole Shooter    Ellerbrook was not chosen for a promotion amidst another lawsuit between her husband Terry Ellerbrook and the City in February of 2007.    Former city employee wins appeal in federal retaliation suit A former City of Lubbock employee won…. Martha Ellerbrook had sued the city in 2009, … she was the most qualified applicant, for a city Water Department …Gandalf asks. “So who gets fired for this?” Total cost of Ellerbrook case for city of Lubbock could top $400000 The city of Lubbock could wind up paying twice the $243000 judgment…. Ellerbrook again wins $243000 judgment against City of Lubbock By James Clark Ellerbrook sued the city and in October of 2010 won a $243000 jury verdict. Updated for reaction from the city’s lawyer…Gandalf has more below on our city attorney such as.… KAMC Investigates: Water Escaping Lake Allen Henry Thousands of gallons of water have escaped from behind the big earthen dam at Lake Allen Henry since January, according to Lubbock’s City Engineer, Wood Franklin. NJ gov: No decision on banning fracking waste Contaminated water, cancer potential dangers of fracking…  06/05/12 GROUNDWATER AT RISK? Hydraulic fracturing experts discuss problems associated with process   Fracking to come east of town 03/13/12 – 12:26am The hydraulic fracturing debate made its way to Lubbock last week, with City Council District 1 representative Victor Hernandez raising concerns about leasing mineral rights to companies to ultimately use the land for the resource-extraction process.    FRACKING LUBBOCK 2012. Fort Hood soldier from Lubbock dies after weekend motorcycle accident X-CEL ENERGY tells Gandalf the Texas Legislature also was the cause of them pulling out of Lubbock….Report: Federal electric regulations costly to Lubbock ERCOT, which oversees the grid for most of the state, has warned that the prospect for rolling blackouts in future years will increase as the power supply is unable to keep pace with growing demand. Investment needed in power-hungry Texas market: study Investors lose on Texas electric utility stakes Private equity investors who bought Dallas-based electric utility TXU Corp. five years ago now see the company worth less than the $45 billion they paid and mired in debt. LUBBOCK Council rejects LP&L rate hike in first Robertson-led meetin Our View: Now’s not the time to be talking about an increase in LP&L rates Council not set on proposed rate hike By Adam D. Young It was not clear by Wednesday if Lubbock’s City Council has enough votes to approve a Lubbock Electric Utility Board recommendation to raise utility rates as soon as July 1. The proposal, if approved by the council, would mean Lubbock … LP&L advisory board broaches rate hike idea By BY WALT NETT Although no action was taken, the Lubbock Power &Light advisory board opened the door today to discussions of a rate increase, concerned in part about expected wholesale cost increases in each of the next three years from Xcel Energy’s … LP&L customer refunds not mandatory under proposal By James Clark – Lubbock City Council on Thursday approved the first reading of an ordinance which tightens the requirements on Lubbock Power &Light to turn over money to the City Council and eases the requirement that customers get a yearly.. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! Robertson, city leaders look at landslide mayor’s race Gandalf meets with new mayor and arranges interview with more to come on this site. Election night leads to big changes at Lubbock City HallKCBD-TV KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: newswest9.com | Lubbock … NewsWest9.co Glen Robertson Lubbock’s new mayor will be sworn in Wednesday at City Hall. Robertson also sits on the Electric Utility Board, but will resign his seat and become a non-voting, ex-officio member, he said. He also sits on the West Texas Municipal Power Agency board of directors, but he is unsure how his new position will affect the seat. Republic Power Partners has sued the West Texas Municipal Power Agency Municipal power agency hires Sen. Robert Duncan as legal counsel for ongoing … and the city of Lubbock for the roughly $9 million. Republic claims it effectively lost when a proposed energy plan fell to pieces last year. (Because Lubbock Power and Theft has done this.. electric bills will double .. Two Power-Plant Deals Unravel In West Texas Municipal Dispute ) Gandalf asks, so who gets fired for this? Republic Power sues WTPMA, city of Lubbock for $8.9 million SURPRISE UTILITY BILL TO LUBBOCK IS $9,000,000.00 The Lubbock city attorney’s office has recused itself from the matter, said Sam Medina, city attorney. Three years ago, Medina was the presiding judge who gave the go ahead for the agreement.Lubbock’s inclusion in demand for payment perplexes Stymied energy partner seeks nearly $9 million from West Texas Municipal Power … West Texas Municipal Power Agency says no to $9 million demand letter The West Texas Municipal Power Agency has voted to decline payment of nearly $9 million in a demand from Republic Power. Our View: Power plan investors knew risk, don’t deserve taxpayer bailout. Xcel Energy Expedites Cancellation of Surcharge FeeA prison guard admits to bribery charges in Lubbock Federal Court Mike Leach: ‘I did plan to get back’ into coaching  USA TODAY Shots fired in city park, suspects in custody safe place for kids to play? Lubbock woman drives off home invader with .357 Magnum Resident fires shot during second home invasion attempt in two days Police say overnight shooting was ‘no random act’ Injured driver sues city over wreck A Lubbock resident has sued the city for injuries suffered in a .. rear-end crash … Lubbock police officer.Police officer Billy Koontz, … Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck, struck Mladenka’s 2004 Volkswagen Beetle in the rear. Lubbockites Question Property Crime Response Is this all a criminal miscarriage of justice?  Documents Show Team Holder Provided Hand Grenades To Mexican Gangs…. Lubbock-area residents sentenced for meth distribution Has U.S. District Judge Sam R. Cummings become a stooge for the corrupt authoritarians?Republicans prepare contempt citation against Holder… [For what reason has Sam stepped down from this case?  One more mystery: judge gone from Aldawsari case.]  Did the feds get to him? NYT: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by FBI…  Sam gave 3 years to a crooked deputy that ran (correction) knew of the meth ring operating within the Levelland SO narcotics unit, however, he threw the book at the above mentioned defendants.Government’s answer to “Fast and Furious” records requests: Blank pages This is how and why the law can pull off capers like “Fast and Furious”  News for Fast and Furious Why did Holder show up in Sam’s court? Gandalf Skeptical Lubbock FBI Terrorist Arrest Also see MEXICO’S DRUGS WAR …with more blogs below…  As far as I am concerned Sam should not have given any of these defendants more time to do than he gave that crooked law enforcement officer.  Crooked law should never see the light of day until they have paid the maximum possible prison time. Why? Here are some good answers….Network – “I’m as mad as hell” speech [english subtitles] – YouTube FBI: “The only CRIME was in the LAB REPORT: Third ‘smoking gun’ found at scene of murdered border patrol agent…   the FBI hid the existence of a weapon recovered at the scene of murdered U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. ..to protect a confidential informant… in her book, Fast and Furious:.. Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal … The link was to a story at the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America .. agents allowed more than 2,000 weapons… smuggled across …Mexican border… Sam I will see you at our class reunion and we will discuss this and much more.Justice Department officials have known for years that flawed forensic work might have led to the convictions of potentially innocent people nationwide, but prosecutors failed to notify defendants or their attorneys even in many cases they knew were troubled.PAPER: Defendants uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept…. FOOLS Fired agent still eligible for $2.1m taxpayer-funded pension payout… As taxpayers we pay for all of this nonsense…REPORT: Investigation into scandal to cost taxpayers $1.5 million… Network – “I’m as mad as hell” speech [english subtitles] – YouTube. Gandalf Lubbock airport police officer arrested for soliciting prostitution By James Clark – email KCBD News Channel 11 has confirmed that a Lubbock airport police officer was arrested Thursday, accused of soliciting prostitution and .. Lubbock police promote officers, honor heroic citizen at Friday ceremony  The recent  SWAT standoff at City Bank. Now look at this picture below and tell me, who or what are those leveled assault rifles amid?  Afghanistan in Lubbock?  The original 911 call reported one player.  Hostages released also reported one lone gunman armed with a pistol….more below … Gandalf asks, was the Zimmerman case manipulated  in an effort to start civil unrest so that the government might declare Martial Law and activate such as we see below?  Don’t look now but I think they just tipped their…Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release” …hand.

Bob Worden, KFYO.com  CITY BANK ROBBERY   Lbk,Tx.GS.updated 04/07.-cuffed photo- Tommy Beadles  SURRENDERS WITH NO HARM DONE .Police Say Man Charged in Bank Standoff Targeted Loan Officer Hostage situation becomes a standoff with “more agencies than we even know” LPD officer has stated. TV stations asked not to show armored vehicle.Chopper in the air. Assault rifles and weapons drawn with a circus like display of force. Snipers on roof, units circling the perimeter. Militarization of local police force is self evident. Posse Comitatus Act of 1878  Negotiator reestablished connection. Shoppers at 82nd St. and Quaker try to leave hazardous situation. Weapons drawn with story developing… suspect now in custody.Bank standoff ends with suspect surrender After aprehension…Suspect in custody after 2-hour bank standoff, press conference authority spokesperson was evasive and totally unacceptable. TRANSCRIPT: Thursday’s LPD Press Conference  If that was a toy gun used by the suspect, I would be of the impression this was another Beta Test at our expense. Practice Drill !!! As it turns out this was a toy gun wrapped in black tape.Police say gun used in standoff was a toy  This show of force with all the staging makes me furious. The staged scene became far more dangerous, with all those high power assault weapons drawn, than the situation called for. Bystanders buzz about bank ordeal I give this my RED FLAG until I get a better look at the evidence. Bipolar disorder with Psychotropic Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Medications in …  This smacks of NWO Homeland Style Nazi BS to Gandalf and will not do, not with our tax dollars.Panetta: ‘International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions… Take another look at that above picture, it speaks a thousand words. I would like to see a history of Beadles’….this to me is a dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinking to high heaven. Loudon Wainwright performs Dead Skunk at Rockpalast Germany

Lubbock man pleads guilty to 2010 murder Two Lubbock men charged with Capital Murder Update Victim identified as Maria Perez, 32; suspect detained (RAW VIDEO, UPDATED) Suspect charged with murder in Friday morning homicide Lubbock police investigate Friday morning homicide, suspect in custody KCBD NewsChannel 11 LubbockBurned resident says, ‘We lost everything.’ Expert warns Texas drought may still hang around Tech permanently dismisses RB Daniels for third violation of team … Texas Tech football players Amaro, Williams held out of Red-Black game after this month’s arrests Tech football players deny credit card abuse allegations(AP) – Arrested Texas Tech football players had credit cards belonging … NBCSports.com   Arrested Texas Tech football players released on bail; report reveals details …   The fight between Mike Leach and Texas Tech isn’t over yet. Texas court limits Mike Leach’s lawsuit against Texas Tech …   Gandalf’s say it’s your  birthday flashback: January 8, 2010 | Issue 46•01 | Onion Sports “That shed is magic. Coach was right all along. He’s a great guy.” Concussed Texas Tech Receiver After Emerging From Dark Shed: ‘That Was Exactly …  Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach Tops All 2009 Big 12 Coaches In Performance  Team Leach rallies with advertising campaign McDougal deal ends in Irving; Lubbock leaders still stand by company 03/23/12 — 10:24pm Lubbock city leaders said their confidence in McDougal Cos. has not been shaken by the Irving City Council’s decision to sever ties with the Lubbock developer.   I like Irving and went to school there when it was a small town.  Judging from past experience, Irving leaders have more on the ball and common sense than some of those, both past and present, in Lubbock…Gandalf WHAT IS IT?   If it is not “Slime” what is it? No pink slime at United.  When I bought beef from Lubbock’s United Supermarkets, I noticed that the ground meat appeared fresh on the outside but when opened, one finds old smelly gray meat on the inside.  So what are they coating ground beef and other cuts with?  Gandalf notices. Xcel Energy Expedites Cancellation of Surcharge Fees  LP&L advisory board broaches rate hike idea LP&L customer refunds not mandatory under proposal Lubbock Planned Parenthood CEO charged with indecent exposure Thornton apologizes to community, steps down as CEO of Planned Parenthood in … Lubbock gets an ‘F’ in safe driving study Police suspect meth played role in hit-and-run crashes This story makes no sense.  Meth is speed and those that use it are not typically unresponsive but the opposite.  They are quite anaimated.  And how do they know what the cops found is methanfedimine in the first place? Were the arrested suspects in an on going methanfedimine investigation?  There is one in Lubbock that is going on now by DPS and others.  Gandalf Former inmate sues Lubbock County for injury  Tim Cole     Not one person in Lubbock has been held accountable for this crime against Tim Cole and his family.  They need to be fired and their pensions given to the Cole’s. They need to go to jail and sit out what was Tim’s term.  They left him in there people, instead fo doing what they should have!  I am angry, for anger seeks out the good of justice.  Lubbock your apathy is the doom of us all and  a sin against our city, county, state and nation. Lubbock if you are not angry now, you are immoral as well as unjust,  Gandalf   Tim Cole, Convict Exonerated After Death, Gets Texas Historical Marker   Huffington Post By Marice Richter FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb 12 (Reuters) - The first person in the United States to be exonerated posthumously on the basis of DNA evidence received a lasting tribute in his home state of Texas this week. PARDONING THE DEAD: The bittersweet victory of Timothy Cole   Historical marker placed in Fort Worth to honor Timothy Cole Innocent man who died in prison, U.S. Army veteran and Texas Tech University student  The Eyes of Texas on Tim Cole’s Pardon and Lubbock Tx   Lubbock Makes List of Terrorism Hot Spots – News/Talk 790 KFYOLubbock has been named a hot spot for terrorismFive US urban counties lead ‘Terror Hot Spots’ list, but rural areas …  For example, Lubbock County, Texas, only experienced extreme …Five U.S. Urban Counties Lead ‘Terror Hot Spots’ List, but Rural ..    THE BETA TEST  G.S. LBK,TX 020112  The feds have invaded Lubbock and set up a new regional level of law enforcement, complete with it’s own integrated mobile communications system. Our local officers have been issued military style uniforms, with military style weapons and vehicles. The regional enforcer’s uniform is kaki pants and black T-shirts, looking much like the ones I saw worn by China’s police while they were arresting activist.  The entire region here on the caprock is like a giant game board that has been set for martial law and a federal takeover. Terrorism ‘Hot Spots’ In United States Pinpointed In New Report “hot spot” as any county hit by terrorism more than six times ….. kathy_smelser: i thought for sure FL. would make the list …  Gandalf’s Staff is seeking information on DEA agent Bob Robertson working in the Lubbock, Texas office on May of 1988..This agent was one of the Travis Ware goons that removed tapes and evidence relating to the Lubbock District Attorney and the office during an illegal raid.  One may post any information in the comments section below. New TSA scanners disabled by water damage   Expect a Rash of ‘Water-Damaged’ Scanners at Airports Hmmm. Did an air-conditioner leak on the gizmos? Or did the TSA’s perverts, bored with looking at “gingerbread” women all day instead of the previous pornography?    Gandalf asks, “Air conditioner in the cold of winter?”Lubbock airport gets new screening system   Lubbock Head Shops Collecting Data for DEA  Public Safety Commission approves new Assistant Director of the Office of Homeland Security Texas judge orders inquiry into wrongful-conviction case A Texas judge ruled Friday that there was probable cause to believe a former district attorney refused to turn over evidence that contributed to the wrongful murder conviction of Michael Morton, who served 25 years of a life sentence before being … Man hit by Suzanne Tuberville’s vehicle dies almost four months after accident … A Lubbock man injured in a car crash when his vehicle was struck by a vehicle driven by Suzanne Tuberville has died. Suzanne Tuberville is the wife of Texas Tech head football coach Tommy Tuberville. Postal inspector called out to marijuana bust – KCBD NewsChannel …  Have you noticed that TV11 gets the “at the scen as it happens”, high PR value. agency propaganda stories?  Gandalf  Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal … Marijuana in the mail? Farmers, landowners protest new water restrictions  Now that our main water source has dried up, Amarillo Consider this too: Our prime source of water would not have dried up if we had built the city reservoir where the science showed us  we should have. Up  from Amarillo in the mountains where there is an ample supply of water to recharge Lake Meredith.  Today the people are asked to suffer and sacrifice because our leaders did not stick to the science..  The fix to this is that we should go ahead and build that dam now, where we should have in the first place..Consider This… Show city leaders that we can follow the rules ... make sure you know … watering rules…. Let’s show city leaders that when they listen to us, we can return the favor.”    Why?  They got us in this mess because they do not have enough sense to know what rolls down hill.  They work for us and it is about time we hold the accountable. Gandalf   Texas Drought Expected To Hit Cotton ProductionBy LESLIE JOSEPHS FORT WORTH, Texas—US farmers are expected to plant 13.6 million acres of cotton this spring, down 7.5% from last year amid lower prices for the fiber, while poor weather threatens production, an industry group said.  Lubbock’s water crisis, how did we get here?   The lake should have been built north west of Amarillo in the mountains. The water going from there into Lake Meredith where  the water mains to Lubbock are already in place.  Fools sold us a bill of goods and that bill will continue to grow.  Gandalf  “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”  Network (1976) – Memorable quotes   Network – Mad as Hell Scene – YouTube  Dunn charged for one murder, not suspected as serial killer By James Clark – email Despite statewide news accounts, Lubbock police are not making any direct connections between Kenneth Dunn, 54, of San Antonio and the murders of multiple women in Lubbock.Texas truck driver arrested, tied to prostitute’s death near Dallas truck stop New details released in Stephanie Williams murder By Christie Post – A truck driver has been arrested, now new details reveal what happened hours before the murder of 43-year-old Stephanie Williams. San Antonio man arrested in Lancaster, charged with East Lubbock murder By IRIE PRICE AND ADAM D. YOUNG A week after Stephanie Williams’ body was found in Lubbock, police have arrested a San Antonio man and charged him with killing her. Trucker Charged in Murder of Stephanie Williams By Cole Shooter Yesterday 54- year-old Kenneth Ray Dunn was arrested in Lancaster, Texas around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday for… Lubbock police explore murder victim’s criminal background Lubbock police say they’re not drawing conclusions about the death of a Dallas-area woman earlier in the week – a woman with a history of convictions for prostitution and drug use…Red Flag When this story first broke Gandalf wrote:We have a string of unsolved murders of women here of such repute.NOTE: (Linda Trevino Carbajal, 21. Found dead in April 2004 in a rural part of Lubbock County. The LCSO is still investigating the case. Cynthia Palacio, a 21-yr-old mother of a 2-yr-old girl, found beaten and strangled in a rural Lubbock County field July 2003. The sheriff’s office still investigating the case. Amanda Sue Gschwend was found by farmers in 1999 in a cotton field near Olive Avenue and East Municipal Drive – the same area Kuykendall’s body was found. Gschwend’s death was determined to be a homicide, but authorities have not convicted anyone for the killing. Selena Kuykendall, 40. Found dead April 2007 near the intersection of East Municipal Drive and North Olive Avenue. Police are still investigating the case.) Court records indicate all four women had been arrested on prostitution charges.I am thinking this is the work of a serial killer…NEW(Man with possible Lubbock victims confesses to rapes in Norman, Okla. ..up to 100 women …30-year period ..authorities from Lubbock, Austin and Albuquerque were looking at him as a possible suspect….02/18/12 gs }… that perhaps drives a truck. Gandalf Tyler DPS troopers arrest alleged Lubbock murder suspect Homicide investigation under way for dead woman found in industrial area Body of Dallas Woman Found on Lubbock Street Police investigating suspicious death in southeast Lubbock FBI, US Attorney’s Office drop investigation against city of Lubbock Details at the bottom of this page..see” The FBI did raid Lubbock city hall…” Driver charged in Sunday’s triple fatality crash near Texas Tech Lubbok County grand jury indicts man for ’89 murder   bootycall.com user pleads guilty to capital murder in Lubbock Kendrick, 35, admitted killing 32-year-old Tori Ann Pennington, whom he met through an online dating service, while attempting to rape her.  Lubbock man pleads to capital murder U.S. Marshals find drugs during arrest in Southwest Lubbock US Marshals say they found drugs and possibly drug money when arresting a man in Southwest Lubbock on an outstanding federal warrant Monday   Lubbock, state economies should outdo US in next five years, economist says With this drought? Gandalf    Fact, 20% of our citizens are in poverty.  Another fact, with this drought, only one-third of the monies previously circulating in our local economy will be at our disposal this year.  There in fact may be a lot more of us homeless census shows.  Alarming growth in U.S. poverty   Now in this time form in perfict Union, reaching out to one another, set about doing Gods work. Gandalf  State agency hosts public hearing today in City Hall to discuss homelessness  Join the club.  Gaandalf Lubbock County constable surrenders peace officer license  Lubbock County law officer resigns amid allegations of assault   DA, former constable agree to deal Lubbock District Attorney Matt Powell said former Precinct Three Constable, Ronnie Vasquez, has agreed to a deal to avoid the DA pursuing a criminal case against him.  OTHER NEWS THAT SUCKS   Autopsy: Texas Student Shot by Police Not on Drugs Community meeting over Carter shooting yields testy exchanges the grand jury investigating the death of Byron Carter Jr Police: Texas teen turned toward another student before officers fatally shot …  Police Shoot, Kill Autistic Boy Armed With Butter Knife…    Cops shoot, kill teen armed with pellet gun that looked like handgun Cops kill armed 8th grader at middle schoolTexas police kill 8th-grader carrying pellet gun —Police shot and killed an eighth-grader in the hallway of his middle school Wednesday after the boy brandished what looked like a handgun and pointed it at officers.Botched Paramilitary Police Raids (“SWAT … – Stop the Drug War Police shot and killed the Calvo’s two dogs and handcuffed Calvo — the Mayor of  … one morning by six armed men who were part of Oklahoma’s Bureau of Narcotics and …. Police officers had raided the house looking for drugs and weapons. … Grand Jury Clears Police Who Shot Houston Man… … Police Officers Who Shot Houston Man in the Back 9 Times in Drug Raid; … was killed by police officers during a warrantless drug raid on July 22, cleared six … Police: Man Killed by Police During Paramilitary Drug Raid Shows … Another week, another man shot dead during a drug raid. … He said about five or six police officers got out of the van and kicked in the door of a …Woman Holding Baby Shot to Death by Police in Drug Raid The black woman was shot by a white police officer when police raided her home on Jan. 4, 2008. Officers were looking for Wilson’s boyfriend, …  Family of woman killed in botched drug raid to receive $4.9 million … … Johnston was shot to death by narcotics officers conducting a “no-knock” warrant. … The incident prompted a major overhaul of the Atlanta police drug … former officers Greg Junnier and Arthur Tesler were sentenced to six ...    South Lubbock traffic stop leads to cocaine bust Most traffic stops are the result of an undercover agent close within the drug ring and the claiming of a “routine traffic stop”  is just a cover to the benefit of any malfeasance… Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun … .. allowed cocaine into the US…. Lubbock    Officers Size Pound of Cocaine During Traffic Stop   220 Pounds Of Cocaine Worth $10M Discovered During Routine …Auburn Police: More than pound of cocaine found in traffic stop …$36K In Cocaine Found During Licking Co. Traffic Stop | NBC 4i  FOX 34 recaps the top local stories of 2011   2011 is on target to be the driest on record for Lubbock   It’s official; 2011 driest year on record, 2nd hottest  Texas Drinking Water Radiation Levels – KHOU.com Radioactive Drinking Water!!! [2] (May 21, 2011) – NaturalNews.TV Contaminated water in major Texas city has radioactive elements Michael Braverman: Radioactive Isotopes Covered Up in Texas … Public Pension Suckers For Private Equity  UMC, Lubbock County stubborn about embezzlement allegations    UMC administrator resigns amid audit – KCBD NewsChannel 11 …… During an internal audit, University Medical Center discovered possible … UMC  says they are cooperating with the FBI and U.S. Attorney in the Update: Greg Bruce, University Medical Center VP, resigns amid …UMC administrator resigns amid audit – KCBD NewsChannel 11 … FLASHBACK: FBI looking at UMC records leak – Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009 | 2 a.m. …  Gandalf see’s tyranny in action as Local teens match up to showcase their police training Turning kids into Nazi brown shirts. I had a German collection book designed for the teenagers promoting the glorious militarization of the Nazi police state.  There was a series of baseball type cards that went into collection book.  I saw this in the aftermath of WW2 in Munich, Germany 1945-1948.  When I see this mind set going on in Lubbock, Texas, it gives me a cold chill.  Gandalf     OBAMA: I have the power to detain Americans — but I won’t…  Signs defense bill in private…   Local Cops Ready for War With DHS-Funded Military Weapons… Armored cars with turrets, drones, military-grade assault rifles… A decade of billions in spending in the name of homeland security has armed local police departments with military-style equipment and a new commando mentality. But has it gone too far? Andrew Becker and G.W. Schulz of the Center for Investigative Reporting report. Lubbock County Sheriff’s SWAT team training on brand new vehicleLUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The Lubbock County Sheriff Department’s SWAT team is training on a new vehicle to fight crime. So now Lubbock law authority has military style weapons and vehicles to use against the citizens. I do recall that the constitution prohibits this so that the sovereignty of the people, should never be infringed by those operating outside of the constitution. Posse Comitatus Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The statute prohibits Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, …So what do they do? They militarize our local law authorities. Now I saw Lubbock police training in a military style gear and our regional authorities trained in the new world order. Their new style of uniform is identical to that I saw used by cops attacking demonstrators in China. The only difference is the patch on the left chest. I know this is something they do not want you to know. Our media was requested not to show our police in military gear when I reported it to them and they have decided to keep silent on the subject. They are aware and do remember when Lubbock SWAT killed one of their own and tried to cover it up also blaming the unarmed resident for the killing.SWAT officer killed in barrage of gunfire – 1911Forum … Lubbock police Sgt. Kevin Cox died Friday after a distressed and belligerent man opened … It was a lie…Gandalf… ‘Cop Shot Cop’ In Lubbock SWAT Snafu – TheFiringLine Forums Question: What ever happened to Baghdad Bill Morgan and his rumor mongering explanationof their lies?     I am angry. Our city council has no clue. Could it be that our city insurance went up because the FBI raided city hall? Are the companies now realizing they are dealing with a bunch of crooks? We the tax payers do suffer because of the criminals we allow to run our governmental bodies. I’m tired if being ripped off by jerks. And here they go again, taxing the water meters and putting it to the small entrepreneur trying to start up a business. Nuts! This is a monopolistic scam. Water is essential to life and should be free. That’s right I said it. The taxes we have paid should have made Lubbock a green oasis, fountains everywhere with foliage thriving. When I look at all the dead trees in town because of the drought, I know things are tough because one cannot afford to water his trees. It’s sad really. Now we are being screwed because they just don’t get it and have not for decades. When looking back at local corruption, I get the sickening feeling that we the citizens will have to pay for it all, in one form or another. In the worst drought in history, knowing over one billion dollars will not come into this years regional economy, More wildfires erupt in Texas as it faces worst dry spell since 1895 they increased our storm water fees and water meter fees. Now God gives us water from the heavens above and every farmer knows it. Perhaps today God is getting even, for he is just, or perhaps he is waking us up. Gandalf     Xcel Energy to reduce customers’ bills  90-year-old who was shot by Lubbock police sues officer  By BY LOGAN bailout  CARVER  An elderly man shot by Lubbock police …Elderly man sues LPD officer, for shooting and ‘cover up’ An elderly Lubbock man filed a civil rights lawsuit against a Lubbock police officer Friday afternoon. Back in late September, police were investigating the report of a burglary next door to the residence of Willie Williams, 90, at the Parkridge Place …  This story unfolded just like I thought it would…Gandalf… 90-year-old charged in Sunday morning shooting By Robin Pyle Authorities have filed charges against a 90-year-old man they say fired at least three shots at Lubbock police officers early Sunday morning. Lubbock Police Shoot 90-Year-Old Man Who Shot at ThemAlbuquerque Journal 90-year-old shot at, then by police Confused self defense?… Neighbors described the 90-year-old man who shot at and was shot by police early Sunday in West Lubbock as a friendly but sometimes forgetful older man. This man has been charged….Gandalf Grand jury declines to indict accused elderly gunman A Lubbock County grand jury on Tuesday declined to indict an elderly man who allegedly shot at police last month. Willie John Williams, 90, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault against a public servant for allegedly shooting at Lubbock … Gandalf .. It seems to me our senior citizens in the face of tyranny know first what to do. Get their guns like the true West Texans they are. Council Approves Ordinance Banning Sales From Parking Spaces   Street-use license laws confound some Lubbock vendors Occupy protestors report member threatened at gunpoint Police arrest Occupy Lubbock protester on outstanding warrants after skirmish Gandalf has Returned! First let me say Lubbock has the faithful chance to change. That it is based in the heart and soul of her people. I know them and love them deeply for the majority are good. Gandalf… Messages heard by local Catholics put Lubbock in – The Lubbock …   “The greatest miracle of all that day was having that many people together in faith to see what God had for us,” said Mary Constancio But let us not forget that a LPD officer had threatened to kill me. That he stated after planting cocaine on me and in front of the entire task force, that they would continue to plant drugs on me, unless I leave Lubbock. Those criminal bastards!   Having to leave my home, family and business, cost us everything and with great suffering. My return to Lubbock in spite of this danger was to save my family and now is to seek justice. so help me God. Gandalf The following is an indicator as to the health of the city.  What I have found here is an extreme lack of action in the presents of injustice and that has and is having, consequences that are far reaching today as I hold we the people most responsible. ” God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” .Thomas Jefferson………..  NUTS!   Remember DEA busting a Contra working for CIA here in Lubbock?  Remember how Bush sprung him never to be seen again?  Remember how they were selling cocaine to buy weapons to fight Ortega in Nicaragua? How they bought with drugs all sorts of guns only to realize after the fact, that they also had to supply fighters with all different kinds of ammo.  That was one stupid idea that has led to one cover-up after the other. Hear the evil this caused and remember.  The Mozote massacre   Witness  In December 1981 hundreds of peasants were killed by the army in El Salvador that was trained by and later played down by the US.  Men, women and children from the village of El Mozote were shot. Only one woman, Rufina Amaya, is known to have survived. Listen now Know now it was all for naught.  Just take a look at this.   Nicaragua’s Ortega has huge lead in presidential vote  Longtime U.S. adversary Ortega has overseen a period of economic progress in his five years in power, backed by funds from his socialist ally in Venezuela , President Hugo Chavez. Having survived a U.S.-backed Contra rebellion as president in the later half of the 1980s, Ortega was voted out in 1990. Since his return, Ortega has solidified his hold on Central America’s poorest country with programs to improve health and education, microcredits and gifts of livestock. They sell drugs to us, then bust us and put us in jail for it, pocket the money  to make illegal wars and more trouble than any good gained. They even get their drugs back to sell again. This all at our expense in taxes.  I was there and saw it all.  Nicaragua’s Ortega wins landslide re-election  That is the real deal from Gandalf’s Staff   I exposed it 30 years ago and the same method of operation has continued to this day.  Learn more about these three letter liars by going to my page MEXICO’S DRUGS WAR.    Our View: LP&L customers deserve low rates, adequate reserves for emergencies LUBBOCK POWER AND THEFT   LP&L to present rate recommendations to Electric Utility Board Regardless of whether there is, and surely there will be, another rate increase, as the cost of energy goes up, likewise will the cost of water pumped from Lake Allen Henry; thus compounding their theft and at our expense.  With a high evaporation rate, with a large surface area, chemicals from agriculture, with silting and an ever increasing alkalinity, water will be costing increasingly in the purification processes. The cost of pumping and purification of water from Lake Allen Henry will be compounding perpetually. File:Lake Alan Henry.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Texas drought endangers power projects The Associated Press In Colorado, a Power Struggle With the Power Company Kristin Johnson, a 57-year-old lawyer, summed up her planned vote to oust the company, Xcel Energy, in seven succinct words. “They don’t have our interest at heart Xcel, ..supplies electricity across eight states, including most of Colorado, is fighting back hard, arguing that a divorce would be devastatingly expensive for Boulder residents through higher electricity rates and start-up cost Xcel Based Southwestern Public Service Files Lawsuit Against EPA Rule Standards that would mean millions of dollars in upgrades by next year have left Texas power companies furious. Read More…  West Texas Gas gets approval to increase rates in Lubbock; timeframe not set By TOMMY MAGELSSEN Thirty Lubbock customers of West Texas Gas will face a rate change later than initially anticipated. On Thursday, the City Council unanimously voted to allow the gas company to increase its rates in Lubbock after the company filed a … City: No LP&L rate hike in near future Councilman wants to end LP&L rebates Four days from now the Lubbock City Council will vote on a recommendation to raise electric rates at Lubbock Power &Light, but that’s not the only change which could be hitting your wallet. City OKs compromise budget Lubbock City Council Passes Budget and Tax Rate White Gold’ Withers in Texas Cotton Fields Farmers in West Texas are still likely to , …Record Texas Drought Burning Cotton Farmers as Their ‘White Gold … – Bloomberg Included in the newly-approved budget are stormwater fee increases, raising residential fees by $2 and commercial fees $13.27 per water meter. .. LP&L proposes rate hike despite year’s profit Lubbock’s power monopoly is asking for an 8.2 percent rate increase, despite seeing a nearly $9.7 million net profit so far this year. BBC News Dust storm shrouds Texas city An enormous cloud hits Lubbock, where residents compare it to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. The ongoing drought helped produce the storm, an expert says. CRMWA board approves increase in Lake Meredith water in 2012 The CRMWA board voted at its regular quarterly meeting Wednesday to assume for the time being there would be no water allocation from Lake Meredith. Stage 2 water restrictions on horizon for Lubbock How do you see this drought Lubbock?Record Texas Drought Burning Cotton Farmers as Their ‘White Gold … – Bloomberg News for Lubbock Dust Storm …Lake Alen Henry was a con job. Cost for pumping and purification will continue to go up indefinitely. The city knew of a better place that had we built our damn where we should have, water for Lubbock would today be abundant and far cheaper. We could have been and should be, a green oasis here on the plains today. Are you happy about your utility bill from Lubbock Power and Theft? LP&L board recommends rate increase pending city council approval Do you like the way your property tax money, along with the elevated appraised values, is going to crooks and to their ill gotten retirement funds? What do you think your property will be worth in this dried up tender box of a water deprived city? Lake Allen Henry was a bill of goods that will be costing us more and more as time goes by. There is a better place for us to store water. I’ll bet you did not know that Lubbock! As you sow, so shall you reap. Not without water you don’t.. From one over taxed angry American…Gandalf Just the hint of a pension cut has city employees angry Lubbock, Texas by GS. … Because Lubbock Power and Theft has done this, one’s electric bill will double by next summer. Two Power-Plant Deals Unravel In West Texas Municipal Dispute Texas Power-Plant Deals Unravel in Local Dispute – WSJ.com Enjoying the drought and heat Lubbock? Can you afford to water your lawn? How is that LP&L bill looking for you? Are you angry yet Lubbock? Elderly Man Confronts LP&L Employees With Shotgun Wednesday … If that deal had gone through, it would have halved our cost for power to our over taxed homes. Power plant troubles go beyond heat and drought Xcel pushing for more power LUBBOCK – Strong electricity demand in northwest Texas and eastern New Mexico has led Xcel Energy to seek approval for a fourth unit at its Jones Generating Station near Lubbock.  Police investigate robbery at United Express Lew Dee to be Posthumously Honored at Lubbock Park Monday Dozens of Lubbock sex offenders violating Facebook rules  Special prosecutor named for Mercer case   Powell to request special prosecutor for Connor Mercer caseBy Michael Slother – bio | email Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell is asking a judge to appoint a special prosecutor to work on the case against two individuals accused of providing alcohol to teenagers the night before 17-year-old Connor … Teen’s death may lead to criminal charges The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission recommending criminal charges against an adult and minor who supplied alcohol to underage teenagers. Police say no foul play in teen’s death Lubbock police is still releasing very few details on the driver of the vehicle, but they said Connor Mercer had been lying there for around twenty-minutes. Teen found dead in road, Lubbock police searching for hit-and-run suspect This may not be a hit and run.  The same thing happened to me while I was in Austin, Texas working for KOKE AM, and KEYI FM . A man that had been knocked down by a car was in the road. I came up on the person narrowly missing him.  I then had to position my car in front of the downed man so other cars would not hit him, He later died at the hospital. …  Gandalf    Police suspect hit-and-run in teen’s death Lubbock police are investigating what they believe was a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed a teenager early Sunday in Southwest Lubbock. Related Connor Mercer »  Lubbock teen dead after hit and run  Examiner reduces officer’s suspension An independent hearing examiner has determined Lubbock police Officer Chris …   New allegations of Chicago police corruption linked to 2009 Lubbock case Newly released court records now show a connection between a criminal case prosecuted in Lubbock, organized crime, and corruption in the Chicago police department.  A Lubbock County grand jury Tuesday handed down three murder indictments in separate cases.The grand jury charged 18-year-old Bradley Crawford with the beating death of his roommate.The grand jury indicted two men Phillip Gonzales Jr., 24, and Cristobal Torres, 27, are accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old near a nightclub earlier this month…In another case, the grand jury charged Jeffrey McKinney with the stabbing death of his brother.Grand jury indicts four in three Lubbock murder cases Why I’m “Harsh” Toward the Lubbock Nurse-inLUBBOCK TEXAS!! | FacebookLubbock Hash House Harriers discussed Why Lubbock Sucks on the LUBBOCK TEXAS!! discussion board.

 Affidavit: Crawford confessed to beating Braddock to death        Lubbock Police search for new evidence in Braddock murder Tuesday afternoon Lubbock Police took the roommate of a murdered man back to the scene in handcuffs while they searched for new evidence, putting them one step closer to solving the murder.    Settlement reached in exoneree lawsuit  Lubbock attorney Kevin Glasheen has reached a settlement in a lawsuit filed against him by wrongly convicted men he represented.  Teen dies after overnight shooting near Lubbock night club  Two men charged in the shooting death of a South Plains teenager each have a history of criminal behavior and have served jail time. Records show past convictions for men charged in deadly shooting     Woman in seriondition aous cfter crash at Slaton Road and I-27 EDITORIAL:     We kill each other on our streets and highways! Please get off the gas, much of which is imported, and drive with caution! Let us collectively diminish this tragic state of events. It is senseless and preventable. We must use common sense behind the wheel. We are all human and can make mistakes, anytime, anywhere with consequences that can last a life time; but by working together there is nothing we cannot do. Gandalf …Call them “road scholars”! The top 10 safest driving cities:  1. Fort Collins, Colorado 2. Boise, Idaho 3. Lincoln, Nebraska 4. Chandler, Arizona 5. Huntsville, Alabama 6. Knoxville, Tennessee 7. Springfield, Missouri 8. Reno, Nevada 9. Eugene, Oregon 10. Chattanooga, Tennessee The top 10 most dangerous driving cities:1. Washington, D.C.2. Baltimore, Maryland 3. Glendale, California 4. Newark, New Jersey 5. Providence, Rhode Island 6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7. Harford, Connecticut 8. Jersey City, New Jersey 9. San Francisco, California 10. Alexandria, Virginia

Swisher County Sheriff Resigns Over Sexual Harassment…   Lubbock County constable charged with threatening assaultConstable Ronnie Vasquez used racial slurs, threatened them with a metal baseball bat. … criminal district attorney issued a warrant for Vasquez Thursday.Constable charged with aggravated assaultRelated: Michelle Avila » Ronnie Vasquez » Lanika Hudson » Lubbock County Constable under investigation A Lubbock County Constable is under investigation after a second run-in with the law this year – both dealing with claims of assault. Former Yoakum County sheriff’s deputy arrested Thursday, accused of abusing …Lubbock warrant says former deputy partied with suspect wanted by Lubbock and divulged police information. By IRIE PRICE A former Yoakum County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested amid accusations of abusing his position to obtain and share sensitive … Yoakum County deputy accused of sharing information with suspect The Lubbock County assistant criminal district attorney issued a warrant for deputy Cory Jace Carlson. 

      Students return to American Commercial College after Wednesday’s closureAmerican Commercial College students in Lubbock and Abilene attended classes as usual Thursday after the schools were shut down Wednesday. Related Lubbock, Texas » TWC pulls certificates from American Commercial College American Commericial College Under State and Federal Investigation 11/3/11     Federal agents raid American Commercial College – KCBD …Wednesday morning, Federal agents raided American Commercial College in Lubbock at 2007 34th St and the corporate office on 8206 … American Commercial College students say they feel deceived Absolute Fuels employee speaks out against CEOIt’s been nearly three weeks since a Lubbock biodiesel company was raided. The doors of Absolute Fuels were locked on Oct. 17 and the employees were left without jobs.  Absolute Fuels owner sought outside business, investment deals, affidavit says   Government raid raises questions about Absolute Fuels  <strong

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